YAWN!!! Jolly [yawn] Monday To All And To All A [yawn] Ho Ho Ho

G-good Monday morning, friends!  Forgive me, I had a far more active than usual weekend and I am completely exhausted this morning, so I’m gonna let Jolly and Joyful take over and provide most of the fun this morning, whilst I [yawn] kip just a bit …

C’mon over to the table everyone … I’ve gots special sweet tweats today for you … and yes, plenty of bacon for you bacon-lovers!

We gots lotsa ‘toons comin’ up in a few minutes, but first, how ’bout some animal memes?

An’ we found a few funny music puns, too!

Okay guys … I bet you’re ready for some ‘toons now, aren’t you?

We’ve got some funny memes today, too!

Okay, so Gwammie woke up and said she alweady had a cute critter video picked out and it was on her ‘puter, so me ‘n Joyful dug and dug and finally found it … we wuz beginning ta think she was dweamin’!  Anyway … we think you’ll weally love dis li’l gwoundhog an’ da lady dat rescues hundreds of animals evwy year!

Okay, I’m awake now … sort’a.  Thanks, Jolly ‘n Joyful, for taking over and letting me catch a few zzzzzzzzzzs!  We hope you all enjoyed Jolly Monday this week and that you’re starting the week out with a big smile on your face and in your heart!  Be sure to share those smiles … we never know what others are going through and when a smile might just brighten someone’s day!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!!!

25 thoughts on “YAWN!!! Jolly [yawn] Monday To All And To All A [yawn] Ho Ho Ho

  1. Before I even start to read your post, I should let you know, I’ve been “unfollowed” again. After not getting this post in the middle of the night, or your music post this morning, I knew either you were dead, or you were taken off my following list. When I got some new replies to comments, I knew you weren’t dead — so that meant the other possibility. Yup, you had been removed from my following list “yet again.” This cannot be coincidence!

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    • I wondered, for earlier I got a notification that you were now following my blog, and I thought that was odd. I think David may not be following either, but I keep forgetting to ask him! WP hates me!!!


            • Oh, I know you didn’t, and neither did David. It has happened before with both David and Roger, and a few others, but I’m guessing it’s happened with more who I just didn’t notice because they weren’t frequent commenters. At one point, I had over 5,000 followers, and now I have just over 4,800 … dunno where they went. WP needs to get their sh*t together!


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