Rude, Obnoxious, Ignorant Liar — Volume MMCXIV

I did not watch CNN’s “town hall” with Donald Trump last night, and frankly I’m glad I didn’t, for I might well have thrown something through my screen if I had, not to mention I probably would have thrown up.  I’ve read numerous accounts today, and it seems to me that Trump has nothing new to say … at all … but rather continues with the same ol’ schtick that has bored us to tears for years now.  Lies, lies, and more lies … ho hum.  I was incensed by his treatment of his host, Kaitlan Collins who he told at one point that she was “nasty”, and especially incensed by what he said about the woman he raped some years ago, E. Jean Carroll.  Do we really want to lower our standards to the point we would put something like him in charge of this nation yet again?  Did we learn nothing in the four years from 2017-2021???

Of all the analyses I’ve read, I think Taegan Goddard’s sums it up with the fewest words, and frankly it’s a waste of time to write or read many words about Trump, for he himself is like a broken record.  According to Taegan …

Some Thoughts on Trump’s Town Hall Event

Taegan Goddard

May 10, 2023

I did not expect much from tonight’s town hall event with Donald Trump.

But it was so much worse than I could have ever imagined.

Trump had complete control from the start. He pushed the Big Lie that he won the election during his very first response. Moderator Kaitlan Collins attempted to interject that “it was not a rigged election.” But Trump just responded by lying some more.

I think Collins did the best she could, but there’s only so much anyone can do in the face of Trump’s endless fire hose of disinformation. It’s impossible to fact check something like this in real time.

Furthermore, the idea that you can discuss something — anything — with Trump is crazy. He is indifferent to reality.

The town hall format made the night worse. Limiting the audience to Republican primary voters was a huge mistake. It allowed the crowd to cheer him and laugh at his jokes.

The crowd cheered along as Trump defended the Capitol riots and mocked E. Jean Carroll after he was found liable for sexual abusing her. They clapped when he endorsed the U.S. defaulting on its debt. He got applause when he said he would pardon the Capitol riots.

That said, I’m not sure it will help Trump in a general election campaign. The Biden campaign could make an entire library of attack ads just using video from tonight.

You may even see ads with this line as soon as tomorrow: “The fact that I was able to terminate Roe vs. Wade… I was so honored to have done it.”

But none of that makes up for CNN’s decision to host this event. It was deeply irresponsible to put this on live television.

34 thoughts on “Rude, Obnoxious, Ignorant Liar — Volume MMCXIV

  1. Why do they give him publicity of any kind? The best way to really hurt him is to pretend that he doesn’t exist. If he wants airtime, let him pay for it as advertising on those channels that will accept his money.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • EXACTLY!!! When he left office in January 2021, I said that now the media needs to let him fade into oblivioun. Had they done so, it is highly unlikely that he would be running for president today. It is, in my book, serious dereliction of duty for the free press to give air time to a man who is dishonest, a criminal, an abuser of women, a racist and a misogynist. It is irresponsible. We expect it of Fox, but not CNN who was, until the past year or so, considered a reliable news source.

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  2. “Kaitlan Collins who he told at one point that she was “nasty””
    I only watched a little snippet but this portion was in it. And I gotta say her questions were nasty indeed. She was handpicked to host this interview since she’s a know Trump hater. She had one task and one task only: Make TRump look bad, lead him astray, destroy him.

    Unfortunately she wasn’t up to it and to the Donald, who held his position quite adorably. As much as I hate that bullying fuckface, looking good while obviously caught in a trap, he knows the trick to weasel himself out of it.

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    • She was merely responding to his lies with facts … how is that nasty? Ha ha … she doesn’t need to make Trump look bad, for Trump makes himself look like a piece of 💩

      She gave her best, as much as anyone could have, considering he was determined to spew hatred, slurs and lies. End of story. We cannot allow him to become president ever again … no matter what it takes to stop him. Full stop.


      • “she doesn’t need to make Trump look bad, for Trump makes himself look like a piece of 💩”
        But he does so in a very entertaining way, demonstrating perfectly that American politics are nothing but a show.

        “We cannot allow him to become president ever again …”
        We? Define ‘we’ please.
        Is we the one half of American citizens you agree with? The ones who support the war? The half who is bored by the catastrophe you caused in Ukraine now and wants to get into trubbelz again by aggrevating China and spelling doom on Taiwan? Is that your ‘we’?

