Where Is My Settings Button???

It seems grossly unfair to me that every browser I use, every software program comes with a ‘settings’ button whereby you can make all sorts of choices regarding how you want the program to act in certain circumstances.  You can set it to dim the screen at night, to automatically save your work, how it appears in terms of colour, font, etc.  So … why doesn’t the human body have a ‘settings’ button or an ‘undo’ button?

Think about it … you just said something stupid to a friend … UNDO … and poof, it was never said.  Didn’t mean to eat that second roll at dinner?  UNDO!  Oops, I overslept … UNDO!  Don’t like the way your hair looks this morning?  With the press of a button, you could change the ‘font’!  Better yet, you could adjust the ‘settings’ so that your hair always looked just as you wanted it to, and when you got tired of the colour or style, you could simply change it up in the settings.

If humans came with settings and undo buttons, there would never need to be car crashes again … the driver who wasn’t paying attention and ran through the red light could just hit his ‘undo’ button and be transported back 30 seconds in time, perhaps saving a life or two.  Don’t like something about yourself, such as your skin colour, sassy mouth, or the way one ear sits higher than the other?  Just go into the ‘settings.’

The ‘undo’ function in humans would put an end to the whole abortion debate/issue!  There would be no unwanted pregnancies, thus no need to make laws to keep women under the thumbs of the male-dominated law!

Visiting France, but you don’t speak more than four words of French?  No need to fumble around with a French-English dictionary, automatically labeling yourself “Tourist” as if you had a sign on your back.  Simply change the language feature in your ‘settings’ … Ouah! C’était facile! The possibilities are endless!

Oh, and what about late at night when our battery is running low, we just want to get to bed, but there is work yet to be done?  Well, just switch to ‘battery saver’ mode!

I’ve long heard about the ‘miracle’ of the human body, and it is pretty impressive how the heart, lungs and other organs all work together to keep us ticking, but when you think about the computer, the human body pales in comparison.  Technology has come so far that now computers can even write college term papers in under 10 minutes, but the human body is still slogging along much as it did 200 years ago.  Oh sure, there have been advances in treating diseases such as cancer and AIDS, extending the life of humans, but the human body itself has not been improved on … we still have no ‘settings’ button, no ability to really control the body and its behaviour.

Seems to me that science would do better to work on improvements to the human body and mind rather than spend time and money making computers do everything for us!

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      • I learned with the Cleveland Dharma Study Group, which is now defunct. But there’s quite a few Buddhist groups currently operating in Cleveland. Most seem to be on the West Side now. Back when I was learning, everything was on the East Side. That was the early 90s.

        I even had an audience with the Dalai Lama in 1991! In Finlay, OH, at the University there. I was attending with the Jewel Heart group, another defunct group. I met Allen Ginsburg in 1997 at a benefit for Jewel Heart. He was a hoot!

        Meditation has made everything in my life better. My life has always been chaotic & crazy. But meditation is like having a really good strong ship with a experienced captain on stormy seas … you know that you’re going to get to your destination without losing the ship, your cargo or your life. I don’t rant & rave like I used to & I don’t cry about every little thing, either.

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        • Wow!!! The Dalai Lama was just about 150 miles north of here and you MET HIM!!! Awesome! It certainly sounds like meditation has helped you find your place in the sun. I’ll have to look more into it.


  1. Actually, Jill, you hinted at your RESET button in your last sentence. You mentioned your MIND. No, your mind cannot UNDO or even REDO, but it can OVERCOME! Change your settings to MIND OVER MATTER and you can undo many things before they are done, help you find the energy to do something even when you think you don’t have any energy in you, etc etc etc.
    The MIND is the most anazing tool we have at our fingertips, just set yourself into MIND gear and there is little you cannot do — if you can do anything at all.
    BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! All else will come from that.

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    • Oh, I know. For the last 18 months, I have remained alive because of my belief in ‘mind over matter’. When I feel so weak and tired that I want to give up, I sing that phrase to myself, then tell myself to put my head up, shoulders back, and walk into that kitchen and wash those dishes, or fold those towels, or chop those onions. I firmly believe that the mind can override the physical limitations … TO A POINT. Comes a point when the body makes the calls and no matter how strong the will, the body wins out.

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      • Actually, the body loses out, because likely it is as near to death as can be while still being alive.
        No, the mind cannot defeat death, but it can and must be our greatest strength as long as we still have life!

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      • I have to find humor in things to keep from going completely crazy. With only one functioning brain cell it gets harder every day, but you are right about the “undo” part. That would maybe even get me back to a fully functioning brain with all the cells intact. Of course, that would also mean I would live forever and I don’t think I would like that at all. Imagine being 297 years old when it stopped working and becoming an instant grease spot on the floor. I saw something similar to that on Twilight Zone and it wasn’t pretty.

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  4. I like this idea. If only we could have this BUT, if your computer is anything like mine it has a habit of getting whacky on a regular basis. The print suddenly goes humongous for no reason I can figure out, emails disappear in mid sentence, an entire blog post goes away before I get anywhere near the “Post” button, just a few of the things that make me want to toss it in front of a bus at times. I’ve even had the battery die and need replacing a few times. I guess that would be similar to a body dying, but one thing I know for sure is that they had better not try to bring me back another time! It has happened a couple of times and I was really ANGRY at the ones who were working on me. I could hear them and tried to tell them to go away and let me go because what I was seeing at that moment sure beat everything I had ever seen in life. So, while the idea is interesting, especially a chance for a do-over, I think I’ll just stick to what I have at the moment.

    Now I think I’ll scare up something edible from my fridge. I was in the dining room when an alert came over the PA telling us all to go to our rooms and lock the doors. Staff was flying around locking outside doors to the building, but they didn’t tell us what the alert was about. The only time I have heard of this happening here was when the police had an escaped murderer on the loose. So, I’m safely tucked in, door locked and my power chair backed up against it.

    Oh, I think I just heard them end the alert. Not sure because not too clear with the door closed. Guess I’ll just sit here until someone comes to tell me it’s okay to go back to the dining room.

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    • I’ve been lucky (touch wood) that my current laptop is tres reliable and I haven’t had any of the problems you mention! But, it is getting on in years, considering it’s in use about 18 hours every day! I’m like you … if I die, leave me dead. We all have an expiry date, and when mine comes, just leave me be. Burn the body, spread the ashes somewhere, and let me just be a fond memory to the few in this world who I have touched in one way or another.

      I know from your post earlier that the threat is over and you’re safe and sound. I hope you did get something to eat and that you can sleep tonight without nightmares! Still nothing that I can find in the news about it. Love you, dear Angie!!!

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    • Remember that song in “My Fair Lady” where Rex Harrison sings, “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” … I think my version should be, “Why can’t a person, be more like a laptop?” We were cheated!!!

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