Jolly ‘N Joyful Green Monday!!!

Good Monday morning, friends!  You’re all up bright and early and looking mighty perky this morning … must be that you’ve made up for the hour you lost a week ago, eh?  Well, we’re glad you’re here.  Did you have a good weekend?  It was bitterly cold here, so I stayed in while the girls went shopping to try to find Goose a new pair of shoes, and buy new pillows for their beds.  Then we had Chinese take-out on Saturday night, so overall it wasn’t a bad weekend.  And now, time to grit the teeth and get ready to face another week!  I think it’s supposed to be a bit warmer here this week, so maybe I’ll get out for a bit one day.  Joyful has been in the kitchen all morning preparing some treats for Jolly Monday, so let’s go see what’s on the table, shall we?   Oh … it looks like we’re just a few days late for St. Patrick’s Day!

Jolly wants to start with some cool pictures he found over at Phil’s Phun …

And we’ve got a few fun animal memes and puns for you …

Okay, okay … I hear you chanting “Cartoons, Cartoons, Cartoons” … so here you go!

Along with a few memes …

And we simply must have a cute critter video, yes?

Well, my friends, it seems our time is always too short!  But, we’ll be together again next Monday, so it gives us something to look forward to.  Keep safe this week, and be sure to share those gorgeous smiles!  Love and many hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

31 thoughts on “Jolly ‘N Joyful Green Monday!!!

      • No, no, no. I wish I were. Growing up in a formal household with strict dinner protocol, I was forced to eat everything on my plate. We’re all a product of our parents, and mine grew up during the depression when food was scarce. Of course they would force their children to eat. In their day, you never knew when your next meal would be. So, I totally understand why I had to eat my greens. You know my ‘Jennie Stories’ in the classroom, and that story is popular.

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        • Ah yes, I remember those days well, for my parents were the same. You cleaned your plate, or else! I was lucky, though, that the only green things my mother served were salad, green beans, and asparagus, all of which I actually liked. School, however, was another story where they served spinach or kale or some other equally disgusting slimy green things nearly every day, so I took a peanut butter sandwich for my lunch! 😊

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  1. I remember a rather dry day last summer when the garden was crying for a drink. Ace comes running out yelling “Hey I haven’t read that yet!”

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