I was working on a post sharing my concerns about the future of A.I. – Artificial Intelligence – for this morning when the first news out of Allen, Texas came that “nine people have been injured and several killed at a shopping mall.”  Few details were available yet at that time, so I found out what little I could, and moved on, knowing I would come back in search of further details every few minutes.

But WAIT!!!  It didn’t end there!  There were at least two other mass shootings yesterday, Saturday, one in California and one in Columbus, Ohio, about 90 miles up the road from where I currently reside.  I saw something as my daughter flipped through cable news channels about a fourth mass shooting, but haven’t been able to verify yet, so we’ll stick with the number three for now.  I like to deal with facts, not conjecture.

As of this writing, just after midnight, the Texas shooting has resulted in 8 deaths, including at least one child, and 7 injured including a 5-year-old child.  The gunman was killed by police but his death is not included in the above figures.  In the Columbus shooting, one person was killed, three were injured, and the gunman committed suicide.  And in Chico, California, one teenage girl was killed, three other teens were injured near the campus of California State University.  Details are subject to change, but that’s what I have for the moment.

Needless to say, three damned mass shootings in one day was enough to send me into a state of extreme anger, but the words of the U.S. Representative Keith Self, who represents the district in which the Texas shooting took place, made me immediately shut down my post about A.I. and sent my fingers pounding the keyboard of my laptop!  Mr. Self says that those who are calling for stricter gun laws rather than just ‘thoughts and prayers’ …

“… don’t believe in an almighty God … who is absolutely in control of our lives. People want to make this political, but prayers are important.”

Take your thoughts (if you are capable of having any) and your damned prayers, and shove them up your backside, Mr. Self!  That was the most inane, cruel, and unconscionable response you could have possibly made!

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott send their thoughts and prayers.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

Counting yesterday’s three mass shootings, the United States has so far this year had at least 199 mass shootings in 126 days, or approximately 1.6 per day … every single damn day!!!  WHEN is Congress going to get off their damned arses and GET THE GUNS OUT OF THE HANDS OF CIVILIANS???  The last time I communicated with my own Representative, Warren Davidson, his response was basically to tell me that the lives of our children and grandchildren do not matter, as he will never do anything that would infringe on people’s 2nd Amendment “rights”.  Translation:  he will never do anything that might cost him a few votes by the gun-loving nutcases!  BULLSHIT!  Ol’ Warren will be hearing from me again next week.

I’m sure I’ll have more in the coming days, but for tonight … rant over … I need to catch my breath and try to calm down just a bit.

42 thoughts on “DAMMIT … DAMMIT … DAMMIT!!!

  1. I understand your perspective on religion, but with your forbearance I’d like to offer two pieces of Quaker advice that I would put to anyone who simply offers prayers and thoughts as a response to mass shootings:

    There is little point in praying to be enabled to overcome some temptation, and then putting oneself in the very position in which the temptation can exert all its fascination. There is little point in praying that the sorrowing may be comforted and the lonely cheered, unless we ourselves set out to bring comfort and cheer to the sad and neglected in our own surroundings. There is little point in praying for our home and for our loved ones, and in going on being as selfish and inconsiderate as we have been. Prayer would be an evil rather than a blessing if it were only a way of getting God to do what we ourselves will not make the effort to do.

    The sick and those caring for them have need of our prayers. But let us not imagine … that a few sentimental good wishes from a distance are all that is needed. Whenever we intercede in prayer we must be prepared for an answer which places a practical obligation upon us. A prayer is always a commitment. [emphasis mine]

    Then I’d ask them what commitments they are going to undertake to reduce gun violence.

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    • Barry … those are among the wisest words I’ve heard to come out of any religion, ever!!! Thank you for sharing them. Yes, WE all have a responsibility, an obligation, but some would substitute prayer for any action on their own part. I fear we both know the answer to the question you would ask them, for they have had more than ample opportunity to step up to the plate, own the problem, and take responsibility, but … they see the $$$$$ floating out of reach if they were to do so. Thanks for these words of wisdom … now if I could just figure out how to get people to listen to them!

