♫ Reminiscing ♫

I wanted today’s music post to be something Australian, in keeping with my earlier tribute to Australia, but the only song I could think of that was Australian was …

Well, that was certainly a fun one, but perhaps I can do better with one by an Australian group, like Reminiscing by the Little River Band.

This song, first released by Australian rock music group Little River Band in July 1978, remains their greatest success, having peaked at #3 in the U.S.

The song is about a couple reminiscing about their past, recalling favorite songs and memories.  Along with AC/DC, the Little River Band was one of the first Australian rock groups to see commercial success in the US, selling over 25 million records and scoring 13 American Top 40 hits.

Little River Band

Friday night it was late, I was walking you home
We got down to the gate, I was dreaming of the night
Would it turn out right?
How to tell you girl, I want to build my world around you
Wanna tell you that it’s true
I wanna make you understand I’m talking about a lifetime plan

Well that’s the way it began, we were hand-in-hand
Glen Miller’s band was better than before
We yelled and screamed for more
And those Porter’s tunes made us dance across the room
It ended all too soon
On the way back home I promised you’d never be alone

Hurry, don’t be late
I can’t hardly wait
I said to myself when we’re old
We’ll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park
And reminiscing

Friday night it was late, I was walking you home
We got down to the gate, I was dreaming of the night
Would it turn out right?
Now as the years roll on, each time we hear our favorite song
The memories come along
Older times we’re missing, spending the hours reminiscing

Hurry, don’t be late
I can’t hardly wait
I said to myself when we’re old
We’ll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park
And reminiscing

Songwriters: Graeham George Goble / Graham George Goble
Reminiscing lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Celebrating Australia

I initially started out to do a fun, positive, upbeat post about Australia Day.  I had even snagged a few fun memes about the day and the country from over at Phil’s Phun (Phil is an Aussie, you know).  But then, I discovered that not everybody in Australia is all that happy to observe a national commemoration on January 26th, and with good reason.  It’s reminiscent of our own Christopher Columbus Day in October that … well, should really be ended.  According to an article I found on VOA (Voice of America) News …

The first fleet of British convicts arrived in Sydney on Jan. 26, 1788, but Aboriginal groups mourn what they call “Invasion Day.”  Australia’s national day is controversial because it is held on a date marking British colonization. Aboriginal Australians have led the charge for it to be commemorated at a different time of the year. 

Cricket bosses have removed the term “Australia Day” from promotional material for matches because they insist it was a time of “mourning” for many Indigenous players. Many Australia Day events this year are being scaled back or postponed because of COVID-19 restrictions, but the clamor for the date to be altered is likely to be undiminished.

Australia’s Indigenous peoples make up about 3% of the national population. They believe that high rates of unemployment, poverty and incarceration are the direct result of the dispossession and marginalization caused by European colonization that began in 1788.

Aus-mapSadly, Australia’s current Prime Minister Scott Morrison seems rather oblivious to the pain the date recalls.  He is angry that the cricket teams will not be touting the day, and says, “When those 12 ships turned up in Sydney all those years ago, it wasn’t a particularly flash day for the people on those vessels either.”  This statement in itself reminds me so much of the person we here in the U.S. just voted out of the Oval Office … no empathy, no consideration for others’ feelings.  And he doesn’t even know the history of his nation, for according to historians there were 11 ships, not 12.

So now, I am torn.  I have a number of Australian blogging friends and I want to honour their country, and yet, I fully understand the reasons that this day should not be one of celebration, for it would be rather like celebrating the arrival of the first slave ships on U.S. soil … not something to be proud of.  So, instead of writing about the day and the tragedies of history, I will share a few of the beautiful areas and wildlife of Australia and drink a toast to all my Aussie friends … Paul, Andrea, Simeon, Anne, and all the rest!  Cheers, my friends — you guys live in a beautiful country!  🥂


Uluru, the iconic monolith, also known as Ayers Rock, is the emblem of Australia. The massive sandstone rock is located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Uluru, one of Australia’s World Heritage Sites, is sacred to its indigenous custodians. The monolith is now off-limits for climbers.


Iconic Sydney Opera House



The Great Barrier Reef is located off the east coast of Queensland and is one of Australia’s natural wonders and a World Heritage Site.


