Our friend rawgod doesn’t post often, but today he had something to say and I think he said it quite well. Thanks, rg, for reminding us what is truly important (and it ain’t Major League Baseball!!!)

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I have not written much personally lately, I haven’t felt much need to say anything wise or useful. The world is going to hell in many ways, while some people are doing great things to bring the world together. Who gets the most media attention. The loud obnoxious ones. You’d think people would be over Trump by now, he has already proved he is incapable of being a leader for a nation of people, but listening to today’s American media they still think he is the best thing since Wonder Bread. Wonder Bread sucks. So does Trump.

But that’s just one thing. While the Putin war on Ukraine is well into its second year, it is no longer headline news. All the political bullshit around and behind the war is still there, sort of, but it is no longer about people being killed every day. The media does not want…

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  2. Jill, did you know you are responsible for Covid?
    Back in February of 2019 you posted a Coexist essay of mine which started quite a conversation (thank you for that). One of the subjects that came up was needing a huge event that might help bring the world back together again — voters were moving away from the center and becoming more polarized. Someone asked would a common enemy help bring us back together.
    You said “Their hatred and vitriol are affecting our entire society, and not necessarily in a good way. So, I wonder if it isn’t rather like opening a sealed jar that contains a terrible, highly contagious virus”. Looking back, that highly contagious virus began to take hold at the end of 2019, and by early 2020 Covid 19 had been declared pandemic! It was a common enemy for humabs everywhere. But instead if bringing us together, it split us even more. The vaxxers vs the anti-vaxxers. The ones who wanted to fight the virus, and the ones who believed the virus was nothing but a flu-like nuisance.
    I don’t remember the final tally of deaths around the world (and it isn’t over yet), but if a common enemy could not bring us back together, can anything?
    Someone in that same conversation suggested waiting till all the Trump-supporters died off of old age, but can we wait that long to repair the rift between woke and sleeping? I think not, because the sleeping are teaching their childfen to sleep (deSanitizer wanting Florida’s children to not learn about slavery! etc.)
    Your power worked once, or at least it tried. Now we need you to suggest something else, something better, something the Republicans/Conservatives/Populusts cannot turn against us. Something that will make everyone see we need to work together to improve our workd. But please don’t make it a disaster or another pandemic — the next big one may succeed by wiping life off the planet. Not a goos solution….

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    • Many moons ago when I was married, I often said to my late ex that if lightning struck the house, I would be to blame. Turns out now I’m to blame for Covid … even worse than a single lightning strike. Okay, I accept full blame, for I did suggest opening that “sealed jar” as a cure for the divisiveness that ailed us. My error, though, was a miscalculation in the brains of humans. See, back in the day, such crises brought people together for the common good, but all the chemicals we’ve put into their foods have changed the structure in their brains, and they no longer have either empathy for others or understanding of the world and what keeps it spinning. So yes, it was my bad, and I accept full responsibility for the 6.8 million lives lost ’round the world as of this moment, with many, many more still to come.

      You’ve thrown me a big challenge, my friend, asking me to find a way to convince people that the only way forward is if we all work together for the common good. Since I created this Covid mess, I suppose I must accept your challenge, despite the fact that I think I’m unqualified for the task, especially these days when I have a strong desire to spit in the face of some, else bash their heads with baseball bats! However, I shall set my own feelings aside and see what I can come up with, for the future of all life on Planet Earth truly does depend on we humans finding a way to live in peace.


  3. Thank you for sharing!!.. I often refer to them as “elements of today’s world societies” which includes elements of the USA, Russia, China, Italy, Iran and other countries too numerous to mention and in this instance they (Trump, Putin and others of the same feather and those that follow) are often referred to as the “right”, “right wing”, “far right”, etc.. the only difference between the different elements is the language and religious/faith based beliefs… 🙂
    Change is ongoing, be it social, environment, climate, etc. and those elements that I speak of see change as a threat to their way of thinking, can no longer run and hide and are desperate therefore deny and try to prevent change, first by voting for the likes of Trump, Putin, etc. and if that fails, use today’s technology to promote fear with threats and if that fails resort to the use of violence and conflict.. 🙂
    Hopefully the world can use that same technology to work together and come to a better understanding, do away with fear and prejudice and build a better world for everyone.. 🙂

    Sorry I got long winded, hope all is well in your part of the universe and until we meet again…

    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Well said, my friend. You are, I think, far more optimistic for the future of the human species than I am. Far too many people cannot see ahead any further than next week, and don’t bother to try. And this “fear of other” that is being injected daily by strings of rhetoric from both churches and politicians seems to be keeping us so divided that we cannot or will not work together to solve the problems. But, hopefully your view is the one that will prevail! Thank you so much for “Peace Train” … that is ALWAYS one that needs to be heard again!

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