Kevin’s Kick-Start

Claytoonz’ cartoon is spot on, but so is his written analysis of what Kevin McCarthy and his band of crazies are trying to do to the people of this nation. Read on …


The House of Representatives have passed a lot of bills this year and it’s made many of its members bark on Twitter about how they’re keeping their promises and saving America, yada yada yada. But most of these are on bullshit like keeping men out of women’s sports, condemning attacks on pro-life facilities, an “abortion survivors” protestion act, preventing the government from selling oil to China, pushing more drilling on government lands, and rescinding the hiring of new IRS agents that was passed last year in the Inflation Reduction Act.

The reason I call these bills “bullshit” is that they’re just noise. They won’t pass the Democratic-led Senate, and even if they did, they’d never get signed on the Democratic president’s desk. In fact, most of these barely even passed the Republican-led fucknut House.

This is why Kevin McCarthy’s House gets a failing report card. They don’t legislate to improve…

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  1. I left a “bit” of a rant on ClayToonz post, a little longer than I usually leave on a comment. It starts:

    They are so obviously anti-We-the -People, and yet almost half of We the People vote for them. Are they out of their fucking minds? Or is it they just don’t have minds? Their followers eat any bullshit their leaders feed them, and still believe they are “owning the libtards!”
    They, the people who vote for Republicans don’t realize they are all reptards, owning their own slavery. Their own poverty. Denying themselves free or affordable healthcare. Cutting off their pensions once they do get to retire, though most will have to work till the day they drop dead! How is it they cannot see they are condemning themselves to be uneducated slaves with families too large to feed or clothe properly…

    The rest is available on Clay’s blog.

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    • Seems to me that their primary goal is to “divide and conquer”. They seek attention, they seek to convince their ‘base’ that they are acting with good faith. But surely the base is smart enough to see that they are cutting the very things most of those people need the most! Healthcare, education, veterans benefits, food stamps … It’s almost as if their motto is “Live for the wealthy and damn the rest”.

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      • Actually, aren’t they? It’s much easier to ignore the less than wealthy by closing their eyes to the fact that we exist. I think if they could they would ship us all away somewhere out of sight and live their golden lives without the constant reminder that they are outnumbered by the poor people they despise.

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        • Your point is valid. I have friends, in fact, who aren’t stupid people, but they are closing their eyes, putting on their rose-coloured glasses and their ear buds, singing, “La la la la … I can’t hear you!” They tell me to shut up, to stop worrying, that everything will work out in the long run, because it “always has”. And when I point out that in 1933 the German people thought the same, they tell me I’m being an alarmist. Time will tell, and I really hope I’m not here to see it.

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          • I’m with you on that one. I just wish my kids and grandkids wouldn’t have to suffer the way they most definitely will have to. It makes me wish I could stay behind and help them but from this age on I doubt if I could help myself. I am so afraid of what the future will brng to them. I
            As for the people who thin it will all blow over, I have a brother and a sister who are staunch Republicans and while my sister just hangs up on any conversation she doesn[tlie, my brother will argue his case with a tree trunk. Both extremely brilliant but blind as bats, seeing onl what they want to see and ignoring the rest;

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            • Agreed … I hate the world we’re leaving for our grandchildren, but perhaps it will be their generation that finally makes changes for the better. Yeah, I know a lot of people like your brother and sister, and there is just no point in even trying to talk to them, for they are blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to any point of view other than their own. Sigh.


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