Sunday’s Snarky Snippets …

Just because it’s Sunday doesn’t mean my snarky side takes a break.  Au contraire … I think it actually kicks into overdrive on the weekends.  Last night, as I was trolling about the news looking for things of interest, I came across a number of annoying little tidbits, and so this afternoon, I thought I would share them with you, so that you can be annoyed too!  Isn’t that nice of me?

About time!

headline-2We’re all pretty sick and tired of hearing Trump refer to the press as “the enemy of the people”, especially when the press is the best friend we have right now.  (Actually, we’re all pretty sick of Trump, period) So far, this has been a one-sided fight, with Trump ranting mindlessly and the press biting its collective tongue for the most part.  But now that they have begun receiving harassing phone calls, threatening emails and death threats … they finally got fed up, and they’re ready to fight back!

“The Fake News hates me saying that they are the Enemy of the People only because they know it’s TRUE. I am providing a great service by explaining this to the American People. They purposely cause great division & distrust. They can also cause War! They are very dangerous & sick!” – 7:38 AM – Aug 5, 2018

In response, The Boston Globe has a proposal: The Globe has reached out to editorial boards nationwide to write and publish editorials on August 16th denouncing what the newspaper called a ‘‘dirty war against the free press.’’ As of Friday, about 70 outlets had committed to editorials so far, with the list expected to grow. The publications ranged from large metropolitan dailies, such as the Houston Chronicle, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Miami Herald and Denver Post, to small weekly papers with circulations as low as 4,000.

Some media outlets are exercising caution, however. As The Washington Post editor Martin Baron said, “The way I view it is, we’re not at war with the administration, we’re at work. We’re doing our jobs.”  But others, such as journalism professor Jay Rosen, see it differently:

“The problem, of course, is that there is war on the press being conducted by the president of the United States and his supporters. To say otherwise would violate a different commandment. Yes, it’s imperative to keep your cool. It is equally imperative to state what is true.”

The goal is not to start an all-out mudfest, but rather to educate readers to realize that an attack on the First Amendment is unacceptable.  I applaud their effort.

She’ll fit right in …

melissa howardMelissa Howard is a 46-year-old small-business owner from Lakewood Ranch, Florida, who is running in the Republican primary for the Florida House of Representatives’ 73rd District, near Sarasota. Ms. Howard’s political career in today’s climate is sure to take off like a rocket, for she has most of the criteria:  dishonesty, cheating, lack of values, etc.  Ms. Howard may have actually taken lessons from Donald Trump in lying.

Howard claims to have earned a degree in Marketing from Miami University in Ohio in 1996.  Only a few problems with that claim.  Miami University does not offer a degree in Marketing, and Ms. Howard attended Miami U from 1990 through 1994, without ever earning any degree – she failed to graduate!  Wow! She may actually be Trump’s illegitimate daughter, eh?

Her campaign accuses her opponent, Sarasota attorney Tommy Gregory, of making up the story, but Miami University general counsel Robin Parker verified the facts that prove Howard lied.  Case closed.

The face of the GOP???Todd KincannonTodd Kincannon was once a lawyer and was once the Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP. (It’s difficult to discern whether they are just nasty, or certifiably insane) He has never seemed, to those with a bit of sense, to be quite sane, but such is the face of the GOP today anyway.  A few examples:

  • During the 2013 Super Bowl, he sent out a flurry of racially-charged tweets about the then-recently murdered Trayvon Martin, Hurricane Katrina and black people. I will not quote them, for the language he used was filthy and not fit for repeating.  In an interview later that year, he said he liked to make those tweets to rile people and watch their outrage for fun.

  • In 2015, Kincannon was arrested on a domestic violence charge after his wife told officers that she was in fear for her life. The two had a fight after attending an event, and Kincannon screamed at her while he was driving, leading her to lower her window and yell at passing drivers for help.

  • In August 2015, the South Carolina Supreme Court suspended Kincannon’s license to practice law and transferred his client files to another attorney in order to “protect the interests of [his] clients”.

But the latest episode is … beyond anything I could have imagined.  On July 26th, he killed his mother’s dog, stabbing the 10-year-old beagle and cattle dog mix multiple times on the kitchen floor of his mother’s home.  Why?  According to what he told police when they showed up in response to a call from his father …

“I’m Jesus, I’m not making it up. I have a sign. I’m about to get crucified in the media. The reason I killed the dog is this, it’s real simple … I’m sorry, I think y’all are going to have to take me to the Psych Institution, I get that. But I’ll tell you from a legal standpoint you know, it’s in the State Constitution that God is sovereign and I honestly think he told me to do it.”

Words fail me.

The face of the GOP – once again!

Diana OrrockDiana Orrock is a national committeewoman for the Nevada GOP.  On July 17th, Caitlin Johnstone of the online publishing platform Medium, penned an article titled “Please Just F***ing Die Already” in which she wrote …

“A study by the Journal of Patient Safety says that somewhere between 210,000 and 440,000 patients die every year as a result of medical errors. If there was a God, murderous warmongering neocon John McCain would have been one of them.”

Diana Orrock apparently thought the article was so wonderful that she tweeted it to all her Twitter followers.  She qualified her decision in an interview with CNN, saying that she wasn’t wishing death upon McCain, merely agreeing with the sentiments of the article. She later tweeted an apology of sorts, calling her initial tweet ‘disrespectful’.  I’m sure she was ‘encouraged’ to issue the apology by wiser heads within the GOP.

It seems to me that the GOP’s new platform is foul language, disrespect, racism, dishonesty, and a lack of integrity all around.  Remember when “GOP” stood for Grand Old Party?  Now it stands for Galling Obnoxious Psychotics.  Is it any wonder, then, that many are leaving the Republican Party?

Bad Hair anyone?

I have to ask … is really bad hair a requirement for a populist politician, or is it a trait of the intellectually challenged?

Left to right:  UK’s Boris Johnson, US’ Donald Trump, Nobody’s Steve Bannon

And on that note, I conclude today’s Snarky Snippets, for I have a bad taste in my mouth and think I’ll go brush my teeth now.  Have a great rest-of-your-Sunday, folks!Sunday

“Say What???” Headlines …

Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re jaw-dropping, sometimes they make you say “WTF?” else just shake your head. You know the ones I’m talking about … those headlines that you just have to click on and read at least the first paragraph of the story.  A couple of them caught my eye yesterday and … I just had to read the story.

