Time For … A Few Snarky Snippets!

Well, folks, it looks to me like another snarky snippets day, what d’you think?  Those little snarky gems just keep popping onto my radar!

He’s suing someone … again … {yawn}

Who has the time or the money to engage in frivolous lawsuits that don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning?  Apparently, the former guy, Donald Trump, has plenty of both, since he has been involved in more than 5,000 lawsuits … or is it 6,000 now?  The latest?  He is suing his former attorney and ‘fixer’, Michael Cohen, for … wait for it … $500 million!  Yep, a half-billion greenbacks!  Now, never mind that Cohen’s net worth is a mere $63 million, so Trump is basically sticking his straw in a dry well, but his solution to every single problem in his life has always been to sue, to waste the courts’ time with frivolities and inanities.

The reason for the lawsuit, according to sources, is that Cohen violated his attorney-client relationship with Trump by testifying under oath to the Manhattan grand jury that recently indicted Trump on 34 felony counts.  First, there is no attorney-client privilege since Cohen is no longer Trump’s attorney.  Second, Trump broke the law, Cohen was subpoenaed to testify, and he would have been in violation of the law if he had refused.  Simple, right?  But not for someone whose brain is surrounded by so many fat cells that it cannot get oxygen to put two and two together and come up with four.

This will end as most of Trump’s other frivolous lawsuits have, and We the People will pay for the waste of the courts’ time.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha … oh yeah, try enforcing THAT!

I’ve always thought Sarah Huckabee Sanders was something of an airhead, but now I KNOW it … I have the proof!  She just signed one of the most ridiculous bills I’ve heard of in years … one that seeks to ban young people under the age of 18 from social media!  🤣🤣🤣

Nice try, Aunt Lydia!

Can you imagine even trying to enforce that one?  No way, Josè!!!  But she will spend taxpayer dollars on this lost cause that nobody anywhere ever believed to be enforceable.  There are exceptions and all sorts of confusing language in the bill, making it a ginormous joke, even among the people of Arkansas!  If I were still doing my “Idiot of the Week” posts, she would definitely qualify!

Kiss the ring …

This must be “Watch Sarah Sanders Make a Fool of Herself” week, or something, for she is again in the news, and certainly not for anything noble.  Applicants for a position on any of the Arkansas state boards or commissions must fill out an application.  Pretty standard stuff, until you come to one question …

Note that the answer is ‘required’ … you either pay Ms. Sanders a compliment, else “don’t call us, we’ll call you (not)”.

It’s rather sad, don’t you think, that the governor has to twist arms just to get a compliment?

But wait … before you go … there IS some good news!

Both of the Tennessee state legislators who were expelled last week from the Tennessee House of Representatives have been voted back to their seats unanimously by the commissioners in their districts!  Yes, friends, both Justin Pearson and Justin Jones will continue doing the work they were elected to do last November!

Mr. Jones has already returned to his seat, having taken his oath of office again on Monday, and Mr. Pearson is expected to return sometime this week.  And there isn’t a damn thing the Republicans can do about it, despite their “super-majority”.  They have threatened to ‘defund’ the counties that sent these men back to work, but in doing so they would be shooting themselves in the foot … in both feet, in fact.

16 thoughts on “Time For … A Few Snarky Snippets!

  1. Jill, Donald Trump is suing the one guy who knows where all the bodies are buried. That may not be the wisest of moves. Cohen’s response is likely OK, bring it on. Keith

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    • PS – When I think of Donald Trump wanting to appear in court, the response is bring it on. I am reminded of an attorney who once said he deposed Trump and had to correct thirty or more misstatements by the testifier. Thirty. Or more. I am reminded of the story where Trump settled a housing discrimination case, then had to be re-sued for not honoring the terms of the settlement. I am reminded of his agreeing to a judge’s ruling to have an artistic facade of a building he purchased carefully stripped and preserved for a museum, then hiring illegal immigrants to strip it down and destroy it in the night. These stories have all been reported on.

      Donald Trump in court is something that should be the last thing he needs and will expose him to his past misdeeds. Bring it on. Keith

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      • Funny, too, that he is filing this lawsuit while trying to delay the one brought by E. Jean Carroll, saying he needs a break after the Manhattan arraignment!

        From all I’ve read and heard, he has a habit of not listening to or taking the advice of his attorneys, but rather believing he is far smarter than they, then going on to prove that he really isn’t very smart at all. I’m pretty sure that will be the case here, as well. Yep, bring it on!


    • Like most Republicans,Trump doesn’t think of consequences. His go-to move is to sue, so he sues. Let’s hope the court allows the suit. The results may be “very very interesting!”
      This is not the same, but certain co-workers had me called onto the carpet over something I did. When it became clear who started the issue, I just started talking about all the tnings they did. Fortunately, someone on the committee was listening, because I knew a lot of dirt on a lot of people. I still got fired, but so did 7 others, including 2 managers. What I did was minor, but wrong, and I admitted it. But I wasn’t going to let my accusers off scot-free. I knew where bodies were buried too!

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      • Yep, Trump’s first response when he doesn’t get his way is to SUE! I imagine if he were in a restaurant and ordered filet mignon but was served grilled salmon, he would sue both the restaurant and the server … maybe even the chef!

        Ha ha … good for you for having an ear to the ground and knowing where the bodies were buried!


    • I’m not really sure, but I think it’s rare for a court to refuse to hear a case, at least at the lower level. As Keith said in his comment, “bring it on”, for Trump will be proven the bigger fool in this one.

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  2. Future POTUS Justin Jones owes his gratitude to the Tennessee Republican-controlled
    state legislature for making him a living martyr. Way to go, Tennessee!!! YOU SAVED DEMOCRACY!

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