Just Another Jolly Monday

Good Monday morning, friends!  Was your weekend wonderful?  Come in … sit down and tell me what fun things you did?  Mine was laid back, just the way I like it.  Daughter Chris plays the drum in a national Pipes & Drums band, and this is their competition season, so she was gone part of this weekend, and will be gone all weekend for the next several, meaning Miss Goose and I will be left to our own devices.  Typically that means she works on her art while I write, and we try to remember to say “hey” to each other every 2-3 hours!

I tried something new this week … baklava … it’s a greek dessert and ever so yummy, but in case you don’t like that, there are also donuts and cinnamon rolls.  So grab a cuppa (both tea and coffee this morning, rawgod) and a bite and let’s share a few laughs before you all have to go out there and mingle with the rest of the world, eh?

A wedding crasher …waddell-weddingNewlyweds Rusty and Auttumn Waddell were enjoying their wedding May 6 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Virginia Beach when the bride’s mother noticed an unfamiliar face.  Since it wasn’t a formal wedding, she thought perhaps it was a guest of a guest, but something seemed a bit off, so she snapped a picture of the woman standing in front of the gift table. crasher.jpgA while later the woman was gone … and so were many of the wedding gifts, including envelopes containing cash for the newlyweds!  Since the couple hadn’t yet opened the gifts and there was no list, they are now faced with the embarrassing task of having to ask each guest what gift they brought so they can give the police an accurate accounting of what was stolen.  Police, meanwhile, are asking anybody who knows this woman to contact them.  What a way to start a marriage, and what nerve to crash a wedding to steal the presents!

A rude awakening …

Imagine waking up early one morning to the sounds of people walking around on your roof, the sounds of hammers and crowbars pulling up your roof tiles.  These were the sounds that Pearl Northrup of Lehigh Acres, Florida awakened to one day last week, but they had not ordered a new roof.  Pearl called her landlady, Sarah Fritchey, to ask if she had scheduled roof repairs without her knowledge, but no, no roof repairs had been ordered.

roof.jpgTurns out the men on the roof were roofers employed by Nastar Roofing, and when they set out for their daily duties, they put the wrong address into their GPS!  The owner of the roofing company, L.B. Skaggs, had the men repair the damage and he will be meeting with Misses Northrup and Fritchey in a few days.  The irony, though is that the advertisement for Nastar Roofing claims they are “the roofing company you can trust”, and that “we thrive on integrity, professionalism and attention to the details that matter most to you.” 

It’s the little things …

In March 2017, I wrote a post about the World Happiness Report  that ranks 155 nations by the happiness of their citizens.  The #1 ranking country in 2017 turned out to be Norway.norway.jpgWell, one Norwegian pet supply company, Musti Group, may help explain part of what makes Norway a happy place.  Their new policy is to offer their 1,500 employees three days of paid leave when a new furry critter joins their family.  They call it “pawternity leave”.  Musti Group CEO David Rönnberg says the first few days a puppy is in a new home are vital to getting used to its new owner and environment.pawternity leave

“Depending on the needs of each pet, the first days spent together can be rather intense, and sleepless nights are more than familiar to recent pet parents. A baby animal requires constant attention and unconditional love. Paying attention to a pet’s needs and spending time with them supports their learning, builds trust and helps prevent behavioral disorders in the future.”

Now that, friends, is a company with heart!  A small thing?  Sure, but it’s the little things that make the difference between feeling like you’re important rather than merely a cog in the wheel.

What are the odds?

On Friday, June 1, Trooper Michael Patterson stopped Matthew Bailly for a minor motor vehicle violation in Kingwood Township, New Jersey.  As sometimes happens, the two men began talking, and Bailly revealed that he is a retired police officer from Patterson’s hometown of Piscataway.  One thing led to another, and Bailly eventually related a story about delivering a baby at a home way back when he was a rookie cop in 1991.  As he gave more details and recalled that the parents had named the baby ‘Michael’, a stunned Patterson extended his hand and told Bailly he was the baby the retired officer delivered on Oct. 5, 1991. bailly-patterson

Possession is nine-tenths of the law

There is a line in the movie Homeward Bound where the cat, Sassy, says “Cats rule, dogs drool”.  This short video seems to prove that maxim.

And now, dear friends, while I really love having you here, and wish you could stay all day, you cannot.  You have work to do, I have work to do, and this isn’t getting any of it done.  I hope you found something here to bring a smile to your face … a smile that you can share with others you run into today.  Y’know … a smile is contagious and so is a scowl, so let’s all see if we can spread more smiles than scowls this week, shall we?  Keep safe and have a wonderful week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

Last week, I had complaints about my choice of Jambalaya by The Carpenters, and David requested Fats Domino for this week … here you go, my friend …



Saturday Surprise — The Week in Pictures

When I first came up with the idea for the Saturday Surprise feature last August, I asked for suggestions from my readers.  One of those suggestions was interesting pictures from the week before, and today, being of somewhat diminished energy and creative juices, I went in search of some of the week’s best pictures.  The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii provided some really great shots, and so did … well, you’ll see.