PGA Championship Servers Hacked and Files Locked

Wha … wait … doesn’t PGA stand for Professional Golfers’ Association?  Isn’t golf that game that presidents seem to like so much, for it requires little skill or thought … they just hit a defenseless little ball repeatedly until it cries “Uncle!” and drops into a hole, hoping not to be pummeled any more?  So, how does one hack golf???  (Apologies to any of my friends who happen to be golfers)


So THAT’s where all those Big Macs went!

Turns out that the PGA Championship started yesterday and runs through Sunday.  Who knew?  Who cared?  Apparently the files containing marketing materials such as banners and logos were attacked using ransomware and are locked until the PGA pays the ransom.  Funny, though, that the hackers failed to specify how much ransom they wanted.

Golfweek reported that the hackers sent an email address and offered to decrypt two files to prove they could unlock them. “We exclusively have decryption software for your situation. No decryption software is available in the public.” The hackers also warned that any attempts to crack the encryption could cause the loss of the data in question.

golferNo word on whether the PGA plans to try to figure out how much money the hackers want and pay the ransom or not.  If they’re smart, they likely have a backup copy somewhere, and hey – it’s banners and logos for a golf game, not state secrets!

US Drink-Drive Suspect Tells Police She’s ‘Clean, White Girl’

Lauren CutshawI knew as soon as I saw the headline that this one was going to make me angry.  33-year-old Lauren Cutshaw had been drinking when she breezed through a four-way stop in Bluffton, South Carolina.  Although she claimed to have drank only two glasses of wine, her blood test proved the lie, for it came back 0.18 percent – well over the legal limit in every state.  She also had marijuana in her car.  But none of that bothers me as much as what she said to the officer who arrested her.

“I’m a pretty girl, please, don’t make me go.” 

Later, at the precinct, police officer Baker Odom wrote in his report, Cutshaw went further. She said she was also a “thoroughbred” and “white, clean girl.”

“You’re a cop, you should know what that means based on the people that come in this room.”

She could have killed somebody, and yet she should be forgiven because she is a white, arrogant b**ch?  I say, “Book ‘er, Dano!”

Jeff Sessions Wants to Keep Working with This Hate group, So He Told Them They Aren’t a Hate Group

Say what??? The group is called Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), and it is, indeed, a hate group.  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has identified ADF as an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The group has defended wedding vendors challenging nondiscrimination laws, parents and schools that want to reject transgender students, and businesses that want the right to refuse to even employ LGBTQ people. They have even repeatedly advocated for the criminalization of homosexuality. Nonetheless, Sessions empathizes with and supports this group.

adf logoSessions addressed the ADF on Wednesday. He assured them that he does not believe they are a hate group for constantly advocating for discrimination against LGBTQ people. He told the group that people of faith are facing “a bigoted ideology which is founded on animus towards people of faith.” I repeat … Say What???

In a letter to Sessions, SPLC President Richard Cohen wrote:

“If the ADF had its way, gay people would be back in the closet for fear of going to jail. It’s inappropriate for the nation’s top law enforcement officer to lend the prestige of his office to this group. And it’s ironic to suggest that the rights of ADF sympathizers are under attack when the ADF is doing everything in its power to deny the equal protection of the laws to the LGBT community.”

It seems to me that the words ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ are misunderstood by our illustrious Attorney General, not to mention the ‘man’ in the Oval Office.  Apparently Sessions intends his newly created and highly controversial “Religious Liberty Taskforce” to work closely with ADF.  Are you frightened yet?  I am.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Promises ‘A Buck a Beer’

A bit of background … in June, Ontario elected a populist Premier, Doug Ford, who in many ways is a Trump clone, albeit he is more well-spoken (he can actually make whole sentences out of words!!!) and not as outwardly disgusting.  But his platforms are the same, and already he has been busily cutting back on education, environmental regulations, and social services, while cutting taxes on the wealthy.  Another one who failed Econ 101!  But this article is less about his platform as a whole, and more about one ‘promise’ he is keeping to his followers:  cheaper beer!

doug ford

Why do all the ‘populists’ have to be overweight and have weird hair?

From the BBC website …

As leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Mr. Ford ran a populist campaign last spring, promising to cut taxes, freeze spending, and slash the cost of things like electricity and beer. Specifically, he swore to reduce the minimum cost of beer from C$1.25 (¢96, 74p) a beer to just C$1.  Now that he’s in power, he says that “buck-a-beer” will be implemented 27 August. “The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. We’re bringing back buck-a-beer to Ontario,” he announced to applause at a brewery in Picton, Ontario, on Tuesday.

While his proposal may be popular with some, others were less pleased:

“I don’t need a #BuckABeer, I need my fellow Canadians to have a #BasicIncome and to be proud to live in a nation that considers food security, and poverty more important than cheap beer.”

“Instead of a dollar a beer, how about dollar a day insulin supplies, dollar an hour day care, dollar an hour tuition, dollar a book, dollar a public transit ride.”

Well, I guess if he makes the beer cheap enough, he can keep them mostly inebriated and they won’t have their wits about them enough to figure out how he’s making a mucky mess of the province just as his role model Trump is of the U.S.

I’m sure I can find more, but that’s enough to give you some things to ponder this happy Friday!  Have a great day, my friends!

Snippets Filled With Snarky …

So many things of interest in the news yesterday, that I don’t know where to begin.  Let’s start with my favourite …

The bully is losing his pulpit …

  • “The Alex Jones Show has lost access to the Spotify platform.”
  • “Apple does not tolerate hate speech. We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions.”
  • “We believe in giving people a voice, but we also want everyone using Facebook to feel safe. It’s why we have community standards and remove anything that violates them, including hate speech that attacks or dehumanizes others.”
  • “When users violate these policies repeatedly, like our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures, we terminate their accounts.”

Alex JonesFinally we are coming to see that there is a very real danger in the hate speech of Alex Jones and his ilk, and finally social media is taking a stand against it.  I am pleased.  Alex Jones, on the other hand, is not.

Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars’ editor at large, wrote, “Spotify has now completely banned Infowars too. Apple, Facebook, Spotify all within 12 hours of each other. This isn’t enforcement of terms of service, it’s coordinated big tech censorship. This is real election meddling.”