        “no matter what it takes to stop him. Full stop.”
        No matter??? Really, Jill, really? That your definition of democracy?

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        • That, in my book, doesn’t qualify as ‘entertaining’. Entertaining is a stand-up comedian who knows he is joking. Trump isn’t funny and knows he is lying.

          “We” as in the people of this nation, but also of the world. No, not only those who agree with me, but those who love Trump and hate my views will also suffer under another 4 or more years of Trump. He has no intention of being a ‘president’ for four years, but rather a dictator for the rest of his life. He also plans to turn this nation into an authoritarian regime, to alienate our allies, and befriend our enemies. Now, I’ll stop there, for you and I don’t see eye-to-eye on who, exactly are our enemies or our friends, and I really don’t feel up to fighting with you … nor do I want to. I much prefer it when we can simply converse or banter a bit.

          No, that’s not my definition of democracy, but sometimes I think extraordinary measures are needed to protect future life on the planet.


          • “suffer under another 4 or more years of Trump.”
            See, we, as in ‘we the rest of the world’ really didn’t suffer much under Trump. Apart from poor Venezuela and Syria, he and his administration simply weren’t as much interested in meddling in other countries’ affairs. So for most countries and people it was a easy time. Since Biden is in office otoh … oh well, you know what’s going on.

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              • “I think you’d find out differently if you could talk to the leaders of the European Union.”

                No, I wouldn’t. But they would find out about the planet we live on and about the consequences of their actions.

                I hear their nonsense talks and see their planless actionism. They have no good intentions, are a bunch of selfish liars. If I could talk to them it would be them who’d find out how fed up with them most €uropeans truly are. Told ya, if Putin was eligible as chancellor in Germany he’d receive over 60% of the votes, a result unheard of since the existence of our little federal republic!

                And no, I’m not making that up. Most of us are indeed politically closer to Asian, African and South American people than to our ruinous leaders.

                China’s inflation rate: 0.1%!!! Can the West do that?

                And since the sanctions are put in place Russia’s economy is going up – not down as we we’ve been told. And more and more countries are rallying behind Russia/China and saying No to the West’s unhealthy, self-destructive demands.

                The west is actively destroying itself. We all can feel it in our wallets. It troubles me that you are so blind, so far removed from reality. The rising prices don’t bother you? The many foreclosures, the dying economy?

                When chancellor Scholz appears somewhere in public he’s greeted by choruses of “Get Lost! Skiddoo! Beat it! Hit the Road! Bugger Off! Fuck Off!”

                Nobody here hates the Russians, only our political “elite” has an axe to grind with Putin. Because his people love him for doing a stellar job. Because Chinks and Russkies are doing capitalism better, and managing their countries without ruining them, without destroying the livelihoods of their residents.

                Dunno if you heard about it – prolly not – but in the Netherlands the govt is busy dispossessing all the farmers and selling their land to Bill and Belinda Gates foundation and similar criminals. You won’t hear about it in mainstream media coz we’re not supposed to know about it.


          • “we can simply converse or banter a bit.”
            I, o my part, never did anything else but banter. For serious fighting I’m much too old and I principally don’t fight with randos on the interwebz. 😉

            “No, that’s not my definition of democracy, but sometimes I think extraordinary measures are needed to protect future life on the planet.”
            The slippery slope. History teaches us that’s how it starts. “We just need some extraordinary measures, state of emergency, alert the national guard … just for 2 months, pleez. Can have your democracy back when the crisis is averted. I promise!”
            Jill, you’re on a dangerous path. 😮
            And even if you were right, Trump is too much of a doofus biznizman and doesn’t qualify as a serious threat to democracy.


  3. At least the entire USA could see the ghastly truth:
    In that CNN interview in front of an audience of cult members Trump made it quite clear he expects to be president again and that any vote which says otherwise he will have a tantrum about. This of course is playing to the audience who expect this of him, so he dutifully obeys, this being no problem for the egotist and charlatan he is.
    This should be sufficient evidence for majority of folk in the USA to see that MAGA and its tame or opportunist politicians are simply one group insistent on imposing their views on the rest of the USA, they have lost the idea of compromise.

