And The World Moves On … Until Next Time

Let’s see … it was Monday that six people were massacred in a school in Nashville, Tennessee, and I predicted the outrage would last for all of three days … yep, looks like I hit the mark.  Oh sure, many of us are still fuming over the senseless deaths of three children and three adults trying to protect the children, but … for most, it’s back to business … gun business, that is.

I felt like I had literally been slapped in the face when I read yesterday that a high school here in Ohio will be holding a raffle to raise money … selling … you guessed it … guns, including an AR-15 of the same sort the Nashville school shooter used.  The gun raffle has been so popular that this week the organizers announced all 500 $10 tickets have been sold.

While some residents were angered by the raffle, there seems to be no concerted attempts to halt it.  One resident of the community said …

“For most people around here, the optics and the real-life consequences are simply beyond their scope of reckoning. There are a small minority who are appalled, but as you saw with the Nazis, we end up being seen as the troublemakers.”

And then down in Florida there’s ol’ Ron DeSantis who is holding a stop in his book tour at a gun store in Cobb County, Georgia.  What better venue for a book promotion/campaign rally, eh?  Georgia … remember when Brian Kemp was running for governor and his campaign posted pictures of him pointing a rifle at his daughter’s boyfriend?

Yep, folks, the three-day news cycle has closed on the Nashville school shooting and life is back to normal … until the next time.  And make no mistake … there WILL BE a next time.

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  1. Jill, Americans have grown numb to the news of killing children (and adults). We have too vocal a group that feels the right to own 300 guns supercedes the right for a child to live. I am well beyond the callousness of people who are just gaslighted into thinking that a gun death problem has nothing to do with owning guns. Of course, there are holistic reasons, but at the heart of a gun death problem are access to guns. Their response is guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That is naive. People with guns kill people. No gun, no gun death.

    And, often they kill themselves. Suicides are the number one gun death reason in the US. Per Everytown Research, homes with guns have 3X the rate of suicide to homes without. All it takes is an impulsive act and Susie or Johnny are dead.

    The NRA and gerrymandering are key reasons nothing gets done. The NRA can rile up an active base of voters who will vote in primaries (where the election is won in a gerrymandered district) as others turn out so little. This is how we ended up with some of the inane and mean-spirited representatives in Congress whose names are known by many.


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    • Well said, Keith. And 100% spot on. No gun, no gun death — says it all, yet too many people are enamoured of their guns and so make every other excuse in the book for gun deaths. Yes, behind every shooter there is some reason buried deep (sometimes not so deep) in his mind, but without the gun, he’s far less likely to take lives.

      Allowing members of Congress and those aspiring to a seat in Congress to take donations from the gun lobby … or ANY corporate interest … is among the worst decisions our Supreme Court has ever made. And you’re right … that is how we end up with some of those ill-suited members of Congress who sold any integrity they once may have had to the highest bidder. When and how will it change? I wish I knew.


      • Jill, the only way to stop it is end gerrymandering and show elected officials supporting guns without restriction is a losing proposition. A Congressman once said the gun zealots may be smaller in number, but they seem larger as he hears from them 10 to 1 relative to any gun issue. Keith

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        • End gerrymandering AND pass voting rights bills at the federal level to supersede all the disenfranchising legislation that is being and has been passed by the states! I wrote to both my senators and my representative about banning assault weapons a few days ago. I heard back from Democratic senator Sherrod Brown, but not Warren Davidson or JD Vance … surprise, eh?


    • Not all of us, but yes, far too many have become inured to it all and their outrage fades more quickly with each new atrocity. And Congress??? They’re liking those campaign donations from the gun lobby too much to actually pass meaningful legislation on guns and gun ownership. For ten years, we had a ban on assault-style weapons like the AR-15, but once it expired, Republicans in Congress refused to even talk about another one.

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  2. I cannot believe this. Really, I don’t know what to say about this kind of how too many ignorant and irresponsible people are thinking. There is always money for guns but not to eliminate them…

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