Italy Bosco VerticaleOfficially opened in October 2014, Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) is a pair of award-winning residential towers in the Porta Nuova district of Milan, Italy.  The towers have heights of 110 metres (360 ft) and 76 metres (249 ft) respectively and host 900 trees (each measuring 3, 6 or 9 meters or 10-30 ft) and over 2,000 plants from a wide range of shrubs and floral plants distributed in relation to the façade’s position towards the sun.  Now guess what an apartment in these buildings costs?  Prices range from $845,000 to $2.6 million!!!  Guess I won’t be moving any time soon.Bosca Verticale-2

polish landfill fire.pngThis fire at a landfill site in the town of Zgierz, central Poland, has been burning for over three days, and at least 250 firefighters have been battling the blaze.  Poland has had a rash of fires at illegal waste dumps in recent weeks, and officials believe the fires were intentionally set.

Canterbury church

In England, an installation at Canterbury Cathedral of 100 baubles for a new exhibition, Under an Equal Sky, that will hang from the nave ceiling. The exhibition reflects on themes of war and remembrance, migration and refugees and marks 100 years since the end of the first world war.

plane on Downing St

Now here’s something you don’t see every day … a plane outside 10 Downing Street!  It is a Royal Air Force red arrow jet and is there to mark the RAF’s centenary.  I do hope they didn’t actually land it right there.

bird on deer

A bird rests on the head of a white-tailed deer roaming free in San Jose Villanueva.

India Elections

A supporter of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party dances to celebrate early leads for the party in the Karnataka state elections in Bangalore, India.


A reveler dances beneath lanterns at the Jogye Buddhist temple following a lantern parade as part of the “Lotus Lantern Festival” celebrating the upcoming Buddha’s birthday, in Seoul, South Korea.

Rare Pink Flamingo Appears On Haulover Beach In Miami

A lone pink flamingo walks along Haulover Beach on May 17, 2018, in Miami Beach, Florida. Lifeguards on the beach said that the flamingo showed up on Saturday and has been hanging around since.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been erupting explosively since May 3, causing widespread evacuations and devastation across Big Island.  Molten lava flows have blocked highways and damaged dozens of buildings, with no sign of the activity slowing down.  Evacuation orders are in effect in certain areas, and police are arresting those who refuse to leave.  It is frightening and tragic … unimaginable and unthinkable.  Here are some pictures of nature at it’s most devastating …


volcano-5volcano-6Hawaii Volcanovolcano-8

Last, but not least, I have a special video clip for my two special little guys … you know who you are … I thought you would find this ninja squirrel to your liking!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!  Ullswater lake in England


Saturday Surprise — Kangas & Ice Cream Trucks

Hello friends and welcome to the weekend!  For most of my readers on both sides of the pond, I believe it is a three-day weekend.  Here in the U.S., there is Memorial Day on Monday, which has pretty much turned into just an excuse for picnics, beer, and a day off work.  Across the pond, I understand it is a bank holiday.  So, wherever you are, I hope you get an extra day to spend with family and doing something fun!  This picture has absolutely nothing to do with today’s theme, but I came across it and just couldn’t resist …kittyI have picked up a couple of new readers … very young ones, both 4 -years-old, and they happen to really like animal videos.  So in honour of the two young men who fell in love with the wingless bee last week, I hope you will enjoy these kangaroos!

The sounds of summer began here in da hood this week.

school-out-1Wednesday was the last day of school, so we have heard the sounds of young voices laughing gleefully, the sound of balls hitting our back window, skateboards rolling down the street, and parents screeching.  But one sound in particular is welcomed by all and is nearly an institution:  the ice cream truck!  Even though it is rare that I can eat ice cream, the sound of “Turkey in the Straw” rolling down the street always makes me smile.  And seeing the kids lined up at the window, credit cards in hand.  Guess what, folks … it is no longer a dime like it was when we were kids.  Now it is more like $2.  Inflation, y’know.  Our ice cream truck is driven by a retired couple and they are perfect for the job … always have a smile and unlimited patience with the little ones.  Anyway … the ice cream truck got me to thinking and wondering a couple of things, like when did the first ice cream truck hit the streets and where, and why the heck did they pick “Pop Goes the Weasel” and “Turkey in the Straw” for them all to play?  And so, as you know, when Filosofa wonders, Filosofa goes in search of answers.

ice cream truck-1

The history of ice cream street vendors dates back to the nineteenth century and is shaped by advances in technology, and fortunately, sanitation. While much has changed since peddlers first sold dishes of ice cream from carts cooled with ice blocks. ice cream truck-6In the U.S, the ice cream cart began as an urban phenomenon in which working class laborers bought a small dish of ice cream that he or she licked clean. The dish was then returned to the vendor, wiped down, and loaded with a fresh scoop for a new customer.  Blech. Customers with more money—or a healthy fear of infectious diseases—opted for ice cream sandwiches.ice cream truck-3Milk was not pasteurized in the U.S. until the 1890s, which meant any dairy product was potentially laced with the bacteria that caused scarlet fever, diphtheria, and bovine tuberculosis. Ice cream poisonings were a common event and were regularly reported in the news. Newspapers described ice cream poisoning epidemics in which dozens of fair-goers, picnic attendees, and party guests were stricken or killed. Public health officials, however, initially overlooked dairy contaminates and blamed ice cream poisoning on artificial flavors, specifically vanilla.ice cream truck-5By the turn of the century, ice cream hygiene improved dramatically and fairgoers were no longer afraid to order a cold treat. At the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis, a convenient take-away premiered— the ice cream cone. The thin, crispy waffle had long been a dessert favorite, and rolling the waffle into a cone wasn’t a new idea. The novel idea was to scoop ice cream into the cone, and several men who sold concessions at the famed fair fought for recognition as to who was the true creator.ice cream truck-4In the early 1920s, advances in refrigeration meant electric coolers replaced ice deliveries. Electric coolers were far more portable, and made it possible for a chilled ice-box to be placed on a motor car. At the same time, the early 1920s also saw the start of Prohibition and the end of easy access to the daily delight of wine, beer, or spirits. For many Americans, the comfort of fast food and sweets replaced the indulgence lost with banned spirits. The popularity of ice cream parlors and trucks soared during this era.