Jones tweeted (Twitter hasn’t yet banned him) that “America has been sold out”.  But then, to make it all better, he urged his followers to buy a t-shirt from him!  What a great guy, eh?Alex Jones shirt 2

Proof of ignorance, yet again …

The California wildfires started in early April this year and many are still less than half contained.  One of the fires nearly doubled in size over the weekend, making it the largest fire in the history of California.  Currently, 16 major fires are still burning in hot, dry and windy conditions.  At last count, more than 600,000 acres have burned, there have been at least 12 fatalities, and the cost is estimated to be more than $500 million.  The Carr fire alone destroyed more than 1,000 homes and I have no estimate for the total number of homes destroyed thus far, but I would guess it is at least in the tens of thousands. CA wildfireA pretty major disaster for our California residents, wouldn’t you say?  And yet, Donald Trump remained silent and apparently oblivious until Sunday.  He should have stayed silent and oblivious.

“California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren’t allowing massive amount of readily available water to be properly utilized. It is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Must also tree clear to stop fire spreading!”

And still not knowing when to shut up, he continued on Monday …

“Governor Jerry Brown must allow the Free Flow of the vast amounts of water coming from the North and foolishly being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Can be used for fires, farming and everything else. Think of California with plenty of Water – Nice! Fast Federal govt. approvals.”

GOOD GRIEF!!!  The ‘man’ has absolutely no idea what he is even talking about!  State officials and firefighting experts dismissed the president’s comments. “We have plenty of water to fight these wildfires, but let’s be clear: It’s our changing climate that is leading to more severe and destructive fires,” said Daniel Berlant, assistant deputy director of Cal Fire, the state’s fire agency.

According to Henri Grissino-Mayer, a geography professor at the University of Tennessee, “California does NOT divert water to the ocean. Ridiculous. It’s true that water is diverted to the coastal cities for a constant water supply but all such water is used by the coastal communities.”

Somebody needs to remind Mr. Trump that he represents every single person in the United States, and that includes Californians.  If I were a resident of California, I would want to go to Washington and slap his face.  Oh wait … I want to do that anyway.  And just how many more times does Trump need to prove that he is both ignorant and incompetent before his followers come out from under their trance?

Trump loses a follower …Juarez.jpgSargeant Cuauhtemoc “Temo” Juarez is an Iraq combat veteran who served as a Marine infantryman and then an Army National Guardsman.  He is a U.S. citizen and, until last week was a Trump supporter.  He has been married to his wife, Alejandra, for twenty years and they have two daughters, Pamela, 16, and Estela, age 9.  Alejandra came to this country illegally as a teenager more than 20 years ago, and has lived with her husband and two daughters in Davenport, Florida.  Until Friday, when she was deported.juarez-2Yes, you heard me right.  She was taken from her husband and daughters and sent to Mexico, a country where she is now a stranger.  Until last week, Temo didn’t really believe it would happen.  The couple had met with lawyers, there is a bill in her name pending in Congress, and they had contacted immigration officials asking for a hearing before an immigration judge.  But all their efforts were for naught, and on Friday Ms. Juarez returned, against her will, to Mexico under Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy.

Mr. Juarez, once a supporter of Donald Trump, says “I am eating my words” in an interview with military newspaper Stars and Stripes.  What a way to treat a veteran who did three tours of duty in Iraq, eh?  Don’t expect any acts of human kindness from this administration, folks.

Pooh is not welcome in China …

Pooh-1-aYou may not remember, but it was just over a year ago that I wrote a post about Winnie the Pooh and his friends Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Tigger and the rest being banned from China.  An attempt to seek them out on China’s social media outlet Weibo returned a message of “content is illegal”.  All this came about because Pooh and his friends had a bit of fun taking some photos of Pooh emulating Chinese President Xi Jinping.  They say that imitation is a sincere form of flattery, but Xi was apparently not flattered.

Last Friday, the new Winnie the Pooh movie, Christopher Robin, was released in the U.S.  China’s film authorities, however, have denied permission for the film’s release.  It has been suggested that the censorship of Pooh bear may be taking place because the comparisons with the President are seen by Beijing as “a serious effort to undermine the dignity of the presidential office and Xi himself”.  I sure am glad we don’t have such a thin-skinned leader!  {sarcasm dripping}

I feel sorry for all the poor Chinese kids who are being deprived of one of the most joyous icons of childhood, Pooh and friends.

And that wraps up this episode of Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets!  Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more in the foreseeable future!  Have a great day, my friends!

Snarky Snippets From A Grump …

Not having slept particularly well for the past several nights and being particularly peeved by everything in the news for the past two days (or is it two years???), I am in an especially foul humour today.  What better time for a few snarky snippets from the mind of a grump, eh?

Score one for Portland, Oregon!

In 2016, the City of Portland, Oregon, passed a city ordinance that would prohibit new fossil fuel infrastructure, including storage and distribution terminals for oil and gas.  But business groups, including the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council, Portland Business Alliance and Western States Petroleum Association appealed the ordinance to Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA), saying that it was unconstitutional in that it restricted interstate commerce.

LUBA ruled that Portland had violated the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution in that it restricted interstate commerce, but this past January, a Court of Appeals overturned the LUBA ruling, finding that Portland’s ordinance is not unconstitutional.  The coalition of businesses, seeing dollar signs waving ‘bye-bye’ in their sleep at night, took the issue to the Oregon Supreme Court.

Two days ago, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the lower court, placing air quality and lives over corporate greed!  What this means is that existing facilities as well as new ones will be subject to size and capacity restrictions.  Some of the corporations affected include energy giants Shell, BP, Kinder Morgan, Chevron, Phillips 66, and NW Natural.

It is a small step in the grand scheme of things, but an important one.  The region is plagued by sea level rise linked to global warming, in addition to other growing environmental hazards exacerbated by climate change.  Let us hope that other cities follow suit and place a higher value on human life than on corporate greed.

Two thumbs-down to Trump’s trickle-down theory …

According to Donald Trump, we are living in “the greatest economy in the HISTORY of America and the best time EVER to look for a job.”  But, as is most always the case when Trump opens his mouth, this is not quite the truth.

First, while it is true that unemployment is low, the nation is experiencing historically low wage growth.   Take a look …wage-chartNow … what happened to that ‘trickle down’ economic theory?  You will remember that the wealthy and big corporations received a Christmas gift last December in the form of significant tax cuts, and you may also remember that Trump said we would all benefit from those tax cuts, as corporations shared their wealth with their workers.  Guess what, folks?  It didn’t happen.