    I will give out one thought here. Whereas we would have all liked for the ghosts of interviewers of the 1960s and 70s to have risen and taken over interviewing Trump. There is one question to be asked.
    Did CNN set Trump up, so he could be seen unapologetically ranting in public? He was playing to his fan base, not the USA. Biden is a well meaning guy, but Robert Kennedy or LBJ would have shredded the fool after this.

    Democrats let loose your dirty fighters and not-play-nicers. Trump is for the taking.

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    • Indeed, his ‘performance’ on Wednesday night should have provided sufficient evidence (as if any more was needed, after his four-year reign of chaos), but unfortunately, there are many in this nation who are lacking in either brains or values, or both, and they will vote for him, not in spite of the monster he is, but because of it.

      No, I don’t think that CNN set Trump up in a valiant effort to show the people of the U.S. just how horrible he is. See my afternoon post later today … CNN has changed hands and direction, and this was just one more piece of that change … follow the $$$$$$$$$$$ (or ££££££). You are right, though … LBJ or JFK or Barack Obama would have made mincemeat out of him. I think Biden is quieter, but will find a way to remind us of this little fiasco. Sigh.

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      • The continued presence of Trump indicates the continuation of the rise of a mindset that has always been present and threatens the structure of the USA.
        I cited this film to Keith on another issue:
        And refer again to the paragraph headed Real-Life parallel.
        This is why Liberals should never relax or treat the right-wing extremists as a source of humour.

        My febrile European mind steeped in the perfidy of our heritage is reserving my judgement on that CNN interview Jill, though I must read your post.

        It would be nice is Biden’s dignified mature approach will win out, but in the ruthless world of politics destruction by humiliation and character ruination are the most effective tactics.
        Heck image Trump going up against Reagan. I’d buy everyone’s popcorn for that show.

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        • Oh wow! I never saw or even heard of that movie, but what a depressing one it sounds like! And the real-life case … even more depressing and scary. And no, I don’t treat the right-wing extremists lightly nor with humour — I find them to be a scary, unhinged bunch.

          As re Biden’s quieter voice … I once had a professor at university, a very wise man named Bill Lee, who said to me that if I wanted to get a point across, I should whisper, because then the louder fools had to shut up to hear me. I do find that sometimes that works quite well … other times … well, suffice it to say that I’m not much of a whisperer! Just ask our moggies!

          Heh heh … if Trump were going up against Reagan … he just wouldn’t. He’d slither back under his rock and wait for a better opportunity. But then, times have changed and I’m not sure Reagan could win today, either.

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          • Professor Lee’s words are very wise, the problem being when you get folk like Trump who only care about their own voices.
            I agree Jill I don’t think Reagan could have such an easy run. We are witnessing a big, push back against the liberal movement and its coming from the streets; it’s happened before, but with unregulated social media pumping out lies and damn lies whether this will calm down is another matter.


  4. “Until you overcome your fear of losing sight of land, you will never be able to experience the absolute terror of being lost at sea”. Anybody seen land in awhile? Feels like lots of lost people around.

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    • Same here, Tony! I’ve long trusted CNN, but ever since Chris Licht took over a year or so ago, I’ve had reservations about them. First, they fired Brian Stelter AND his staff, then Chris Cillizza, then Don Lemon. I read recently that Licht gave the order to stop talking about “The Big Lie” and to lean more toward the right. This fiasco on Wednesday night proves that, I think.


  5. Goddard’s last remark sums things up perfectly. CNN REALLY screwed up!

    The thing that truly amazed me was that they allowed the audience to be 99% Republican! I thought Town Halls were generally mixed so the candidate is forced to answer questions from both sides. (BTW, I only saw the last 10 minutes or so … and that was mostly out of curiosity.)

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    • Indeed they did! Even some of the journalists who were okay with them holding the town hall, said they screwed up by having the audience comprised of solely Trumpeters. I read an interesting article today about Chris Licht (the new CEO of CNN who has been taking the network more toward the right for the past year or so) … if I can find it again, I’ll post a link later.


      • That’s all we need … more right-leaning news/commentary! I mean, with all the coverage the media gives to Trump, I would think their distorted ideas of government were already on full display.

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        • Apparently Chris Licht wants to be loved by everyone, both right and left. With the two sides being 180° apart, I don’t see how that is possible. But, bottom line is that it’s all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Go figure. We the People do not matter, the global economy does not matter, truth in journalism matters not, it’s only profit that matters. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

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