The Twelve Apostles, the collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park in Victoria.


The ‘Totem Pole’ from the last lookout of the Cape Hauy Track, in Tasman National Park, Tasmania.


Weedy Sea Dragon

Lake Hillier, whose pink hue defies scientific explanation. 

I think that Australia has some of the cutest wildlife on the planet!  My two favourites are the Quokka and the Koala, but they are all beautiful!


Baby Echidna, aka Hedgehog


Kangaroo with Joey in the pouch






Tasmanian Devil

Bye Bye Unity

If you don’t have something to growl or curse about today, our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has something to help you find your grumbly growl! Fellow democrats are shooting themselves … AND US … in the foot. Intentionally. Because they sold their brains for a box of Cracker Jacks! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Thanks Jeff — great post!

On The Fence Voters

Unity, huh? I have to admit; I thought President Biden might get at least a few weeks of relative respect from the media as well as Republican politicians. Boy, was I wrong.

I also was hoping the far-left might cut the new president some slack too. You know, maybe see what’s actually in the proposed $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill before criticizing it profusely? Wrong, again.

I wrote several months ago in this space that I thought Biden was the best man to try and unify the country. I still feel that way. But I also acknowledged that I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Frankly, I expected the Republicans to come at him with fierce resistance to everything he tries to do. And, true to form, a myriad of catcalls and complaints already are infecting the airwaves and internet. Here are just a few:

“How are all these…

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Speaking Of The Minimum Wage …

I have a laundry list of things I hope to see happen under the Biden administration, and one of those at the top of the list is a significant increase in the federal minimum wage rate.  It has been stagnant for 12 years now, despite the fact that the cost of living has increased consistently, year after year.  The article I’m about to share was written a week ago, two days before President Biden’s inauguration, but the premise still stands, and I completely agree with its author, Paul Krugman writing for the New York Times.

Who’s Radical Now? The Case of Minimum Wages

Evidence has a well-known liberal bias.

paul-krugman-thumbLargeBy Paul Krugman

Opinion Columnist

  • Jan. 18, 2021

Most Americans, myself included, will be deeply relieved when Joe Biden is finally sworn in as president. But almost everyone has a sense of foreboding, not just because of the specific threat of right-wing terrorism, but also because Biden will take office in a political environment polluted by lies.

Most important, of course, is the Big Lie: the claim, based on nothing whatsoever, that the election was stolen. Has there been anything in U.S. history like the demand from leading Republicans that Biden pursue “unity” when they won’t even say publicly that he won fairly? And polls showing that a large majority of rank-and-file Republicans believe that there was major election fraud are deeply scary.

But not far behind in importance is what I think of as the Slightly Smaller Lie — the almost universal insistence on the right that the mildly center-left leaders of the incoming administration and Congress are, or at least are controlled by, radical socialists. This allegation was almost the entire substance of Republican campaigning during the Georgia Senate runoffs.

One response to this bizarre claim — and it’s not a bad response — would be a Bidenesque “C’mon, man. Get real!” But I’d like to do a somewhat deeper dive by focusing on one particular issue: Biden’s call, as part of his economic recovery plan, for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Republicans raising objections to Biden’s plan have singled out the minimum wage hike as a prime reason for their opposition, although we all know that they would have found some excuse for objecting no matter what he proposed. What’s striking about this fight — let’s not dignify it by calling it a debate, as if both sides were making real arguments — is that it shows us who the real radicals are.

For what counts as a radical economic proposal? One possible answer would be a proposal that flies in the face of public opinion.

By that criterion, however, Republican politicians are definitely the radicals here. Raising the minimum wage is immensely popular; it’s supported by around 70 percent of voters, including a substantial majority of self-identified Republicans. Or if you don’t believe polls, look at what happened in Florida back in November: even as Trump carried the state, a referendum on raising the minimum wage to $15 won in a landslide.

So the G.O.P. is very much out of step with the public on this issue — it’s espousing what is almost a fringe position. Oh, and it’s a position that is completely at odds with the claim by many Republicans that they’re the true party of the working class.

