Have ‘We The People’ No Shame?

Paul Gosar has been a member of the United States House of Representatives from Arizona since 2011.  He flew under my radar for a long time, until about 3 years ago when he entered the far-right QAnon circle led by Georgia Representative, Marge Greene.  Since then, I’ve come to see him as a really nasty piece of work.  He has claimed that the 2nd Amendment is one of the most important rights listed in the Bill of Rights.  He seems to be against ALL immigration and has no use for the Dreamers, people brought to this nation as children.  He has referred to Native Americans as “wards of the federal government.”  He has ties to far-right groups such as the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys who were involved in the attempted coup of January 6th, 2021, as well as Nazi-lover Nick Fuentes.  His degree is in dentistry, which surely qualifies him for a seat in Congress about as much as Greene’s time spent running a gym qualifies her, or Lauren Boebert’s time spent running a bar qualifies her.

But today, his nastiness topped the charts … broke through the worst of the worst.

Like most other members of Congress, he sends out a weekly newsletter to his constituents.  In his April 16th newsletter he included a link to an article in the February 26th issue of Veterans Today by senior editor Jonas E. Alexis that has the headline “Congressman: Jewish warmongers Nuland & Blinken ‘Are Dangerous Fools Who Can Get Us All Killed.’”  That “Congressman” is none other than Gosar himself.  For those who may not be aware, as I was not, Veterans Today is an antisemitic website that has called the Holocaust a “lie” and a “hoax” and praised Hitler as a “great man” and “a man of valor.”  That it is the publication Gosar chooses to voice his opinions is telling in and of itself.

My question is this:  WHY do we tolerate such behaviour and associations by a government official, an elected official who is paid from the public’s hard-earned tax dollars!  If Mr. Gosar (and others) wishes his racism, his bigotry to be on full display, then he must step down from his seat in Congress and WE THE PEOPLE must demand it!

In the 2022 election, Gosar won his bid for re-election with 97.8% of the vote — 192,796 votes!  Does this speak volumes about the state of the nation, or at least the state of the state of Arizona?  If 97.8% of the people in his district in Arizona support a man who is an unapologetic bigot, who supports an organization that praises Adolf Hitler and genocide, then does that paint a picture of who this nation, or at least the people of Arizona, are?

I grew up thinking that I was lucky to have been born in the United States, that it was one of the best countries I could have been born into.  When I look around today, when I see the likes of Paul Gosar, Marge Greene, Kevin McCarthy, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Josh Hawley and so many more who are supposedly representing We the People, I realize that I have lost my trust in this nation, in its government yes, but also in the people, for it was the people who put these bloody fools in office.  Have We the People no shame?

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  1. It does look like Gosar’s tweets against those two officials were used in this article, but he did not specifically attack them for being Jewish–that was the anti-Semitic website putting that in the headline. There’s still plenty to hate about him, though. For one thing, per the VT article, he’s been talking to the pro-Putin Sputnik News…barf!

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  2. Do you even believe in truth, objective truth? Or do you believe there a relative versions of the truth which can change depending upon your perspective? If you’re a faithful progressive, you believe the latter.

    I never referenced Fox News in my comment. I rarely watch Fox News in any case. I referenced MSNBC and CNN in my comment. I assume they were sources you would approve of. I never mentioned Dominion Voting Machines. I’ve done posts for two years and have never mentioned Dominion.

    If you want truth yourself how about you address the points I made in my comment?


  3. I never heard Gosar speak or knew much about him prior to reading your post. I looked up the story to determine if the facts are adequately represented. The spin is always the problem in politics today. I found an MSNBC, a clearly left-leaning site.


    Despite the Veterans Today headline, Gosar did not use the phrase “Jewish warmongers” in his newsletter.

    Second, advocating for the 2nd amendment and opposing immigration does not translate into hatred and bigotry. Many people have legitimate reasons for both positions. Bernie Sanders has been a long-time opponent of immigration. Is he someone deserving of the same labels given Gosar?

    Gosar’s ties to Fuentes appear to be from the following (CNN story): “Gosar is now facing scrutiny over his ties to extremists after speaking via video at a conference organized by White nationalist Nick Fuentes.” Ok, what did Gosar say to this group? CNN didn’t elaborate. Fuentes is irreputable character and associating with him is poor politics, but which of Fuentes positions did Gosar endorse? I don’t know because I couldn’t find any details.

    Boebert and Greene ran businesses per your post. AOC was a bartender. Do you lump her in with this group? What’s your point about prior professions? How is that relevant to the point you want to make?

    The status of American Indians on reservations is indeed very sad. Did Gosar blame or condemn anyone in his statement or is he lamenting the current state of affairs for them? Again, no information is provided.

    What do you say abut the storming of the Tennessee capitol, led by three Democrat legislators? Two of the three were expelled and then re-instated by their localities. They have been made into heroes by our one-channel media. Why does one-channel media treat them differently than the 1/6 protestors?

    In 2011, hundreds filled the Wisconsin legislature to protest Republican Governor Scott Walker’s proposed bill regarding state pensions.

    The January 6, 2021 protest was (falsely) characterized as an insurrection, but the other two were not. How do the three protests differ other than the political leaning of the people involved? The poster child of the January 6, protest, Jacob Chansley, the man with the horns, was released from prison recently after evidence of this lie was revealed.