The beneficiaries of that big tax cut decided to keep it for themselves after all.  Surprise!  Instead, these corporations, for the most part, have spent their additional wealth on their top executives and largest shareholders!

A couple of examples:

  • At Walmart, with 2.3 million workers, half made less than $19,177. Late last year, Walmart launched a stock buyback initiative to the tune of $20 billion in order to boost its stock prices, which disproportionately enriches the biggest stockholders in the company.

  • Median pay at McDonald’s is $7,017, in part because McDonald’s directly employs hourly servers at more of its restaurants. Meanwhile, McDonald’s bought back $1.6 billion in stock in the first quarter of 2018 alone.

  • Gap’s very low median pay of $5,375 per year coincided with the company buying back $100 million in stock last quarter.

There are plenty more examples, including most of the restaurant industry, but you get the picture … it ain’t trickling down, folks, it’s trickling up to those who least need it.  Nothing new here, but it proves the lie, once again, of the theory that giving to the rich will ultimately enrich the poor.

Say WHAT???

The ‘man’ who sits in the spot a president should sit in if we had such a critter, is so out of touch with reality that I’m not sure what planet he even hails from!  I’m sure you have all heard by now that Donald Trump believes a photo ID is required in order to purchase food.  So, how in the Sam Heck does he think people who don’t have a photo ID, and there are many such people, buy groceries???  Oh wait … he doesn’t think … he just opens his mouth and spews.

“You know, if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card — you need ID,” said he at rally on Tuesday.

Funny that … I’ve been buying groceries for more than half a century, and have never once been asked to prove that I am who I am at the checkout!

Trump’s disconnect with those “American people” he claims to be ‘fighting for’, seems to be a gap about the size of the Grand Canyon.  In addition to believing that buying food requires ID, he thinks that we spend $12 per year on our health insurance!  If you aren’t growling yet, you should be.  I spend more than $130 per month for Medicare that I paid into all my life!  The average American spends close to $10,000 a year on health care.

Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and has never had to enter a grocery store, sit down and figure how to pay a mortgage payment or worry about the electric bill that is more than he can afford.  He has never had to fret over money or do without a single thing.  Not once in his life has he had to do without medical care so that his kids could have food to eat. He is not fighting for the ‘American people’ … he is fighting to preserve a way of life for himself and his rich friends … a way of life that 99% of this country cannot even imagine.

And so concludes Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets, although there will surely be more to come soon!  Have a great evening, friends!

Saturday Surprise — Hodge Podge

Happy Saturday and welcome to the …weekendSo, do you all have big plans, or just a nice relaxing day around the house?  Miss Goose and I are “baching it” this weekend, as Chris is in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada for a band competition.  Yesterday, what that meant was that we didn’t do a darn thing around the house, but today we will try to get a bit more ambitious and at least sweep the floors … or something.  Maybe.

Today’s Saturday Surprise is truly a hodge-podge, rather matching the way my mind works today.  I think this past week required so much concentration on so many topics that my brain has simply said, “I’m done – go away and leave me alone!”  So, let’s have a bit of this and a dab of that, shall we?

Happy face bologna?

Ask anyone from Sydney or Melbourne if they’ve ever tried a slice of “fritz” and they’ll give you a puzzled look. Ask a South Australian, however, and their face will light up with memories of childhood trips to the deli and smiling meat behind the glass.SmileyFritz_JamesRuddSmiley fritz, the cheeriest lunch meat you’re likely to come across, is a thinly sliced and smooth-textured sausage commonly found in supermarket delicatessens and local butcher shops across South Australia. Each slice of the meat appears to have a tidy mop of dark hair, two big eyes, and cheeky grin. For South Aussie kids, no trip for groceries is complete without receiving a complimentary slice to eat on the spot or wear as a mask.

Fritz is unique to South Australia, thanks to the influence of German immigrants in the greater Adelaide region. Though the sausage’s origins are uncertain, local legend suggests it began with a butcher by the name of Fritz who lived in the city of Adelaide or the nearby town of Lobethal in the 1880s. The sausage is also known by the not-so-flattering full name of “bung fritz.” Why? Because the sausage uses a sheep’s appendix as the casing that houses the lightly smoked mince trimmings of pork, lamb, beef, or, in rare cases, kangaroo.

Um … well … I suddenly find I’m not really all that hungry …

Name a country … any country …

I love Jimmy Kimmel.  Well, most of the time anyway.  You know how sometimes he takes to the streets and asks people questions … simple questions that should be no brainers, like “name a book”.  Well, based on this short segment where he had a large map of the world and asked people to identify a country … any country … on the map, I think we are in deep trouble.  Take a look …

At least the little guy knows his geography, yes?

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww …

You guys all know what a sucker I am for a cute animal, right.  This one comes from The Dodo and if it doesn’t simply melt your heart, then you probably have no heart to melt!

Bee-utiful drawings …

Camilla d’Errico is a Canadian urban temporary painter, toy designer, character creator and comic artist. She’s been interested in art since she was a little girl, and her textbooks were full of cartoons, comics, manga and fantasy-like doodles.

“I am a hopeless romantic that loves the planet, French bulldogs, watermelons, vampires and zombie hunters! I also paint big-eyed beauties surrounded by melting rainbows and lots of animals.”

Her recent paintings of adorable bees that portray iconic cartoon and movie characters are exactly that.





Harbee Quinn

Harbee Quinn

Jason Voorbees

Jason Voorbees



Luke Skyflyer

Luke Skyflyer

Minnie and Mickey

Mickey & Minnie



Sailor Buzz

Sailor Buzz



Ahhh … to have such talent!  Miss Goose is the artiste in this house … perhaps one day I will share  some of her work!

Well, friends, I don’t want to take up your entire weekend … I know you have chores and fun stuff planned, so I ask only that you keep safe and have a wonderful weekend!

♪ Snippets, Snippets, I Got Snippets ♪ …

I came across a few tidbits, or snippets yesterday that I thought were deserving of a mention.  So, I am mentioning them.  The first involves one of my favourite people to snark about, former Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff Joe Arpaio!  Yep, folks ol’ Sheriff Joe is back in the news! He is reminiscent of that bad penny that just keeps turning up everywhere.  Or the paperclip that keeps turning up under my daughter’s desk and the vacuum finds it every bloomin’ time!

