Has a Small Nation in The Balkans Shamed The USA?

I have long valued the opinions of our friends across the big pond … they often see us more clearly than we see ourselves, for they have the benefit of distance, they are not bombarded every day with the flaws of the “American Way.” One of those is our good friend Roger, whose post I share today. The U.S. touts itself as “the freest nation on earth,” but are we? Methinks we could learn a thing or two from the Serbian people …

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be


Sometimes, more often than we would like we label. It can be a political view, a social grouping, a community and even a whole nation. This is another of those which has long, long history in Humanity’s stumbling.

Back in the 1990s Yugoslavia tore itself apart in a series of wars which themselves had their own series of complex back-stories. There was a lot of anger at what was going on and the supine approach of European governments. Being the largest grouping of peoples The Serbs got the worst press. With execrable characters like Slobodan Milošević on the loose it was all too easy to ditch all sense of proportion. Eventually there was a peace of sorts, but that legacy remained. And it’s not too hard to find within the European media some news item, article or book which may still point a finger at Serbia and its peoples as…

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14 thoughts on “Has a Small Nation in The Balkans Shamed The USA?

  1. Considering the violent past of The Balkans, the reaction to the shootings in Serbia was indeed remarkable.
    But it will NEVER happen in America. They will just buy more guns to ‘protect’ themselves.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      • Some day, with your permission I might use your format of taking a song and working a post around it.
        There’s this Jefferson Airplane song which I still find very evocative titled The House at Pooneil Corners of course it’s got its share of weirdness but the stark concerns of the writer still resonate.
        Marty Balin was writing about war, it fits the political situation of today.

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        • You are more than welcome to use anything you find on my blog, Sir Roger! OOOooohhhh I LOVE “The House At Pooh Corner” … but … wasn’t that Kenny Loggins? Oh wait … I see … you said “The House at Pooneil Corners” … something different altogether, isn’t it. Lemme go take a look …

          Oh yes … that is definitely NOT the Kenny Loggins song! Anyway … go for it, Roger! Feel free to use my music format … looking forward to it (I think).

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          • Yeah….I should have listened to more Loggins & Messina and less Pearls Before Swine (not recommended- way too weird). Theirs is a lovely song.
            I’ll get working on it…..
            There’ll be an upbeat caveat to it…promise 🙂


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