The Hostage Situation Grows By Day

So, not only are the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives holding the nation at knifepoint in the debt ceiling drama, but they are bragging about it!  Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz and others have actually bragged about their efforts to attach ‘conditions’ to raising the debt ceiling … something that was not done during any of the three times the debt ceiling was raised under Donald Trump.  This, in and of itself, proves to me that the Republicans in Congress are not serious about governing, but rather are using the pretext of governing to run a three-ring circus with the likes of Marge Greene, George Santos, and Jim (Gym) Jordan as the top clowns and Kevin McCarthy as the ringleader.

One more time, for those who are Republicans and did not understand the first 50 times I said it:

The debt ceiling is NOT the budget … it is debt that we have already incurred and that MUST be paid in a timely manner! 

Please, Republicans, try to understand this!  You don’t sit at your kitchen table in the evening and say to your spouse, “Hmmmm … I won’t pay the electric bill unless you stop playing golf on Saturdays.”

Now, I have a suggestion to make.  If the United States defaults on its debt because the Republicans in the House of Representatives did not do their job, then one of the first things that should happen is that all congressional pay stops immediately!  The Capitol building should be closed, all offices locked, and no member of Congress allowed to enter the building nor access their office, computer, or other equipment.

Foolhardy, you say?  Is it any more foolhardy than holding the nation and its allies hostage to their whims … whims that are designed to hurt the poorest in the nation, while feeding the wealthy?  Any more foolhardy than sending the global economy into a tailspin?  Any more foolhardy than any of the other ‘policies’ that are spewed forth by the Republican Party for the sole purpose of making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer?

Kevin McCarthy is NOT a ‘Speaker of the House’ but rather a puppet of the other House Republicans like Comer, Greene, Jordan, Boebert, Scalise and others to whom he promised that which he could not deliver in order to obtain his current job … a job that he isn’t likely to be able to keep past summer.  Meanwhile, he and the other Republicans in Congress, most of whom apparently have never read the United States Constitution, are playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette … with our lives.

I was going to recommend that everyone reading this contact their representative today and demand that they vote to raise the debt ceiling with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, however … Congress has already left the building for their Memorial Day holiday and the House will not return until June 5th, four days after the June 1 deadline set by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen for a possible default.  There was a time … a time when we had people of conscience in Congress, that they would have cancelled or shortened their break for the good of the country, but not this Congress.  Thanks, guys … I hope you have the lousiest Memorial Day you’ve ever had.

I also liked Robert Reich’s take on the debt ceiling hostage situation and would likely have reblogged his if I hadn’t already written this one … take a look.

22 thoughts on “The Hostage Situation Grows By Day

  1. Jill, playing chicken should not be confused with good governance. This topic has been punted and even made worse by Republicans and Democrats. It will take a thoughtful, bipartisan review of holistic solutions. Per the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, it will take spending cuts AND tax increases both to solve this problem. The math will not otherwise work, no matter what ANY politician says regardless whether of relative veracity.

    When the debt was $8 trillion, the bipartisan Simpson Bowles Deficit Reduction Committee concluded we would need $2 of spending cuts per $1 of tax increases. Now the debt is $30 trillion and growing. This committee concluded this before the Republicans had a $2 trillion tax cut that benefitted primarily the wealthy and corporations. This was also before the pandemic help offered by both parties.

    We need to get the ceiling increased as we owe that money and then get very real with doing something about the debt.


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    • True, but it seems that a whole lot of people, some sitting in our Congress today, don’t understand nor value the concept of ‘good governance.’

      The debt ceiling should not be tied to next fiscal year’s budget in the manner the Republicans are trying to do so — they are two entirely separate issues. The debt we owe … and may not be able to pay … has already been incurred. What happens if you don’t make your mortgage/rent payment? Go find another place to live, right? And this is so much bigger than even that, but it’s being used as a pawn in a game. The Republicans never even submitted a budget, but instead are attempting to use the debt ceiling to obtain their goals without having to do the work of preparing a budget and negotiating it. And we have no voice in it all … only in 528 days when we go to the polls. I will remember this fiasco, but far too many won’t.