A Case of Hypocrisy?Arpaio-2You may remember that just a year ago, Sheriff Joe was convicted of Contempt of Court.  He never served a single hour of jail time, and then the month after his conviction, Donald Trump pardoned him.  Now, you might think, having dodged the bullet, so to speak, that ol’ Sheriff Joe would be thankful, cut his losses and slither silently back under the rock from whence he came, right?  Wrong.  Sheriff Joe is now running for the United States Senate, hoping to fill the seat that is being vacated by Jeff Flake.  But that isn’t what put him on Filosofa’s radar.  It was yesterday’s tweet that did it this time:arpaio tweetFirst, isn’t it ironic that the man who committed the crime and didn’t do so much as an hour’s time, can baldly make such a statement?  And second … those ‘tent cities’ were partly what got him in trouble in the first place, as he abused and mistreated his prisoners.  The good people of Arizona need to make damn sure that Mr. Arpaio does not win the election in November!

Sue!!!  Sue, sue, sue!!!

Okay, folks.  Donald Trump has been involved in nearly 6,000 lawsuits in his life, which equates to approximately 120 per year if he started suing and being sued at birth.  I’ve been involved in exactly one lawsuit in my entire life.  Anyway, apparently it is a trend, one of those things that … if something isn’t going quite the way you expected or wanted it to, why then … just sue somebody.  Things still won’t be going the way you expected or wished, but hey … at least you’ll have a bunch of money, right?

You all remember the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas last October?  The gunman, Stephen Paddock, opened fire from the window of a room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Las Vegas strip.  At the end of his shooting spree, 58 were left dead and 851 injured inside of a 15-minute period.  Stephen Paddock had not just one, but several semi-automatic weapons with bump stocks that allowed him to shoot at a rate similar to a fully automatic weapon.  But guns are not my point today.

MGM Resorts International, the hotel conglomerate that owns the Mandalay Bay, is suing more than 1,000 victims of the aforementioned massacre.  Stop just a minute now, and think about this.  The hotel where the gunman was a ‘guest’, and from where he perpetrated his heinous crime, is suing the dead and injured parties.  Huh?  Say what?  Why, you ask?

Because … some of the victims have filed a suit against MGM Resorts, a security firm hired to manage the festival, and other companies, alleging negligence.  A group of 450 victims filed the suit … that’s a bit less than the 1,000+ victims that MGM is suing, but they want to head any future lawsuits off at the pass, as well as putting the current ones to bed.

MGM is not seeking monetary damages from the victims, but is hoping a federal judge will dismiss any current or future lawsuits brought by victims against the company.  For the record, I think both lawsuits are wrong.  The guilty party was Mr. Paddock and he is dead.  The Mandalay Bay Hotel had no way to know what his intent was when he rented the room, so I see no reason for a lawsuit against MGM.  If I were among the victims and wanted to sue anybody, it would be the NRA for blocking all legislation that could have prevented this tragedy. Neither, however, do I see a reason for MGM to sue the victims … all of them.  It seems like pouring salt in the wound.  Frivolous lawsuits seem to be the trend of the day.  Not happy?  Fine, sue someone … you still won’t be happy, but you’ll have money.

The Blame Game Redux …

Donald Trump has attempted to blame nearly everyone for almost everything.  His favourite targets, though, have consistently remained Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  It has become obvious to those of us who are not mesmerized by Trump’s pathological lies that he is guilty as hell in conspiring with Putin & Co to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.  While Trump is not, in this writer’s opinion, particularly intelligent, even he is surely able to see that the people of this country are no longer buying his tall tales.  So, of course, he has to find somebody to blame.  Eenie meenie miney mo … who shall it be this time?  President Obama drew the short straw on Monday!  SURPRISE!!!  Not.

Trump accused President Obama of rigging the ongoing Russia investigation against him and instructing FBI agent Peter Strzok to carry out the task. He pulled this theory from the dark recesses of either his mind or his posterior during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday night, after having made a mockery of the nation he is purported to represent, in Helsinki.  Best guess?  He needed to distract attention from his own disastrous behaviour.  His theory doesn’t even deserve more than these two paragraphs.

Paint the Plane???  WHY???A-F-1This is a picture of the plane the president and his entourage fly on, known as Air Force One.   You may remember that Trump has ordered two replacement jets from Boeing at a cost to us of $3.9 billion.  Okay, the old ones are … old … 28 years old, so I get needing new ones.  While the cost sounds exorbitant to me, I am no expert, and frankly the cost of a new pair of shoes sounds exorbitant to me.  I am cheap.

But look at the picture again.  Not a bad looking plane, eh?  But it is too tame for Donald Trump.  When he was in Scotland, killing time until he could meet with Putin in Helsinki, Trump did an interview with Jeff Glor of CBS News.

“I said, ‘I wonder if we should use the same baby blue colors?’ And we’re not. You know what colors we’re using? Take a guess. Red, white and blue.”

The colour change isn’t likely, I suppose, to add to the cost, but knowing Trump, it will be garish and ugly, for he seems to like garish and ugly.  I imagine he has to change the colours because the current schema was good enough for President Obama.  But here’s the real kicker … the new version is scheduled to be completed by 2024, but Trump has pushed for that date to be pushed up to 2021 so that he might have a chance to ride it.  HAH!!!  If he’s still around in 2021, I will eat my socks!!!

wash-windowsAnd that concludes today’s roundup of snippets.  My street is being paved today, and the noise is driving me nuts, so I think I will wash windows or something productive to take my mind off the noise.  Have a great evening, folks!


Hot ‘n Jolly Monday!

Hey folks!!!  Yep, it’s Monday again and this time I’m prepared!  I have treats for all, even naked cinnamon rolls for rawgod, donuts for Steve, scones (not burnt this time) for David, and Ellen … your coffee is just the way you like it!

So, did you all have a great weekend?  It was 95° here on Saturday with about 70% humidity, and the air quality so poor that there was a haze everywhere you looked.  Needless to say, that is not air out there … I don’t know what it is, but it is not air and whatever it is, I cannot breathe it.  I am grounded until further notice and nobody better tell me there’s no such thing as climate change!

Well, let’s forget that and find some fun to start our week off, shall we?

The world’s largest …

There used to be a saying here in the U.S.: “They grow everything big in Texas”  I’m not sure where the saying originated, but the only thing I’ve seen that is bigger in Texas (other than the size of the state itself) are the egos.  No, not you Steve. But to the point, I think Texas may be taking a back seat to Australia, if avocados are any indication.