    You do not agree with the positions taken by DeSantis, Hawley and others, but why direct your invective against them in a post about Gosar? I know little of Gosar, but DeSantis and Hawley I agree with most of the time. I guess that makes me a target for your invective as well. Unless I believe in the same things as you, I am target. Simply having a different opinion is not tolerated so well by your side.



    • Keep looking for the truth, Dave, you aint never going to find it on Fox News. They just settled with Dominion Voting Machines for slmost $800,000,000 for knowingly spreading lies about their products changing votes from Trump to Biden in 2020. They admitted they lied. But I doubt that will change your mind about them. You do not want the truth, which is why you will never find it!

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          • You folks did not “directly” address the points I made in my comment. I stuck to the topic of the post, but you almost never directly engage. You make general statements which you do not support with specific points and you change topics. If my comments are wrong, then you should explain to me why I am wrong: which statements, facts, or conclusions are off-base, and how they should be corrected. You will never win any converts unless you cannot directly counter the arguments made.


            • Your facts, Sir, are not my facts. Engaging with you is useless. We do not live in the same worlds. The reason I commented yesterday, to which you did not respond at all, was to tell you the results of a court case that you probably never even heard of, but that you and your friends need to know about. But as usual, you find some way to divert from investigating the reality of the world. You care only about you.
              Have fun living in your world. Go to your grave ignoring Truth, which your chosen handle pretends to say you seek.

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  4. Jill, Paul Gosar rivals the more noteworthy extremists who have been getting more coverage with their inane and mean-spirited remarks. Also, we have had to be diligent for a long time with hate-mongering groups with names that disguise who they are. Now, it is even worse with extremists throwing their names around like they have gravitas. This is a key reason folks believe more extreme beliefs as they don’t know their source is of ill-repute.

    A quick thumbnail is if folks like Gosar, Beitbart, Greene, Gaetz, Gohmert, et al cite a source, dig deeper. These folks have earned this treatment.


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    • Oh yes, he is right up there with the worst of them. And you’re so right … if any of those people cite a source, I’d bet money it’s either faux news, a conspiracy theory, a white supremacy site, or something equally obnoxious. I’m disgusted that some in this nation would gladly hand the reins of power to this bunch.


      • Jill, with Fox News settling the Dominion defamation case for $787.5 million and the Venezuela man defamation case for $250 million, they are over $1 billion in the hole, with a pending $2.7 billion defamation case pending. All because they chose to gaslight their viewers admitting in numerous emails that they knew the former president was lying about the election fraud. Citing sources like this or one of the conspiracy sites does not give one’s argument veritas. Fox has earned this level of scrutiny. They purposefully harmed their viewers to keep revenue. Keith

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        • I think I’m more disturbed by the fact that Fox viewers don’t seem to mind that they were lied to and will undoubtedly be lied to again. I would be furious, I would swear never to watch Fox again, but they just shrug their shoulders and turn the t.v. back on … to Fox. Have they been so brainwashed that they are more like zombies than humans? It’s frightening to think they have a vote come election day.


  5. Jill, I have felt the same as you for quite awhile and, as a veteran, have felt ashamed of that feeling. But, deep soul searching tells me that I am justified in believing that sadly Americans have lost their foundation.

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    • I think you’re right, Larry. And yes, it is hard to accept feeling that way when from the cradle we were told how lucky we were. You and I lived through the Civil Rights Era and we had hope that our nation was finally coming to “see the light”. And we did, for a time … at least most of us did. But today … we’re moving backward at such a fast pace it makes my head spin.

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  6. I certainly agree that Gosar and his ilk should not be permitted to serve in Congress, Jill. Two points, apart from the gerrymandering. First, though Arizona has lots of crazies, this was not an election in which the entire state voted. AZ did bring itself back from the brink by largely beating back the worst extremists (apart from him) in 2022. Second: Gosar’s own family have been emphatic about the dangers he embodies. Six of his nine siblings urged voters to support his 2018 Democratic opponent, and after January 6, some of them called for the Democrats to throw him out of Congress.

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    • You make good points, Annie. Yes, they didn’t vote for Kari Lake, thankfully, though like her hero, she still claims she won. And from what I can see, Gosar had no true opponent. And I did read that his family was not supportive of him, which says a LOT! You know what all these nasties have in common (besides being liars)? They are smug and arrogant — not an ounce of compassion or humility anywhere in them. How I would love to see them all go down in flames.

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  7. I don’ know if Nuland and Blinken are Jewish, it doesn’t matter. But what matters is that both are indeed terrible terrible people, warmongers with the worst intentions. Nuland had planned the Ukraine war since 2009, and Blinken is the official WH idiot trying his worst to make it a reality on the geopolitical level. Guess why he’s treated rather unfriendly by most countries now.

    They are not just evil but also stupid, other countries see right thru them and recognize their egomaniac goals.


  8. I think that among other things it speaks to the travesty that is gerrymandering. “ After redistricting, Gosar ran and won to represent Arizona’s 4th Congressional District in 2012” and he ran unopposed in this last election. (www.azcentral.com). I’ll admit I don’t know the history of why gerrymandering became a thing but it sure seems like stacking the deck.

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    • You are quite right that gerrymandering is one of the most concerning elements that keep our elections from completely reflecting the voice of the people! I’ve long said that the Electoral College serves the exact opposite purpose of what it was originally intended and we would be much better off without it. Gerrymandering wouldn’t matter one whit for national elections were it not for the electoral college. However, try getting an amendment passed to eliminate the Electoral College and see how hard those with power laugh at you. It should be one person, one vote, but it never will.


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