Guns And Religion Do NOT Belong In Public Schools!!! Books DO!

Apologies in advance, for this post is in part a continuation of my earlier rant prompted by yesterday’s mass shootings and certain lawmakers response to them …

Fact:  The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states that the country shall have no official religion.  Those who call this a “Christian nation” are wrong, they are liars, and their views pose a clear and present threat to the people of this nation.  I’ve written on this topic until my fingers have calluses, and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it, but here we are once again.  After the tragic mass shooting in Texas yesterday, instead of calling for gun regulations, some are calling for more religion in schools, such as posters of the 10 commandments or teachers leading students in Christian prayers.

Two bills in Texas would not make children any safer, would violate the rights of more than half the children in schools, and would be in direct violation of the Constitution:

“Senate Bill 1515 would require a poster of the Ten Commandments to be in every public-school classroom in the state. Under Senate Bill 1396, public school districts would be able to adopt policies allowing for a moment of prayer and a reading from the Bible or other religious text during the school day. Senate Bill 763 is a measure that would allow school districts to employ chaplains to serve as school counselors.” – per Courthouse News report dated 05 May 2023

One man, Texas State Senator Mayes Middleton, initiated both bills.  Be you can’t guess his political party affiliation, can you?

So, let me get this straight … they (Republicans) don’t mind kids getting shot up in schools, as long as they were able to say prayers and read their bible first.  And they refuse to teach the factual history of this nation, for they say it might make white children “feel bad”, but they will happily teach a mythological religion that is subject to interpretation and is only one religion out of hundreds that are practiced in this country.

Imagine what a child from a Muslim family feels like in a school where he is forced to say Christian prayers and read Christian tomes daily.  Put yourself in his shoes … how would you like your little white Christian kid to be forced to read from the Quran and recite Muslim prayers in school every day?  LEAVE ALL DAMN RELIGION OUT OF THE SCHOOLS!!!

The majority of people in this country do NOT want Christianity … or ANY religion … shoved down their throats:

Only about 40% of all the people in this nation are Protestant Christians, only 60% any sort of Christian.  The rest are a variety of other religions or no religion at all.  If you want your children exposed to Christianity at school, then send them to a parochial school … on your own dime!  Don’t expect me to foot the bill for your nonsensical whims.  If you want your kids to get a religious education, teach them at home … which is where religion belongs … in churches or homes, NOT in schools or government buildings!  Forcing one religion on all is the utmost form of bigotry I can imagine!

And if you really want to somehow make a difference in children’s lives, reduce the number of guns and gun owners in the nation, implement strict gun regulations, and for Pete’s sake TEACH the children everything … the good, the bad, and the ugly … so that they are better prepared to face this world as adults and hopefully fix some of the mess our own generation has made!!!  Stop banning books, and instead ban guns and religion!

25 thoughts on “Guns And Religion Do NOT Belong In Public Schools!!! Books DO!

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  2. The mindset.
    So this is how it works ‘over there’ in Republican-town.

    ‘The Founding Fathers meant well in ensuring the freedom of our nation from the tyranny of an unelected monarchy who would enforce empire upon us. However these otherwise noble men were tainted by the godlessness of so-called Enlightenment and its false whisperings. Since then it has been the mission of every true American to bring our nation under God’s Love and Wisdom and follow His Plan,’
    And that is the sort of stuff they’ll block their ears, minds and hearts up with as they second guess….heck they could even throw The Devil there to really ramp up the temperature…..
    Or is what someone will say if they want to grab a few more votes and get on that good old gravy-train.

    You can practically see the strings being pulled.

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    • Oh yeah, the strings are being pulled. The politicians use religion in the same way they use ‘gun rights’ and ‘anti-LGBTQ’ rhetoric to rile the masses, and then once they’ve created anger and chaos, they pose the ‘perfect solution’ … and the masses buy into it, hook, line, and sinker. And now … we cannot educate the masses, for the subjects that might help them to actually understand, are legal taboos. A plan? Oh yeah, there’s a plan and it’s not to preserve democracy!

