Some Questions – and some Answers

If you are a political writer, no matter which side of the political divide you stand on, sooner or later you will pick up a few haters … people who not only vehemently disagree with every word you write, but also feel a need to make it personal, to get in your face, to be rude and disrespectful. I’ve had a few, and with one exception they all gave up when I stopped posting their comments. One even threatened to find me and kill me. Our friend Ben Berwick has a long-time hater-follower who goes by the name of Asher Slade, and ol’ Asher, even in light of the latest surge in mass shootings, believes the answer is more guns … in the hands of more people everywhere. I found Ben’s response to him to be both well-written and far less toxic than I probably would have been! Oh, and as you read Ben’s response, keep in mind that Ben lives in the UK, not the United States, and it seems to me that he understands both our Constitution and our current gun situation better than most U.S. citizens do! Thanks, Ben!

Coalition of the Brave

In a rare display of reason, Asher Slade (the MGTOW with whom I have had a number of strong disagreements) asked some questions. His post is below:

You can feel free to post what your arguments and positions actually are and how you would while still respecting our consitution you would try to solve the mass shooting issue.Remember all free people have a right to self defense. Mine are clear more gun ownership not less next to no gun free zones protect schools with either willingly armed teachers or security staff . Make fewer soft targets and watch how much the issue self corects. Mentally unwell person tries to shoot a place up a gun owner around them or security put the threat down as fast and as safe as posible . Bad people exist we do not want to create more victims by making it so only criminals will…

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13 thoughts on “Some Questions – and some Answers

  1. thanks for bringing my name up again in a negative light in the context of a poster I have never heard of until now. As far as I can remember, I havne’t said anything that warrants you deleting my comments, no personal attacks, no calling you names or anything so I’m curious why you have deleted my last couple of comments, whatever they are?


  2. I left a few comments on Ben’s blog, comment directly to the person Ben was fesponding to. This is one of the:

    As far as I can tell from your writings, sir, the only solution you are offering is more guns, to basically arm every citizen of the USA. That is an impossible situation, because most sane people have no wish to be within 100 miles of a weapon, let alone a loaded weapon. “There is no guarantee that you can keep control of a gun that you are carrying.” Nor can you guarantee that the person grabbing the gun will not use it on you. Your gun –your death –your responsibility!

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      • Jill again I am sorry you had a gun pointed at you 2 times . You fear guns and wish all of them stolen from private citizens. You know in practical terms that is not possible . Even if you did some how achieve the fool hardy goal . You do know the knowledge to make guns exists.
        Hell they have 3d printers who can use metal powder as the print media to make parts hell even thick reenforced abs can make gun revivers . All you would need to complete a build is a few extra parts you can easily buy.
        You can ban guns you can not ban the knowledge around making them or the items on can use to fabricate them


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