Little Things Mean A Lot

I was struggling last night for a topic for my Wednesday good people post, and just as I had about decided that I would have to skip it this week, I noticed an email from Axios, the subject line read “Kindness Continued.”  Turns out that Axios has been doing a series that I somehow missed about the power of small acts of kindness.  All of these acts are very small things, often costing the giver nothing at all, but they mean so much to the recipient.  It just goes to show you don’t have to build houses for the homeless or donate thousands of dollars to feed the poor in order to be a ‘good people’.  Little things mean a lot!  Here are a few …

  • “The first time I was traveling alone with my daughter — who was 11 months old at the time — a stranger on a plane offered to hold her after we landed so I was able to gather our things and have a moment to breathe. It meant the most to a young mom with her hands full.” —Abby D., Des Moines, Iowa
  • “A fellow lawyer, a total stranger, put money in a parking meter for me when he realized that I would get stuck in court beyond the time I had left.” —Avraham M., West Hempstead, New York
  • “Just the other day I was trying to navigate a stroller through a coffee shop … not a glamorous task. When I went to leave, a man came darting from across the entire coffee shop to open the door for me. … It truly set the tone for my entire day.” —Lily M., Atlanta, Georgia
  • “My wife and I, both in our 70s, were loading heavy bags of rock for a landscaping project into our car.  A woman approached and loaded the rest. As she finished and turned away, I shouted, ‘You have restored my faith in humanity.’  She responded, ‘We all need that.'” —Roger R., Ballwin, Missouri
  • “I left my backpack, complete with my work laptop and files, on the busy NYC subway one evening. I was certain it was lost forever. I made a claim, panicked, and worried and worried again. … Then came an email and a text: ‘I have your red backpack.’ This amazing and kind medical student brought my backpack to me.” —Jane C., NYC
  • “Several years ago I was struggling to lace up my very large and cumbersome — but totally awesome — dress in the Maryland Renaissance Faire parking lot. The girl getting dressed at the car next to mine offered to help me do up my laces.” —Caroline M., Walnut Creek, California
  • “My first day working in a new city, I exited my office building and couldn’t remember how to find the train station. A stranger walked by, noticed I looked lost, and doubled back to see if I needed directions. I fell in love with Chicago that day.” —Spencer W., Chicago, Illinois

It just goes to show that all of us have the ability to be a good people, and sometimes it seems to me that those who have the least in life, are the ones who give the most!

30 thoughts on “Little Things Mean A Lot

  1. I love these little nuggets of kindness, Jill – like the lawyer helping with the parking meter – and I agree that we all have the ability to do something kind for others.

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  2. This is exactly what so many don’t understand. You don’t have to work big wonders. Simply be kind, support, or encourage with daily things. That is what is appreciated the most: those little acts of kindness that are the glue that keeps humanity together.

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