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      • Made it up……
        40+ years in the UK civil service and 50+ years reading all the dire events surrounding wars and the lead up to them gives one an unhappy perspective into what goes on in the febrile minds of ‘The Other Side’.
        Oh yeah and a sojourn onto social media sites like Facebook and the thankfully closed down Amazon Forum.
        It’s when you can right speeches for the other side, you know it’s time for a healthy and sustained dose of Kids Cartoon shows (I recommend ‘Teen Titans Go’ )

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          • A sound solution.
            These days I usually get my cartoons through Netflix on my laptop (spares my poor wife).
            Recently I found the latest re-boot of She-Ra (out of the He-Man world) Princess of Power. Not only were the characters layered and conflicted, they were multi-racial and species, had up and downs, were heroic and also screwed up. There were LGBT themes seamlessly woven in. There was an intelligent SF / Fantasy plot woven in over five series, I ended up binge watching.
            And also there was the secret pleasure that this would be making the Hypocritical Right all over the world apoplectic.
            Kids cartoon tv is ahead of the average adult fair in its themes of maturity and responsibility.
            (And then there is Warner Brothers….which never grows old)

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              • Well worth a viewing. I found it on Netflix but it may well be other places.
                Not only is there a continuity in the plot throughout, but the tensions between various characters are very realistic and play out in a rational way.
                (One facet some ‘guys’ might have to work through, is that I feel the creative folk behind the series might have targeted the main audience as girls so that there is a tendency for the male characters to take secondary and slightly comic / doofus roles-but there again considering the antics of a number of male personalities in our world- who’s to say that’s not an accurate comment).
                I might well revisit it (After I have finished watching the adult and supremely subversive ‘Inside Job’ animation series)

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  3. Thanks for this post, Jill. And, thanks for the words of four founding fathers. As you note, Republican majorities and governors in several states are more concerned with kids in school reading books that talk about slavery, Jim Crow, Native American genocide than they are about those same kids making it home alive. As bold as that statement seems, actions speak louder than words. Keith

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    • Thank you, Keith. It was something that was just eating at me … we won’t even try to stop the gun madness, saying it’s “the Constitutional right …”, but we’re willing to ditch the constitutional call for a “wall of separation” between church and state! We want to ban books that would make our society more better-prepared to fight against racism and barbarism in the future, but we won’t even pass basic gun laws? There’s something very, very wrong with this picture, and it eats at me. Yes, actions speak louder than words, and … the actions of our lawmakers these days are sending a very clear message. Sigh.


  4. I think Supreme Court reform is long overdue. It’s bad enough when states defy the Constitution’s clear separation of church and state. But the radical majority on the SC want to destroy this basic tenet of our democracy. Roiled by corruption, they dig in their heels with cases they don’t have to hear and deliver religiously oriented decisions like Dobbs. And their gun rulings are also out of sync with the majority of Americans–even gun owners.

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    • It goes without saying that I agree with you 100%! And the Federalist Society, a far-right group that makes ‘recommendations’ for judges and justices, needs to keep their bulbous nose out of our business! They are responsible for at least Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, the three most radical-right justices on the Court. It is they, along with Alito and Thomas, who are setting out to turn this nation into a religious sect, and those of us who don’t “fit” their mold can go to hell. I wish Biden had been willing and able to expand the Supreme Court in his first year, but ’twas not to be so. The framers of the Constitution had a good idea when they set out to make the Justices immune to partisanship by giving them lifetime appointments, but I think that like many other aspects of our Constitution, we have found ways to circumvent the original intent, and it’s time for some updating. Not gonna happen as long as there is a radical Republican House, but the alternative is we return to the 18th century. Sigh. Beam me up, Scotty!

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    • Y’know, I’ve been thinking along the same lines of late. It’s truly as if they believe they are separate from the United States, that they can make their own rules and to hell with the rest of the nation. Yep, let ’em secede … I sure won’t miss ’em!

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