What if we define radicalism not by opposition to public opinion but by a refusal to accept the conclusions of mainstream economics? Here, too, Democrats are the moderates and Republicans the radicals.

It’s true that once upon a time there was a near-consensus among economists that minimum wages substantially reduced employment. But that was long ago. These days only a minority of economists think raising the minimum to $15 would have large employment costs, and a strong plurality believe that a significant rise — although maybe not all the way to $15 — would be a good idea.

Why did economists change their minds? No, the profession wasn’t infiltrated by antifa; it was moved by evidence, specifically the results of “natural experiments” that take place when an individual state raises its minimum wage while neighboring states don’t. The lesson from this evidence is that unless minimum wages are raised to levels higher than anything currently being proposed, hiking the minimum won’t have major negative effects on employment — but it will have significant benefits in terms of higher earnings and a reduction in poverty.

But evidence has a well-known liberal bias. Did I mention that on Friday, just days before their eviction, Trump officials released a report claiming that the 2017 tax cut paid for itself?

Voodoo economics may be the most thoroughly debunked doctrine in the history of economic thought, refuted by decades of experience — and voters consistently say that corporations and the wealthy pay too little, not too much, in taxes. Yet tax cuts for the already privileged are central to the Republican agenda, even under a supposedly populist president.

On economic policy, then, Democrats — even though they have moved somewhat to the left in recent years — are moderates by any standard, while Republicans are wild-eyed radicals. So why does the G.O.P. think that it can get away with claiming the opposite?

Part of the answer is the power of the right-wing disinformation machine, which relentlessly portrays anyone left of center as the second coming of Pol Pot. Another part of the answer is that Republicans clearly hope that voters will judge some Democrats by the color of their skin, not the content of their policy proposals.

In any case, let’s be clear: There is indeed a radical party in America, one that, aside from hating democracy, has crazy ideas about how the world works and is at odds with the views of most voters. And it’s not the Democrats.


Accountability and unity

Our friend Keith has perfectly echoed my own thoughts, and likely many of yours as well. His words are so very apt … certain members of Congress would do well to listen to Keith … hmmm … perhaps he should run for office! Thanks, Keith!


Republican Senator Mitt Romney said yesterday, we cannot have unity without accountability. Yet, some Republican Senators are still echoing the planned fraud by the former president on the American people claiming unproven voter fraud. Others are saying the former president should not stand trial in the Senate.

As for those who do not want to hold the former president accountable, here is metaphor who uses a crying toddler example with intent.

-The toddler cried to anyone who would listen he was cheated.

-He took all measures he could to say he was cheated, unable to prove such.

-He bullied other toddlers to go along with him or he would be mean to them.

-He invited the tin soldiers to his room having wound them up for two months.

-He revved them up some more. Then he pointed them at the perceived enemy and sicced them to go do harm.


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♫ I Don’t Like Mondays ♫

My music posts are almost always just for fun, songs that I like or once liked, music that brings back memories, mostly fond, and that we can all remember from … way back when … a time we still had our teeth, our hair, and our eyesight!  Every now and then, though, a song crosses my radar that just begs to be played, that has a message too strong to be ignored, whether I actually like the song or not.  Today’s is one such song.

Our friend Clive from ‘cross the pond sent me this a few weeks ago, saying he thought this might be right up my alley.  He’s right … it is.  One of my pet peeves … probably my strongest pet peeve … is the gun culture in the U.S.  There are more guns in the hands of civilians in this country than there are … civilians!  It’s crazy, it’s insane, and every day … EVERY DAMN DAY … people die because some fool had a gun.  I hate guns, hate the gun culture, and were it in my power, I would erase the 2nd Amendment from the U.S. Constitution.  Were it in my power, I would take every gun in this country and place it on Elon Musk’s next flight into nowhere!

This song is about Brenda Spencer, a 16-year-old high school student who lived across the street from Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California. On Monday, January 29, 1979, she opened fire on the school with a rifle her father had given her for Christmas, killing two adults (including the principal) and injuring nine children before going back to her home. Police surrounded her home and waited for seven hours until she gave herself up. In that time, she spoke with a reporter on the phone. When asked why she did it, she replied …

“I just started shooting, that’s it. I just did it for the fun of it. I just don’t like Mondays. I just did it because it’s a way to cheer the day up. Nobody likes Mondays.”

