Jolly Monday — And Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

thanksgivingGood Monday morn, my friends!  Come in out of the c-c-cold … just toss your jackets on that chair over there … Jolly will hang them up for you in a minute.  So … how was your weekend?  Did any of you do anything special?  No?  We didn’t either.  I sent daughter Chris out on errands Saturday evening and she picked up some fish ‘n chips from Red Robin, but that was about the height of the excitement around here.  Yesterday was cold, rainy, dark and gloomy, so I’m glad to see the sun out this morning … perhaps it will warm things up a bit.  Since Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., Joyful and I thought Thanksgiving-themed treats were in order for this morning.  Sorry, guys, I tried but simply could not form a piece of bacon into the shape of either a turkey or a pumpkin!  So, the bacon will be back on the menu next week.  Help yourself to some treats and a warm drink, and then let’s get this week of to a start with a bit of humour, shall we?

juice boxes

You know how you go to the park and a few dozen pigeons come around to see if perhaps you’ve brought them a treat?  We had a pigeon this summer that was a veritable pig … he would come around back where Ali had put out seed for the other birdies, and he would run them off, then proceed to devour half the food!  Eventually he discovered the sunflowers out front, and stopped eating the other bird’s food, but he sure was a pig.  Anyway, who knew that one single pigeon could be worth nearly $2 million???

pigeon-1New Kim is her name, and she is a two-year-old Belgian-bred racing pigeon.  Who knew pigeons raced?  New Kim broke a world record and became the world’s most expensive pigeon when she was sold at auction for nearly $1.9 million … $1,894,672, to be exact.  Now who in their right mind pays that kind of money for a pigeon???

pigeon-2Turns out the buyer was a Chinese man using the pseudonym Super Duper.  And this isn’t Super Duper’s first foray into idiocy!  He previously set the world record in March 2019, when he paid $1.4 million for a champion racing pigeon named Armando.  I wonder if he plans to breed Armando and New Kim and sell their offspring for some unmentionable sum?

I did some research, and the average lifespan of a pigeon is six years.  Now, New Kim is already two years old, so that means Super Duper is likely to have her for another four years, making his purchase equate to $473,668 per year!  And that doesn’t include food and upkeep!  Damn, what couldn’t I do with that kind of money?

Now, how ‘bout a few ‘toons to bring a chuckle?  I figured that since it is the week of Thanksgiving, I ought to go in search of some Thanksgiving humour …


And last, but not least, a fun critter video of animals playing in … and enjoying … the snow (it’s coming, folks … winter is upon us)

thanksgiving-2And that’s a wrap for this Jolly Monday before Thanksgiving.  Joyful, Jolly and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  It’s a tough time for people everywhere but remember … there is always something to be thankful for … friends, family, a place to live and food to eat.  When we think about it, despite our troubles, despite the pandemic, despite governments overrun by corruption, we are still pretty lucky compared to so many.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

The Week’s Best Cartoons 11/21

I thought a bit of humour might be in order this afternoon, so I’m sharing with you TokyoSand’s weekly assortment of the best political cartoons from the past week.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the political cartoonists surely prove that.  I do find, though, that I don’t find as much humour in them these days as I once did.  Hopefully, a year from now we will be shed of both the diseases that are crippling the nation … the pandemic and Donald Trump … and then we can once again look outward and see what’s happening in the rest of the world, can laugh over the little faux pas that make the news. 

Anyway … thank you TS for doing such a great job finding the best of the best!


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Saturday Surprise — A Hodge-Podge

Today, I have somewhat of a hodge-podge for you.  I thought we all needed something to laugh about after the past couple of weeks {years}!