It is called the Avozilla …avocadoThey look like an avocado and taste like an avocado. The only difference from the avocados you know is that these ones are about the size of your head.  Well, most people’s head, anyway — some Texans have bigger heads.  No, not you Steve.  They weigh an average of just over 2.5 pounds, or 1.2 kg.  (Why can’t the U.S. convert to the metric system like everybody else???)  They are expected to sell for about $12 each!

The fruit (yes, folks, avocados are a fruit, not a veggie) actually originated in South Africa and emigrated to the UK in 2013, but the Groves family of Queensland just brought them to Oz this year.  Now I learned something new here … I didn’t realize a country could ‘copyright’ a variety of tree, but any farmer that plants this giant avocado tree must seek permission and pay royalties to the South African company that owns the rights.

The problem I foresee here is that avocados go bad very quickly once exposed to air.  By quickly, I mean a matter of minutes, although one can keep them fresh and green for a few hours with a bit of lemon juice and the avocado pit.  I don’t see a huge individual market for them, though they might be popular in Mexican restaurants where large quantities of guacamole are served up.



Rob Morin and Paula Habib from Montreal, Canada, noticed in June that produce was going missing from their tomato and strawberry plants.

“We had a full set of tomatoes and then all of a sudden the tomatoes started going down. We didn’t take any ourselves; we thought it was the squirrels.”

But still, they found it odd that the squirrels weren’t leaving a mess, as squirrels typically do.  OCD squirrels, perhaps?

“We first thought it was the squirrels, but normally the squirrels leave a mess and there was not a mess on the ground where the plants were.”

I don’t know what took them so long, but finally the couple got the brilliant idea to check the footage from their outdoor security camera, and guess what?  It wasn’t a squirrel at all …mailmanYes, friends, it was the trusty mail carrier that was helping himself to the fruit each day.  Seems a fair trade … a box full of junk mail for a handful of tomatoes and strawberries!

“It’s rude,” said Ms. Habib. “He never told us. He never came to the door and said, ‘I took one of your tomatoes and it was really good’ or made joke about it. He just did it and he couldn’t care less.”

Canada Post is aware of the case and has spoken with the family, but so far isn’t commenting on the matter.  Habib said she does not want the postman to lose his job, but he could also offer some restitution – if he replaces the plants or offers the family a strawberry pie or some tomato sauce, all will be forgiven.

Dream job?

Mattress Firm, a mattress company based in Houston, Texas, has a job opening that I think would be just perfect for my daughter, who can fall asleep anywhere in under 15 seconds!  The ad on the company’s website reads:

Pursuing a degree in catching Z’s? Would you rather carry a pillowcase instead of a briefcase? This Fall, you can snag the internship of your dreams as Mattress Firm’s first “Snoozetern.”


We are searching for someone who can put their rest to the test. If you think you’re a slumber star, apply to sleep on the job as our in-house bed tester, testing the best of the best mattresses. The back of your eyelids won’t be your only view. You’ll test the optimal head and foot positions on our selection of adjustable bases for Netflix binging, Instagram stalking *ahem* posting, reading, typing, eating…really anything that would be better in bed.

Of course, you’ll want your friends to know that you’re ‘sleeping your best life’ so regular appearances on Mattress Firm’s social channels will make the job of your dreams official. Feed your inquisitive nature by interviewing our sleep experts, finding out what the social sphere wants to know and determining the perfect amount of pillows needed for the ‘I’m-sleeping-but-still-taking-a-picture-of-myself’ selfie.

Help us help the sleep deprived by applying to join our team. Comfort and curiosity are calling, will you answer?

Among the required qualifications are:

– 18 years of age or older

– Proficient in napping, regardless of time of day

– Interested in exposure to different surfaces, textures and sleep positions

– Passionate about sleep and comfort

– Available to start snoozing in the Houston-area beginning August 15

The only one that could be a problem for Chris is that last one, but the rest … she’s got this!

The $67,000 squirrel …

In Almaty, a city in Kazakhstan, resides a sculpture of a giant squirrel … sculpted from straw!  The squirrel, which stands 40 feet tall, is made from straw and wood attached to a steel frame, is part of an art project for a festival commissioned by city authorities.  But Rocky is causing some problems for the city.  First, some say he is a fire hazard … I suppose that is true, especially in a lightning storm.  But the main argument is the cost … it cost the city some $67,000 (£51,000), about $44,000 of which was paid for from public funds.  The people are, understandably, concerned that the money might have been better spent helping the struggling people of the city with medical or other costs.  I can’t argue against that point.giant-squirrelThe artists, South African sculptor Marius Jansen van Vuuren and British artist Alex Rinsler, have said that the squirrel will change appearance during the nine months it is expected to be on display, but I have a feeling that Rocky may not outlast the first hard rain or windstorm.  Still, he is pretty cute …giant squirrel-3

I just wanna be on da teevee too, dad …

Polish historian/political scientist Jerzy Targalski was giving a taped interview regarding the U.S. Supreme Court when his cat decided to get in on the act.

Well, friends, once again it is time for us to each get busy.  I’ve really enjoyed our visit this morning … this is absolutely my favourite part of most Mondays!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Oh WAIT … before you go … please share those gorgeous smiles today and every day.  A lot of people are pretty miserable these days, and a smile seems to just work wonders when somebody is feeling down.  Hugs ‘n love from Filosofa & the Significant Seven!

toon-1'I'm MELTING!!!' - 'Oh knock it off, we're ALL hot!'toon-3

Say WHAT???

Two stories yesterday just left me … speechless.

Alabama has been a controversial state in recent years, in no small part due to Roy Moore, a federal judge twice tossed off the bench for failing to uphold the law, then a credibly accused pedophile running for a seat in the U.S. Senate to replace proven-racist Jeff Sessions, who is now the U.S. Attorney General.  Whew … makes your head spin, doesn’t it?  Historically, Alabama has been a republican stronghold, though that may be changing, given that they didn’t fall for Roy Moore’s story in December and voted in Doug Jones, a democrat, rejecting Moore for either his lawbreaking ways, his racism, or his pedophilia … who knows which?

