Tales From An Alternate Universe … I Wish

It doesn’t take a whole lot to raise my hackles and make me growl these days.  Here are just a few of the things that succeeded in doing both within about an hour yesterday … {this is the stuff ulcers are made of}

Say WHAT????

I want you all to hear this statement made by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem speaking of her grandchildren at the NRA convention yesterday … make sure you’re sitting down before you read it:

“Little Miss Addie, who is almost two, and Branch who’s just a few months old, they have brought us so much joy. They’ve brought us purpose. Now Addie, who you know — soon will need them, I wanna reassure you, she already has a shotgun and she already has a rifle and she’s got a little pony named Sparkles too. So the girl is set up.”

My jaw dropped and for just a second I thought I might be sick.  This is the governor, for Pete’s sake!!!  This is a ‘woman’ who claims to be ‘pro-life’!  Those grandchildren should be taken out of the care of this family and put into foster care anonymously in some other state!  I am enraged, incensed, and would happily rearrange this woman’s face for her if she were anywhere near me!  WHERE is the common sense?

Call yourself ‘pro-life’ and buy a two-year-old child a damn shotgun and a rifle???  👿

I knew there were a lot of truly deplorable people in the Republican Party these days, but this one takes the prize for the biggest deplorable in the basket — at least at this moment!

Is Mike Pence human???

Mike Pence also attended that same NRA convention where a number of attendees actually booed him … I’m not sure why, but one analyst believes it is because he has extricated himself from the Trump circus and Trump is still quite popular with the gun nuts.  At any rate … Pence has decided on a way to solve the problem of mass shootings in the U.S. without having to enact stricter gun laws.  Do tell?

“I believe the time has come to institute a federal death penalty statute, with accelerated appeal, to ensure that those who engage in mass shootings face execution in months, not years.” 

A number of problems with his “solution” … it only addresses the problem after-the-fact.  Most mass shooters realize they will likely not be alive at the end of the day, so the threat of execution is not going to be a deterrent – never has been, never will be.  And ‘execution’ is not something we should be striving to increase, but rather to put an end to!  Way to go, Mike … open mouth and stick your big, stinky foot into it.

More questions than answers

So, some 21-year-old racist punk Air National Guardsman turns out to be the leaker of national security secrets that’s had everyone up in arms about for days now.  He’s not even an interesting individual nor a particularly smart one, but my question is … WHY did someone at his low level on the totem pole even have access to such high-level security data???  Is the military really so lax with highly classified information that a punk kid can get it, spread it around to teenagers on a gaming platform, and it takes us days to figure out what happened???  Seriously?  And do they not perform background checks or other means of screening before allowing someone hands-on access to classified data?  This punk had a history of racist remarks and actions … shouldn’t have been hard to figure out he wasn’t exactly a fine, upstanding man.

As for the punk … my own thoughts are he committed treason and should go to prison for the rest of his life … he serves no earthly purpose and is going to be a pain in the arse for as long as he lives.  But no … they’ve charged him only with two counts under the Espionage Act.  One of the counts is unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information which “could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation”.  The other count is the unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material.

The two counts combined could carry a maximum sentence of 15 years, and if some Republican judge or governor has anything to say about it, he’ll get a pat on the back and a ticket to freedom!  He’ll be like Kyle Rittenhouse, invited onto Tucker Carlson’s show, invited to intern for Republicans in Congress, and praised by the likes of Marge Greene.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr …

Seems to me we have some serious security issues in our military.  Lots of questions are going to be asked and need to be answered in the coming weeks/months.

Is Greg Abbott human???

Oh, and last but not least … Daniel Perry, the man shot and killed BlackLivesMatter protestor Garrett Foster as he tried to run his vehicle into a crowd of peaceful protestors, may soon be pardoned by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.  He should never see the light of day again, for there can be no doubt that he had every intention of killing at least one Black person on that day, given his text messages.  Here is just a sample …

  • He compared the Black Lives Matter movement to a “zoo full of monkeys”
  • A friend texted Perry, “Can you catch me a negro daddy.” Perry responded, “That is what I am hoping.”
  • One message read, “might have to kill a few people on my way to work.”

And it goes on.  So, Governor Abbott wants to pardon this a-hole and let him walk free so that next time he kills 10 or 15 or 20 as he plows his car through a group of protestors???  YO, TEXANS!  Wake the hell up and vote this jerkface out of office!  He’s a disgrace to your state and a disgrace to you!

34 thoughts on “Tales From An Alternate Universe … I Wish

  1. The obsession with guns is baffling. I’d like to think that governor was just trying to fire up their base but yes, quite disturbing that a 2 year old would already have a gun.

    And Mike Pence’s response truly is problematic and does not solve the underlying issue of these endless Maas shootings.

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    • The obsession with guns is baffling and terrifying, for it keeps escalating. But no, Kristi Noem wasn’t just trying to fire up the base … she’s been a loon for years now and this isn’t her first such statement. Rather like another member of Congress whose Christmas card pictured all of their children holding assault weapons, even the youngest. Have I mentioned that I hate guns?

