Jolly Monday, Evermore

Hi … it’s me, Jolly!  Gwammie will be here in a minute … she’s having a bit of twouble waking up dis morning.  GWAMMIE!!!  Huwwy … our fwiends are here!

Huh?  Wha-wha-who-how???  {yawn}  Oh … heh heh … hi everyone!  Sorry I’m a little late to the party!  These sleepless nights are taking a toll.  So, it’s Monday again already, huh?  Jolly … did you pull together some fun to make our friends smile this morning?  Ohhhhh … what is that I smell?  Something smells really yummy and it’s making my tummy grumble … let’s go see what Joyful has cooked up this morning, shall we?

Since da bacon lovers whinged last week, I made extra this week!

Well, now that we’ve all got a bit of breakfast or snack, Jolly tells me he popped over to Phil’s Phun this morning and found some ‘toons to make us laugh …

Some memes, just in case the ‘toons weren’t enough to make you chuckle …

And we found some funny signs …

This one isn’t funny, but I saw it over at Phil’s and … I just think it says it all … if everyone had this philosophy, the world would be a much nicer place …

And to round out Jolly Monday, naturally we have a cute animal video!  Meet Peaches & Skippy …

Well, friends, that’s a wrap for this Jolly Monday.  We’re so sad to see you leave, but we know you have things to do, places to go, and people to see, so we hope you have a wonderful week ahead.  Keep safe, be happy, and please share those gorgeous smiles!!!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful

TokyoSand’s Week’s Best Political Cartoons

As she always does, TokyoSand has taken the time to scour the media for the best political ‘toons of the week.  Political cartoons are appealing because they sum up a situation using few or no words, whereas the rest of us require hundreds or even thousands of words to try to explain the why, what, when, where and hows of what is happening in our world.  Thank you, TS, for all your hard work in finding these gems!

This is only a sampling, so be sure to check out the rest of the ‘toons at TokyoSand’s Political Charge!!!

Domestic Infant Supply

The Supreme Court draft of the decision to be handed down on Roe v Wade was heinous enough, but the wording has set my teeth on edge even more. Clay Jones of Claytoonz fame gives us his take and as usual, he is spot on! Thanks, Clay!


What was leaked out of the Supreme Court last week was a draft and not the final written opinion for the majority. Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed its authenticity but has declared this isn’t actually the final vote, though it is. But, I’m sure the draft will change because what we saw from the leak is a rough draft before someone was able to tell Justice Samuel Alito not to say the quiet part out loud.

I’m sure at some point, a law clerk would have suggested they remove the line about women being cattle.

At first, I thought this was some social media meme propaganda. Liberals do that stuff too which really pisses me off because we don’t have to make shit up to fight Republicans. They give us all the facts we need. And it sounded so ridiculous that I immediately smelled bullshit. A Supreme Court Justice…

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Jolly Monday Is Baaaaaaaaaacccccckkkk!

Good Monday morning (is that an oxymoron, or what?) my friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to do something fun.  Since last Thursday was el Cinco de Mayo, Joyful cooked up a whole bunch of yummy Mexican dishes and she made sure to cook enough for our Jolly Monday snack table, too!  So, dig in and then we’ll see if we can find something to start this week with a smile!

  I’ll take some chips with guacamole and some churros please, Joyful!

We apologize for skipping out on Jolly Monday last week … Jolly had found some great ‘toons, but Joyful and I just didn’t feel quite up to par, couldn’t seem to get our game on.  So, this week lets jump straight into some ‘toons, shall we?


Since you all love the Pickles comic strip, we culled a few of the best from the past week or two …

And a few fun memes …

Just for laughs, we found a few funny signs …

WHOA!!! Rather a mixed bag, don’t you think?

And naturally, we must finish Jolly Monday with a cute critter video!  I first thought this one was about a baby kangaroo, but turns out it’s a puppy born with no front legs.  You will fall in love with this resilient little guy, aptly named Joey!

Well, friends, it’s time to plunge into yet another week of … who-knows-what!  I hope you can carry the smiles I see on your gorgeous faces with you for the entire week!  But, in case you can’t, there will be a basket of smiles at the door for you to replenish your own and take a few extras to share with people who seem to need one this week!  Have a safe and happy week ahead, dear friends.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Happy Mother’s Day … With Humour!

Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S.  I bet you can’t tell me the name of the person who is credited with the idea for a national holiday recognizing mothers?  Well, although Julia Ward Howe inspired the first movement toward a national observance during the Civil War, her idea didn’t quite catch on – perhaps the nation was still reeling from the divisive war, casualties, deprivations and didn’t feel like celebrating anything, even their mothers!  But a half-century later, in 1905, Anna Jarvis successfully introduced the idea for a national holiday recognizing mothers.  The first observance of Mother’s Day came on May 10th, 1908, at Jarvis’ church in Grafton, West Virginia.  By 1911, the celebration was observed in most states until on May 9th, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day a national holiday to be held on the second Sunday of May.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2020 there were some 85 million mothers in the U.S., and in 2022 it is estimated that $31.7 billion were spent on gifts, flowers, and cards to celebrate mothers.  🙄 Leave it to the marketing industry to convince people they must spend, spend, spend, when a simple hug and an “I love you, Mom” would have sufficed.

But wait … there’s more to the story!  Jarvis’ idea was for a small, intimate occasion—a son or daughter honoring the mother they knew and loved—and not a celebration of all mothers.  But, as people are wont to do, they grabbed the proverbial ball and ran with it, turning it into a multi-billion dollar commercialized fiasco each year.  Anna Jarvis soon became disgusted as Mother’s Day almost immediately became centered on the buying and giving of printed cards, flowers, candies and other gifts.

Seeking to regain control of the holiday she founded, Jarvis began openly campaigning against those who profited from Mother’s Day, including confectioners, florists and other retailers. She launched numerous lawsuits against groups using the name Mother’s Day, and eventually spent much of her sizable inheritance on legal fees.

In 1925, when an organization called the American War Mothers used Mother’s Day as an occasion for fundraising and selling carnations, Jarvis crashed their convention in Philadelphia and was arrested for disturbing the peace. Later, she even attacked First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using Mother’s Day as an occasion to raise money for charity. By the 1940s, Jarvis had disowned the holiday altogether, and even actively lobbied the government to see it removed from the calendar.

Her efforts were to no avail, however, as Mother’s Day had taken on a life of its own as a commercial goldmine. Largely destitute, and unable to profit from the massively successful holiday she founded, Jarvis died in 1948 in Philadelphia’s Marshall Square Sanitarium.

In total, Mother’s Day spending exceeds $20 billion each year, according to the National Retail Foundation. In addition to the more traditional gifts (ranging from cards, flowers and candy to clothing and jewelry), one survey showed that an unprecedented 14.1 percent of gift-givers plan to buy their moms high-tech gadgets like smartphones and tablets. (Some people have more money than they have good sense, eh?)

On a personal note, I made a huge screw-up this year 😖, but I cannot tell you about it just yet, for it involves my gift to my daughter (because she is the mum now, and the best one I know!) and she sometimes reads my blog posts, but I’ll tell you later. 🙄

At any rate, to all the mothers reading this post, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!  And now … the ‘toonists get to have their say about the day …

Just Some Notes I Jotted Down …

The news media, social media and blogs have been filled with nothing but the decision of the Supreme Court to invalidate women’s rights, so I needed to step back from that topic for just a little bit.  In addition, the Republicans in the state I currently reside in decided to nominate a nasty fool to run for the seat being vacated by retiring Senator Rob Portman and I am so incensed I cannot write about this just yet, though you know I will before long.  So … I have a number of notes I’ve jotted down recently about topics that came to my mind at one point or another, and I thought to address a few of those today, since my page is getting full of scribbled notes & thoughts (so THIS is what my brain looks like, eh?)

“Republicans are so much better at politics. Democrats stick to the moral high ground while Republicans focus on winning by any means necessary.” 

In this case, politics is defined as the ability to lie, cheat, and steal, to do whatever it takes to win votes.  Now, before anybody jumps up and yells, “Objection!!!”, let me clarify that there are exceptions on both sides.  There are some Republicans in government who do have values, who do take their oaths of office seriously, and who are well-qualified for the positions they hold, and conversely there are certainly some Democratic governors and members of Congress who have failed to act in the best interest of We the People.  Unfortunately, ‘governance’ and ‘politics’ are not synonymous, though both are irrevocably linked in any form of government where people have a vote.  To my way of thinking, if a person will lie in order to get elected, then he or she does NOT have the integrity needed to serve in a public office, for they will be no more honest once in office than they were on their way there.  And anyone … ANYONE who votes for a liar and a cheat, deserves what they get, but unfortunately they condemn the rest of us as well.

