One Tidbit And A Bunch O’ Toons

I have just one little tidbit of news, and some of the better political cartoons I’ve saved over the past week or so for your viewing pleasure!

Has the law finally caught up with Georgie-boy?

Yep, Representative George Santos, the Republican’s head liar, is in federal custody as I write this!  Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.  He has been charged by federal prosecutors with 13 counts of financial crimes including wire fraud (7 counts), money laundering (3 counts), stealing public funds (1 count) and lying in federal disclosure forms (2 counts).

But lest you think this is the end of his career in Congress … guess again!  Ol’ Kevin McCarthy says he can continue to hold his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives!  He says he obviously cannot serve on any committees but will still have a vote and retain his seat.  Stay tuned, for I’m sure this will get interesting.

And now for the ‘toons …

19 thoughts on “One Tidbit And A Bunch O’ Toons

    • I definitely understand … you laugh, then realize they are too true to actually be funny, but yet … they are. I guess we can find humour almost anywhere, and … I think maybe that’s a good thing. It doesn’t reduce the seriousness of what’s happening, but maybe helps us to understand and cope a bit better.

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  1. The one that made me laugh the hardest was the elephant and the mouse. And the ones that made me shed some tears were the mass shooting ones. It almost seems typical when you stop to consider that this country soon celebrating 250 years in existence has only had 17 of those years without being in an active war. Of course now they are called police actions, which may explain some of the actions by police officers. What a crazy mixed up world we have made for our grandchildren as well as our children, even if our children are grown and close to retirement age themselves. I’m glad I won’t be around — or maybe I should say I HOPE I won’t be around to see the end.

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    • Agreed on both counts. The elephant cowering from the mouse made me laugh, and … the shooting ones hit a bit too close to home. Like you, dear friend, more and more I’m glad to be old, glad I won’t be around to see the myriad of ways humans find to torture and kill one another before finally the extinction of humankind comes after a century of ignoring the warnings. Sigh.

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  2. Finally, the law is, making those, immoral politicians, pay for things they did, this is good news, hope this will, continue, because, there’s that, much-needed reform in moral standards of, politicians, everywhere in the world right now. At least, the U.S. took that first step, in the right direction there!

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    • Yes, finally! Let us hope there are more cases that end in a verdict that is AGAINST Donald Trump!!! And furthermore, let’s hope that the Republican voters will start to see what sort of bastard their ‘idol’ really is!


  3. Jill, good toons. Two things. 1) Do you remember when Republicans called Democrats “Snowflakes” because they thought the Dems were scared of everything. Your “fear itself” toon is quite telling against that context.

    2) What is happening to George Santos could be seen a mile away back in January. He was a train wreck waiting to happen. I think we discussed then, he would be gone before mid-year. At the time, I thought he would be recalled by his own district. But, it turns out he was even worse than first indicated in January.


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    • Thanks, Keith! Yes, I well remember, for I have been called a ‘snowflake’ many a time, to which I always reply, “Why, thank you! Snowflakes are beautiful and unique, so that is a compliment!” It usually shuts them up!

      Oh yeah, we all see Santos for what he is, and could have predicted him going down in flames. And he will, but not as long as McCarthy can keep pouring buckets of water on the fire, eh? If Santos goes, he will almost certainly be replaced with a Democrat from New York, the last thing McCarthy wants while trying to hold tightly to his slim majority. Oh … We the People??? We don’t matter … power and money … those are the only things that matter.


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