That Pesky First Amendment Scores Again!

Our friend Annie airs some of her frustrations with the “mainstream” media today, and I share her views. Ever since Chris Licht took over at CNN, the network has swapped truth-telling for leaning to the right of center, as is evidenced by their upcoming ‘town hall’ with the ignoble Donald Trump. But Annie also talks of the White House Correspondents Association dinner that was held last Sunday. She shares two great clips that are a must-see, and shares her views, again views with which I fully concur! Thank you, Annie, for this excellent post reminding us of just how crucial true freedom of the press is to our democracy … or what remains of it.


I am often critical of the mainstream media, whom I find too insensitive to the fragility of our democracy in their determination to present “both sides” of issues that often don’t have two sides.

For example, I’m more than frustrated with much of the coverage of the House Republicans’ willingness to throw our economy over the cliff if Biden doesn’t accept the demands of their most radical, irresponsible members.

Instead of focusing on the dangerous Republican behavior, reporters are asking: “Why doesn’t Biden just sit down with Kevin McCarthy and reach a deal?”

By a vote of 217-215, the House Republicans passed a dreadful bill, which McCarthy promised his most far right members would be the floor to any negotiations, leaving no room for a deal they knew would be unacceptable to the President and the Senate.

Oh, and another example of media irresponsibility is the incomprehensible CNN Town Hall…

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11 thoughts on “That Pesky First Amendment Scores Again!

        • Well … let’s see … remember the Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland” who famously said, “Off with their heads”? Actually, though, what I’d love to do with all the billionaires is reduce them to a life of poverty, one where they wake up in the morning not sure where their next meal is coming from or whether they will still have a roof over their heads come sunset. I’d love to show them the opposite end of the financial spectrum, force them to feel the pain that the homeless or those without enough money to buy food feel. xx


        • I think that the ‘apes’ in “Planet of the Apes” were closer to evolving into what we call ‘human’ than we first thought. I wonder what happened along the evolutionary road to make humans so corrupt, thoughtless, and consumed by greed?

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          • I think it’s called “free will”. Maybe “childish” would be a better word. Wanting everything they see and insisting they have the right to it no matter the cost to others? Don’t know about your kids but mine always wanted everything they saw and would try grabbing it off the shelves when I took them places with me. I always had to check their pockets before leaving a store. Fortunately they outgrew that urge, but a lot of folks never do.

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            • Yes, greed is definitely built into human DNA, but I’ve long thought that religion plays a role in what humans have become, too. It CAN be used for good, and often is, but it is also just as often used to exclude, to single out those who are somehow different, to create bigotry in one form or another. To give people the idea that because they belong to one sect or another, they are somehow superior to others.

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              • You definitely have that right. I’m a cradle Catholic but I sure don’t like a lot of the things the church says. But there free will comes into play. I can take the parts that I feel are right and reject a lot of the nonsense being preached by some priests as doctrine. Fortunately there are now a lot of priests who also see the bigotry — especially against, ahem, gulp, — women. They will be the ones to join our present Pope in bringing the church into the 21st century. The Pope still has a way to go but then you don’t break all the traditions immediately, and he has cleaned up the Vatican considerable since his election. My brother was afraid he would be assassinated after he kicked all the Cardinals out of the Vatican but it seems to be working out okay. Or maybe I just need to read more about how it is all working out.
                Now how did I get on that tangent? Just pointing out that certain things can be taken literally and some are points that people interpret the way they want them to be. Wish I could do that myself actually.
                Okay, time for me to head for the dining room. I hope some of this (written on an empty stomach as well as my laptop) makes sense! I’m hungry!


  1. Jill I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that video of our president. It made me proud and I passed the post on to my family who are split in the political arena. That’s okay with all of us and makes some lively conversations 😂.

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    • I fully agree … and I’m glad to know you enjoyed it, also! He has so much that ALL the Republican candidates lack, mainly intelligence and dignity, along with a great sense of humour. Ha ha … I imagine that does make for some lively conversations! And sometimes for some very frustrating ones, I imagine.


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