“If a legislator breaks their oath of office, then they no longer have the right to occupy that office.  Then again, if we tossed all those who have broken their oaths, who would be left in Congress???”

I think there are many things that are important for our elected officials:  qualifications, experience, integrity and honesty being the top four.  If they fail in those areas, doesn’t it stand to reason that they should not be re-elected?  If you’re a department manager in a company and one of your employees is not only under-performing, but also stealing from the company, what are you going to do?  Right – you’re going to fire that employee.  Our representatives, senators, president, governor, etc., are our employees!  They sometimes seem to forget that they serve at our pleasure!  Frankly, I take no pleasure from a lying, cheating employee.  These people are paid by us, with our hard-earned tax dollars, to act in our best interest!  We are being cheated and robbed blind by many of them.  I would opt for expelling them from Congress, but election day is only another six months, so let’s vote them the hell out.  PLEASE!!!!  🥺

“Stupidity abounds:  Examples, Ron Johnson saying COVID vaccine causes AIDS and the theory that Democrats support “post-birth abortion” by Cassie Smedile, executive director of America Rising pro-Trump PAC.  WTF is “post-birth abortion”???  It defies definition!”

Yes, you read that right.  Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin claimed in an interview recently that the COVID vaccine ‘may’ give people AIDS!  Say WHAT???  AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that cannot possibly be a side effect of the COVID vaccine!  But even worse was Ms. Smedile’s claim that Democrats support ‘post birth abortion’.  WHAT THE HELL even is that???  Abortion is the extraction of a fetus from a woman’s womb.  Once birth has taken place, there is no longer anything or anyone to extract, thus there can be no abortion!  What planet does this ‘woman’ even live on?  The point being that people like Johnson and Smedile are either very ignorant (I try to avoid the word ‘stupid’, for I was called that enough times in my childhood that I developed an aversion to it) or seek the spotlight.  In Johnson’s case, perhaps he hopes to scare his constituents enough to garner some votes, and Smedile is likely hoping for donations for her PAC.  Either way, though, this pushes the boundaries of my patience, it shows an ignorance that, unfortunately, is prevailing in the United States today.  How many people will believe what these two say?  And worse yet, these are just two examples that popped onto my radar yesterday … there are many, many, many more.

What say we end with a few cartoons?  This first one, I think, speaks volumes …

Cartoon Bully

Clay Jones of Claytoonz is more than just a cartoonist … he is also a sharp political analyst and his posts are often as astute as any of the OpEd columnists. The battle for the 2024 GOP nomination for president has already begun and from all indications, it will be a bloodbath with neither candidate qualified for the office, but heck … in this day, who cares about pesky little things like qualifications, right? Anyway, thank you, Clay, for putting pen to paper on this one!


Ron De Santis is a bully. Republicans LOVE bullies. It’s why they love Donald Trump so much. Republicans believe bullying people weaker than you is a sign of strength. It’s also why they love Putin. But, bullying is just like it was in school. The bullies are cowards. They only pick on whom they believe they can beat up.

Remember when Donald Trump tried to bully Nancy Pelosi? Remember him crawling up his own bunghole when they were in the same room together and then Pelosi walked out of the White House putting on her shades like a boss? Remember when Donald Trump shut down the government until Congress would fund his racist border wall? Remember when Pelosi kicked his ass so hard that he reopened the government and the great dealmaker walked away with less than he started with? Remember when he tried to bully Hillary Clinton at the…

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Jolly Monday — Fun & Pizza To Start Your Week!

Good Monday morning, dear friends!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  Mine was alright.  Daughter Chris took a vacation day on Friday (She has something like 500 hours of vacay time built up) and after she spent about 4 hours at the vet’s office with our cat, Pandi (more on that later), we went to Barnes & Noble bookstore for the first time since March 2020 when pandemic lockdowns first started.  There was a time when we went every Saturday, but it’s been so long that I had actually forgotten how to get there!  It was nice, but not the same as it used to be.  Comfortable seating was gone, there was far more open space and only about half the number of books they once had, plus none of the old staff members I remembered were there.  It’ll take time to get used to it again, I suppose.  It did help, though, that between us, Miss Goose and I had a collective $200 worth of gift cards!!!

Our Pandi was operated on and the vet removed four tumours and one of her ovaries.  We will have the biopsy results in about a week, we are told.  She is very unhappy and unable to do much more than sleep right now, but today she did eat a little tuna and drank some water we spoon-fed her, so hopefully each day will be just a little better.  She hates the cone, but when we tried taking it off, she immediately started licking her belly, so the cone went back on!  To pay me back, she peed on one of my shirts!

