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I am working on a post that’s taking me a bit longer than I anticipated (‘twould help if I didn’t keep falling asleep!  😴So, I thought this afternoon would be a perfect time to share some of the political ‘toons and memes I’ve been collecting over the past week or so!

32 thoughts on “‘Toons ‘n Stuff

  1. We are kind of thinking in a similar direction, Jill. Only I am thinking on a more macro scale.
    If I can write it my next post will be on the lack of laughter in our societies right now. People may get an occasional laugh here and there now and then, but there is no true laughter, no true joy anymore.
    North Americans need something good to laugh about, for everyone. But there is nothong…

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  2. Sigh! It’s difficult to find much humor in toons that are hitting too close to the truth. Have to say I did really like the elephant and the little boy though. Maybe there is hope for the children. Not much I can find in the older ones except blindness to the truth.

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    • No, not a lot of humour, but I am always in awe that these cartoonists can say in one picture what it takes me 1,200 words to convey! Oh, if only I had artistic talent! But alas, the best thing I ever managed to draw was a cracked egg! If there is hope for the human species, it lies with our children, so we better be educating them well, teaching them HUMANITY, teaching them the lessons of history.

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      • All I can draw are stick people, so your cracked egg sounds like fine art to me. My uncracked eggs look like blobs of dry air. And you are right about teaching our children. Mine were taught but not sure if they LEARNED much. But now it’s time for them to teach their children, most of whom I seldom if ever get to see, so I can only hope they are doing that.
        I too am in awe of people who can say it all in one picture and say it better than I could ever do, no matter how many words I use. Not sure I know that many words to begin with.

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        • We give them the best we can, and it is then up to them to either take the ball and run with it, or drop it. Comes a point when we have taught them all we could and we must simply hope for the best. Of my three, one learned all the lessons and is now teaching ME new things, one rebelled against everything I ever stood for, and one died in 2019 without ever learning to even feed himself or speak a word.

          Hah, my friend! You know plenty of words!!! Don’t sell yourself short!

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          • I guess my three have all turned out okay considering the way they were raised. My daughter has 4 bachelors and 2 masters degrees and thinks she can teach me things but most of her education was language oriented and for some reason I’m just not all that keen on Russian Area Studies. Not sure she remembers any of it now, but also not sure why she ever chose that. Followed by Latin American studies, Appalachian studies and African American studies. She finally took Political Science to be with her boyfriend who is now her husband, followed him to Ohio State for her Masters in Poly Sci and the second Masters in something I don’t remember. They graduated together with her Masters and his PhD and both taught at Richmond U before coming back to KY. An amusing aside, her brother asked her if she was going to call Bill Doctor and she said “Of course, as long as he calls me Master. Don also went to UK and got a bachelors in something pertaining to farming. Mike was more like me, taking courses in things he was interested in but not going for a degree. Mike is still the only one that is anything like me, but they all seem to be doing okay. Just keep remembering what their dad told them rather than anything I told them. Mike is the only one who doesn’t try to impose his ideas and will on me, but then he is the baby of the family. he’s also the only one still living in this area.. One grandson killed himself a few years ago and I feel like I should have noticed and spent more time talking with him. He stopped visiting just before then so I didn’t reach out to find out what was going on with him. We all try to do the best we know how but sometimes my best just isn’t good enough.

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            • Fortunately, we cannot live their lives for them and they will have their own interests for whatever reasons. Chris earned her degree in nursing, and after 20 years has burned out and is now working on a degree in computer programming, working at one company doing both nursing and computer programming! I’m proud of her, and she is the light of my life, along with her daughter, my granddaughter.

              I’m so sorry about your grandson … I did not know about that! I can understand you thinking you should have noticed more, should have tried to do more, but … you had no way of knowing. He likely tried to hide his angst from you, or at least the depth of it. Sadly, we don’t get a second chance at any of our decisions in this life, but we learn from our mistakes. Love ‘n hugs, my dear friend. ❤

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              • Very true/ No second chances and no way of going back in time to fix all the mistakes we made. Also, no U-hauls behind a hearse! The only way to leave that baggage behind is to convince myself I did the best I could and then let it go. I’m doing that a tiny amount at a time every day. And while I’ll always miss my grandsons beautiful smile, I know he is in a better place that this world could offer him. I miss not being able to say goodb7ye to a lot of people but they are ahead of me in that better place so I’m learning to convince myself to just chill out and enjoy the next 20 years.

                I am once again self-quarantined. I found out a lady I spent almost an hour with in her room tested positive yesterday so she had to have been positive without knowing it the day before. I was negative but that can change in a second with this darn disease. I’m not too concerned about getting it, just don’t want to take a chance of spreading it to anyone else during the next few days. I have enough to do to keep me busy for a few years, so maybe this is my chance to finish several other projects while I’ here. And I’ll be the first to admit that having them bring a tray to me at mealtimes is nice. In here I can read my book while eating without looking like I’m avoiding contact with people in the dining room. I do wish COVID would go away though. It’s really hard to keep up on what’s happening around the place when you are cooped up in a room. Ah, well, this too shall pass some day and a new disease will take it’s place. New diseases, new forms of pestilence,…..I think I need new clothes more than I need this insanity. Take care, my friend. Hugs!!!


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                • Y’know, my friend, none of us … nobody … has lived a life without mistakes and regrets. But we learned (most of us, anyway) from our mistakes and they made us who we are today. I think that there comes a point when, as you say, we just have to decide that we did the best we could do under the circumstances, given what knowledge and tools we had, and if it wasn’t enough, then … sorry ’bout that!

                  Oh no!!! I do hope you don’t get Covid! Like you say, at least you are doing the right thing in not taking a chance of exposing others, just in case. Always better safe than sorry. I like your attitude … you can use this time to catch up and finish some of your projects, maybe even spend some time reading! Covid cases and deaths are dwindling, finally, however from everything I’ve read, there are always new variants on the horizon. Precautions like vaccines and masks and isolating when necessary will go a long way toward eradicating it, but I wonder if it will ever truly be gone. Maybe not in our lifetimes, anyway.

                  Enjoy your reading and sewing, and keep me posted … my fingers are crossed that the little Covid thingies didn’t want to attach themselves to you! Hugs hugs!!!

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    • Yes indeed there are! I was reading tonight that many Fox ‘News’ viewers are not even aware of the published communications where Fox hosts admitted they didn’t believe the lies about the 2020 election they were telling, because Fox isn’t mentioning it, and those people watch no other news, don’t read newspapers or get their ‘news’ anywhere BUT Fox!!! Ignorance is going to be the thing that destroys us!

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    • Yes, that’s usually the case with political ‘toons. You have to admire the talent, though … these guys can get the point across without words, and you understand it as well as I could explain it in a 1,200-word blog post.

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