      Pence is a religious freak and a bigot. But he usually exhibits a little bit of common sense, and calling for quick executions is not, in my book, common sense! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr …


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  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!.. the people you mentioned are representative of the thinking of the people (desperate people denying change) that supports them and no doubt a good deal of their actions is to impress their voters… as long as we use patience and exercise our voice of reason, which you do wonderfully well, we will be able to give others the knowledge there are options and in time drown out the rantings of the Trumps, the Noems and others too numerous to mention… 🙂

    Hope all is well and life is all that you wish for it to be and until we meet again..
    May the road rise to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your face
    The rains fall soft upon your fields
    May green be the grass you walk on
    May blue be the skies above you
    May pure be the joys that surround you
    May true be the hearts that love you.
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Jill, I will place my comment beneath Dutch’s who is on the money as well. These examples are representative of a dearth of ideas and kindness in the GOP and exemplify what not to do. On top of the terrible decision of the Tennessee legislature expelling the two protesting Democrats, these do not show well. It is up to more rational people to point out this inanity. We deserve better. Keith

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    • You are right, of course, that their rhetoric and actions are intended to impress their voters, and it seems to be working in some areas at least. Thank you for your kind words, for so often these days I feel like I don’t have any more patience and am not the voice of reason, though I do try. We try to give people the knowledge, the facts, the common sense, but far too often these days it seems people don’t care, don’t want to hear the truth but would rather follow the clown shows. Still, we try. And thank you, as always, for the beautiful Irish Saying that makes me wish I were out in a grassy field on a sunny day … just me and maybe a dog!


  4. And here I thought it was a bad thing when my son took his 10 year old son hunting! The 10 year old used my son’s rifle, NOT one of his own. And 7 years later when he attempted suicide by cop he also used my son’s guns after breaking into the locked gun cabinet. Fortunately the suicide thing fell short after the deputies fired over his head rather than at his head. And for that I called the sheriff’s office to thank and commend them for their understanding of the situation. Just one of the many ways children can obtain and use guns in this country. My son got rid of all weapons after that and my grandson is now happily married and a new dad himself. He has NO weapons in his home and no plans to ever have them.
    A Federal death sentence that executes within months? Way to go idiot! Let’s see if the Republican National Party jumps onboard that train of thought. You just can’t say you are pro-life while also saying “execute them”.
    As for the racists—- Hey I found the original answer. Sometimes I really dislike my internet connection!


  5. Gee, I had such a remarkable answer a minute ago when my computer burped and it all went away. Can’t remember it all but the upshot is that we should look for a deserted island, name it Idiot Island, and send all these nuts there for life with no way of getting off the island. Maybe put all their guns with them for good measure.

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    • I hate when that happens! I’ve often said I’d like to ship them all to Siberia and put all the guns in the world on a spaceship and send them so far away they can never come back! But alas, we both know it ain’t gonna happen.

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          • Think we could get them all onboard without being caught? He might not notice if we load one at a time. Of course it probably would blast off while we were doing that since it would take us a few years to load it all.

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            • Too late … you saw what happened to his rocket last week, didn’t you? That was the one I was talking about! ‘Twould have been a fitting ending for the people we wanted to send on it, though!

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                  • Woah! Glad we didn’t hitch a ride on that one! I kinda reminds me of the Apollo explosion, just not as horrible since it was unmanned. I agree that some of the names we have bandied around might have been good candidates for that short trip, but being pro-life I wouldn’t want to be the one responsible for putting them there. Does my brain good to talk about where they should go, but I wouldn’t want to be the one to actually put them there. Not sure I would mourn for them though. A slight headshake would work better.

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                    • What’s funny is that Elon Musk is still calling it a “successful” launch! How many millions of dollars were spent to build and launch that rocket, just to have it self-destruct within minutes? And how many people could have had food to eat or a place to live with just a small bit of the money he wasted on it? Sigh. I once thought all life was precious and should be preserved, but … I have come to think that there are actually two sub-species of humans and that one is pure evil. I think I would have no problem putting some of those kind on Elon’s rocket. Sigh.

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          • I’ve been watching videos of the devastation of the small towns in the US caused by the lack of care or interest of the Government of those States. Most of the residents are either drug addled, criminals or have just given up. Those Governors are shameful and should be called out.
            The residents have no alternative but to live and worship in poverty. You can’t be educated without schools and so it will continue.

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            • I agree with all you say. Sometimes the people are their own worst enemy, continually electing the very people who are plunging them into poverty. As our education system further sinks in quality, the future looks much dimmer than it once did for the 99% who are not wealthy.


  7. “WHY did someone at his low level on the totem pole even have access to such high-level security data???”
    Because he didn’t! It is impossible for him, no matter his intentions, IQ or ethics. He might be a right wing punk but he’s also an easy target, a fall guy:

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