Saturday Surprise — Fun Critter Facts ‘n Pics!

Today’s Saturday Surprise is … well, just a hodgepodge of animal facts, some with pictures and a few accompanied by short video clips.  I thought critters would be more likely to bring a smile than humans at this juncture.  I hope these provide you with some interesting new info and bring a smile to your face to kick off the weekend!

The male seahorse goes through pregnancy and gives birth to babies. They are the only animal on earth where the male carries the baby rather than the female.

The male seahorse has a pouch on its stomach in which to carry babies—as many as 2,000 at a time.

Roosters prevent themselves from going deaf due to their own loud crowing, by tilting their head backs when they crow, which covers their ear canal completely, serving as a built-in ear-plug.

A study showed that their crowing averages over 100 decibels, which is roughly the same as running a chainsaw. 

Otters “hold hands” while sleeping, so they don’t float away from each other.

And it’s super-cute. Look.

A common garden snail has 14,000 teeth.

Their microscoptic teeth are called radula, and some species actually have over 20,000 teeth.

The pangolin is able to roll up into an armour-plated ball, so lions can’t eat them.

A Blue Whales tongue can weigh as much as a car, or a small adult elephant.

A Blue Whales tongue can weigh approx. 2.7 tonnes, or 6,000 – 8,000 pounds (2,720 – 3,630 kg).

Axolotl are able to regenerate lost limbs and body organs.

Mexican walking fish can regrow the same limb up to 5 times, and even regenerate parts of its brain.

An ostrich legs are so powerful that their kicks can kill a lion.

Or a human! Each two-toed foot has a long, sharp claw – making them formidable weapons. Animals often end up running away from the large bird.

The Japanese Spider Crab has the longest leg span of any arthropod.

From the tip of one claw to the other can be as long as almost 4m! Japanese spider crabs have 10 legs stretching out from a central body, giving it its spider like appearance. They live deep in the oceans south of Japan.

Emperor penguins are the world’s biggest penguins, and they trek 50–120 km (31–75 m) across the Antarctic to reach breeding colonies.

The impressive emperor penguins reach 100 cm (39 in) in length and weigh 22 to 45 kg (49 to 99 lb). They breed during winter, when they emerge from their more natural habitat in the ocean to trek long distances over treacherous ice.

The lesula, discovered in 2007, has giant human like eyes and a blue bottom.

This relatively newly discovered monkey lives in the Congo. The lesula eyes are very distinctive because of their human-like appearance, as are their bright blue bums.

Honeypot ants swell up to a huge size with food.

Honeypot ants have to be seen to be believed. During wet season, certain ants consume huge amounts of nectar, making their abdomens swell up to the size of a grape. Then, during dry season, they provide the other ants with food by throwing the nectar back up again. Yum!

I’m sorry … I just couldn’t resist this one …

The Donald Trump caterpillar looks identical to the ex-president’s hair.

This species of caterpillar, prior to 2016, was known as the Flannel Moth Caterpillar (Megalopyge opercularis). It gained popularity as it is very furry and bright orange, giving it an uncanny resemblance to Trump’s hair (wig?). This ‘fur’ however, is actually composed of multiple venomous ‘hairs’. Grabbing hold of one of these caterpillars is a painful experience.

And that’s all I have for this Saturday, my friends!  I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend and that the temperatures aren’t unbearably hot where you are.

Good People Doing Good Things — One And Thirty

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested you guys might have seen or experienced — or maybe even performed — a random act of kindness that would qualify as a ‘good people’ snippet, but since nobody jumped on that bandwagon, I shall tell one of my own from Monday afternoon.  I had made a rare trip to the grocery store for “just a few things” — sugar, zucchini, a red onion, and some cherry tomatoes.  Well, you all know how “just a few things” can sometimes turn into a bit more.  Since I only actually go into the grocery store about 3-4 times a year these days (I use the free pickup service most often), I was like a kid in a candy store!  To the essentials, I added a 7-pound bag of birdseed, some toaster egg pastries, a honeydew melon, and before I knew it I had 3 bags instead of the single bag I was anticipating.  Since I use my own reusable canvas bags, they hold a lot more than the average grocery bag, making them a bit on the heavy side.  So, I got home and being the stubborn mule that I am, I determined to carry all three in at one time, rather than make a second trip back out to the car.  (Miss Goose was out for a walk, else she would have been the one carrying them in.)  But then, there’s that four-inch rise to step up on the sidewalk in front of my house, and since the onset of my illness my balance is a bit off, I knew I had a problem.  So, I set one of the bags down on the sidewalk so I could use one hand to balance myself by holding on to the hood of the car, but I was still struggling to get onto the sidewalk.  The maintenance man for our apartment complex was working on the heat pump next door and saw me.  He immediately rushed over, took my arm, asked if I was alright, and helped me up onto the sidewalk.  He then insisted on carrying all three bags into the house for me.  Just a small thing?  Sure, but I was ever so grateful for his help … he didn’t have to do it, it isn’t part of his job to help an old lady whose too stubborn for her own good, but he’s a good person and so … he helped me.  This, my friends, means as much to me as someone who donates a million dollars to charity.  It’s those little acts of kindness that remind us of the bright side of humans.

