Live And Let Live

Hungary’s “president”/dictator, Viktor Orbán has shared his ideology with Republicans in this nation and they have gobbled it up like dogs will gobble up the last of your steak, given half a chance.  Orbán has explicitly rejected the liberal democracy that his country used to enjoy, saying that its emphasis on multiculturalism weakens national cultures while its insistence on human equality undermines traditional society by recognizing that women and LGBTQ people have the same rights as straight white men. The age of liberal democracy is over, he says, and a new age has begun.  And far too many on the far right here admire Orbán, wish to instill the same ‘values’ here in the U.S. that he has forced on the people of Hungary.

In place of “Liberal Democracy”, Orbán advocates what he calls “illiberal democracy” or “Christian democracy.”  In July 2018, Orbán said …

“Liberal democracy is in favor of multiculturalism, while Christian democracy gives priority to Christian culture; this is an illiberal concept. Liberal democracy is pro-immigration, while Christian democracy is anti-immigration; this is again a genuinely illiberal concept. And liberal democracy sides with adaptable family models, while Christian democracy rests on the foundations of the Christian family model; once more, this is an illiberal concept.”

In other words, he calls for a very undemocratic ‘democracy’, one in which you are free only as long as you live by a prescribed set of religious rules that excludes anyone who looks, thinks, or believes differently than dictated by the state.  The United States is NOT Hungary and frankly I find Orbán’s ideas to be highly offensive.  To say that women, people of colour, or LGBTQ people are somehow not as worthy as straight, white Christians is a slap in the face to more than half of the people in this nation.   Our foundation calls for a wall of separation between church and state, and for good reason.  The First Amendment of the United States Constitution calls for ‘freedom of religion.’  It does not say, “freedom of Christianity”, but of ‘religion’ … and that means any, all, or none.  If you are to have freedom of religion, then you must also have freedom from religion.  Hence, that wall of separation.

The United States is a secular nation, not … I repeat, NOT a Christian one.  There are many religions practiced in this nation, and a growing number of people who claim no ties to any religion.  Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus and the like all pay taxes, all vote, and all exercise their 1st Amendment rights.  Orbán’s ideas may be workable for Hungarians, though that is up for debate, but they do NOT work for the people of this nation!

Look, folks … it is nobody else’s business what religion, if any, a person chooses to follow or what their beliefs are, but on the same side of that coin, it’s not their place to dictate to others, to tell an entire nation how it must believe, what religious views it must honour.  It’s a really simple premise – I call it ‘Live and Let Live.’

Beware the politician who praises Viktor Orbán and others like him, for they are out to change this nation — not for the better, but in terrible ways.

14 thoughts on “Live And Let Live

  1. And the tyrant experience goes on Jill and that’s why I counteract such farcical leadership ideas with yoga , meditation, and good old music that I’ve always enjoyed. Retirement makes that happen. Keep in mind the average IQ of Americans right now is below 100. How’s JetPack going?

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    • I’ve never tried either yoga or meditation, but I do find music to be therapeutic, as is immersing myself in a good book, or writing a letter to a special friend. Really? I had no idea the average IQ in this nation had sunk so low! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. I’m pleased with JetPack once my granddaughter helped me figure out how to make it stop sending notifications to my phone every time I got a comment on a post!


        • I balk at yoga, because with my health issues, if I sat on the floor cross-legged, someone would have to help me up when I finished! Jet Pack doesn’t really seem much different than the WordPress app, apart from the notification settings being annoying!


  2. For starters, much to the disbelief of Christian Nationalists, America does not belong to them. The area known as America belongs to the residents of Turtle Island who lived here for at least 20,000 years, long before there were Christians. So if they want to give the land back to us, I am all for that!
    But that will never happen. So if they demand to share our land with us, then we must demand they share OUR land with everyone else. And that means EVERYONE!
    Meanwhile, the internet has changed our world. We are now all part of a global economy. It is time to create a global culture. This culture must respect the past, but at the same time make it possible for all peoples to live anywhere they choose. Nations are built on culture, not on politics. When cultires change, so should nations!

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  3. Yeah, Orban is horrid. That said, is he against the equality of women? And immigration in Europe is problematic, no pretending that it’s not. I think the left bear some responsibility for the orbans and the trumps, because they persist in denying the reality of people’s feelings and experiences. It’s fine, they say, open our borders to whoever needs shelter. Hungarian society can only be enriched by the infusion of more people from Africa and the middle east. But no, people want Hungarian society to be Hungarian, and that’s a legitimate value. Imagine if hordes of white Americans swept into, let’s say, Japan, bringing their American ways. The Japanese would be rightly annoyed.

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    • Agreed on that!

      From everything I have read, yes Orbán is against both women and LGBTQ people having equal rights in Hungary.

      Immigration may be problematic for most nations dealing with it, but … being a refugee with nowhere to go is more problematic, I think. Put yourself in the shoes of a family escaping violence in their own country, willing to work hard, but needing a hand up. I think that humanitarian needs trump economic ones any day. But, that’s me. I’m a humanitarian, a person who believes that taking care of the environment, people, and all live on the planet is more important than money. I don’t care if hoards of Black people or Asian people or Middle Eastern people come to our shores in seek of refuge … I think we should provide it. What difference does ethnicity or skin colour or even religion make when it comes to the basic necessities of life?

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    • Very, very true. Politicians don’t care what we want or don’t want. I get so fed up when a Republican says, “All Americans want ___________” and it is something I do not want. I presume that means I am not an American. Ah well, that’s fine by me. One party in our government has made it clear that what they want is to rule, not to govern. To dictate. And to profit. They play the less educated, more blindly religious people for fools, convincing them that they will do what is best for them, when in truth every move, every action, every vote is designed to put more money in the pockets of the wealthy and the Republicans. I don’t know how to wake up the people in this country, those who are glued to Fox “News”, who believe what they are told without bothering to think about it. Sigh.

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