Have you ever done something really dumb … you know, those kinds of things that make you smack your head and say, “I can’t believe I did that!”  🙄  Oh come on now, you know you have — we all have!  Let me start out with a couple of my own … er … less-than-brilliant moments.  My van is old, with 221,000+ miles on it, and it needs to be started every couple of days to keep it at least semi-functional.  Since I only use it once a week to pick up my online grocery order from the Kroger that is less than a mile from home, I usually start it every other day, let it run for 10 minutes, then go back out and turn it off. But one time, I forgot it was running, and a couple of hours later when my daughter returned home from work, she said, “How long has your van been running?”  Oops.  Now I set the timer on my phone to remind me!  Then there was the time years ago when I was at the grocery checkout and suddenly realized my keys weren’t in my pocket.  I panicked, and the cashier asked me what was wrong … “I can’t find my keys!” … and she calmly asked, “Is that them in your hand?”  🤦

Here are some gems from readers of Bored Panda …

  • I have a key fob for my car. It’s set up so that if you hit the lock button once, it locks the car. If you hit the same lock button again, it locks it again and honks the horn so you know you’ve locked it for sure. The thing is, I always want to make super sure that it’s locked, but sometimes I come home to my condo super late, and my parking spot is right under someone else’s window. I noticed that if the key fob was farther away from the car when I hit the button twice, the honk was not as loud. So out of consideration, I would always wait til I was halfway up the stairs to do the double lock honk. What a great neighbor I am! Anyway, after maybe 2+ years of doing this, one time my girlfriend and I were in my condo and I realized I needed something out of my car. So I go down there but when I get there I realize I had forgotten my keys. Well, I had my phone, so I called my girlfriend and asked if she would stick her arm out the window with the key fob and unlock my car. She mistakenly hit the lock button twice and my car honked. Really loudly! Even though she was all the way up on the third floor! It was only then I realized…the honk was always the same. It only sounded softer when I was farther away…because I was farther away. I have a master’s degree…

  • My coworker asked if there is lactose in eggs, I thought to myself “they both come from the same animal, so maybe”. For 5 seconds, I thought milk came from chickens.

  • I once had a brain fart and forgot that porcupines were animals. I was hanging out with my family and my niece mentioned that her favorite animal was a porcupine, and I laughed for a good long time before explaining to her that porcupines weren’t animals. I’d gotten them mixed up with pine cones. I have a graduate degree. My niece was maybe 6 at the time. She schooled me.

  • When I was cleaning out my shed in the back, I stepped on a rake and the pole smacked me in the face. Literally, like the cartoons. It happened three more times before I came up with the bright idea to move the rake.

  • I was sitting in traffic, and I noticed that all the other lanes were moving while mine hadn’t budged an inch. I craned my neck trying to see what the hold up was, and finally figured out that I wasn’t in a lane at all, but had been patiently waiting behind a line of parked cars.

  • A couple months ago, my husband and I went on a walk. There are a lot of trails where we live and a couple of lakes. So we walked down a trail to the lake, turned left up another trail, and ended up at the top of a street. We start walking down the street and I realize there is a house that has a wishing well in their front yard like we do. I point it out to my husband and then I realize they have the same truck we do, too. I point out the truck and then I realize that we were in front of our own house. It wasn’t my brightest moment.

So, what are some of your not-so-bright moments?

I always find critters help bring down my stress levels (unless it is my own recalcitrant furry family members while they’re intent on destroying furniture or pulling up the carpet!). Recently, Agora challenged international photographers to participate in the #Animals2020 photo contest with their best shots of living creatures around the planet.  Here is a sampling …


Iguana — Jakarta, Indonesia


Mother & baby koala — Australia


Baby monkey — Kedoya Utara, Indonesia


Arctic fox — Iceland


Mother & child Bekantan — Cisarua, Indonesia


Barn owl — Northumberland, United Kingdom


Lion — Gondwana Game Reserve, South Africa


Ibex — Chamonix, France


Puffin — Smoker Island, Wales, United Kingdom


Bee on flowers — South Korea


Bird on zebra — Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

This is just a sample of the full collection, but you can see the rest, along with some of the photographer’s stories.

And last, but not least … in case you still haven’t chuckled … a few really bad (don’t say I didn’t warn you) jokes, courtesy of Reader’s Digest

  • What did the fish say when he swam into a wall?  Dam.
  • What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.
  • Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? He pasta-way.
  • Did you hear about the fire in the shoe factory?  10,000 soles were lost. The police said some heels started it.
  • What’s the difference between a rabbit and a plum? They’re both purple except for the rabbit.
  • What do you call an alligator in a vest? An in-vest-igator.
  • I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio. – Rodney Dangerfield

toonNow, try to put the serious stuff out of your mind for a couple of hours today and enjoy your Saturday, ‘k?