Well, Alabama is back in the news, and I want you to sit down, because what I’m about to tell you is going to surprise you … or maybe not, in the current environment of untruth and dishonesty.  Until this week, sheriffs could keep for themselves any excess public money after they had paid for prisoners’ meals.  Yes, you heard right.  Taxpayer dollars fund the upkeep of prisoners, including meals.  So, say the budget calls for $15,600 for prisoner meals for a given week in Etowah County, Alabama.  And say that in the month of May, there were fewer than usual prisoners, and in addition, Sheriff Bubba arranged for some really cheap mac ‘n cheese to be served up twice a day in lieu of a protein, such as … um … meat.  So, the meals only ended up costing around $8,100 for the month.  Well, Sheriff Bubba can now put his darling daughter Darlene through her first two years of college, for he gets to pocket the $7,500 that was budgeted but not spent on prisoner’s meals!  And that’s how it was in ol’ Alabama, until …

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey stepped in and said, NO MORE!!!Kay-Ivey“Public funds should be used for public purposes.  It’s that simple.”

Good grief, people!!!  This really isn’t rocket science!  Sheriffs get paid a salary … skimping on prisoner’s meals shouldn’t result in extra money in the sheriff’s pocket!  Can you even imagine what abuses that must have led to over the years?

A practice begun in the Depression was upheld in 2008 in a ruling by then-Attorney General Troy King, who said a “sheriff may retain any surplus from the food service allowance as personal income,” noting that “most of the sheriffs in the state have retained the food service allowances for personal income for years.”

How many other states, I wonder, engage in similar practices?

say whatLast year NPR reported on a sheriff in Alabama’s Etowah County: “Voters in Alabama lost their appetite for a sheriff who personally profited off hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to buy food for inmates at the Etowah County Jail. Sheriff Todd Entrekin lost his re-election campaign during the Republican primary on Tuesday.”

“At a news conference in March, Entrekin confirmed that he had personally profited by hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing costs in jail kitchens. He emphasized that it was legal, denied that inmates experienced malnutrition — while agreeing that many ‘are not happy with the food they are served’ — and urged the state to pass a law prohibiting sheriffs from taking the money as personal profit.

Reporters also noted that Entrekin purchased a beach house for $740,000. In his news conference, Entrekin denied there was a link between his hundreds of thousands of dollars in jail-kitchen income and his property purchase, noting that his wife’s income was also factored into the mortgage.”

For decades lawmakers have been trying to change this ‘policy’, but without success.  Governor Ivey stepped up to the plate and succeeded where others had failed, and is hoping to get the matter put to bed once and for all by the Alabama Legislature later this year

“I have changed the way these funds are handled because it is the right thing to do. The law is clear, the attorney general’s opinion is clear, and now I have been clear. I urge the Legislature to follow my lead and codify this policy into law during the next regular session.”

This one just left me speechless.  How could anybody ever think this was okay?

Then there was the letter PayPal sent to a customer … a deceased customer:

“Dear Mrs Lindsay Durdle,

This is a default notice…You are in breach of condition 15.4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit as we have received notice that you are deceased. In accordance with condition 15.4(c), we are entitled to close your account, terminate your agreement and demand repayment of the full amount outstanding.”

PayPal letterHas your jaw dropped yet?  Did they expect her to respond, I wonder?  Ms. Durdle died last May of cancer at age 37.  Her husband had sent a letter to PayPal informing them of her death.  He provided PayPal with copies of her death certificate, her will and his ID, as requested.  Her will?  I’ve never heard of such!  And then to get this response from PayPal?  Unfathomable!

PayPal has since realized their error and issued an apology to Mr. Durdle, who said …

“If I’m going to make any fuss about this at all, it’s to make sure that PayPal – or any other organisation that might do this kind of insensitive thing – recognises the damage they can cause the recently bereaved.”

A reasonable response, and much nicer than mine would have been.


Afternoon Snarky Snippets …

Call it mind-bounce, call it angst, call it fed-up-with-Trump syndrome … whatever it is, it is interfering with my ability to settle in on a single topic today, so I decided to vent on a few topics.  Sometimes getting some of the detritus out of the way helps me focus.

First, the good news …

Eight of the boys who have been trapped in a cave in Thailand since June 23rd have been brought out to safety!  Four boys and the coach remain in the flooded cave and it is hoped that they can be rescued tomorrow.  The boys are being kept in quarantine in a hospital to ensure they haven’t picked up any diseases.  rescueI am disturbed, however, by the fact that they have not yet been allowed to see their parents.  It seems unnecessarily cruel to both the children and the parents, and the parents do not even know which boys have been rescued and which remain in the cave. Psychologists already anticipate that the boys are likely to suffer from short-term psychological symptoms.  I am not a psychologist, but just from the standpoint of a human and a parent, it seems that the most important thing at this point would be reuniting the boys with their parents, letting them feel secure in the embrace of their moms and dads.  But what do I know, right?

Anyway, I am thrilled that the eight boys so far have been rescued and seem to be in good health overall, and hope that the other four and the coach will be brought to safety tomorrow.

Scott Pruitt – one final bootlicking …

As we all know by now, Scott Pruitt resigned his position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency last week amid numerous major scandals.  His resignation letter is something to behold, a true work of … I don’t even know the word for it.  Here, in all its glory, is the letter, with my snarky remarkys in blue

“Mr. President, it has been an honor to serve you in the Cabinet as Administrator of the EPA. Truly, your confidence in me has blessed me personally and enabled me to advance your agenda beyond what anyone anticipated at the beginning of your Administration. Your courage (you have GOT to be kidding!!!), steadfastness and resolute commitment to get results for the American people, both with regard to improved environmental outcomes (define ‘improved’, please?) as well as historical regulatory reform (reform = destruction), is in fact occurring at an unprecedented pace and I thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the American people in helping achieve those ends.

That is why it is hard for me to advise you I am stepping down as Administrator of the EPA effective as of July 6. It is extremely difficult for me to cease serving you in this role first because I count it a blessing (define ‘blessing’?) to be serving you in any capacity, but also, because of the transformative work that is occurring. However, the unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family, are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us (Awwwww, pobrecito).

My desire in service to you has always been to bless you as you make important decisions for the American people. I believe you are serving as President today because of God’s providence (spare me the bullpoop!!!). I believe that same providence brought me into your service. I pray as I have served you that I have blessed you and enabled you to effectively lead the American people. Thank you again Mr. President for the honor of serving you and I wish you Godspeed in all that you put your hand to.”

