Saturday Surprise — WHY????????????

Where do you go to see the absolute ugliest clothes you’ve never even dreamed of before?  Apparently, it’s the “Met Gala,” an annual fundraising gala held for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.  These are some of the most hideous, ostentatious outfits I’ve ever seen … they may well give me nightmares tonight!

Since 2005, the event has been held on the first Monday in May.  The first year of the Met Gala, 1973, the ticket price was $100.  Inflation must have hit the fashion industry hard, though, because this year the price of admission was $50,000!!!  And the costs of the ‘costumes’ can run in the tens of thousands of dollars or more!  One dress from last year’s gala is said to have sold for $4.8 million!!!  And children are going to bed hungry at night, people are living on the street in cardboard boxes … 😡

But anyway, I thought it would be a fun venue for this week’s Saturday Surprise, so take a look at some of the best worst of the outfits exhibited last Monday at the Met Gala … hold onto your hats!  In my mind, there is only one question:  WHY????

Has anyone checked to see if she has a pulse? She looks like a life-size Barbie doll!!!

I actually kind of like this one … he should have kept his head on, though!


What IS that thing on her head???

Kim Kardashian


55 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — WHY????????????

  1. I’m perversely glad I found this post Jill, what a great opportunity to indulge in severe, judgemental, socialism and condemnatory grumpiness.
    No they are not being clever or outrageous or stunning. No style, no taste, nothing but self-aggrandisement on a ridiculous scale.

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    • Oh yes, they definitely do take it seriously, though I imagine there are many laughs as they come up with these outrageous designs! Ha ha … the cat was the only one I kind of liked!


  2. Jill, these dresses and outfits may be art, but not something you could walk around in without getting it stepped on or tripping over. I think when you put it in the right perspective, it can be fun to watch how outlandish these things can be. Functional art, not so much. Keith

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    • PS – By the way, watching King Charles’ coronation, the dresses were a stark contrast to the ones above. Elegant and stylish for the most part. One of the announcers reminisced about the trouble Princess Diana had with her wedding train which had great difficulty getting shoved into the bridal carriage. Seeing the MetGala gowns reminded me of this.

      By the way, I once was in a wedding that required a tuxedo with tails. You could not wear the tails in the car and to be careful sitting down. These poor women didn’t stand a chance of sitting. Keith

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    • Yeah, it was fun to see them, each one a bit more over-the-top than the last, but I cringe when I think of how much money was spent … but then, that’s me … a realist.


  3. “It’s pretty but is it art?” Rudyard Kipling
    I want the red trench coat. Art for arts sake is good. It’s their money earned on their own talents and it is for charity. Ostentatious display could become an American custom. 🙂

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    • I guess art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder! I didn’t find anything pretty or beautiful in any of these (except maybe the kitty costume) and damn sure wouldn’t pay tens of thousands of dollars for any of them!

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        • Not jaded, just more in tune with the simpler things in life … like jeans and a t-shirt! Someone else’s money? Then I would donate it to homeless shelters, food kitchens, and animal welfare groups.

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            • I think that true artists create because they have to, because there is something within them that drives them to express themselves through their art. But then, there are the faux artists who, while they may have artistic talent, do not feel the compulsion to share their art apart from what it can gain them in the physical world (ie, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

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              • Gram Nash told me that each life is a work of art. Art is spirit expressed, creation, something from nothing. If it has value the creator deserves recompense.

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  4. Most of these, “designer gowns” can’t and should never be worn in public, and, if you can’t wear these clothes, then what would be the purposes, of the designers’ coming up with, these designs? Perhaps, it is only, for show, which feeds to the designers’ own, pride…

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