So Many Fools …

I’ve got a bit of a snarky buildup this morning and I thought I’d share some of the things that are weighing on my mind … why should I keep such fun to myself, right?

Three organizations have now issued warnings about travel to the state of Florida.  Last month, Equality Florida, a gay rights advocacy group issued a travel advisory for LGBTQ people, on Wednesday the League of United Latin American Citizens issued an advisory for people of Hispanic descent, and on Friday, the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) issued a warning that it is no longer safe for Black people to travel to or within Florida.  This, in addition to all the other crap (book bans, ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws, discrimination, the Disney vs DeSantis feud, downgrading education, etc.) happening in Florida under their authoritarian governor, Ron DeSantis, has got to be a severe blow to the state whose economy relies heavily on tourism.

In part, the advisory by the NAACP reads …

“… the governor and the state of Florida have shown that African Americans are not welcome in the state of Florida.”

Ron DeSantis seems to want a straight, white state – well, it looks like he’s about to get his wish.  Only thing is that it will likely cut the state’s revenue by more than half.  Watch for unemployment numbers to go through the ceiling and the state to be unable to fund the programs to help people.  Way to go, DeSantis!  Perhaps at some point the people of Florida will look around and say, “Wha-what happened?  We thought he was gonna make Florida great again?”

The name of U.S. Representative Barry Loudermilk has only crossed my radar one other time … when it was revealed that he had given an unofficial tour (tours were banned during that time because of the pandemic) of the Capitol the day before  January 6th, 2021 – a tour that included such areas as stairwells used only by members of Congress that are typically off-limits to the public.

A still from a video that shows a tour on 5 January 2021 led by Barry Loudermilk. Why is this guy taking a picture of a stairwell?  Photograph: US House of Representatives Jan/ZUMA Press Wire Service/REX/Shutterstock

Video of January 6th shows one of the men from that tour marching toward the Capitol on January 6th, saying: “There’s no escape Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler. We’re coming for you.”

But yesterday, Mr. Loudermilk came crashing back onto my radar and nearly cracked my screen!

Mr. Loudermilk is allegedly ‘investigating’ the events of January 6th, but in fact is investigating the Capitol Police and the members of the January 6th committee who did such an excellent job at folding back the layers and showing us the people involved at every level.  In March, he set up a portal for people to submit tips from “individuals with knowledge of the events of January 6th and the Select Committee” about the security of the Capitol, delay in support from the National Guard and more.

If Mr. Loudermilk wishes to know more about January 6th, all he has to do is read the 752-page final report by the January 6th committee that was published last December.  But no … he must play cloak-and-dagger games with taxpayer dollars.  Yet another Pennywise the Clown in the Republican House.

My representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, Warren Davidson, sent out his usual weekly newsletter on Monday.  One part reads …

Freedom surrendered is rarely reclaimed, yet it must be restored to protect our constitutional Second Amendment rights. This week, I joined my friend and colleague Lauren Boebert by cosponsoring the Shall Not Be Infringed Act of 2023. This legislation repeals gun control measures passed under Democratic control and supported by Joe Biden last year. The Second Amendment is essential to defending our freedom. Read more about our legislation as reported by Newsmax here .

So damn much to stir the angst here!  First, it speaks volumes that the ignoble Lauren Boebert is his ‘friend’ and that they are co-conspirators in anything!  But more to the point, that he would seek to repeal the small amount of gun legislation that has been passed in the last year-and-a-half is simply unspeakable!  Children are getting killed by guns in schools, people are being killed by guns in the supermarkets, malls, in their neighborhoods and on the streets!  And this bastard wants to repeal the milquetoast legislation passed last year that did damn little to solve the problems to start with???  I hope his and Lauren’s bill goes down in flames, never to be seen again.  And the third thing that infuriated me was his take on the Second Amendment … has he not even read the U.S. Constitution???  Does he not understand that there is NO blanket right for the average Joe to own a gun???  And he associates himself with Newsmax, of all things???  This ‘man’ has no intelligence, no conscience, no common sense, and he does NOT belong in Congress!

Whew!  And on that note, I think I’ve shared enough angst for one morning, don’t you?  Happy Tuesday, my friends!

40 thoughts on “So Many Fools …

  1. Jill, just picking one of the several, what Rep. Loudermilk is recommending is unethical. He needs to state he has a conflict of interest and let others put forth any motions. It is not dissimilar to Rep. Jim Jordan not being on the House Committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection as he was a person of interest. The same should have held true on Rep. Devin Nunes who had a conflict of interest with the first Trump impeachment trial as he had been in contact with Lev Parnas who was a person of interest. He still served which was unethical.

    Regardless of veracity or lack there of, representatives who have conflicts of interest must recuse themselves or not serve at all. It should be noted my old Representative, Robert Pittenger, was forced to resign because he failed to disclose he had not removed a conflict of interest that was flagged earlier. This is important stuff.

    Please note these are just my opinions. Note it did not stop the former president for being in violation of a number of conflicts of interest, as he continued to conduct business while being president. Keith

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    • You are right, of course, but Jim Jordan didn’t step down from the J6 committee voluntarily and would have happily served if Pelosi hadn’t nixed him. And there isn’t a doubt in my mind that the committee would have achieved far less with him or Jim Banks on the committee, for they would have done nothing but obstruct the process.

      A lack of ethics, lack of values, lack of any desire to ‘do the right thing’ seems to be the mantra of the Republican Party today, doesn’t it? And yes, your opinion + mine +$10 would get us each a cuppa java at Starbucks! But, at least we’re still living in a country where we can express our opinions freely. But for how long … ???


  2. So, I guess, Florolida would be, the, very first state, to, outlaw the other, “colored” people then? That ought to, put a, damper on the businesses in the state, as, the major attraction is Disney World, and, the park is, reliant on the, travelers from out-of-state, to, bring in the, business, and, as the businesses, can’t make enough money, I’m sure, that, in time, the citizens of Florida will, feel it, and, rise up against, DeSantis…

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    • Well, they cannot blatantly outlaw any race or ethnicity, for that would go against federal law, but they seem determined to make Blacks and other people of colour, as well as LGBTQ people feel very unwelcome. Yes, the people of Florida will pay a high price for having elected DeSantis. Will they rise up against him? Doubtful.

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  3. Holy sh**, and there I thought it couldn’t get worse, but it always does. Do you know “The Conversation”? I just signed up for some of their newsletters. Its scientists and experts write about anything and everything:
    I thought you might be interested if you don’t know them already. Happy Tuesday despite everything 😍

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