The first ice cream truck was credited to Harry Burt of Youngstown, Ohio, who was the creator of the Good Humor brand. Burt was already delivering ice cream from a motorized vehicle when he had the idea to place chocolate covered ice cream bars on a stick. His new Good Humor ice cream “sucker” was easy and clean to eat, which gave him the idea to sell it directly from his truck to consumers on the street.

Ice cream sold in parlors or stores became a luxury item during the Depression. But ice cream trucks such as Burt’s Good Humor brand where able to survive the Depression due to the product’s low-cost. Many consumers couldn’t afford big ticket items, but they could afford a nickel for an ice cream treat. During this time, vendors began offering economical items such as twin popsicles that parents broke in half and shared with two children.ice cream truck-7Post-war ice cream production boomed and so did the competition. Mister Softee was founded in Philadelphia in 1956 by two brothers who created a soft serve ice cream machine built specifically for a truck.

Although Good Humor sold its fleet in the 1970s to focus on grocery store sales, Mister Softee trucks are still on the streets, not to mention a host of competitors who sell original treats as well as pre-packaged favorites to a new generation of kids listening to hear the familiar jingle on a hot summer day.

I still have no idea why they choose ‘Turkey in the Straw’ and ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ for the songs to play, and I’m too tired tonight to dig any deeper, but I did find a site titled “a brief history of ice cream truck music”, so can do your own digging on that one! But here’s a tidbit for you.  In this, the world of bluetooth, GPS and a host of other apps to allow you to do nearly anything without leaving the ease of your recliner, there’s an app for the ice cream truck also.  You can track the truck by GPS in order to know precisely when he will be on your street, so that your kids don’t have to leave their video games to go outside and listen for him. 🙄  But also … ALSO … you can even place your order ahead so that you don’t have to be troubled with telling the ice cream man what your heart desires.  🙄  If that is not the epitome of laziness, I don’t know what is.  And it seems to me that it takes all the fun out of it.  Might just as well buy your ice cream at the grocery and keep it in the freezer until needed if you’re gonna do that!

ice cream truck-8So, now that I’ve made you crave an ice cream bar … get outside and enjoy the weekend — plant some flowers, lie in the hammock and read a book, wash some windows — and be sure to listen for the sounds of ♫ ♪ ♫ Pop Goes the Weasel ♪ ♫ ♪

Enjoy your weekend!!!ice cream truck-9

Meet The Significant Seven …

I promised this post last week, as a few of my friends had asked to meet the Significant Seven, the family members who walk on all fours. But for reasons best left alone, I was not able to make any headway last week.  So, I promised, promised, promised it this week.  Now, the funny thing is that I started to write about my band of warriors, my ragtag crew of moggies, but when they saw what I was doing, Ollie made it clear … no uncertain terms … that they would much prefer to write about themselves than to leave it to my possibly biased opinion.  We sat down together, me, Ollie and Boo, and came to terms.  I am allowed to introduce them, but then I am to step back and let each tell a bit about themselves.  I am allowed a brief blurb at the end, but otherwise, as it is their story, they will be the tellers.  (Just don’t believe everything they say, especially Tiger!)


This is what happens when Miss Goose gets comfy …

The Gang, oldest to youngest:


Princess Nala

Oliver (Ollie for short)

Pandora (Pandi for short)

Booker T. Washington (Boo for short)

Tiger Lily (Bitch for short)

Isabella (Izzy for short)

OrangeOrange-2Hi!  I don’t like my name, but sometimes they call me Big O or Old Man, and I like those better.  Miss Goose named me when I came here, but I don’t remember, ‘cause I was just a tiny baby.  Some kids found me somewhere, and they took me to every house on the street, but … 😢 … nobody wanted me.  And then they brought me here, and Mom-mom (Chris) and Miss Goose wanted to keep me, but Grammie said “NO”.  So, on down the street we went, but Mom-mom told me later that in just maybe one minute, Grammie changed her mind and said, “Go get ‘im”.  And I’ve been here ever since.

The thing is, though, that I’m getting very old, ‘cause I came here in 2000, so I’m, like 18 years old now, and that’s pretty old.  A few weeks ago, I had something happen to me and I couldn’t stand up.  Grammie said she thought it was a ‘stroke’, whatever that is.  But, I got some better, and I still fall sideways sometimes when I walk.  I used to be really fat, but now my hip bones stick out and I’m just like a furry skeleton.  But I’m happy, and I get lots of pats, so life isn’t all bad.

They tell me I’m an ‘Odd Bodkins’, ‘cause I like some foods, like oatmeal, yoghurt, pumpkin goo and ice cream that moggies aren’t ‘posed to like.  I ran away from home last summer, and Grammie & Goose had to spend hours trying to find me.  That was fun, but now, anytime the front door is opened, they lock me up in the bathroom.  Hmph … nothing like trust!