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  2. Before engaging in a game of chicken you should emulate the venerable bird and puff up spread your wings appear intimidating. They do look bird stupid but the majority of them are not. When the bar comes down and the car lurches forward you are all in for the ride. It is after all a thrill ride so enjoy it. If history is the guide the car will return to the starting point and the bar will lift and the children will race back to the line to ride again and the adults will submissively follow.

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    • They may not be ‘bird stupid’ but they do not have worthy goals, either. They are not interested in governance for the best interest of the nation and its people, but rather for their wealthy donors and those who can help them climb the ladder to power and wealth. We the People are but pawns in their game. Sorry, but I’ve never enjoyed thrill rides … always preferred the carousel that I knew would take me to my destination sans death or injury.

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      • I do not like thrill rides either, but the children do so we are on it like it or not. If you have not read “True Odds” by James Walsh I recommend it. We fear the wrong things. What do Carrousel horses eat that their mouths are always blood red?

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    • You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head … it’s more important to crush the opposition than to work together in the best interests of the country. That, plus, some seem to value the entertainment provided by the Republican Party more than they do serious governance.

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  3. The Repugnantcans have NEVER been serious about the federal deficit or balancing the budget, except for when a Democrat occupies the White House. Consider that They created the idea of deficit spending which is, in essence, spending more than you’ve budgeted. Even in this current debate, McCarthy wants cuts only in the public sector spending, not in the Military budget or monies allocated towards corporations; they all get increased! That about smokes them out as the phonies they are. If only America were paying attention, we might get some change in this country.

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    • The Republican Party has, in my view, become naught but a bad joke … a really bad joke. They are imposing their will on people who are too uneducated to understand the long-term consequences of their actions. We really need to tear down and rebuild the GOP, for as I see them today, they are NOT a viable political party, have zero concern for the future of this nation and its people. Yes … sigh … if only America was paying attention … but they seem to like the entertainment more than serious governance.


  4. I am so sick of this debt ceiling dilemma! Biden can take care of it in different ways without negotiating even one point. But here is where his cowardice really shows. If he concedes anything at all, it is too much! Be a President, Joe, not a weakling,

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    • Ahhhh … you’ve been listening to your newfound pal again, eh? No, President Biden is not a coward, rg, and no, there are not a number of different ways in which he could solve it sans the support of Congress. He could pursue the 14th Amendment, but that would open up new cans of worms that would do more harm than good. It is a solution of last resort. The other “solutions” you’re likely hearing are non-starters, such as simply printing more money. That’s not a solution and would have dire consequences.


      • I am not American so I will defer to you. But I am not listening only to Mitchell, but a number of others, on Word Press and not. Each of them have suggezted a way out. I cannot remember them all, because I am trying not to let this problem clutter my already over-cluttrred mind. The basic running theme is that Biden does not have to negotiate if he decides not to.
        It seems to be all moot anyway. Somebody said the negotiations have been agreed upon, No idea yet on the concessipns, but it sounds like an agreement is in place. I hope they don ‘t hurt the poor too much…

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        • Sometimes short-term ‘solutions’ cause far more trouble in the long-term. Better to do it the right way the first time, if at all possible, and that is what Biden is trying to do. Anything else would have to be a last-ditch effort and would carry a high price tag.


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  6. You know what this leads to, right? Rest of the world says “Let ’em go broke, them fools. Nobody needs America anyway.” And even more and more of her “allies” are waking up now. What we need is Russian oil and gas and Chinese consumer goods. What we need is their business and good relations with ’em.
    What has America to offer us? LGBTQRS++ nonsense and the wurst Hollywood spectacles and … umm, err … anything else?


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