Open Letter To ALL Elected Republicans

Sometimes the angst builds and one just has to let off a bit of steam.  This is one of those times.  This letter is intended for Republican members of Congress, but also governors, state legislators, and ALL elected representatives who are failing us.

It’s sad that so many people have put their lives in your hands, yet you are playing Russian roulette with them.  You have betrayed the people you claim to represent, worse yet you have betrayed this nation while convincing the masses that you are acting on their behalf while filling your own coffers and laughing all the way to the bank.

Voting rights … as a citizen and taxpayer I demand the two bills that failed last year be re-visited and passed.  You say unfettered gun ownership is a constitutional right?  I SAY voting is a much more important constitutional right!!!  Those guns you are so damn protective of have killed 8,607 people so far this year, more than 300 of them children under the age of 17, and yet you say this is the “price we must pay for freedom”.  Bullshit!

You roll back regulations designed to save lives AND the environment, and then you point the finger of blame everywhere but at yourself when a train carrying deadly chemicals derails or a bank goes under because of a lack of oversight.  Look in the mirror!!!  Therein lies the blame!  Regulations on business exist because people are greedy and the more they have, the more they want and when they want more, they don’t give a damn who they step on to get it.  THIS is part of the purpose of government, but you shirk your duty in the interest of your own bank account!

Too many people in power don’t give one damn about the people of this country.

You can dye your hair, but eventually your roots will start to show.  You can whitewash history, but our roots will out.  American history IS Black history.  The U.S. didn’t exist as an entity until 1776, but African slaves were brought here and put to work as early as 1619, more than a century earlier.  They were beaten, starved, their children taken from them and sold to the highest bidder to be worked literally to death, but today we are supposed to turn a blind eye, to pretend it never happened???

The joke’s on us … on me … on every person in this country who isn’t wealthy.  NO, DAMMIT … Trickle Down economics is a myth, a fairy tale, it DOES NOT WORK!!!  And yet, once again, that is what we are being told.  “Oh, just put more money into the hands of the wealthy corporations and it will trickle down and fill your pot!”  NO, IT WON’T.  It never has and it never will.  WHEN will we stop being told this mythical lie???  WHEN will you politicians realize that we’re smarter than you give us credit for being?  Meanwhile, your pots are overflowing with donations from the likes of Charles Koch, Bernie Marcus, Paul Singer, the DeVos family and more.  Rather reminiscent of that fable that Marie Antoinette once said, when told that people were starving and couldn’t afford bread, “Let them eat cake!”

And then you blame everything that goes wrong on those of us who have compassion, empathy, who care about such things as human lives, the planet, other species – you call us ‘woke’ and make it sound like the dirtiest word in the English language.

You would take away the rights of women, of Black and Asian people, of Jews & Muslims, of any and all who do not fall into that “white, Christian, male” category and turn this nation into something ugly.  Well, if you succeed, you can have your damn country, for I want no part of it!  I don’t share your vision, and neither do the majority of people in this country, but in your eyes, we are naught but tools to be used, manipulated, then thrown away when we are no longer of use to you.  Beware, for when people have nothing left to lose, they fight.  That fight will come and it will be on your shoulders.

12 thoughts on “Open Letter To ALL Elected Republicans

  1. Not to increade your angst, Jill, but even if you sent this letter to every Republican in Congress, none of them would ever know they received it. Their underlings would protect their bosses from you. Your letters would end up in the trashcan, or in the file saved up to give to law enforcement should anything untoward ever happen to them.

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  2. The words of truths are still, falling on, deaf ears, as the Republican Party is, completely, corrupt, leading the blind to, follow them, down that path to suicide, it’s like, Jonestown, all over again, except that this time, it’s not just the people of that, particular cult that’s following their, “leader”, but a whole chunk of the voters who are in support of, the Republican, Party…and, they’re still, unaware of it!

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    • Exactly! ‘Tis why I keep saying they have “drunk the Kool Aid”. Surely this level of divisiveness cannot continue to escalate much longer … I just keep wondering where, when, and how it all ends.


  3. Jill, well said. With no voted-on-platform, the current vintage of the Republican Party does not stand behind anything. With the forcing out of the few truth tellers requiring fealty to the Big Lie and ignoring or white washing the crimes of the former president, the party is adrift untethered to the truth. With no set platform and an allegiance to an untruthful bent, issues are contrived and exaggerated that they ask people to focus on that really don’t matter all that much. And, scarily with a concern over changing demographics, the party has embraced a mission of squeezing democracy to win elections.

    As a former member of both parties, I recognize Dems are imperfect, but I am really disappointed in what the GOP has sunk to. Until it rids itself of the festering sores that plague them, the party, our country and our democracy are at risk. I truly wish I was making this up and it was just a bad dream. Keith

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    • Yes, they are squeezing democracy and will continue to do so until it takes its last, dying breath. I wonder if they even know what they will do then? Promote Trump or DeSantis to king? Mass arrests of those of us who protest and disagree? They better quickly build more prisons! As I said in a comment on your post a few minutes ago, where are the ‘old school’ Republicans, those who at least remember where they left their values?


  4. To compound the angst, few GOP politicians have any interest whatsoever in dealing with (or even acknowledging) your concerns, so let’s face it: you’re wasting your time addressing them. IMHO, the best we can do is keep after our Democratic pols to fight them tooth and nail. Most of the GOP doesn’t play nice, and neither should we, because they seek power and they’re not going to let a little decency and open-mindedness stand in their way.

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    • Sigh. Yeah, I know, but somehow it helps me to get the angst out, to let them know how I feel, even if they likely never see my posts, read my letters to them, or care if they did. I agree with you that the Democrats need to put the gloves on (or is it take them off?) and get into the fight, because as long as they keep waiting for the Republicans to find their conscience, their integrity, we will all have a long wait! Meanwhile, back at the ranch … Herr Donald decides he likes the title of “Supreme Leader” better than that of “president”, and who will challenge him? Sigh.

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  5. There is some wholly justifiable pent up emotion here Jill. And rightly so, when they seek to twist history to benefit their agenda. Trickle-down economics is a joke. No more relevant than 80’s big hairdos. I wonder how much the elite really suspected trickle down economics was flawed from the beginning? Then again, perhaps I don’t want to know as it would make me angry.

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    • Thank you, Amanda! Yes, after so many things building up for so long, we just have to let out some steam. Ha ha … I love your analogy to “80s big hairdos”!!! I suspect that the elite knew all along that wealth would never trickle down, at least not to those who are really in need. But, that’s water over the dam … I just wish the current politicos would give us credit for having enough intelligence to have seen for ourselves that it doesn’t work and stop repeating the myth!


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