‘Toons, ‘Toons, ‘Toons!!!

As always, the politics of the day are keeping the cartoonists busy, busy, busy!!!  While the situations may be dark and dreary, the cartoonists know how to brighten them up, to explain a situation with just a drip of humour.  So, without further ado, I give you some of the best political cartoons I’ve seen over the past week or so.

This last one isn’t a cartoon, but I still thought it fit in well!

25 thoughts on “‘Toons, ‘Toons, ‘Toons!!!

  1. Jill, as I read through these, I kept thinking that real life for some of these characters is actually sadly funnier than the cartoons. I mean George Santos’ list of misrepresentations is longer than his real resume. Donald Trump is an endless stream of untruthful conscious that is overt. And, poor old Rudy, bless his heart. He should have quit while he was ahead long time ago. Keith

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    • I fully agree!!! George Santos … even the best of writers couldn’t have created such a buffoon!!! And Trump has been the delight of the cartoon artists since he threw his hat in the ring in June 2015, for there is just so much goofiness … and it gets better (or worse, depending on how you view it) with each passing year! As for Rudy … he had so much and threw it all away for … what? He’s been disbarred in New York and Washington, D.C., he’s the laughingstock of the nation … and to think he was once “America’s Mayor.” Sigh.


    • So, you guys are following our lead, eh? Sigh. I had hoped you would stand above it all, but I should have known after Brexit that your country and mine had both fallen and fallen hard for the misnamed ‘populist’ movement.

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      • We’ve had thirteen years of a Tory government. Their only ‘achievement’ is to have created a divided country based on hatred and intolerance. We so need to get rid of them next year!

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        • I really wish you good luck in doing that, and my fingers are crossed 🤞 for you guys. We managed to get rid of our horrible president [sic], but sadly still have many of the far right in Congress … enough to keep our government and our country in chaos.

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          • I still have concerns that he will be president again. Enough of your countryfolk seem sufficiently stupid to want that. Some of your Congress members make Cruella Braverman look moderate, kind and caring!

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            • Well, back in 2016 I learned a valuable lesson: Never say ‘never’. But, I think the odds are slim of him regaining the presidency, in part because he could become ineligible to even be on the ballot by then, and in part because I do see some Republicans pulling back from him. But again, I can’t say it couldn’t happen … I will NOT, however, live one day in this country under his rule, and that is an irrevocable decision that I’ve already made. I like your new name for Ms. Braverman!!! It fits her to a ‘T’ … and yes, we have some who make her pale in comparison. I remember when Congress used to have dignity, but today it’s naught but a clown show, at least on the right-hand side of the aisle.

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              • Fingers crossed. He would destroy your country completely x even more so than he managed in his previous term.

                Braverman is often called that in our press, even by the papers that support the government. Her latest scandal blew up yesterday – the clock is ticking…

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                • I suspect that if he were to occupy the Oval Office again, there would be no presidential election in 2028, but rather he would have found a way to become the autocrat he’s always dreamed of being.

                  When she first came onto the scene, I thought Braverman was kind, friendly … just judging by her smile. Then she opened her mouth. Oh, the one about the speeding ticket? I read that this morning … surely she makes enough money to pay her own speeding ticket!!!

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                  • That might well be the case, though hopefully old age would see him off. Or maybe Donald Jr might have an accident reloading his rifle…

                    Even her smile is cruel! She is utterly heartless. Of course she can pay the fine, but it is part of their sense of privilege that the law is beneath them.

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  3. Last one first. That is something our conservative Member of Parliament might well say. She has a track record of ‘saying something the wrong way’. (voted in on a kick-back against the then Labour version of a Three Stooges script)
    Good cartoons, but nothing to laugh about😢

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