Ollie is my bestest friend and he takes care of me sometimes, especially when I get all dirty.  Grammie calls us ‘the gay hombres’, but I’m not sure what that means.0203141522a

NalaNala-1Hey!  Introduce me properly, Grammie – you’s supposed to curtsy to the princess.  Oh … eh … heh heh … hi.  My name is Princess Nala, but you can just call me ‘your highness’.  I’m the second oldest and I’m special.  If I need to go to the litter box, I just let out a cry, and somebody comes and picks me up and carries me.  An’ when I’m ready for bed at night, my servant Miss Goose carries me up the stairs. That’s ‘cause I’m royal and shouldn’t have to wear out my beautiful royal paw-pads walking all that way.  (It’s actually because she’s fat & lazy, but don’t tell her I said so)

I got in trouble a few nights ago, but it wasn’t my fault. They left me in the bedroom too long and I peed on the bed.  Oopsie!  It was mom-mom’s bed, but Grammie got the maddest, ‘cause she had to wash the sheets and it was some special day called “Mother’s Day”.  But she’s not a ‘mother’ anyway … she’s just Grammie.

I get picked on a lot by Tiger.  Don’t let her pretty face and fluffy fur fool you … she’s vicious!  I don’t play … play is for juveniles like Boo.  I am above that, ‘cause I am a Princess.nala-2.jpg

OliverOllie-1Hi, I’m Oliver, but they call me Ollie-bug, cause when I was a baby I always rolled up in a ball, and Grammie said I looked like a pill bug.  When me an’ my sissy, Pandi, was just teenie, tiny babies, we got throwed into a big trash dumpster.  I took care of my sissy, an’ I got out of the dumpster and went across the street, screaming!  I can scream real good!  I screamed and screamed, and then Mom-mom was walking back from the mailbox and she heard me, an’ she picked me up an’ brought me here.  But I kep’ tellin’ her dat my sissy was still there.  Finally, she listened an’ she went back an’ found Pandi an’ we’ve been here ever since.  I guess we have a pretty good home … I never had any other, so I don’t know.  But they buy us good food and we get lots of pats and sometimes catnip.

Every mornin’ I wait outside Grammie’s door for her to come out and she ruffs my head an’ always says the same thing: “Hey bud, how ya doin’?”  I think she forgets that my name is Ollie, not Bud.

I love to chase mousies.  Not real mousies, but we gots mousies with catnip in ‘em and I can even throw dem in the air and catch ‘em!  Grammie says I’m the best behaved of the bunch … ‘cept Izzy, but she’s artistic or sumpin like that.


They’ll never find me here!

PandiPandi-1My name is Pandi and I’m really, really nervous of just about everything.  My favourite room is the bathroom, ‘cause I can sit and look at me all day in the shiny thing.  Ollie already told you how we wuz found, yeah?  I was so scared, and I’ve never stopped bein’ scared, even though we get so much love.  I bit Grammie the other day, and I felt bad.  I wanted her to pet me, but when she did, I just … bit her. I dunno why.  I think I’m a mean kittie, an’ I really don’t wanna be … I just get so scared.

Sometimes I do play, though.  I even take the mousie back to Miss Goose when she throws it for me!  She tells me I’m smart, and then I get all happy.  I got in trouble once.  Grammie had some flowers that Maha gave her and I knocked them off the shelf and the water went in some electric thingy and ruined it.  I got yelled at, but then Grammie said she was sowwy.Pandi-2


Boo-2Hi!  It’s me, Boo!  Booker T. Washington is my whole name, but folks around these parts just call me ‘Boo’.  Me ‘n Ollie, are the only normal moggies around here, but don’t tell that to the girls, ‘cause they get … well, you know how girls are.  I am educated … more than my sibs.  I love to read books … if Grammie or Mom-mom leave a book open, I’m on it!  Literally!  I even loves to sleep on books!  Annndddd … I can send emails and write notes!  One day I wrote a big long note on grammie’s computer when she forgot to close the lid.  I had more than 1200 letters in it!  I kinda got in trouble, though, ‘cause I typed the word ‘shit’.  😏

The humans?  Well, we all (mostly) love ‘em, but they’re weird about some things, like that word I just told ya.  Every time I call one of my sissies a bit–, I get squirted with the water bottle.  Heck, I learned the word from Grammie!

I like to play.  Do you like to play?  Wanna play wif me?  I gots a stick thingy wid feathers on the end and I loves it when people play that with me.  An’ my favourite thing is to pull the legs off o’ these things they call ‘crickets’.  Grammie yells and take them outside, but I like to play with ‘em.

Well … gotta run now … I see mom-mom left the lid up on her computer and fell asleep … gonna go write to my girlfwiend!  Tee hee …



TigerTiger-2I am Tiger Lily and I am the most beautiful of all the kitties!  My fur is thick and fluffy, my tail is so fluffy that everyone who sees it wants it for their own.  And I am tiny and … what’s that other word?  Petite … I am petite and dainty.  I am not mean!  I just don’t like anybody else, for they are all inferior to moi!  I especially don’t like Nala, ‘cause she thinks she’s a princess and she tries to boss us.  So I attack her every chance I get!  I get squirted with the water bottle a lot.  😔

I only let Miss Goose hold me or pet me, and even then, not for long.  I don’t pick on Orange, though … none of us do, ‘cause he’s old and sick, so we all leave him alone.  Miss Goose named me Tiger, ‘cause I have such beautiful stripes!  An’ since my name is Tiger, I feel I must live up to the name and be vicious!  ROAR … 🐯

Grammie said she was gonna give me away a few weeks ago.  I don’t much like Grammie.  She calls me a bad word sometimes.  She did say she was sorry later, though.  I still don’t like her.  I almost shredded her hand and bit her too, one time when she tried to pet me.  Tee hee heeeeeTiger-1

IzzyIzzie-2My name is Izzybelly an’ … an’ … I askeered of you … ‘bye  💨

Sorry ‘bout that, folks, but Miss Izzy has some issues.  She lives under the sofa, only comes out on occasion, and has to be coaxed out twice a day to feed.  If we have visitors, it is often a full day before she can be lured out. Depending on which professional you believe, she has either the feline equivalent of Down Syndrome or Autism.  I lean more toward autism, but we will never know for sure.  And really, it doesn’t matter.  We just give her as much love as she will allow us to and make sure she eats.

