Summing It Up In A ‘Toon

Lots going on these days … it’s hard to know where to even start, and harder still to try to make sense of it all.  Nonetheless, the nation’s political cartoonists are hard at work trying to make “a picture paint a thousand words” and they are pretty darned successful!  Here are some that I thought particularly thoughtful, thought-provoking, prescient, or otherwise worthy from the past several days.  As you can see, ol’ Tucker Carlson is the brunt of more than a few jokes!  Well-deserved, too!

26 thoughts on “Summing It Up In A ‘Toon

    • I fully agree! There is a dark humour to this period we are living through, but then … that could be said many times throughout history. Yes, the jabs are well-deserved!


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