A few days ago, another ‘good people’ and one of our own blogging buddies, Scottie, sent me an email with a video and said he thought perhaps I could use it for a forthcoming ‘good people’ post.  Well … long story short … this one brought a tear to my eye more than once!   The video is less than 8 minutes long, but it felt like only a minute … there are 30 … yes, 30 good people highlighted on this post … some doing small things, others risking their own lives or even giving a million dollars to a worthy cause!  As the narrator says at one point, “This is what it means to always remain human.”  Thank you so much, Scottie — you are good people too, y’know!

The Jolly Monday That Almost Wasn’t

Good Monday morning friends!  Y’know … sometimes Jolly is really hard to find.  I was just about to give up on even posting a Jolly Monday, but I finally found Jolly and Joyful hiding in the clothes hamper upstairs!  I dragged them back downstairs and reminded them just how important it is, especially in these very trying times, to help our friends start their week with a smile, or perhaps even a chuckle.  And so, we all rallied to the cause and hope we can help start the week on a happy note for you all.  Now, Joyful is still a bit on the sad side, so I told her to keep the buffet simple this morning, but she insisted she was in the mood for comfort food.  Grab a plate … er, a bowl … and let’s find some things to smile about, shall we?

I made dis one on account of it’s Pride Month!!!

Jolly was over at Phil’s Phun looking for some ‘toons when he called me and said, “Gwammie … come quick … you jus’ gotta see dis”.  So, I hopped on my broomstick and rode over to Phil’s where Jolly showed me some funny music-themed puns that Phil had.  Well, naturally I had to bring a few home to share with you guys …

Hi … it’s me, Jolly!  Yeah … me ‘n Joyful wuz hiding ’cause we didn’t feel vewy Jolly or Joyful, but Gwammie reminded us that we have a duty to you guys … and we luv you lots, so we’re doin’ our best to make you smile.  Anyway, Gwammie gave me “cartoon duty” and dis is what I came up with … I hope dey make you smile …

In the mood for some funny animal-themed memes?

And of course we cannot conclude Jolly Monday without a cute critter video, now can we?  Lotsa love in this one …

And so begins another week.  I don’t know what dramas and traumas this week will bring for us all, but at least we started it out on the right foot and hopefully with smiles and chuckles.  Keep safe and have a good week, and please, my friends, remember to share those gorgeous smiles I see on your faces … we all need as many smiles as we can get!  In case you run out … there’s a basketful of smiles at the door … feel free to drop in any time and grab a few.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Jolly Father’s Day Monday!

Good Monday Morning and a Happy Day-After-Father’s-Day to all the great dads out there!  Yes, yes … I know that Father’s Day was yesterday, but I wanted to be ‘fashionably late’, as they say.  And anyway, I thought that rather than some droll retelling of the history of the day, it would be more fun to dedicate an entire Jolly Monday to dads, ‘cause most of the ones I know appreciate a bit of humour (not to mention bacon).  And since this Jolly Monday is dedicated to Father’s Day, you will find ‘dad-foods’ on the buffet this morning!  So, grab a snack and let’s have some dad-type humour to start our week with a smile or a chuckle.

Gwammie put me in charge of findin’ some ‘toons an’ memes about dads ‘n stuff, so here’s what I came up with … I hope you likes ‘em …

I went in search of some dad-related jokes …

  • I asked my dad to help me with a math problem. He said: “Don’t worry; this is a piece of cake.” I said: “No, it’s a math problem.”

  • Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.

  • Dad: You’ll never amount to anything because you procrastinate. Son: Oh yeah? Just you wait!

