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I intended to write about this case, but our friend David beat me to the punch, and I’m glad he did, for his words have passion, you can feel his outrage. This, my friends, is how we look to our friends on the other side of the pond, and is it any wonder? This has gone way too far … we must start bombarding our legislators with phone calls and emails DEMANDING they get off their arses and legislate some gun laws with teeth! Thank you, David, for caring and for your palpable anger that matches my own. P.S. If you wish to comment on David’s post, you can do so through Reader.


The Lunatics have taken over the asylum=The Specials.

A lightbulb moment for me today, probably far behind everybody else, The United States of America is in fact One Huge Lunatic Asylum albeit where the lunatics are actually in charge. Where else could it happen that a child could be shot for ringing the wrong doorbell? His crime…..Ringing while black.Shot in the head and then when he fell to the floor shot a second time. The shooter actually shot through the door so can’t have had a clear view. While the child is rushed away for treatment the powers that be invoke their State’s ‘Stand your ground ‘laws that allow the ‘fearful’ to use deadly force under threat. The man has not even been charged with a crime and has been released from custody.

At the risk of being accused of inciting vioilence I would suggest that every black person arm…

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  1. Jill, David, your assertion has some merit. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. In America, the desire to protect the right to own a gun supercedes the right to protect a child’s life.

    At the same time this shooting occurred, another home owner shot and killed a driver who pulled into his driveway by mistake. The driver had two others in the car who I don’t think were hurt.

    In my city, a couple of years ago a black college student whose car broke down was shot and killed when he approached a house for help. And,
    we have too many situations where people have been killed for walking or running in a neighborhood with dark skin.

    Shoot first, ask questions later. Why? If people think is over the top response, note this. A twelve year old black boy was killed within twelve seconds by police for holding a toy gun while a 65 year old white man was talked out of rifle by police over an hour. Guns may not kill, but people with guns do. And, too many have itchy trigger fingers.


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    • So many examples of why our gun ‘culture’ is off the charts. Breaking news here in Cincinnati tonight: “Man shot and killed while inside car in South Fairmount.” And that is just one … also today … “Police arrest 17-year-old with gun, bullets near Kings Island” and “Cincinnati police: 16-year-old CPS student killed in Winton Hills shooting” and “Police: 3 people shot in downtown Cincinnati park”. It never ends … there is never a question of IF there were any shootings today, but just HOW MANY shootings. Anyone … ANYONE who would deny we need much more strict gun laws nationwide, needs to have his/her head examined!


      • Jill, it happens every day. Often, several times a day. Here are the template headlines for ease of use:

        “Another mass shooting at a _____ in ____kills ___ and injures ___.”

        “Man shot while _____. “

        “Child shoots _____ after finding handgun in parent’s closet.”

        “Argument at ____leads to shooting death of __ people.”

        Newspapers and online publications should just have them ready to use since we live in America. Keith

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