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  2. Are we all collectively insane to accept mass shootings as normal… the cost of doing business? I know the NRA and gun lobbyists for the weapons manufacturers spend millions donating to political campaigns.
    What if citizens collectively decide enough is enough… and donate $1 per person every year, that would be a $300+ million dollar force to counter the poisonous gun industry that has taken over our country. Since politicians understand money and easily bought…

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    • No, not all of us, but obviously enough of us have learned to simply close our eyes to the utter lunacy of today’s gun culture in the U.S. to allow it to continue unchecked. Not only continue, but proliferate! How many states have rescinded laws that once required background checks, etc? Frankly, I’d like to see every factory in the U.S. that manufactures guns blown sky high! I have no more patience with it all. Sigh. Where have you been? Haven’t seen you for a while and I missed you!


    • Yes, I get it daily, as well as Joyce Vance’s, another great resource! At the moment, I’m a few days behind on reading both … I’ll need to be catching up! Yes, the NRA is a big part of the problem, but it goes further than that. I pin the largest blame on a) the legislators who have acted without conscience, sold their souls to the gun industry, and b) the voters who keep sending the same assholes to Congress every two years. Sigh.

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  3. There’s a new virus called Greed and Corruption that’s overwhelming our system of governments. Unfortunately, there is no way to control it. We do know it’s based on selfishness and power and its spreading like wildfire. When one variation weakens a new one replaces it.
    Greed and Corruption quickly learn the way to get around any problems blocking their needs.
    In individual States the corrupt viruses simply change the rules to accommodate its purpose. Easily done when it controls its environment, and the need arises.
    For example, if its purpose is threatened it simply kills the old rules to make itself even stronger.
    The obvious States are Texas and Florida plus the uncontrollable Red States.
    Why they want not to control gun violence, protect women’s rights, humanity’s rights to live in general is beyond my ken.
    The only thing I can think of is if it affects them personally. One would think voting could correct this but Gerrymandering fixes that.
    In the meantime, we wait for a major disaster that could affect all of us, propagated by some self-possessed A-hole.
    Only my opinion of course. I’m Canadian so I can’t vote. Good Luck is all I can say. 💜🤞

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    • It’s not a new virus at all, but one that has been around since the beginning of time. But you are definitely right in comparing it to a virus … and it’s self-spreading, for lack of a better term. When a person gets a taste … just a small taste … of what it’s like to have a bit of money, privilege, or power, they immediately desire more … and more … and MORE! It’s never enough. They lose sight of humanity, no longer care for anything but wealth and power, and will do whatever it takes to acquire more of both. What will it take to change it? A catastrophe of such major proportions that even their great wealth won’t provide security. The day will come, when those of us who have had to struggle to survive will be the best prepared to survive, while those with great wealth find that their dollar is not worth a damned penny. You’re lucky to be Canadian … I have a number of Canadian friends and from everything I see, it’s a good place to live with a reliable, trustworthy Prime Minister. No nation is without problems, but the U.S. is headed toward a cliff … one of its own making.

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    • Really??? I had no idea! I did a quick search, couldn’t find the statistics about how many of what brand are used here, but I did find that three of the most popular brands, Ruger, SIG Sauer, and Heckler & Koch are German brands. Exporting death? Nah, just making a profit where there’s a demand. The blame lies in those who buy the guns and use them, and it also lies with our lawmakers who refuse to pass ANY gun laws. Sigh. xx

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  4. Jill, we are of like minds today. We are one miserable country that shows so much callous toward gun deaths. The many mask shootings obfuscate the more normative shootings that occur daily in our country. Suicides remain the most prevalent gun death in all but one of our fifty states the last time I looked.

    We lead the civilized world (the top 23 wealthiest nations) in gun death rate, by far. When looking at child gun deaths rate, we lead the others when combining their rates.

    This is inexcusable. The elected officials are in my thoughts and prayers to grow a spine and do something about child deaths. What bothers me more about these latest shootings is the high prevalence of child deaths. Right now, too many in the GOP are more concerned with kids reading about our bad but important history lessons than the threat on their lives walking in the school doors.


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    • Yes, and how could we not be of like minds on this? Sigh. I wasn’t … really wasn’t going to write about it, for I opine on gun violence quite often, until I heard Mr. Self’s comment and that did it for me! Frankly, I’m not so sure that the United States can any longer consider itself a part of the ‘civilized world’, for there is nothing civilized about what is happening here … not only the gun culture, but the whitewashing of history, the failure of our education system, the number of homeless and hungry people in the country … we just really don’t fit my definition of civilized anymore. When people care more about their right to own a killing machine than they care about their own children’s lives … we’ve got a problem.