  • Dad Wisdom: I know what I’m getting for Father’s Day. Last night my daughter asked me what size aftershave I wear.

  • Dad: Hi, Sweetie, how was school today? Daughter: You can read all about it on my Facebook, Dad!

  • Dear Dad, $chool i$ really great. I am making lot$ of friend$ and $tudying very hard. With all my $tuff, I $imply can’t think of anything I need, $o if you would like, you can ju$t $end me a card, a$ I would love to hear from you. Love, Your $on
    • Dear Son, I kNOw that astroNOmy, ecoNOmics, and oceaNOgraphy are eNOugh to keep even an hoNOr student busy. Do NOt forget that the pursuit of kNOwledge is a NOble task, and you can never study eNOugh. Love, Dad

  • Dad Wisdom: Why, in a country of free speech, are there phone bills?

  • Dad: Let me see your report card. Son: I don’t have it. Dad: Why not? Son: My friend just borrowed it. He wants to scare his parents.

And … we even found a special critter video of a tiger cub meeting her father for the first time …

I hope all you dads had a wonderful day yesterday yesterday and that you enjoyed our efforts on this Jolly Monday!  Keep safe and have a good week ahead!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Saturday Surprise Tidbits

I couldn’t settle on a topic for this week’s Saturday Surprise, so I’m just tossing in a few odds ‘n ends I came across that made me smile, in hopes they will do the same for you!

My husband has a tendency to move slower on the weekends, and knowing we had alot of errands to get done, I went into the store looking for him, annoyed. I found him, reading ingredients to an elderly man and helping him calculate ratios for what he needed, because he couldn’t do it himself anymore. And listening to him tell stories of his acres of land nearby. I forgot about errands, our time crunch, our tasks…and thought man, if we could all just take a little time to help eachother with just the littlest things, how good we would all feel. And remembered that I snagged a good one.                                                                                                                                                          

Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.                                                                                                                                                          

“I was waiting for my prescription at Walgreen, and I noticed this man is picking up his medicines.. He is asking how much they are, and starting to get nervous about the price. The total was $170 and the pharmacist asked if he would rather only get one month of his medicines instead of 3. “THIS lady next to me, walks up to them and says: NO, he is getting all three months and pays for his bill. I was walking out of there with tears in my eyes, what an amazing woman…”

I promised David a funny bird video earlier this week, and this one is guaranteed to bring at least a smile, if not a full-throttle laugh!

Now, my friends, it’s Saturday so go have some fun, relax after a long hard week!

Jolly {HOT} Monday!

Good Monday morning, friends!  I have lived in this area for about 35 years, and in all that time I have never known of the temperatures to go beyond 92° (F) and those days are rare, maybe 3 or 4 of them in a year.  But this coming week, it is predicted to reach 98° two days — I think Tuesday and Wednesday — and just the thought of it has left me gasping for air.  But, guess what else?  Go on, you can probably guess quite easily.  Yep, last Thursday our air-conditioning stopped working!  We live in a townhouse apartment complex, so we immediately called maintenance, they came, thought they had fixed it, but by Thursday night it was not working.  Long story short, they have been here four times now, have recharged the heat pump, replaced a part or two, and it still isn’t working.  Now, since I have a heart problem and severe asthma (no comments about me being a heavy smoker, please) the combination of the heat and broken a/c is a disaster for me.  The maintenance dude promised yesterday that he will be back today and “get this #ucker working, one way or another” … fingers crossed!  Why is it always the hottest or coldest day of the year that the a/c or heat goes out?  Kismet?  Sigh.  Anyway, it’s Monday and we’re determined to bring a smile to your face to start out the week!  Since it is so hot, Joyful didn’t want to add to the heat by cooking, so she pulled together some cold finger food type snacks for you, and Jolly went to Starbucks for your coffee!  So, grab a plate and let’s find some laughs, shall we?

Jolly helped me find some funny signs this weekend that we thought you would get a kick out of …

And we have ‘toons, ‘toons, ‘toons to make you smile!

And just a few fun memes …

Talk about poetic justice!!!

And last, but never least, how ’bout a cute critter video?