PruittDoes anybody else feel ill?  You may notice that he didn’t even mention any of the scandals surrounding him?  Happily, the 14 or so investigations of ethics violations will continue and he remains under the gun.  If it is found that he is guilty of ethics violations, it will be up to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to decide whether to prosecute.  Anybody want to guess how that is likely to go?

Even his friends don’t like the tariffs …

Even some of Trump’s closest allies in Congress are unhappy about the trade tariffs he unleashed last month.  Senator Orrin Hatch, a close ally of Trump’s, reportedly said of the tariffs, “I’d like to kill ’em.”  Republican senators say they can’t get the president to comprehend that his tariffs offensive could upend the mid-term elections. Commodity prices in the heartland are sagging, U.S. allies are retaliating with tariffs of their own — and GOP leaders are fretting that the booming economy is about to go into a pre-midterms nosedive.

My response to all that is, “you reap what you sow”.  The republicans in Congress have blindly followed and supported Donald Trump through some of the most abhorrent decisions ever made by a U.S. president.  They have shoved aside their constituents in favour of the upper echelons that Trump so loves.  And so, when it comes home to roost, when the voters in their states finally say “ENOUGH!!!”, I will have not one shred of empathy for these jerks.

The games people play …

Paul Manafort’s trial is scheduled to begin later this month.  Any bets as to whether it will or not?  Thus far, Manafort has asked for a delay and a change of venue.  Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman and a subject of Robert Mueller’s investigation, since he has close and proven ties to a number of Russians, is accused of both bank and tax fraud.

Paul Manafort.In requesting the move and the delay, Manafort’s attorneys cited intense negative publicity surrounding his prosecution by special counsel Robert Mueller. Yes, well???  You play, you pay … eventually.  I am ready for somebody … anybody … to start facing the consequences of this huge criminal scandal that handed the 2016 election to the least qualified candidate imaginable.  I suspect that once the first one falls, the rest will follow.  We may need to build a new federal penitentiary to hold them all!  Frankly, I will be doing the Snoopy Happy Dance in the middle of the street!

And thus concludes my mini-rants for today.  I shall now go clean a bathroom or two and think about preparing supper later on … lemon-chicken, broccoli and wild rice is on the docket for tonight, and I will be teaching Miss Goose how to make the chicken.  Perhaps someday she can fix supper and I can take a nap!  Have a great evening, friends!

Snarky Snippets To Start The Weekend …

Today I am running short on time and short on patience, so I decided to humour myself by indulging in a bit of snarkiness to start your weekend!

Pruitt Out, Wheeler In …

I let out a WHOOP when I saw the news banner cross my screen, then just a few seconds later heard the ‘knock,  knock, knock’ on my cell phone that indicates breaking news from The Washington Post.  The news?  Scott Pruitt was out … O.U.T. … at the EPA.  I quickly posted the story on my Facebook page, sent Herb a quick message, then sat back to read the whole story and … gloat … only … wait …

My ‘whoop’ turned sour. Turns out, we may be even worse off than before!  My joy dims …

The agency’s deputy administrator, Andrew Wheeler, will be temporarily filling Pruitt’s position, and may end up being Trump’s nominee to fill the position permanently.  Wheeler has a few ‘claims to fame’, but perhaps two bother me the most:

He was a top aide to Senator Jim Inhofe  (you will remember that he is the one who earned the honour of being my first and so far, only Idiot of the Week).  And … this is the most concerning … he was a lobbyist for Murray Coal Company, one of the most corrupt in the industry.

Wheeler is said to be every bit as determined as Pruitt was to follow a path of deregulation of environmental regulations.  Environmental groups say they fear Wheeler even more than they did Pruitt!  “Wheeler is much smarter and will try to keep his efforts under the radar in implementing Trump’s destructive agenda,” said Jeremy Symons, vice president for political affairs at the Environmental Defense Fund. “That should scare anyone who breathes.”

They Can’t Find The Kids …

On Tuesday, 26 June, US District Court Judge Dana Sabraw ordered that the migrant children who had been separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border be returned to their parents quickly.  Children under the age of 5 were to be returned within 14 days, and older children within 30 days.

Now, just 4 days before the first deadline, the Trump administration is asking for an unspecified extension of time, saying that the tight timeline is putting them at risk of violating their “statutory obligations to ensure the safety of children before transferring them out of HHS custody.” 

Translation:  We do not know where all the children are, did not engage in good record-keeping when we removed the 3,000 children, and do not know which child belongs to which parent.

They claim they are using DNA testing to match children to parents, saying …

“Given the possibility of false claims of parentage, confirming parentage is critical to ensure that children are returned to their parents, not to potential traffickers.”


The other reason they give is that they are running criminal background checks on all the parents in order to ensure they are not returning the child into the hands of a criminal.  Again … Bullpoop!

The Justice Department under Jeff Sessions has said that if the judge wished, they could prepare an alternative timeline.  They are to have a phone conversation this afternoon with Judge Sabraw.  I hope the judge stands his ground, even though it is highly unlikely that the tangled web ICE has woven will be straightened out by the first deadline, next Tuesday.  But if the judge does not relent, and the government does not comply, watch the lawsuits start to fly!  Personally, I hope they do.  This entire thing is unconscionable and should have already been grounds for the impeachment of the man who came up with the idea.

The Coward Heads Abroad …

Next Thursday, Trump heads to the UK for a few days before heading to Brussels for the NATO summit.  I wish he weren’t going to either, for he will certainly shame, humiliate, and embarrass us again, and I have a number of friends in the UK.  But he will not be spending much time in London.  Why?  Because there are mass protests scheduled, and little Donnie is scared.


Londoners protest ahead of Trump’s visit

The citizens of the UK do not want Trump anywhere near their nation, and frankly I don’t blame them.  I doubt very much that Ms. May or the Queen want him, either, but they have this diplomatic duty thing to consider.  But seriously … Trump should feel honoured, for the Londoners have even made a special tribute to Trump — a blimp in his image!  What could be more fitting?  Take a look for yourself …Trump baby blimp-1Trump baby blimp-2Trump baby blimp-3The best we can hope for in this trip is that we not end up in a war with our friends in the UK.  I’m fairly certain he won’t treat them any better than he has treated our Canadian friends, and I am apologizing in advance to my UK friends for the abomination that is about to be unleashed upon your nation.

And that ends today’s snippets, folks.  I must now go mop floors and start chopping veggies for Pasta Primavera tonight!  Have a great weekend!!!weekend