An Overflowing Box-O-Toons

HELP!!!  My box of political cartoons is full to overflowing!  This must mean it’s time to share the work of the multi-talented political cartoonists, yes?  I say multi-talented, for they are not only able to draw a great ‘toon, often in a matter of minutes, but they are also well-versed in socio-political matters and share a voice of reason that is expressed through their art.  Today’s offering is rather a hodgepodge of everything from Tucker Carlson to Ron DeSantis, the debt ceiling, Donald Trump and even Harry Belafonte!  Most have a darkness to them, for that is the world we’re living in today, but they make their point ever so well.

Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Trumper in NYC, New York Crime, political cartoon

14 thoughts on “An Overflowing Box-O-Toons

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! Yes, I wished I had seen that Belafonte one back when I did my tribute to him. My favourite, I think, was Trump saying he’s going to run as the “job creator”.


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