Why it Matters

The following post from a guest commentator over at Scottie’s blog is the most successful analysis I have read that views what we are seeing today, not only in the U.S. but ’round the globe, and connects it to a historical context that is truly uncanny. There is no hyperbole, no exaggeration, just thoughtful analysis. Thank you Scottie and Randy for this excellent piece.

Scottie's Playtime

This is a guest post from Randy.   As most people here already know Randy is someone I admire greatly.  Randy is my online brother and a member of our family.   Randy is smart, funny, caring, kind, willing to reach out a hand to those in need while also willing to stand up to protect others.   Randy is the kind of guy who if he knew a co-worker had no other way to get to a much needed job during a snow storm he would get up out of his warm bed and go take them to work.   And not ask any for doing it.   I have asked Randy if he would be a guest author as he has time.  He has delighted me with the first two posts of what I hope will be many more.    Thank you my brother, Hugs.

Why it Matters

In this era of Blue…

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5 thoughts on “Why it Matters

  1. Good reblog. Everyone matters. We have to forget colours, races, and creeds. Let’s hope the message gets across to the people who do not understand one day soon. (Not just in the US, but everywhere.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thanks, Pete! I fully agree with you … and there was a time I had hope that we could/would do just that, but the more I learn of history, the more I look around at the events of today, the more I become convinced that humans are deeply flawed and will never learn to accept everyone as equals, to judge only by actions, not by superficial differences. I hope I’m wrong, but my conclusion is the result of 72 years spent observing the human species, studying history, and trying to understand.

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