Another Monday, Another Blank Slate!

Good morning, friends!!!  Another Monday, another week, another blank slate for us to write on!  Will we write of beauty or darkness, will we make people smile or growl?  Let’s try to start our own week out with a smile, then maybe we’ll have a spare to share with somebody else!  Joyful has pulled together some snacks for us to munch on and Jolly has been over at Phil’s Phun gathering fun things like ‘toons, memes, and funny pictures, so let’s head over to the buffet table and then go see what Jolly has for us!

I just put together a few light snacks this morning … I hope it’s enough!

Phil always has some cool puns!  I like puns, don’t you?  Sometimes I hafta think ‘bout ‘em for a while, though!

An’ I weally like the cool toilets Phil has at his place, too!

Okay, okay Jolly … I think what they want most right now is the cartoons, so …

We thought you might enjoy a couple of tidbits of fun facts …

And last, but never least, we found a cute animal video to make you smile and maybe even laugh!

Well, friends, it’s time to start writing on that blank slate, so we hope you’re leaving with a big smile on your face and that you’ve enjoyed Jolly Monday this week!  Keep safe, keep smiling, and have a wonderful week ahead!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

27 thoughts on “Another Monday, Another Blank Slate!

      • Another facet of The Welsh language is the vast difference in usage of words and phrases between North and South Wales. I have a few tales on that score.
        One being a visitor from the South staying at a guest house in the North, chatting with the owners over his evening meal. In conclusion they asked him if he would like anything else, he asked for a large cup of tea; there was an interlude of puzzlement, but they went to make it, and returned apprehensively with a large bowl of tea.

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  1. Ok, so I went with the Greek salad, I hope there is still enough left for the others 😇
    You had me chuckling from the first until the last choke. They are so good😂
    And the facts are very cool. I love that one with the butterflies and had no idea about the organic equipment of an octopus. Very cool!

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    • And Happy Monday to you as well, Michael! Awwww … I’m sorry to hear that winter has returned there! Here, it is 55° F (13° C) and the sun is actually shining, for a change!!! I’ll try to send some of the sunshine your way to dispel the Bavarian Siberia!!! 🌞 xx


  2. I am currently not in the office, or at least not wanting to be in the office, but someone has now told me it is Monday so I guess I have to change this out of office to in office. Sigh… Happy Monday?

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    • Oops … my bad! I’m sorry for wrecking your day by telling you it’s Monday. I suppose it wouldn’t work for me to backtrack and tell you it’s actually Saturday? Try to have a decent week ahead, my friend.


  3. All of them are so, so funny. And I even understood them…
    Such an adorable collection of smiles and laughter. So many aaawhs. Thanks, Jill, for this great start of the week.

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