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  1. Hi Jill! Just wanted to update you on the Gnome Homes. They continue to thrive in local parks, 7 countries and 11 states. To date I’ve made about 250, most of which have been donated to non-profits for fundraising purposes. They have raised many thousands of dollars which we are very proud of. To our surprise, they remain very popular. We thought the interest would wane after a few years and now 7 years later the Gnomes and their home continue to bring smiles to the faces of young and old. Take care and stay safe and healthy. Steve

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    • Hi Steve!!! It’s so good to hear from you! And I am thrilled that you are still making the gnomes, even more so that you are using them to help people! I think it’s about time for me to revive one of my old posts about the gnomes and their homes … people always loved them, myself included! Do you have any pictures of some of your more recent work? Keep on keeping on, my friend, bringing smiles to the faces of us all! Wishing you the best ever! Jill


    • I DID have a nice paragraph written there! It has disappeared! Apparently in one of their infamous ‘upgrades’ (read downgrades), WordPress got rid of it for me. I had no idea. I will replace it sometime this week … thanks for letting me know!

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        • Yeah, I’m still waiting, too … but then, if the Internet were down for a week, I’d go crazy! WordPress has, of late, been trying my patience … every day it seems they change something that makes us have to spend a bit longer to insert a picture, schedule a post, etc. They are not practicing good customer service of late!

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      • I will replace it sometime this week

        This is turning into a long week. Longer for you, I bet, hope you’re recovering. Davidprosser suggested that I could maybe help boost your spirits by sending you an email, but I don’t have your address, so I came looking here for a ‘Contact’ page, thinking that might redirect to your usual email address. But there’s not one of those. This feeble attempt at humour will have to do, when you get around to reading it. No rush.

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  2. Hello! my people, My Name is Naveen Bommakanti. I am a writer, poet and founder of breathetoinspire.com I have gone through your entire site and posts, there is so much passion, vibrations of love and harmony in every word of yours.
    I was inspired by the way you put your beauty in such words. I felt couple of deep common values are resonated in my heart. Hope will be connected and share and explore the aspirations to inspire this world. πŸ™‚
    I look forward to having a discussion with you my beautiful soul

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  3. Hi Jill, hope you are doing well! I have a couple of questions and I was wondering if there was a way I could contact you, such as e-mail? If not that is totally fine. My question is about how I can continue to grow my audience on my blog as I feel as if I reached a point where I am not growing as much anyway or as much as I expected. Thanks πŸ™‚

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  4. Jill…you are one of my very favorite bloggers. I really aligned with your political views and I just recently went through most of your music choices you post. I have loved them all and the words are often so very appropriate to the times.
    I found one of my very favorites and it’s Into the West…Annie Lennox. It was in the last Lord of the Rings movie and is so fitting I think and a beautiful if not melancholy song. Give it a listen and see what you think.
    I love the way you put the lyrics with the song.


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    • I thank you SO much for your kind words!!! It makes it all worthwhile … not to mention brings a big smile to my face! 😊 Thank YOU, dear Mary, for a much-needed boost. I will check out the song by Annie Lennox … it doesn’t ring a bell, but then I am horrible about song titles. Thanks again!

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      • I just looked at the lyrics again and it probably is not for the current times. It’s more a love song about death really. Still it’s a good one, but probably not for your blog. I am a big Lord of the Rings fan and Harry Potter.

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  5. Hi there, sweet friend!! I’d been missing you … come to find out, stepped over to your blog and I wasn’t following you anymore!! No wonder … but I didn’t do it!! The WP did …. hugs!! Love ya! Hope all is well … ❀

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  6. If Kavanaugh is confirmed today, I will be totally convinced that the leaders of this country have sold their SOULS TO THE DEVIL (in a manner of speaking…) And in the process they have sentenced this country to a horrible, uncivilized future. I haven’t been this depressed about it since the damn election. I really thought we were better than that. I keep hoping people know the difference between right and wrong and kindness and hate. So sad about all this. Sorry. Didn’t want to post this on your blog. I’m just whiny today.

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    • It’s okay, my friend … never be hesitant to rant on my blog … I do my share of it. We have come to a point that the future seems dire. We lost the executive, we lost Congress, and now it seems that we have lost the Supreme Court. What all of that may well mean is that the Constitution is now “null and void”, that it may have been shredded. Like you, I am depressed, I am actually sickened to the point of being unable to eat, but … and this is important … BUT … we cannot throw our hands up in despair and call it quits. We cannot succumb as the Germans and Italians did in the 1930s. We must keep fighting, even on those days that we don’t believe our voices, our fight can make a difference, for you just never know what seed we might be planting, but if we give up, we do know what the outcome will be. I urge you to hang on, my friend. My email is dennisonjill@aol.com if you ever want to vent privately, or just chat. Now, smile … c’mon … just a little one … you can do it! 😊

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