This was a #1 hit in 32 different countries, but it flopped in the U.S., probably because the subject matter hit too close to home. Gun violence is a big problem in America.

Bob Geldof, the leader of the Boomtown Rats, was in Atlanta touring when he heard the news story about Brenda Spencer.  Geldof composed the song on the spot, originally as a reggae number. Back in Los Angeles after the tour, a studio demo was recorded with grand piano and vocals. By the time I Don’t Like Mondays was introduced onstage in Loch Lomond, Scotland, the song had been transformed dramatically.  Brenda Spencer’s parents tried to have the single banned in the US, without success.  Says Geldof …

“I was doing a radio interview in Atlanta with Johnnie Fingers and there was a telex machine beside me. I read it as it came out. Not liking Mondays as a reason for doing somebody in is a bit strange. I was thinking about it on the way back to the hotel and I just said ‘silicon chip inside her head had switched to overload’. I wrote that down. And the journalists interviewing her said, ‘Tell me why?’ It was such a senseless act. It was the perfect senseless act and this was the perfect senseless reason for doing it. So perhaps I wrote the perfect senseless song to illustrate it. It wasn’t an attempt to exploit tragedy.”

In 2019 Bob Geldof and Johnnie Fingers reached an agreement in their dispute over who wrote the song, until then credited solely to Geldof. Fingers received a financial settlement and co-credit.

Now, on a personal note, the song itself, the tune, the singing, does not appeal to me.  I do love the piano, but the rest … I could easily leave it.  But … there is something bigger here … the United States has a gun problem.  The Founding Fathers never intended the 2nd Amendment to mean that we could all carry a gun and shoot people at random.  Think Brenda Spencer, think Sandy Hook, think Trayvon Martin and so many more just in the past few years.  This song … it speaks volumes about what is wrong with America.

My thanks to Clive for turning me onto this song, the story which, if I ever knew it I had long since forgotten.  See, that’s part of the problem … we in the U.S. have become so inured to gun violence that … we forget.  We forget.

I Don’t Like Mondays
The Boomtown Rats

The silicon chip inside her head
Gets switched to overload
And nobody’s gonna go to school today
She’s gonna make them stay at home
And daddy doesn’t understand it
He always said she was good as gold
And he can see no reasons
‘Cause there are no reasons
What reason do you need to be shown?

I don’t like Mondays
(Tell me why)
I don’t like Mondays
(Tell me why)
I don’t like Mondays
I wanna shoot the whole day down

The Telex machine is kept so clean
And it types to a waiting world
Her mother feels so shocked, father’s world is rocked
And their thoughts turn to their own little girl
Sweet sixteen, ain’t that peachy keen
Now it ain’t so neat to admit defeat
They can see no reasons
‘Cause there are no reasons
What reasons do you need, oh oh oh oh?

I don’t like Mondays
(Tell me why)
I don’t like Mondays
(Tell me why)
I don’t like Mondays
I wanna shoot the whole day down
Down, down, shoot it all down

And all the playing’s stopped in the playground now
She wants to play with the toys a while
And school’s out early and soon we be learning
And the lesson today is how to die
And then the bullhorn crackles and the captain tackles
With the problems and the hows and whys
And he can see no reasons
‘Cause there are no reasons
What reason do you need to die, die, oh oh oh?

The silicon chip inside her head
Gets switched to overload
And nobody’s gonna go to school today
She’s gonna make them stay at home
And daddy doesn’t understand it
He always said she was good as gold
And he can see no reasons
‘Cause there are no reasons
What reason do you need to be shown?

I don’t like Mondays
(Tell me why)
I don’t like Mondays
(Tell me why)
I don’t like
I don’t like
(Tell me why)
I don’t like Mondays
(Tell me why)
I don’t like
I don’t like
(Tell me why)
I don’t like Mondays
(Tell me why)
I don’t like Mondays
I wanna shoot the whole day down

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Geldof Bob / Geldof Robert / Geldof Robert Frederick Zenon
I Don’t Like Mondays lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Ltd.

