Jolly Early Monday Morning {yawn}

{yawn}  Happy Monday, dear friends {yawn} and welcome one and all.  Why does Monday morning always come earlier than other mornings do?   {yawn}  In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m still sleepy and haven’t even gotten dressed yet.  I tried to tell Jolly to carry on without me, as I pulled the blanket back over my head, but I knew that was doomed when he started jumping on the bed and singing!  For Pete’s sake, who sings at this hour of the morning, and on a Monday at that?   Anyway, Joyful has been hard at work in the kitchen, so let’s go see what she’s cooked up for us, then we’ll go in search of some humour and fun.

We have some fun animal memes for you this morning!

And a few funny/puzzling signs …

And we know you’re all looking forward to da ‘toons …

And just a few memes we’ve been collecting …

And naturally, Jolly went in search of a cute or funny animal video and I loved what he came up with!  I think you’ll fall in love with this li’l tiger …

Well, friends … it was really fun sharing our Monday morning with you … I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather start the week with!  We hope you have a safe, happy and productive week ahead, and please do remember to share your smiles with others who may not have one of their own.  Smiles and hugs are so contagious … in a good way, of course!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!!!

44 thoughts on “Jolly Early Monday Morning {yawn}

  1. Great jokes! The one with the jackasses reminded me of a scene with my elder brother. We had been staying at a farm over night and in the morning we had a kind of teasing argument, and our insults were: your father is a donkey! – And your father is an ox! And so on working our way through the farm animals, while our father was standing in the door grinning, finally asking us why we were talking about him in this offensive way. 😀 😀 😀

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    • Isn’t he, though? I fell in love with Dash in the first 20 seconds of the video! Thank you, Larry, for those words. Sometimes on Sunday afternoon I find it difficult to switch gears to do the Jolly Monday post, and more than a few times I’ve considered stopping it altogether, but something at the back of my mind nudges me and tells me that we NEED humour in the mix. You’ve just confirmed that and given me a bit of renewed purpose! Thank you!!!

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