We Wish You A Jolly ‘N Joyful Monday!

Wh-Wha-What???  It’s Monday again … already???  What happened to the weekend?  Ah well … the bright side is that if it’s Monday, then you guys are here to share in the smiles, laughter, and bacon that always accompany Jolly Monday!  See … it’s true that every cloud has a silver lining … even Monday!  I smell something good, so let’s go see what Joyful has cooked up for us, shall we?

An’ because Ab said we gonna need more bacon dis week, I made extra!

Alright, then … let’s take a look at some phunny puns while we munch …

It took me a minute to get this one … guess I’ve gotten slow in my dotage!

A few cute pictures always bring a smile, don’t they?

Okay, Okay … I hear you … you want ‘TOONS!!!  Well, you’re in luck, ’cause we’ve got lots of ‘toons today!

I found a few Phun Phacts over at Phil’s place I thought you might like …

And naturally, we cannot let you leave without a funny or cute animal video, now can we?  This one’s shorter than usual, but I loved it and hope you will too!

I especially loved the way he handed the peel back to the human after he was finished!

Well, friends, it’s that time again … time for us to get this week rolling with jobs, chores, errands, and whatever else needs to be done.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed your time here and that you’re starting this week with a big smile to dispel whatever darkness you run into out there!  Keep safe and have a good week, and remember to share the smiles!  I came across something this morning that I think is just perfect for how we here at Filosofa’s Word feel about you, our friends!

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    • You are most welcome, Michael! I’ve been concerned about you, for you haven’t been by in a while and I feared you were ill, or else that I had somehow offended you. Glad to see you back!!! xx


  1. You have outdone yourself this time. I had a rocky weekend and woke this morning to find this fun time and am still laughing at all of them. Great toons, sweet animals, and so much just plain funny that I’m going to have a smile on my face all day and probably get sent off accompanied by a lot of “friends” wearing white coats and carrying strait jackets after bursting out laughing too many times. Thank you my dear friend. Now to head out my door and see if they are waiting with the butterfly nets after listening to me hoot and laugh at this one. Not only one, ALL of them. But what a way to go!

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    • Awesome!!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed Jolly Monday! Laughter truly is the best medicine around! Sometimes my mood is dark on a Sunday afternoon and I think there’s no way I’m gonna be able to switch gears and pull off a Jolly Monday, but once I start looking for cartoons, funny pictures, funny signs, etc., suddenly I find my mood is much lighter! If they question why you’ve been hooting and laughing, make ’em read Jolly Monday and then they can join you in the laughter! Hugs!

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      • I had to laugh again at breakfast when they gave me a pile of bacon! Then I remembered how much I don’t like bacon and wondered what the heck I was laughing about. Remembered that it was the third week they have brought me bacon when I have told them I prefer sausage, so this morning they left the bacon on my plate and piled some sausage on top of it.. I still have indigestion from all that food, but even the bacon tasted okay today.

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        • I had no idea you didn’t like bacon! It’s the only pork I will eat! having been raised in a half-Jewish household, I had never eaten bacon until I moved in with the man I would later marry. About the 2nd Sunday I was there, he demanded bacon for his breakfast, but naturally I had no idea how to cook it. But once I figured it out (after a phone call to his mum), I discovered I loved the taste of it and have loved bacon ever since! Wow … sounds like you had enough to last you for a week or so … nothing but salad for you the rest of the week 🤣

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          • We had hog killings every year and those huge sides of bacon were hung in the meathouse for smoking. Three days of making sure the fires were smoldering were enough for me. But even worse was trying to slice the stuff! I used to like it but not after that. Not too crazy about beef either after getting pneumonia from chasing the beasts all over the country while it was sleeting and so muddy I lost a boot in the gunk. If I had had a shotgun that day they would all have been turned into hamburger. Of course I would then have been flat on my back in the mud. Allmost enough to turn me vegan!

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            • Ugh! Yeah, I can see how that would turn you off of bacon … and beef! But then, seeing Donnie’s aunt kill a chicken by wringing its neck turned me off of chicken for a bit, but I soon managed to put it out of my mind. These days, though, I’m seriously thinking about giving mean up altogether … better for the environment, better for the animal kingdom, and better for me, too!

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              • Ph, that brought back some memories! We had chickens when I was growing up and mom always had one of her brothers do the neck wringing since they lived next door. One weekend though she decided to do it herself and leave them alone. I can only hope the chicken died of heart failure early on because she didn’t do it right and the neck kept stretching until the chicken was on the ground and mom was still holding it and screaming at the top or her lungs. One of my uncles vaulted the fence and ran over to see what had happened. He saw, he laughed and mom threw the chicken at him.
                she found another method after that involving a hatchet! I just had to help pluck them which should have turned me off chicken for life but it remains second only to fish for me.

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                  • There were some good things about growing up on a farm, even a small one like we had back then. Have you ever sat on a bench under a tree with a bucket full of real tomatoes on one side and a salt shaker on the other side and just indulged in the juice running down your chin? Or corn on the cob a few minutes after it was picked? Those are the memories I love the most. I sure miss those tomatoes these days when the only kind I get are cardboard hard with the cardboard taste. And that extremely fresh corn covered with butter I churned that morning from the heavy cream skimmed off the milk from the night before. I’m making myself hungry and it’s only 5:15 a.m. Sure wish I could sleep!

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    • That was the one that touched my heart the most … it looked as if the giraffe were giving the man some much-needed comfort. Glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday and I hope you have a good week ahead, my friend!

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  3. Medal of Honour for Odin!
    Another tough choice for the best. Lapra getting on his big brother’s nerves is high up there. But Mrs Fingeler’s visitors gets a big ‘Awwwww’. ‘Just Once I’d Like to Sleep Late’ is so clever.
    But, of course, there’s Earl! 😀

    Once more…. Great selection Jill

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