Jolly Monday Served With Laughs

Good (?) Monday morn, dear friends, and WELCOME!  It’s always so good to see you on Monday morning … it somehow helps start the week out right, y’know?  I’m in just a bit of a funk this morning, so hopefully spending time with you guys and finding a bit of humour here and there will help.  But first, let’s go see what Joyful has cooked up for us today … I know I smell bacon!!!

I weally hope you guys enjoy what I made for you!!!

Wow, Joyful … that is a LOT of bacon!!!  Larry, Emily, David and the others should be able to get their fill of bacon today!  And now, let’s start with some phunny puns, compliments of Punny Phil!

And how ‘bout a few music memes ‘n puns?

Okay … onto the cartoons, then!

And just a handful of fun memes

And of course if it’s Jolly Monday, there MUST be a cute or funny animal video, yes?

Well, my friends, it seems our time together is always too short, but we have enjoyed it immensely and I love the beautiful smiles I see on your faces!  Please remember to share those smiles as you go about your week, for there are an awful lot of people out there who really, really need one!  Keep safe and have a wonderful week ahead!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

47 thoughts on “Jolly Monday Served With Laughs

    • Yeah, much as I am a lover of all animals, I might be just a bit intimidated by those Kodiak bears! I bet they can give really good hugs, though! Glad you enjoyed the humour today, and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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    • I’m so glad you found some chuckles here!!! I love starting the week out with a smile, even though it won’t likely last through lunchtime! Yes, I loved that one too, and it’s probably exactly what Alexa would do!!! Have a great week ahead!!!

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  1. It’s too early to be up. 😆 The daylight is creeping up now by 5:30 am and ditto the chirping birds. I do love this time of the year. If I need to be up this early on a Monday, at least it’s not in the dark.

    Enjoy your week ahead! Almost the long weekend!

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    • My daughter gets up at 5:00 a.m. for work, too, and I take a certain perverse pleasure when I hear her in the shower, knowing that I can just roll over and go back to sleep! 🤣

      Have a great week, my friend! Long weekend? You guys get a bank holiday this weekend? I hope you enjoy it! Daughter Chris will be in the Smokies at a band competition, so Goose and I will be on our own from Thursday through Sunday.

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        • Oh yeah … that would go over great!!! 🤣🤣 I might be looking for a new home!!!

          Ahhhhh … and the week after, we celebrate Memorial Day, which is basically just an excuse for people to spend an extra day drinking and partying.

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  3. I just shared them with my husband. I still don’t really understand what meme stand for. I tried to look it up, but it seems the meaning changes in different settings.
    I was wondering if I should turn my garden into a fitness studio, lots of possibilities for pulling out weeds and strengthening the arm muscles … 😉 🙂

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