So there you have it, folks, the Significant Seven in all their glory.  Once upon a time it was the Terrific Ten, then the Notorious Nine, then the Enduring Eight, and now the Sig-Seven.  All are rescue kitties and have their own special needs, some emotional, others physical.  At least once a day I threaten to trade the whole lot for a good dog, but the truth is that we love them dearly … and they know it, too!

One final note:  Please do NOT give Boo your email address, for he has been known to send ridiculously long, rambling emails!

Photo credits:  Natasha K. McClain (aka Miss Goose)

Saturday Surprise — Hodgepodge

Hi Friends!  It’s Saturday and the beginning of another weekend!  Now, a few readers asked me last week if I would do a post about the Significant Seven 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱, since I mention them so often in my posts, and I agreed to do one for this week’s Saturday Surprise.  Unfortunately, as often happens, life interfered and due to circumstances largely beyond my control, I have not had time to do that post.  However, I promise that next week you will get to meet the Sig-Seven in all their glory!

Meanwhile, I’ve found a few things to get your weekend started out on a fun note …

In honour of Mother’s Day on Sunday, Jimmy Fallon set up a challenge to people to send in some of the funniest things their mothers had ever said.  A few were noteworthy …


And just for a bit of fun, artist Fransditaa Muafidin uses Photoshop to turn cats into gargantuan kitties, and some are pretty humorous …


And lastly, for some reason the folks over at Bored Panda became obsessed with bumblebee butts.  Yes, that’s what I said, and no, I didn’t know bumblebees had butts, either!  But they are kind of cute …

And that’s all I’ve got for today, folks!  Orange says to tell you he is really looking forward to meeting you next Saturday …

20180501_002546.jpgEnjoy your weekend … get out there and do something fun, enjoy some sunshine!

Ashamed To Be Human …

It seems that the majority of people around the globe share a belief that the human species is somehow superior to all others (I think it traces back to that opposable thumb thing) and that all other species were put on earth simply for the convenience and pleasure of humankind.  Well, guess what … in my most humble opinion (and humility is obviously not my strong suit) those folks are wrong!

Every time I see a picture or an article about a hunter who is proudly displaying a dead animal, claiming that he is a big, tough man … picture Tarzan beating his chest and emitting sounds … I cringe as my stomach churns.  When I hear of animals being killed simply because they had become an ‘inconvenience’ to humans, I want to throw things.  But the story that crossed my path last night brought tears and rendered me unable to speak for several minutes.  The headline says it all …

A Kangaroo Wouldn’t Hop — So Zoo Visitors Stoned It To Death

It happened in China, but it could have been anywhere on the globe.  The kangaroo — a 12-year-old female whose name is not known — was not hopping enough to amuse spectators at the Fuzhou Zoo late last February, so someone picked up a rock. Others followed suit.  Zoo workers tried to stop the massacre and even quickly removed all the rocks from the immediate area, but people then started removing bricks from the pavement to throw at the kanga.  By the time zookeepers rescued the kangaroo from the crowd, her foot was nearly severed.  Veterinarians tried to save her, and she survived for several days before succumbing to internal bleeding.

But the Fuzhou stonings didn’t end with that kangaroo’s death. Just a few weeks later, visitors attacked and injured a five-year-old kangaroo for similar reasons. It survived.

In Russia in 2016, a group of men used two large off-road trucks to repeatedly run down a brown bear who posed no threat to the men … they did it, apparently, for sheer entertainment, and even captured the incident on video, where the men in the truck can be heard yelling, “Squash him!  Squash him!”.  After driving the truck back and forth over the animal, which attempts to get up, the men can be heard saying, “It’s still alive” and seen poking it with a metal rod.

Last December, three Florida men shot a shark with a revolver, then tied to the back of a motorboat and dragged through the waves until it died.  They, too, made a video of their cruelty.

My purpose in relating these stories?  Tomorrow, friends, is Earth Day.  Earth.  The only planet that can sustain human life.  A planet comprised of many eco-systems that work hand-in-hand to provide food, water, and natural resources to sustain life.  Not just human life, but all life.  Humans were not the first species to appear on planet earth, and it is foolish arrogance to believe that all other creatures on this planet are somehow inferior, or that they are here only for the convenience of mankind.

Quite honestly, based on man’s treatment of the rest of the animal kingdom, based on the sampling of stories above, I would have to say that humans, despite their opposable thumbs, are significantly inferior to other species.  We have the ability to take care of our planet and all its inhabitants.  We have brains that are capable of figuring out how to maintain our planet, to keep other species from becoming extinct.  But instead, we use those brains to find more methods for cruelty and destruction.  I can honestly say that being human is not something I’m very proud of at this moment.

Jolly Post-Easter Monday!!!

