Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-Worthy Snippets

Here are just a few things that raised my hackles and made me growl this morning …

A comment seen on Facebook:

“Big Oil fueled the Industrial Revolution and gave all mankind an unmatched standard of living. Your green energy voodoo will send us back to the dark ages. Literally.”

WHERE has this person been for the last 40 years???  An ‘unmatched standard of living’???  Meaning what?  Is the ability to fly ‘round the country, drive a gas guzzler, have your entire house lit and at the perfect temperature while you cook on your gas stove and have at least three electronic devices playing at any given time more valuable than the lives of your grandchildren???  I’ll take my chances with ‘green energy’ and risk being sent back to the dark ages, since in my book these times we are living in are pretty damned dark already!


In 1943, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that compelling children to say the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional and violated freedom of speech and religion.  Apparently, some people in the Arizona state legislature do not believe that ruling applies to them.

Arizona state representative Barbara Parker, saying that the ruling is “completely obsolete and doesn’t apply,” has proposed a bill that would force every child to recite the pledge every school day, including the words “under god,” regardless of whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or what.  This is a violation of the 1st Amendment and no doubt if it passes will generate numerous lawsuits, as it should!  Governor Katie Hobbs has said she will not sign the bill into law, which is a relief for people in Arizona, but what if other states pick up the mantle?  If such a bill were proposed in, say, Arkansas, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders would sign it in a heartbeat, probably cackling the whole time.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

On judging a nation …

A snippet from a column by Esau McCaulley in the New York Times

“There are many ways to judge the success or failure of a country. We can look at its economy, the strength of its military or the quality of its education. We can examine the soundness of our bridges or the smoothness of our highways. But what if we used a different standard? We should judge a nation by a simple metric: the number of weeping parents it allows, the small caskets it tolerates. By this standard, America has obviously failed. So perhaps the question to ask now is, ‘How could anyone not do something about this?’”

How, indeed?  A question to ask your representative or senator.

The price of eggs???

You know how people are whining about the price of eggs?  (Really ridiculous, since they’re still a lot more affordable than beef!)  Well, according to CNN Business, Cal-Maine Foods, the largest egg producer in the United States, reported revenue doubled and profit surged 718% last quarter because of sharply higher egg prices.  Now perhaps people will stop blaming President Biden for the fact that their omelet costs $2 instead of $1!

“Because I can” …

A Washington Post/IPSOS survey asked nearly 400 AR-15 assault weapon owners to explain their reasons for having the weapon, what they use it for and how often they fire it.  The results speak for themselves …

Words fail me.

20 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-Worthy Snippets

  1. Ya know what got me about the people who own AR-15s … 92% of them have never been in the military. As someone who comes from a military family (& also used to be a hunter, so I know about guns), I find that really enlightening. People who actually serve their country know better than to play with these kinds of guns.

    (there were also the people who use them to hunt. Real hunters use bows or muzzleloaders to hunt, not an AR-15 that destroy the animal).

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    • I agree. People with a military background have a far better understanding of these weapons than the average Joe, which is why they DON’T belong in the hands of the average Joe. Period.

      Nobody in their right mind (oh wait, we’re talking about AR-15 owners) hunts using an AR-15, for it would tear an animal to shreds. Just another excuse to make it sound like a reasonable thing.


      • You certainly would not be hunting for food, as you could never remove all the bullets from the carcass. The comment about not being in the military is pertinent. It is akin to too few legislators having served and wanting to send troops into harm’s way. They don’t know what it means – a Vietnamese vet said people who have never fought don’t know no one wins in a war. Keith

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      • My cousin said she uses an AR-15 to hunt deer & I said, get any usable meat? She replied that she only ate the backstraps (what we call the tenderloins). I said that was an egregious waste of an animal & she should be ashamed of herself. She hasn’t spoken to me since & that was well over 8 years ago. Of course, she’s a trumpster.

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        • I am growling as I read this. Kill a beautiful, large animal who has done no harm to anyone just for two tenderloins of venison and throw the rest out like yesterday’s bathwater. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Yes, she should be ashamed of herself, and sadly there are perhaps thousands in this country who are no better. No surprise that she’s a trumpeter!


  2. “Your green energy voodoo will send us back to the dark ages. Literally.”
    Tell him his comment has been noted by UK Socialist Environmentalist. His name might go on a list. And the day ‘They’ take over the world he and his kind will be called to account. Add ‘Some are very scary people, they gather in tall towers and survey the world making biblical quotations. You worry for him,’
    That should unsettle his first morning cup of coffee.

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    • When I saw ‘hunting’ listed as one of the reasons, I thought it was among the dumbest reasons … you cannot hunt with an AR-15, for you will tear the animal to shreds and it will be neither edible nor displayable. Yes, unspeakable.

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  3. You might like to introduce that Facebook clown to a history book, if they haven’t all been burned yet. The Industrial Revolution was from around 1760 to 1820, and it started in the UK, not in the US. It was built on the growing use of coal and steam power, not oil – which wasn’t discovered until about 1860. And I’d dispute the claim about equality of living standards too.

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    • I hope never to see him again … he was just a commenter on a post I was reading and his comment incensed me. But you’re right … other fossil fuels were mined and used long before we had the technology to pull oil out of the ground. I would definitely dispute the claim about equality of living standards … the fossil fuel barons live a life the rest of us cannot even imagine. But then, I think I like my life better … I can live with my conscience.

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  5. Jill, the fossil fuel industry has a lot of money to invest in telling whatever narrative to people to make as much profit as they can. A science teacher in Oklahoma (I think) had her class track the number of websites attributed to the fossil fuel industry regarding global warming as contrasted to science peer reviewed sites on the subject. The former tallied around 30,000 while the latter came in around 700. You can see where the money is. In spite of all that wind and solar have made huge strides in America and are on par or lower in cost than coal and are far cleaner than natural gas. These industries are fretting the loss of revenue – it is as simple as that. And, they will tell any story and fund every politician they can to keep that revenue flowing – just pay attention to what party just passed a new energy bill in the House. Keith

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    • Wow … 30,000 vs 700!!! That speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Yes, they obviously have money to burn in order to paint a false picture for the public, and sadly a large portion of the public don’t understand, and another large portion are too self-focused to care for the future. As re the latest House energy bill, thankfully it will be DOA when it reaches the Senate, and the House Republicans KNOW this, so they are just wasting time playing games, trying to get attention. Bah Humbug!

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      • Jill, what these industries need to know how is other companies are moving forward with or without them – electric cars and buses, solar and wind energy, eg. Solar and wind need not be huge projects to be effective. That scares the utility and fossil fuel industry. Keith

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