Jolly Monday — Again, Already

Monday-sleepy-2Good {yawn} Monday morning folks … didn’t we just {yawn} do Monday a few days ago?  Seems like the older I get, the faster Monday comes ‘round.  I wish there were some sort of a switch we could use to slow down time!  We still have our Christmas decorations up … the girls took down the tree a week ago, but all the what-nots, village houses, and lights are still up, and I’m wondering if I should just leave ‘em up, for at this rate, Christmas will be back around by the time I get everything packed away!

So, how was your weekend?  Mine?  Peaceful, and I’ll settle for that at the moment — no police standoffs, no shootings here in da ‘hood, and no major cat fights — life is good.  Joyful has been ‘cross the pond visiting Roger’s girls, Karlyn, Trelli, and Arketre, and she just got back last night, so she hasn’t had time to do any baking this morning, but she promises me she made bacon for the bacon-lovers in the group, and that she’d whip up something with Jolly’s help.  I always cringe when Jolly goes near the kitchen … you remember the episode last year, right?  But, Joyful has promised not to let him near the stove or oven, so it should be alright.  So, let’s go see what’s on the table and then we’ll find something to start our week out with a smile.

Give me the peanuts🥜, or else!

I’ve taken great delight the past month or two from the squirrels that visit each day.  I buy 3 pounds of unsalted, unshelled peanuts every week and feed them every morning.  They delight me, watching their antics, watching them stalk birdies, and I think they’re beginning to trust me, for they only move a foot or two away when I come out in the morning to feed them and the birds.  But if I ever see one of them wielding a knife, I might have to re-think this!

That’s what happened to Andrea Diamond, who lives in the Rosedale area of Toronto.  One morning Andrea stepped out into her backyard and spotted a squirrel that had picked up a paring knife she had left near a tent outside her home.

squirrel-knifeShe said the squirrel gnawed on the knife handle for a while before abandoning the tool. She said the animal returned a short time later to chew on the knife a little longer.

Fortunately, neither Ms. Diamond nor the squirrel were injured in the incident!


Da dog has empathy!

Russell Jones of London (the one in the United Kingdom, not Kentucky) broke his ankle not long ago, and is using crutches to walk without putting wait weight on the broken appendage.  Now, Russell has a dog, named Billy, and he noticed that Billy was favouring one leg, refusing to put weight on it as he walked alongside Russell.

Concerned, Russell took Billy to the vet, and after X-rays and an exam, the vet could find nothing wrong with Billy.  The veterinarian told Jones his dog was imitating the way he walks with his broken ankle. Jones said Billy had been limping since the day after his ankle injury.  And this only cost poor Russell £300, or about $400 USD.

I always enjoy seeing humorous signs, don’t you?  Here are a few …


I’ve had a harder time finding ‘toons this week, partly because Phil over at Phil’s Phun didn’t post very many … but here are a few, plus some fun memes.



Oh I can so well relate to this one!!!



And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for … {drumroll} … a cute critter video — I love the hedgehog … and the bear in the sidecar!

I hope you found something here that helped to start your week off with a smile, and if you did, what say you share that smile?  The fun thing about smiles is that they’re rather like love … you can give and give, and your own share gets even bigger as you do!  Have a safe and happy week, dear friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

WHAT Does It Matter?

I have to ask this seemingly inane question … why does anybody give a royal f**k what the brand of the watch Joe Biden wears on his arm is???  Rolex, Timex, Elgin … what the f**k business is it of mine or yours???  He wears it so that he can tell what time it is, so that he isn’t late for important meetings and conference calls and the like.

I have seen no less that 15 articles critiquing Joe’s wristwatch, not only the ignoble Fox ‘News’ and New York Post, but reputable sources both in this country and abroad!  For Pete’s sake!  Grow up, kids!  There are more important issues on the table than the brand name of the President’s watch!

I well remember August 28, 2014, when President Barack Obama had the audacity to wear a tan-coloured suit to a live press conference on increasing the U.S. military response against the Islamic State in Syria.  The topic fell into the background as the media and those on social media went into a feeding frenzy over his choice of a suit.  A light-colored suit is considered casual summer wear that was seen by conservative media outlet Fox News as being too casual for a press conference on such a serious matter.