Well … enough of that!  Let’s get this week off on the right (or left) foot with some good food and a few laughs, shall we?  I heard Joyful in the kitchen screeching at Jolly to “Get out, get out, get out!!! bright and early this morning, so I imagine she’s prepared us something yummy … I think I smell … PIZZA!!!!  Let’s go see …

Yep, my sniffer was right … and there’s even some just for the bacon-lovers!  As you can see, I’m taking a slice of that first one … the one with pineapple!  Yummmmmmmmmmmmm

I think we have a bucketful of fun cartoons for your Monday morning enjoyment …

Lately, I’ve been finding a number of short gifs, video clips, over at Phil’s Phun and I thought I’d share some with you …

Jolly brought a few memes to the party … 

And to top off the morning, get your week off to a really good start, how ‘bout a video of Whisper & Stuart, two baby Stoats that were rescued and are ever-so-adorable!

Well, my friends, it’s time to get on with the day, do chores, keep appointments, go to work, or just go back to bed!  I hope you all have a safe and wonderful week ahead, and please do share your smiles with those who seem to have lost their own!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

The Week’s Best Cartoons 4/23

I thought this would be a good time to take a look at TokyoSand’s weekly political cartoon post and see what cool ‘toons she’s found for us.  Naturally, the central topic of discussion is Ron DeSantis and his ban on fact-based education, his retributive action against Disney that will harm the people of Florida far more than it will harm Disney, but there were a few other topics as well.  I especially liked the one about Tucker Carlson!  Thank you, TS, for all your hard week finding the best of the bunch!

Here are some of the great editorial cartoons I saw this week. A lot of cartoonists were focused on the, well, fascism coming out of Florida.


See all the ‘toons at TokyoSand’s Political Charge!

Just Two Snippets de Snark

I just have two short snippets of snark today.  Sometimes two is enough.

Pandemic or no pandemic???

“You cannot have your cake and eat it, too” said my mother on a near-daily basis.  And yet, that is precisely what a portion of this nation would like to do.  They pushed and pushed to declare the pandemic “over” and finally got their way.  Mask and vaccine mandates are largely now a thing of the past and people are going on about business as if there had never even been a pandemic. The girls and I went to 📚Barnes & Noble yesterday (first time since March 2020!), responsibly wearing our masks, and there was not one single other person there, not even the staff, wearing a mask.  There will be a price to pay for this perfidy, but that’s a story for another day.

Today’s point is that … while people selfishly wanted to believe and convince others that there is no longer a pandemic, they are now ranting and carrying on because President Biden lifted Title 42, a restriction against immigration put into place by the former guy because of the pandemic!  Now, if there is no more pandemic, then there must be no more Title 42.  If you want Title 42 to remain in place, then you must believe the pandemic is still a danger and must agree to mask and vaccine mandates!  You cannot have it both ways!!!

The reality, as we all know, is that a sizable portion of the people in this country are anti-immigration and they see the pandemic as an excuse to deny asylum to migrants and refugees.  Plain and simple bigotry.  Call a ♠️ a spade.

Right to life???  Don’t make me laugh

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, guns have become the leading cause of death for children and adolescents in the United States, surpassing car crashes, drug overdose and poisoning.

“There were more than 4,300 firearm-related deaths among people under 19 in the U.S. in 2020, a 29 percent increase from 2019.”

According to the report,  the rise in gun-related deaths among Americans between the ages of one and 19 was part of an overall 33.4% increase in firearm homicides nationwide.

Population of U.S.               330,000,000
Percentage of population that owns guns 32%
Number of gun owners in U.S.               105,600,000
# of guns in hands of citizens               390,000,000
Average # of guns per gun owner                              3.69

People scream and yell about the “right to life” when the subject is abortion, but nary a peep do you hear when the topic is kids being murdered by guns.  Way to go, Americans!  With more than 390 million guns owned by US civilians that we know of, and only a total of about 330 million people in the nation with only about 32% being gun owners, something is seriously wrong here. This means that on average, each of the 105.6 million gun owners owns 3.69 guns!  WHO THE HELL NEEDS 4 GUNS???  I guess it’s one way of cutting back the population … see, there’s a positive side to everything.

And a belated ‘toon in honour of Earth Day (yesterday) …