Good Monday morning {yawn} and welcome, friends {yawn}.  You may notice I’m a little {yawn} sleepy this morning because the weekend was busy, what with Easter and trying to finish up on several tax returns that will be due in just a short two weeks.  Even though Miss Goose will be 24 later this year, we still dye & hide eggs, do Easter baskets, and the works.  So, once again a holiday has passed and now we can get back to our normal routine.  I am a creature of routine and always feel just a little out of sync when it is disrupted, even for fun things like holidays.  So, how was your holiday?  Did you get enough chocolate bunny ears to last you for a while?

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee … sorry, Steve, no donuts today, but help yourself to some Easter candy … and let’s share a few chuckles to start out this week, shall we?

Grumpy Goose …

When I worked at Standard Publishing, one spring a goose wandered onto our property, built a nest, and laid goose eggs.  It might have gone unnoticed, except that she began attacking people.  Clients and sales reps would park in front of our building, get out of their cars, and seemingly from nowhere here came this goose, spitting, hissing, flapping her wings, and given the chance, pecking.  The client would run back to their car and call us, whereby we would contact one of the maintenance guys to take a broom for protection and escort the client in.  One day she attacked one of the maintenance men, Chester, so viciously that he gave his resignation the very next day!  This video of a goose attacking soldiers at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, brought back memories of those days …

Distracted Drivers …

There are a lot of distracted drivers out there these days … I mostly blame cell phones.  I was talking to my friend Herb while he was driving home in a snowstorm not long ago, and all of a sudden he let loose a rhyming expletive and said, “I’m stuck!!!”  Sometimes it’s better not to talk and drive, I think.  Herb, by the way, was able to extricate his car without too much trouble.  Two stories caught my eye this week about people who weren’t quite ‘with it’ and the results, while humorous, might have ended in catastrophe.

The first is this Okaloosa County, Florida, mom who was getting ready to go somewhere with her husband and young daughter.  Just as she was preparing to pull out of her parking spot, she remembered something she had forgotten in the apartment, so she ran back in.  When she came back out, this is what she found …


Dad and daughter were able to exit the car safely, so all is well except … well, the car.  The Sheriff’s office had some fun with it, joking that it gave a whole new meaning to the word “carpool”.

And then this one …

An Uber driver in San Francisco was on his way to pick up a third passenger, and surely he must have been distracted, for he made a wrong turn onto a pedestrian walkway and …There were no injuries, and the driver is blaming his GPS.  But the troubles didn’t end there!  As a tow truck was attempting to pull the car off the steps, the cable snapped and the car plunged into a city trash dumpster and a fire hydrant!  One should really use common sense when following the directions of a GPS, don’t you think?

Circus Clown

Now, when I first started this Jolly Monday feature more than two years ago, I promised that it would be entirely non-political.  And I’m keeping that promise, even today, but I could not resist this story.  There is a real, true-to-life clown running for South Carolina’s 5th District seat in the U.S. Congress.  His name is Steve Lough, and he is a former Ringling Bros. circus clown!  He even calls his website Clown for Congress.

He has a sense of humour, saying that if his opponents aren’t afraid of clowns yet, they soon will be.  I almost like this guy!

Darling Donkeys (aka Adorable Asses)

It wouldn’t do for me to fail to give you your weekly fix of cute animals.  Now, I think all animals are cute and can even find cuteness in such critters as armadillos and hyenas. Even so, I never gave much thought to ranking donkeys high on the scale of cuteness, until …Sparky is a week-old miniature donkey at Ashington Park Stud In Melbourne, Australia. He has a surrogate mum and companion in the form of a teddy bear called Ted.

A donkey introduces her 5-hour-old baby to her friend, the horse

Rock-a-bye Donkey

Feline Friend …

Sometimes kids can be cruel under the best of circumstances, and 7-year-old Madden Humphries doesn’t exactly have the best of circumstances.   Madden was born with a cleft palate and heterochromia iridum — a rare condition that causes the iris to be multicolored and occurs in only about 1% of the world’s population.  So, young Madden was a prime target for the school bullies.

Madden’s mum is a wise woman, and she encouraged him to create a video to explain his unique qualities and remind friends to be kind. The June 2017 video was popular, garnering more than 220,000 views and 3,500 shares.

Then guess what happened?  I’ll let Madden’s mum, Christina tell you …

“Last week, a friend posted an image of the cat in our cleft moms group. This kitty was taken in by a rescue group in Minnesota. We knew immediately that this kitty was meant to be part of our family. Not only does he have a cleft lip like our 7-year-old son Madden, he also has complete heterochromia iridum, like Madden. They were destined to be best friends. Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone. We have friends that kindly helped fund a road trip so that we could travel from Oklahoma to Minnesota to adopt this sweet kitty and bring him home.

We’re usually not spontaneous people, but we knew that we were meant to love this kitty. Moon, the kitty, and Madden are the perfect companions for each other.  In a world full of bullies and hateful words, we will choose to chase love. I think it’s safe to say that this kitty is love, and was certainly meant to be part of our journey and Madden’s journey.” A picture is worth a thousand words, so take another look …

And just as all good things must come to an end, so must our time together this morning.  I have … laundry, house chores, a post to write and about a ton of email to catch up on, for I’ve been lax lately.  And you have jobs or naps to attend to.  If there is one thing in my life that I don’t get (or give, I fear) enough of these days, it’s smiles.  So, I’ve left a basket full of ‘em by the door … please take a few as you leave, to share with others today, for we all need them … they help chase away the tears and the ugly scowls like the one I find myself wearing most of the time.  Have a happy week and keep safe!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

All too true … sigh.

