Saturday Surprise — Some Critter Fun!

By the time Saturday rolls around, I figure we’re all ready for a bit of a respite from the political news, that we need something to bring a smile or maybe even a chuckle.  Most, but not all Saturdays I try to provide that respite.  This week, I happened on some cute animal pictures and memes, so without further ado … let’s take a look!

Now if those didn’t put a smile on your face, then your face is permanently frozen and I’m afraid plastic surgery may be your only option!  Have a great weekend, my friends!

34 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Some Critter Fun!

  1. Makes you wonder how it is that we are not unanimous in keeping it.
    Which sent my mind a wandering. Mirrors and perception. I believe cause I’m to lazy to research but that I see these musing as past to present but that you see them present. These pictures convey vibrations cross species. As your previous/next post references intra-species vibrations. Damn that’s stoner!
    When you said Beach Boys and Good Vibrations I bounced to this. God I’m old!

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    • Yes, very sad … and there will be more, the longer we keep killing the environment. But hey … this is supposed to be a smile-inducing post, so SMILE, my friend! Enjoy the critters and have a good weekend!

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  2. Jill, so cute. It is hard to pick a favorite. I guess with the number of pictures of the capybaras hanging with his various friends, it must take the prize.

    By the way, on a protective basis, one of neighborhood owls was sitting in our crepe myrtle tree outside of our kitchen window last evening. There must have been a nest nearby, as several smaller birds started pecking at the owl and chased it off. I guess some owls like eggs or small birds.


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    • Like you, I couldn’t pick a favourite, but the thing I liked best about the Capybaras was that it showed how species can intermingle and enjoy the company of other species. I also liked the dog with the newborn kitten, and the hippo with the tortoise, for the same reason. I loved the red pandas, too … just so darned cute!

      I’ve heard that owls are predatory, so I suppose it makes sense the birds might pick on him … but poor owlie! Have a great weekend, my friend!

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  5. We enjoy reading your blog! Your unique perspective and genuine voice are game-changers in the world. Keep sharing, because your words have a lasting impact. Thank you for being yourself!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

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  6. There are the most amazing stories about interspecies friendships in the animal world, also out in the wild. And we can’t even keep peace within our species … there is a lesson to learn.
    Haha, I love the deer story. I have that here with the birds, the “word” gets around.

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    • I know!!! That’s one of the things I love about doing posts like this … showing the complete lack of prejudice among other species … it’s only humans who don’t even tolerate those who don’t look, act, and think exactly as they do. I often say that animals will kill for one of two reasons: for survival or for food. They NEVER kill because they don’t like the colour of another animal’s fur!!!

      Oh yes!!! We began feeding the birds and squirrels a few years back and word did indeed travel far and fast, so that we now have a menagerie waiting outside our back door every morning! I love it!!!

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      • I am slowly phasing it out now, because the birds are supposed to eat the insects now. For the surplus snails we have hedgehogs, they also clean off the fallen fruit from the grass in autumn. We don’t have squirrels, we don’t have the right kind of trees, but they are on the other side of the road. We have many birds, residents and visitor. Many of the small ones have their nests in the two large thuya trees (see photo on the panel). When you sit their late in the evening, you can hear them tattling cozily, so sweet.

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