Earth Day 2023

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2023, the 53rd anniversary of the original Earth Day in 1970. Our friend Clive reminds us, not only with words but with music, why we MUST do a better job in taking care of “Our Planet, Our Home.” Thank you, Clive, for this perfect reminder!

Take It Easy

I have written about this before, and am adapting a previous post as the basis for this one. No apologies for that: the message is still just as necessary and vital. Tomorrow, 22 April, is Earth Day. First held in the US on April 22, 1970, it was opened up to the rest of the world in 1990 and now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by (formerly Earth Day Network) involving 1 billion people in more than 193 countries. On Earth Day 2016, the landmark Paris Agreement was signed by the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and 120 other countries. In recognition of this many communities engaged in Earth Day actions: an entire week of activities was focused on the environmental issues that the world faces. On Earth Day 2020, over 100 million people around the world observed the 50th anniversary in what has been…

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    • My pleasure, Clive! Yes, we desperately need to get people to LISTEN to the message. Scientists are now saying that the effects of climate change are coming even faster than they first anticipated, yet still there are too many who shrug their shoulders and keep on doing the same things, keep on supporting fossil fuels, keep on using single-use plastics, and more.

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