Well, friends, I’m sad to say that the time has come for each of us to get on with our Monday, whether it be to a job, blogging, or writing the great American novel!  For me, it will be waiting for the maintenance dude with fingers crossed!  We hope you have a safe and happy week, and remember to share those beautiful smiles I see on your faces!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Saturday Surprise — Small, Smaller, And Teeny-Tiny

I figure that after the week we’ve all had, we could use some cute critters to kick off the weekend.  So, I dug through some things I had saved over the past few weeks and found some of the most adorable li’l critters!  I was puzzled, though, in this article on Bored Panda, I kept seeing the word “smol”.  Now, I have a pretty good command of the English vocabulary, but this one is not in my memory bank.  After seeing it for about the umpteenth time, I Googled and found this …

“In the internet slang of DoggoLingo, smol is an affectionate way of saying someone or something is small in size—so cute you just want to squeeze ’em. It most often describes animals like puppies, kittens, bunnies, and even teeny-tiny reptiles.”

Well, I guess that makes sense.  As I’ve grown older, I’m not much a fan of slang, but this one really does fit some of these teeny-tiny critters.  These little guys can fit on a finger, hence they are dubbed “Tiny Animals on Fingers”.  Since there were 50 of these cute tiny critters, I decided to only use 25 today, but I hope you’ll click the link above to go see the rest of them!  Anyway, sit back and enjoy these itty-bitty creatures for a few minutes, then go forth and try to have a wonderful weekend!

Tiny Baby Chameleons

Those Smol Legs

This Is Actually A Flying Fox Species. A Northern Blossom Bat. Pixie Is A Subadult And 8g

One Smol Dragon

Tiny Baby Hummingbird Drinking Nectar From A Raspberry

A Western (Australian) Pygmy Possum

This Baby Starfish

Baby Snapping Turtles Look Just Like Little Dinosaurs

Does This Count?

Caterpillar Posing

Orphaned Baby Opossum

New Baby Turtle

The Tiniest Of Geckos

This Super Adorable Bee

Pinky Finger

Even The Kraken Was Cute Once Upon A Time

The Tinyness Of This Frog (I thought it was a fly at first glance)

Tiny Snek

My Lil’ Starfish Buddy

A Little Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Critically Endangered Baby Lemur Leaf Frog

Look What I Found

Tiniest Snek Excited For Boops (whatever the heck ‘boops’ are!)

Tiny Sea Slugs

A Very Small Cute Hamster

Jolly Monday … With BACON!

Good Monday morn, my friends.  The first Monday in June.  My darling daughter reminded me this past weekend that we are almost half the way back to Christmas.  I told her to shut up.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and you’re all revived and refreshed, ready to start another fun week at work!  Well, Jolly and Joyful have been working all weekend on gathering fun ‘toons, memes, and more for your Monday morning dose of humour to start the week out with a grin, a smile, or maybe even a chuckle.  And Joyful has a few treats, so let’s go find out what she’s made this week, and then we’ll head off to find some fun!

First, I came across these memes that seem to have been made just for our bacon lovers, so while you’re munching your crispy slices this morning, take a look at these, Larry, David, Emily, and the rest …

And now on to some ‘toons and memes!

We have a bit of toilet humour we found over at … where else, Phil’s Phun!

And a bit of giffie humour

And I daresn’t end Jolly Monday without a fun critter video …

Well, my friends, I’ve really enjoyed having you come for a visit and Jolly, Joyful and I do hope you found some humour to start your week off on the right foot!  Please remember to share those gorgeous smiles I see on your faces this week, for some people might really need one … you just never know.  Have a safe and wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!!!

It’s A Jolly ‘N Joyful Sort Of Monday

Good Monday morning dear friends and welcome to another episode of … JOLLY MONDAY, featuring yours truly, and Jolly who is the cartoon/sign/meme-finder, and Joyful, the best cook in the world!  It is our mission to bring smiles to your faces and laughter to your hearts to start the week out on the right foot!  We cannot take responsibility for the rest of the week, but we do our best to start it out with happiness and smiles.  So, grab a snack and a cuppa something and let’s see what sort of fun we have in stock for you today, ‘k?

Help yourselves, folks … I hope there’s enough bacon to go ’round

Hi, it’s me, Jolly!  I thought you might like dese cute pictures I been findin’ … Gwammie fell in love wid da sloths an’ now she wants one!  I’m not sure how da kitties would like dat …

And we’ve got all sorts of ‘toons ‘n memes to make you smile …

Dese signs is funny, don’t you think?

Well, it IS Fox after all …

Today’s cute critter video is sure to bring a smile to your face.  After last week, I think we could all use a dose of love, and these guys’ hearts are filled with love … take a look …

Well, friends, we’re so sad that our time is over, for we always look forward to having you visit us on Monday mornings and the time we have together seems far too short, but alas … we all have things we must do.  Have a safe and happy week out there, my friends, and stop back by if you find yourself needing a hug or an extra slice of bacon!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Saturday Something … er, Surprise — Birds ‘N Critters!

