Drag Queens I remember from when the republicans thought they were funny also. This is what drag is. This is the villain of the right that they claim is sexualizing and grooming kids. Notice the last set with the maga king

In a recent post, our friend Scottie takes a look back at some of our favourite television shows of yore. Remember Flip Wilson as Geraldine? Or Jamie Farr who played Sergeant Maxwell Q. Klinger on M*A*S*H? We all laughed and enjoyed those shows, those characters. Yep, even Republicans who are now busily trying to criminalize drag queens and drag shows, without having the faintest inkling what they are even talking about! Back then, the word ‘grooming’ was what you did first thing in the morning when you brushed your teeth, washed your face, and combed your hair. Today, it means something else altogether, at least to certain bigots. Scottie’s post reminds us of a simpler time and proves the utter stupidity of those who would demonize people for simply providing us with entertainment. Thank you, Scottie!

Scottie's Playtime

Groovy History - Oh those hairy legs and the man with a plan! "M*A*S*H"  cross-dressing 'Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger' (Jamie Farr) was always trying  to get discharged. 1980 😙 | FacebookM*A*S*H': Why Did Jamie Farr Stop Gag of Wearing Women's ClothesKlinger in Drag - TV FanaticCorporal Klinger: A Man in a Dress – Transgender HeavenM*A*S*H': Actor Jamie Farr Spoke Show's Morbid Setting Was ImportantKlinger's greatest outfits from 'M*A*S*H'These are the famous actresses who originally wore Klinger's costumes on  'M*A*S*H'

From the Beverly Hillbillies, Jethro as his twin sister – Jethrine Bodine.

JETHRENE BODINE/JETHRO BODINE/ MAX BAER JR. | The beverly hillbillies,  Classic tv, Jethro

Flip Wilson Geraldine on TV all the time

Flip Wilson Geraldine this is your life October 1973 - YouTubeThe Flip Wilson Show Flip As Geraldine Jones 8x10 Glossy Photo | eBayCaldara: Drama over drag queens plays into their manicured hands - Complete  Colorado - Page TwoGeraldine Jones (character) - Wikipediageraldine and Jim Brown (Flip W) - YouTubePapermoon Loves Lucy — LUCY AND FLIP GO LEGITVintage NOLA Drag Queens. Tag the RPDR lookalikes. : r/rupaulsdragraceThe Evolution of Drag — Brownstone LoungeThe Last Queen of Greenwich Village | The New Yorker

Trump Stuck His Face in Rudy Guiliani’s Chest in 2000 Drag Comedy Skit

Trump Stuck His Face in Rudy Guiliani's Chest in 2000 Drag Comedy Skitborn miserable on Twitter: "Rudy Giuliani forgot about 9/11. He also forgot  about Donald Trump motorboating him while he dressed up in drag.  https://t.co/rPpdrNJELs" / TwitterRemarks: Donald Trump in Parody Skit With Rudy Giuliani - March 11, 2000 -  YouTubeHistory of Trump Hitting on Giuliani in Drag — Comedy History 101

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14 thoughts on “Drag Queens I remember from when the republicans thought they were funny also. This is what drag is. This is the villain of the right that they claim is sexualizing and grooming kids. Notice the last set with the maga king

  1. It’s funny how drag queens are now the common enemy and threat when you have far greater and realer threats waging wars elsewhere. Both sad and funny times.

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    • You are so right about that, my friend. Guns, climate change, racial violence, the war in Ukraine, poverty … but instead of worrying about and addressing those issues, people are worried about drag queens. 🙄 Priorities, people!!!


  2. I left a reply but for some reason, it wasn’t posted. My point was that these guys were not drag queens. They were actors/comedians playing a part. That’s a whole different thing. Also, even if kids watched these shows, they were still adult entertainment. Again, a whole different thing.

    Hopefully, this comment will be posted.

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  3. These guys were NOT drag queens. They were guys who dressed as ladies for a laugh. That’s a different concept than being a DRAG QUEEN. Also, although kids may have watched these shows, these shows were for adults & most of the jokes went over the heads of kids. I know, I was a kid at the time & when I watch these shows now, I get a WHOLE different take on these shows. Which is OK.

    This kind of entertainment is FAR DIFFERENT than than the drag queens that are going into libraries & reading to kids. It’s in their REAL WORLD, not on TV. TV is NOT REAL. Kids know that. I always knew that, I am sure you did too.

    Real drag queens don’t go around in performance mode in real life. They wear normal clothes & act like normal people. Even if they are trans, they wear normal clothing.

    I have to ask why are these PERFORMERS not performing on stage where they belong. Why are they in libraries reading to children. You don’t see other performers doing this. They’re gigging like they’re supposed to. They’re making money like they’re supposed to. What, these guys can’t get a gig? Are they so bad at their trade? I have to ask. I mean, I used to be a performer, too. I know the drill. I ALSO used to work in a library. I used to do a shift at the library & then go to my shift at the strip club … NOT ONCE did it ever occur to me to wear my stripper clothes at the library & go in to the children’s room & read to them cuz ya know what? THAT WOULD BE INAPPROPRIATE.

    But the main point is that Klinger was not a drag queen. He was a guy trying to get out of the Army. Flip Wilson was not a drag queen. He created a funny character using drag but he was not a drag queen. Milton Berle was not a drag queen … You get my point.

    We have a wonderful drag club here in Buffalo. The performers are GREAT. Some of them are my friends. The performers aren’t walking around Buffalo in full costume. They go shopping & to the bar & to church & TO THE LIBRARY looking like normal people. LIKE THE REST OF US.

    Scottie needs to get out from behind his wall of computer screens a little more often.


  4. Left this comment at the Playhouse:
    Thirty years ago, l ran into a male friend of mine. Only, he was dressed up in drag, and a more beautiful woman I have never seen. I knew he dabbled in cross-dressing, but he never pushed it on anyone. He was a nice guy who hurt no one. When he first said, “Hi, Jerry!” behind me I knew the voice, and said “Hi!” back without looking. Then she sat down and my mind was blown. She laughed her head off, and asked me to escort her into a restaurant. I’ll, tell you, every guy, and every woman in the place was jealous as hell, and I played it up with her. One of the best evenings of my life. Next time I saw him he was dressed as his usual self, and he made like that night never happened. He just smiled, and ordered a beer.

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    • I LOVE this story! Love your response when you turned and saw him as her … you didn’t freak and go out into the street shouting! THIS is how it’s supposed to be! We accept others for who they are … always. Today’s society needs to wake up and smell the damn coffee!


      • We wish! And there is no reason it cannot be that way, except extreme religionists and politicians pick on minorities to mske themselves feel superior. Their followers, who want to feel superior to someone too, grasp at it like grasping at straws.

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        • Exactly. I’ve come to believe that religion is the single biggest obstacle to peace on earth, to people looking beyond the differences and actually seeing value in those things that make us different. Politicians are a secondary cause, for they are only pandering to the religious groups in order to get more votes.


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  6. When I was a kid, Halloween was a fun night to celebrate. Men and boys dressed up as girls and women and girls dressed up as men. We toured the neighborhood spooking people. It was a great time. Ole Ronnie needs to get a grip and lighten up….have a good stiff one…..talking martini of course.

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