Seriously???  Yes, seriously … that mattered to the fools and idiots on the other side of the aisle and in the media.

Conservatives disapproved of Obama’s decision to wear the tan suit. Conservative Republican Representative Peter King of New York called Obama’s wearing of the suit unpresidential, and stated that “There’s no way, I don’t think, any of us can excuse what the president did yesterday. I mean, you have the world watching.”

WHOA!  “No way … any of us can excuse …”  The presidency is not … NOT … a fashion contest, for Pete’s sake!

And then there was that … {GASP} … moment in 2009 when First Lady Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress for her official White House photo!


The press jumped on that, and also when she chose a sleeveless purple dress when attending President Obama’s address to Congress.  Oh, the horrors!

And yet … when Trump was in office, Melania was often seen in a sleeveless dress and not a word was said.  Even worse …


And believe me, there are far more disgusting nude photos of Ms. Trump from her days as a nude model, but I refuse to put such garbage on my blog.  Yet, people were more horrified at seeing Michelle Obama in a rather sedate, black, sleeveless dress and President Obama in a tan suit.  And now, Joe Biden is to be criticized and denigrated for the the timepiece on his arm!

If the biggest thing the media and the fools who spend half their days on social media have to worry about is the brand of Joe Biden’s watch, then this country is in serious trouble, my friends.  To those who care … I say, “Get A LIFE!”

♫ Where Is The Love ♫

Tonight, I was going to play Midnight at the Oasis … until I realized that I had played it not once, but twice in just over a year already, and it didn’t go over all that well last time I played it.  So as I listened to the song, I scrolled down the YouTube suggestions on the right of my screen, and hit upon this song, originally by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway.  

This was written by percussionist Ralph MacDonald and bass player William Salter. They wrote the song hoping The 5th Dimension would record it, but MacDonald was working on the session for the Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway album, and when they needed one more song, he offered it to them.

Flack and Hathaway were good friends who both attended Howard University. Their first collaboration was a cover of Carole King’s You’ve Got a Friend. This led to an entire album of duets, which contained this hit.  Six years later, Flack and Hathaway teamed up again for The Closer I Get To You, which hit #2 in the US. Flack also recorded successful duets with Peabo Bryson (Tonight, I Celebrate My Love) and Maxi Priest (Set The Night To Music).

The song won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.  It charted at #1 in the U.S., #29 in the UK, and #35 in Canada.  It has been covered by numerous people, including Helen Reddy, but the one I find I liked best, after Flack & Hathaway’s version of course, is the one by Sérgio Mendes & Brasil ’77, so I am including that one here as well.

Where Is the Love
Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack

Where is the love?
You said, was mine, all mine
Till the end of time
Was it just a lie?

Where is the love?
If you had, had a sudden change of heart
I wish that you would tell me so
Don’t leave me hangin’ on the promises

You’ve got to let me know
Oh, how I wish, I never met you
I guess, it must have been my fate
To fall in love with someone else’s love
All I can do is wait
That’s all I can do, yeah yeah

Where is the love? (Where is the love?)
Where is the love? (Where is the love?)
Where is the love? (Where is the love?)
Where is the love? (Where is the love?)
Where is the love? (Where is the love?)
Where is the love? (Where is the love?)
Where is the love? (Where is the love?)
Where is the love? (Where is the love?)

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Mac Donald Ralph / Salter William
Where Is the Love lyrics © Universal Music – Z Tunes Llc, Reservoir 416, Tennman Tunes, Bmg Ruby Songs, Printz Polar Publishing, Songs Of Universal Inc., Antisia Music Inc

The Week’s Best Cartoons: Bye Trump, Hello Biden

While I always appreciate the talent of the political cartoonists, being able to comprehend a situation and relate it with few or no words, only drawings, of late I have found that rather than lighten my mood or make me smile, the political cartoons have been somewhat dark and depressing.  Well, they do reflect our reality, which has also been dark and depressing, so what should I expect, right?  But this week’s ‘toons are different … I actually smiled and found humour in them!  Gee … I wonder what’s changed?

As she does every Saturday, TokyoSand has searched the world over and found the best selection to bring to us.  Thank you, TS, for your hard work and diligence, and for your permission to share!


See All The ‘Toons!