Good morning, friends, and happy weekend!!!  I bet you’re all tired from this past week … I know I am, and I don’t have a job to go to every day!  I beg your forgiveness, but I am yet again re-sharing a post from several years ago … August 2019, to be exact.  However, I think you will still enjoy seeing these strange, funny critters, and before the unique animals … I found a cute feature over on Bored Panda of some birds being ornery that I thought you would get a kick out of …

I’ve seen woodpeckers damage a tree before, but never like this!woodpecker.jpgPoor tree!  That had to hurt.  Apparently this guy didn’t much care for being in a cage …bird-cage

Ever hear of an Australian Firehawk?  Apparently they are quite the firestarters.  Sometimes working alone, other times in groups, they spread wildfires intentionally via single-occasion or repeated transport of burning sticks in talons or beaks. After successfully spreading the fire, the “firehawks” are able to pick out fleeing prey or munch on the charred remains of those critters who didn’t make it out in time.Australian-firehawks

I don’t know the story behind this one, but those choppers don’t belong to that pigeon, and somebody is in a panic looking for their teeth right about now …pigeon-dentures

This next one brings to mind a funny story.  Years ago, when I worked for a mid-size publishing company, one year a family of geese settled in the grassy area next to our parking lot.  After their eggs hatched, they became very protective and would, at first, attack anybody who came near.  We all learned not to park our cars in that section of the lot.  As time went by, though, they got even more aggressive, and one day, our receptionist got a call from a visitor saying he was parked out front, but there was a goose that wouldn’t let him get out of his car!  Another time, one of the geese attacked a new maintenance man, and he resigned after only a few days on the job … said he didn’t take the job to fight off killer birds!  Eventually, the geese flew south for the winter and peace was restored.goose

Uh-oh …uh-oh

I think this bird might just have bitten off more than he can chew …bird-cat


This hawk is about to learn a lesson about stealing beehives …hawk-beehive

Where to park your peacock …peacock

I sense a fight about to happen and feathers are gonna fly!cat-bird

He just wanted a little bite of the ice cream …gull-ice-cream

And now for just a few of those unique critters that we don’t see around every day.

This guy is a Pink Fairy Armadillo, also known as the Pichiciego, and is the smallest species of armadillo known.  This unique animal resides in the dry grasslands and sandy plains of central Argentina. This sandy environment works well for the pink fairy armadillo since they are excellent diggers. In fact, they have the ability to completely bury themselves in a matter of seconds if

Meet the Dumbo Octopus, so named because of the two large fins on either side that look somewhat like elephant ears.  Dumbo octopuses live at extreme depths in oceans around the world—up to 13,000 feet below the surface—and are the deepest-living octopuses known. They feed on snails, worms, and other creatures they hoover up from the ocean floor.  Don’t you just love the way he’s sticking his little tongue out?dumbo-octopus

Isn’t this Sunda Colugo just adorable?  He’s closely related to flying lemurs, and are found in Southeast Asia and are endemic to Indochina and Sundaland, spending their entire lives in tropical rainforests.  Sunda flying lemurs have bold patches of color that look similar to lichen on a tree, which aid in camouflage. While Sunda flying lemurs cannot fly, a membrane of skin called a patagium allows them to glide.Sunda-Colugo-1


This is a Sally Lightfoot Crab, aka grapsus grapsus.  We don’t typically think of crabs as being beautiful, but Sally certainly is colourful!  The origin of the sally lightfoot crab’s name is still debated. Some people say that the sally lightfoot crab was named after a Caribbean dancer.  The sally lightfoot crab can run very fast, leap, jump, and seemingly fly to avoid predators.Sally-1Sally-2

This guy looks like something from a science-fiction movie, don’t you think?  He is a Marine Iguana, is found only in the Galapagos Islands and actually forages for food underwater which is unique for any kind of iguana. The Marine Iguana can actually dive in the water up to depths of 9m and can be found in practically all of the rocky shores of the islands. Various colours of the iguana exist – some are bright green and orange, while others have a beautiful red undertone.marine-iguana

And finally, because I thought the Pink Fairy Armadillo was so cute, I found this video about them, and other armadillos!

Now go have yourselves a great weekend!