Saturday Surprise —

Good Saturday morning, friends, and YAY – it’s the weekend!  Unfortunately, we are predicted to get what may turn out to be our biggest snow of the winter … four days into spring!  But, I’m hoping this is just winter’s last hurrah and we can then move on to a bit of warmth and sunshine.  I hope your weather is better and that you can get out and enjoy a fine Saturday!

I hope you will forgive me, but this is likely to be a short Saturday Surprise, for I find I am exhausted tonight (Friday) and just cannot do much more.  Not to mention that the Significant Seven are driving me nuts tonight!  😺 😺 😺 😺 😺 😺 😺

The Sony World Photography Awards winners have just been announced, and some of these photos are so awesome that I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.  Since there are 94 of them, I couldn’t share them all, but picked out a few of my favourites.


Deadvlei, Namibia

Mount Bromo, Indonesia

U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

I came across this tweet today and it made me laugh

Now for your daily does of cute … if this doesn’t make you grin, then you need to go back to bed …

And what say we wrap up with a few cartoons?

Have a great weekend, friends!  Do something fun, even if it’s just helping the neighborhood kids build a snowperson!  Love ‘n hugs!

Conservation … A Strange Definition

Lion-not a trophyAt what point in the evolution of our vocabulary did the word ‘conserve’ come to mean ‘kill’?  I did not get that memo.  To me, the word conserve means protect, save.  A January CNN Special Report  carried the following headline:

Trophy hunting: ‘Killing animals to save them is not conservation’

I agree 100%.


Ryan Zinke

In December 2016, Trump named Ryan Zinke to lead the Department of the Interior (DOI).   On his first full day in office, Zinke rescinded the policy that banned the use of lead bullets and lead fishing tackle in national wildlife refuges. On June 2017, Zinke recommended that Bears Ears National Monument boundaries be scaled back. In August, Zinke 2017 added the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument to the planned list of monuments to be shrunk as well.  Last month, Trump, acting on Zinke’s advice, lifted the import ban on elephant and other big-game trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe to the United States.  Zinke, himself a passionate trophy hunter, justified himself against critics by saying that he had his best childhood memories of hunting with his father and that he was anxious to promote hunting for American families.  What the heck ever happened to family picnics and games of Monopoly???


Don and Eric Trump … and dead leopard

Zinke recently established a new commission, the International Wildlife Conservation Council (IWCC).  The purpose of the commission?  In a nutshell, to make it easier to kill wild animals.  According to Zinke, it is about removing barriers to importing trophy hunting animals and relaxing legal restrictions on hunting and importing endangered species.  I repeat … its purpose is to make it easier to kill wild animals, even those on the endangered species list!  And in case you are not already mad enough, this commission will cost the taxpayers of the U.S. $250,000 per year … that’s a quarter of a million dollars!

Tiger, Petchaburi, ThailandAllow me, please, to introduce to you the members of this group:

  1. Paul Babaz, President of Safari Club International (SCI)
  2. Bill Brewster, U.S. hunter actively engaged in int’l and/or domestic hunting conservation
  3. Ivan Carter, Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance
  4. Stephen Chancellor, Chancellor Foundation for International Wildlife Conservation
  5. Jennifer Chatfield, Wildlife and habitat conservation/management organizations
  6. Cameron Hanes, Archery and/or hunting sports industry
  7. Peter Horn, Tourism, outfitter, and/or guide industries related to international hunting
  8. Chris Hudson, Wildlife and habitat conservation/management organizations
  9. Mike Ingram, U.S. hunters actively engaged in int’l and/or domestic hunting conservation
  10. John Jackson, President, Conservation Force
  11. Gary Kania, Vice President, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
  12. Terry Maple, Tourism, outfitter, and/or guide industries related to international hunting
  13. Keith Mark, Tourism, outfitter, and/or guide industries related to international hunting
  14. Olivia Opre, U.S. hunters actively engaged in int’l and/or domestic hunting conservation
  15. Erica Rhoad, Director of Hunting Policy, National Rifle Association
  16. Denise Welker, U.S. hunters actively engaged in int’l and/or domestic hunting conservation

Information courtesy of FACA Database


Cecil the Lion and Dr. Walter Palmer, his murderer

Of the sixteen council members, at least ten are known to have ties to Safari Club International, an international organization composed of hunters dedicated to protecting the freedom to hunt.  One ‘esteemed’ member of SCI is Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion in 2015 in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.  Mike Ingram, the ninth on the list, set up an illegal non-profit in 2016 that was used solely to sell access to Donald Trump.  Peter Horn, #7 on the list, is the vice-president of Beretta, a gun manufacturer.  Ivan Carter, #3, is a television personality hosting such shows as Dallas Safari Club’s Tracks Across Africa, and his own Outdoor Channel show, Carter’s W.A.R. Denise Welker, #16, killed an elephant in Botswana on one of Carter’s safari hunts. She received an award last year from SCI underwritten by the NRA.  Number 14, Olivia Opre, is a former Mrs. Nebraska who judges the televised Extreme Huntress competition for female trophy hunters.  These are not nice people.