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  7. I’m sorry for your pain Jill. By accepting God controls our dail lives and can make things better must also leave Christians accepting that God must be responsible for all these atrocities.No, people with guns are responsible, take away the guns and the problem stops,There are no quickloading and multiple firing knives that I know of.Americans place too much value on certain freedoms wwithout accepting that they come with certain responsibilities. A steady diet of too many vigilante films ghas removed any idea of caring for others first. I shall probably not waste my breath commenting on my blog about these atrocities as it seems too few care about changing the face of the U’S.. good luck out gthere, it’s getting closer by the day,

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    • That’s my view, too … they cannot have it both ways. If their god controls everything, then he/she is responsible for worldwide hunger, climate change, shootings, war, and all the other horrible things happening in the world. But you and I are of like mind that it is human nature … complete with maximum doses of greed and arrogance … that bears responsibility for most, if not all of this. Did you see Roger’s post today? https://writingwritingandmorewritinginspiteofcomputers.home.blog/2023/05/07/something-about-guns-in-the-usa/

      Sigh … it just keeps getting worse and worse. The only place I ever go anymore is the bookstore about once a month, so I don’t need to worry much, for the gun nuts aren’t particularly interested in reading books, if they even know how to read! Then again, here in da hood I could get shot walking to the mailbox. 😔


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  8. The prevalence of, these, shootings seemed to be, a, chain-reaction, with one shooting, started happening in someplace, followed by, more shootings, I think, it might be, contagious, these, gun violence…and, it’s still due to how easily accessible, how available, the firearms are in the, U.S., thanks to the N.R.A., and all those, stand-your-grounds, “worshippers”.

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    • Indeed, the gun violence is spreading just as the pandemic did. Worse is that some are becoming inured to it … another day, another shooting. Frankly, I would like to see every factory that manufactures guns blown to smithereens.


  9. It is good to express your anger, Jill. Sharing it lessens your load.
    As for me, I am beyond anger, but it does no good to express it anymore. The people who need to listen don’t. They just blubber on, believing their own drivel because they want to impress a particular audience who slobber it up! In the end, nothing gets done because even the people who should care (Democratic government officials) don’t have any balls.
    I would say you need mire women in Congress, but that would include the Greenes and Boeberts of the world. And them we need less of!

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    • If only. Yes, it is good … nay, it is NECESSARY … to have an outlet for the angst, and sharing it does provide that, but it really hasn’t lessened my anger or angst, and I think it’s all given me an ulcer (well, I’ve had ulcers since I was 8, but they usually behave) to boot. More women in Congress and on the Supreme Court would be great, but not the low-class, uneducated sort like Greene, Boebert, Luna and a few others.

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      • Luna? Who’s Luna? I don’t recognize that one?
        (I probably don’t want to know.)
        But don’t kick out all “poor” women, a lot of them have more wisdom than the rest of us. They just need space to shine!

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        • Anna Paulina Luna is a Republican (go figure) representative to Congress from … guess where? Florida! She still claims Trump won in 2020, is anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-abortion, has lied more than a few times about her background, wears an AR-15 lapel pin, etc, etc, etc. Not quite in the news like Boebert and Greene, for she doesn’t show her arse quite as much, but she is every bit as much of a right-wing, conspiracy theorist as they are. I agree that we cannot kick out all women … I would like to see a Congress that is pretty much evenly divided between men and women, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and whites … but I won’t see it in this lifetime.


  10. Not really “like” though, I guess the US is in the books of records now with the mass shootings. This is so completely out of hands, and the politicians offer thoughts and prayers? I wonder how they would react, if one of their family got shot.

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    • You would think they would care, but they don’t. If they really believe God is in control of who gets shot and who doesn’t, I want off this world. Not to be facetious, but, I heard god helps those who help themselves. So, since they aren’t helping themselves, I guess their god isn’t helping them either. Prey on that one, Mr. SELF!

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    • America claims to be #1 … well, it’s nothing to brag about, but we are certainly #1 in gun deaths and mass shootings, topping something like the next 20 countries combined! I’ve often had the same thought as you … I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but when they are so nonchalant after a school shooting, I wonder how they would feel if it were their own child who was shot and killed? Would they then decide that a child’s life has more value than the contributions the gun industry gives them to keep voting against gun regulation?

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