Good People Doing Good Things — Two Of ‘Em!

Just two ‘good people’ stories today, folks … I have more, but I’m simply too tired to work much longer tonight.

A caring barber

Vernon Jackson is a barber in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Vernon works six days a week for profit, but on his ‘day off’, he still works cutting hair … for children with special needs … for free.  It’s something he’s done since 2021.

“I was hearing so many horror stories that parents were going through with other barber shops and just the barbers or stylists having no patience with their child. So I figured I would compromise by coming in on my day off so there were there would be no other barbers or stylists in the shop and I could give them the full attention that they need.”

Jackson said having an empty shop helps some children who are sensitive to new environments and sounds. His goal is to help the children get acclimated to the barber shop so they can feel comfortable coming in when other employees and clients are there.

“When I first started promoting that I was going to come in on my off day to do haircuts for children with different needs, a friend of mine just randomly inboxed me and said, ‘Hey Vern, can I sponsor a haircut?'”

More and more people asked to donate money for haircuts and Jackson started a GoFundMe. He calls the free haircuts the Gifted Program.

“These are parents that would pay any amount of money just for their child to be able to have an experience like any other person. And at the end of it, I can tell them ‘It’s covered.’ They say, ‘I got to give you a tip.’ I say, ‘No, trust me, this is part of the Gifted Program, this is a gift from the community, myself — please receive it.’”

Take a look for yourself …

A small thing?  Maybe … but how many of us would willingly give up our one day off every week to do something this kind?

A treat for a Sandy Hook survivor

Isaiah Márquez-Greene was only 8 years old on the horrible day that claimed 26 lives, including that of his 6-year-old sister, Ana Grace, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He’s now 18 years old and plans to become a lawyer, but family finances are tight. On the night he attended a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden in New York City, he had no idea his fate was about to change in a very big way!

Isaiah was delighted to meet Rangers captain Jacob Trouba, who greeted him on the ice for what the teen thought was just a jersey signing. Then Jacob asked him to take a seat at the bench and pulled out a scholarship funded by the Garden of Dreams Foundation!

“I know your story, I feel for you, you’re an amazing human,” Jacob told Isaiah.

Isaiah plans to attend the University of Connecticut in the fall, and Jacob wants to attend his graduation.

14 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — Two Of ‘Em!

  1. It’s amazing how these individuals just, provided to the needs of others, these stories, need to be aired more, to let the world know, there’s, a ton of, good people in the world, despite how dark thr world, seemed to have, become. Truly, inspirational!


    • And that is why I keep doing the ‘good people’ posts every Wednesday. We all need to remember that there ARE good people out there. Sometimes it’s easy to forget when all we see is the dark side of humanity as reported in the news.

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        • Back in the day, I remember newscasts ending with a snippet of ‘good news’, but not for the last several decades. Why, you ask? I think because, as the saying goes in the news industry, “If it bleeds, it leads.” In other words, gore, blood, and violence are what sells, they are what people thrive on. Sigh.

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          • I sometimes think that that is just something they say. On YouTube, the “Random acts of kindness” and all the videos with animals being saved or adopted have really many viewers.
            But my husband says they are right. People want to see the terrible news to “feel better”, like “Thank God that’s not me” or something. A bit bizarre though in my eyes.

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            • Your husband has a point … at the end of the day, we do like to be able to put our own lives into perspective and realize we aren’t in such bad shape after all. But I still think people just like excitement, they thrive on the loud, nasty, raucous people and stories. Sigh. We really NEED to hear more about the good people who are quietly going about the business of helping others.

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