♫ R.I.P. Tina Turner ♫

Yesterday we received the sad news that Tina Turner had died at age 83.  While I was saddened by the news, 83 years is a long time to live, and she contributed so much to the world of music that she will not soon be forgotten.

She had suffered ill health in recent years, being diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016 and having a kidney transplant in 2017.

After two decades of working with her abusive husband, Ike Turner, she struck out alone and – after a few false starts – became one of the defining pop icons of the 1980s with the album Private Dancer. Her life was chronicled in three memoirs, a biopic, a jukebox musical, and in 2021, the acclaimed documentary film, Tina.

Here’s what Tina had to say in 2019 on the occasion of her 80th birthday:

She looked better at 80 than I looked a decade ago when I was but a youthful 60!!!  The links above from The Guardian tell you a bit about Tina, the woman and the singer, and rather than tell you about her music, I’d rather let it speak for itself … hopefully these will bring back happy memories for you …

35 thoughts on “♫ R.I.P. Tina Turner ♫

  1. I love me some Tina Turner. I am heartbroken to learn of her passing. She will live on through the great music that she left the world. Something Beautiful Remains a song by Tina Turner is the way that I feel about her. Rest In Peace Queen. ♥️

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    • Yes, she like many others before her, left us a beautiful legacy. I don’t recall the song you mentioned, but I will check it out … I’ve probably heard it and just forgotten! Yes, R.I.P. Tina Turner … you’ve earned a break!


  2. Sort of in line with Roger’s comment, I would like to play Eric Burdon’s 1968 tribute to Tina Turner. He did not just cover her song — River Deep, Mountain High — he dedicated his cover to her in the only way he knew how:

    Dead but not forgotten, we love you, Tina, and always will.
    (I did not do a post on Tina today, as I was in the middle of something else, my John Lennon Week, and I knew you, Jill, would do her musical epitaph far better than I ever could. I will save my tribute to her for another day!)

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  3. One of the best. Whatever she sung, she sung with raw energy, and feeling.
    Remember when we were teens and ‘River Deep Mountain High’ came out? (Still brings shivers).
    These all all worthy video clips.
    As I suggested to Keith, for another YouTube treat she her duetting with Ann-Margaret on that lady’s show.
    Ann-Margaret was class performer in her own right, but somehow you can see her being pulled into Tina Turner’s orbit. Now there would have been a tour which would have drawn the crowds!

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  4. I’ve said for ages that the female vocalists I’ve loved had big voices and personalities to match. She was truly one of my heroes; I’ve been crying on and off since I saw the news. While I agree that 83 is a good, long run … and some of those years were hard on her … it’s still a painful loss. Somewhere in Heaven, she and Bowie are singing a stunning duet of “Tonight.”

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    • Awwww … I’ve found tears welling a few times today myself, as I’ve read a variety of tributes to her and her legacy. Oh yes … her life was not always easy … I had no idea just how cruel Ike was until last night when I was reading of his abuse. But she left us some beautiful music and that will never die!

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  5. Jill, we are of a like mind, as she was the focus of my post today as well. She put on the best concert that I have ever seen and that number is not small. She brought wonderful music, terrific dancing as she choreographed with her dancers, and heavy doses of energy, attitude and sex appeal. Her overcoming domestic violence is an amazing story as far too many don’t have the strength to leave. May she RIP. Keith

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    • Indeed, you, Clive and I were all of like minds … but wasn’t that to be expected when somebody like Tina Turner says ‘goodbye’? I’ve seen so many tributes to her today … she certainly left us a legacy that will outlast us all. It’s quite something to hear you say it was the best concert you have ever seen, for I think you’ve seen almost everyone in concert! I’m really glad you did get to see her!

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