wolvesDespite the fact that polls show that between 80% – 90% of Americans are opposed to big game hunting, this committee has been established at our expense to make the killing of animals easier.  Now, you all know I am an animal lover, but even so, just what gives humans the right to take the life of an animal for no good reason?  Who deemed that lions and tigers and elephants were put on this earth so man could take some perverse joy in killing them?  Frankly, the way I see it is that every creature on this earth has as much right to life as I do.  If my house were on fire, I can guarantee you that I would not leave until I had gotten every last one of the Significant Seven to safety, for their lives are as valuable in the grand scheme of things as mine.  Most of you probably wouldn’t go that far, and I understand that, but to viciously murder an animal just to hang its head over your fireplace and brag???

trophy hunting 2The United States is already the largest importer of hunting trophies by far, accounting for a staggering 71 percent of the import demand, or about 15 times more than the next highest nations on the list—Germany and Spain.  What, I ask, is there to brag about?  More often than not, it is not a fair contest, for the animals are actually enclosed, and safari guides lead the hunters (who have often paid upward of $250,000 for this ‘privilege’) directly to them.  Sport?  I don’t think so.  The lion, tiger or bear stands zero chance against a man with a huge rifle.  It would be rather like one football team beating another whose hands and feet were bound together with duct tape!

bearsThis International Wildlife Conservation Council has not one single member from the Sierra Club, from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), from International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), or any of the other organizations that actually DO work toward protecting and preserving the animal kingdom.  Not one.

elephantsI began this post with a musing about the word ‘conserve’.  I think I have it figured out now … it is to conserve/preserve the right of wealthy, arrogant Americans to kill the innocent.  That must be the definition Trump’s and Ryan’s slogan “Make America Great Again”.

Once again, I hang my head in shame for what my country has become.


Saturday Surprise — On Sunday!!!

Okay, I was trying to come up with some elaborate and convoluted reason that Saturday Surprise is happening on Sunday, one day late.  But, while I have got an imagination, it seemed to fail me here, so I am going to come clean and admit that on Friday night, as I was writing my post for Saturday morning, I completely forgot what day of the week it was.  I worked along on my post about the meeting between East and West, popped it into Word Press, proofread, fixed the pictures, scheduled it for 3:00 a.m., then went to bed, where I fell almost immediately asleep with a book on my stomach and a bottle of water in my hand.  I awakened on Saturday morning at about 7:00 a.m., and my very first thought was “Oh crap … it’s Saturday morning!!!”  Well, not much to be done at that point, so I decided to make it a Sunday morning Saturday Surprise.  Please forgive my strangeness, forgetfulness, and all my other ‘ness-es’, for it has been a strange few weeks and I am still a bit boggled.

I recently discovered a website, Tedium, that has some fun things from time to time, and when I was cruising through there yesterday evening in search of something humorous, I came across a piece about ‘sniglets’.  You all know what a sniglet is, right?  I use them all the time.  The official definition is a word that isn’t in the dictionary, but should be.  You are dying to know, of course, where the sniglet got its start, right?

Do you guys remember the HBO program, Not Necessarily The News in the 1980s?  It featured sketches, parody news items, commercial parodies, and humorous bits made from overdubbing or editing actual news footage. It was based on the British series, Not the Nine O’Clock News, and was where Conan O’Brien first got his start.  One segment by comedian Rich Hall, was called ‘Sniglets’ and quickly became one of the most popular segments of the show.  Here’s a clip …

Sniglets became so popular, in fact, that merchandise included a board game, a word-a-day calendar, mugs imprinted with especially popular sniglets, a syndicated daily comic panel, and six sniglets books, three of which were New York Times best-sellers.  You can find them on Amazon, by the way.  Here are a few of my favourites …

  • Snackmosphere: the pocket of air found inside snack and/or potato chip bags.
  • Flopcorn: the unpopped kernels left in a bag of microwave popcorn.
  • Napjerk: a sudden convulsion of the body just before falling asleep.
  • Expresshole: A person that brings more than 20 items to the express lane in the store.
  • Anticiparcellate: Waiting until the mailman is several houses down the street before picking up the mail, so as not to appear too anxious.
  • Arachnidiot: A person, who, having wandered into an “invisible” spider web begins gyrating and flailing about wildly.
  • Carperpetuation: The act, when vacuuming, of running over a string or a piece of lint at least a dozen times, reaching over and picking it up. I do this one ALL the time!!!

(Hey Herb — now you have a word for Tom!)

You can find a list of more sniglets on Google.

Miss Goose sent me this one yesterday afternoon from Bored Panda  .  The headline reads

89-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovers Photography, Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits Now

“Most people think that technology is for young people, but nobody told Kimiko Nishimoto that. She’s an 89-year-old Japanese grandma who’s been snapping and editing her own pictures for the last 17 years, and as you can see below, her style is certainly unique!

She didn’t get into photography until she was 72 years old. Her son was teaching a beginner’s course and so she decided to enroll, unaware that she was about to awake a passion and a talent she never even knew she had. She instantly fell in love with photography and set about snapping various quirky and comical self-portraits. She had her first solo exhibition ten years later, at a local museum in her home town of Kumamoto, and now she’s about to have her work exhibited at Tokyo’s Epson epsite imaging gallery.” 

I love these pictures and think you will too!  So much better than sitting home watching Duck Dynasty, eh?

This is just wrong…. isn’t it better to hang wet grandmas by their feet?

Just one last thing before you go get started on your Saturday Sunday funday … what would Saturday Surprise be without at least one cute animal picture?

Mama and Baby

Cute Sloth

Cute Monkey




Okay folks … I hope I made up for missing yesterday and that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me!  Now go have a wonderful weekend … what’s left of it!