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I don’t have any profound thoughts today, but just a few things caught my eye that I wanted to share with you.

Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, calls herself “pro-life”.  She has signed numerous bills restricting a woman’s right to an abortion … under any and every circumstance, even when the mother’s life is in danger.  She calls herself “pro-life” and yet …

This bear did not have a rifle or any weapon other than his claws and teeth, but she shot him dead before he ever got close enough to use them.  This beautiful animal had as much of a right to live as does a human fetus, as does Ms. Noem for that matter, but Ms. Noem robbed him of that right.  And why???  She didn’t need him to feed her family, so WHY kill him?  Not surprisingly, Noem was recently awarded the National Rifle Association’s “Distinguished Hunter’s Leadership Award.”

This bear was far from the first animal she killed …

A murderer by any other name is still a murderer.  Kristi Noem has murdered innocent animals, and if you remember that she bragged about having purchased a rifle for her two-year-old granddaughter, apparently she plans to indoctrinate the next generation into the world of killing, as well.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, Arizona, a 15-year-old showed up at school on Friday with an AR-15 assault rifle and ammunition.  He was arrested around 1:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon, and police found even more ammunition in his school locker.  Apparently a student or students reported to the school administration that the boy had a gun, and the school administration then called the police.  Beyond that, there seem to be more questions than answers.  According to NBC News …

It was not immediately clear who reported the student to police, how the student obtained the gun and ammunition, how much prison time he could face if convicted or if his guardians could face any charges. Representatives for police and the school district did not respond to those questions.

Point being … HOW the Sam Hell did this punk kid get his hands on an assault weapon to begin with, WHAT did he intend to do with it, and WHERE were his parents???

Welcome to the United States, where guns are more important than our children!

And on that same topic, there is a new children’s book out …

I wonder how long it will take Ron DeSantis to ban this one?

The book was written by Patricia Oliver whose 17-year-old son Joaquin was one of 17 children killed in the Parkland school shooting in 2018.  Says Ms. Oliver …

“This is a specific way to raise to politicians and let them know in a very simple, childish way how important it is for them to take action. It’s very powerful in the sense that the illustrations that you can see inside the book, the vocabulary that we use, the narrative that we use, it’s very simple and very hurtful. We believe that in this way, politicians will be touched by the need of doing something.”

The book’s title is meant to convey that school shootings have become normal for kids — like their first steps, first word or first vacation.  And isn’t that a damn sad state of affairs?

Please take a minute to listen to Representative Katherine M. Clark reading the book to her colleagues on the House floor.  The actual reading of the book starts at 1:35 if you wish to start there rather than hear Ms. Clark’s lead-in commentary …

28 thoughts on “Short, Random Snippets

  1. Jill, another surprise in the lining up of the stars in the cosmos. We actually agree on both parts of this post.
    Hunting just to kill animals for show is reprehensible and good on the cops arresting that idiot who came to school with a gun and thumbs up for someone reporting it in the first place.
    Parents of these people who do these horrible things should be held to a much higher level of accountability than they are but they’re not.
    It’s not just the NRA it’s the people who allow their kids to have access to such things as well. But, a lot of those parents don’t have money so it’s better for the lawyers to go after the big industry, they have a chance to get money if a case is either settled out of court or won. Remember, it’s all about the money from their end as well you know.
    Everything is all about the money with all the problems in our country, after all, the love of money is the root of all evil and as much as both of us would prefer that people act purely on principle with no regard to financial gain, that’s just not the reality of our word as sad as this is to us.

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    • For us to agree almost completely is indeed a rare event! You know my thoughts on hunting … back in the day when that was the only thing that stood between people and starvation, it was one thing, but today? I think not. I’m still sickened by the images of the Trump boys with the beautiful cheetas and other animals they killed, them standing with big smiles on their face as they hold up the dead carcass of what was once a beautiful living creature.

      No, it’s not just the NRA but the people who have allowed themselves to be convinced that without a gun, their lives are in perpetual danger. Ignorance is bliss, so they say.

      And yes, at the end of the day, it all boils down to a lust for power and wealth. We the people seem determined to feed those lusts, don’t we? Sigh.


  2. I do not mean to be insensitive, because I am not, but Joaquin’s First School Shooting may be more effective if it was titled James’ First School Shooting.
    I say this only because those White Americans who are racists will not pay attention to a story about what sounds like a Latino child.
    I am not disrespecting Joaquin, but I am insulting White American racists!

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  3. The way the minds of these, politicians worked, is that, so long as the laws don’t apply to me, my family, etc., etc., etc., then I shall, enforce it, but soon as they, caused me and those I know some sort of, upset, displeasure or whatever, then, I’m all for, banning them. A lot of these politicians are, two-faced, liars who will do everything that they can, to keep themselves in office, with a, total disregard of, what the people, want. The hypocrisies of, politicians…

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    • You’re so right … hypocrisy seems to be the operative word in governments around the nation these days. I’m told that several legislators, including Republicans, actually cried when they read the book … crocodile tears?


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  5. I will never understand why people look at these beautiful animals and all they feel is the urge to kill it, why? As you say, they don’t do or need it for food. It is the same here: some people say, oh I love nature, let us go out and hunt. But woe, if a wolf kills a sheep.
    Pro life seems to be only for fetuses …

    One more question: How did the kid get the weapon and all the ammunition into the school and into his locker unobserved?

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    • Exactly!!! In fact, this Kristi Noem who killed the bear said “We love nature” … how can you kill something you supposedly love??? I imagine that poor bear’s head will be mounted and found hanging on her wall for ‘bragging rights’. But it wasn’t a fair fight, just as it never is with hunters using high-powered rifles with telescopes and all the other things that make it easy for them to spot and shoot an animal without ever getting in striking distance. Where’s the sport in that??? Bah HUMBUG!

      Good question … an AR-15 is a bit bigger than a pistol and harder to hide. Some students did apparently see him, but it took a while before the administration was alerted.

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  6. Kristi Noem should b revilked by the voters oif her state, she sets a terrible exampleto everyone. I suspect she’s one of yjhr yjhougghts and prayers brigade when it comes to children being killed. How that would change if one victim was her own granddaughter. Or if a bit older the child was raped and bccame pregnant , especially if having that chikd was life threatening.

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    • I fully agree!!! She claims to “love nature” … and then she turns around and destroys it! I know it sounds cruel, but I wish the bear had mauled her! Yes, there is no doubt she sends thoughts and prayers at every mass shooting, and you are so right … I’ve long said that maybe what it takes to open the eyes of some of our members of Congress and other politicos is for the gun craziness to take one of their own. Sigh. What a mess this country is in. Cwtch

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