Jolly … Is It Monday Again Already???

Welcome to yet another Monday morning, my friends.  Come in and warm yourself by the … er … never mind … I forgot we don’t have a fireplace.  Have you noticed that Mondays seem to come around sooner than they used to?  And … I would remind you that we are halfway through November already, so there are only 10 days until Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and 39 days until Christmas!  GAWK!!!  No no no!!!  I’m not ready!  In fact, I just ordered my first Christmas gifts yesterday for friends overseas … I’ll be biting my nails now, in hopes I can get them mailed soon enough to arrive before Christmas.  My own fault … procrastination seems to be my middle name this year.  Anyway, enough talk about holidays and time for us to start this week off with a bit of humour, yes?  Joyful is feeling a bit under the weather this morning, so there are fewer snacks than usual, but I did my best, and I remembered the bacon.  So, grab a bit to eat and a nice warm cuppa coffee or tea, and let’s find a reason to smile.

It shouldn’t need to be said …

An elementary school in France put up a pair of posters outside their fence with an unusual request for parents: Don’t throw late students over the closed gate.School-asks-parents-to-stop-throwing-late-students-over-closed-gateThe Trillade school in Avignon put up signs outside its gate showing a cartoon of a parent sending a small child airborne to get over the fence. The text on the sign asks parents not to throw their children, and instead wait for the gates to be opened again at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m.

Principal Sanaa Meziane said that parents “literally threw their children” over the gate when they arrived to find it closed.

Meziane said there were only a few scattered incidents, and no reported injuries, but there were enough tossed children to inspire school officials to take action and post the warnings as a “reminder.”

Holiday potholes?

You know those annoying potholes that chew up your tires … and they don’t do your car’s suspension system much good, either?  It seems around here that it takes the highway department at least 8 months to get around to filling them, and then it takes them two months of lane closures to get them filled.  Well, a Massachusetts man may have found a unique solution …

Kevin Martin said his plan began Saturday night, when he was on his way to pick up dinner in North Attleborough when he hit a series of potholes on Route 1 and ended up with all four of his tires flattened.

Martin said he had previously complained to the town and state governments about the potholes, but no action was taken.

“I needed to make sure that it got fixed one way or another. I know that I’m not the only person who’s gotten flat tires from that area.”

So, he went to Home Depot and purchased some potting soil and small Christmas trees, and he planted the trees in the potholes on his way to work Monday morning.


“Looks like someone is getting into the Christmas spirit early…guess that is one way to fill pot holes?” the North Attleborough Police Department wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.

pothole-trees-2Martin said he wanted to force officials into taking action to fill the potholes. His gambit appears to have worked, as the trees were removed and the potholes filled Monday afternoon.  Wow!  Next time … if I ever get to drive farther than the Kroger across the street again … I’ll know what to do about those darn potholes!

And now … you all know what time it is, right?  It’s TOON TIME!!!


And memes …


Our friend Hugh, who is going through a difficult time right now, lives in Minnesota.  Last night, I checked the temperature in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and it was -3° F, or -19° C!  Either way you calculate it, it is C-C-C-COLD!!!!  The good news is that it is supposed to warm all the way up to 9° by Thursday – a veritable heat wave!

Minnesota-tempSo here, my dear friend … I hope this warms you up a bit … thinking of you!

And, of course I can’t let you go out into the cold, cruel world without first warming your heart with a cute animal video … Kangaroos it is!!!

Jolly, Joyful and I wish you a peaceful week, and please … share those smiles you’re wearing right now.  It’s … tough times for us all, with the pandemic and other issues that are making us sometimes feel that our lives are not our own.  So smile at someone, see if you can get them to smile back … and in this way, we spread the smiles and pretty soon the whole world is smiling, yes?  {Okay, so I’m a bit naïve} 

The Week’s Best Cartoons: “You’re Fired!”

This past week has provided so much fodder for the political cartoonists to work with … I wonder if they’ll be bored once Trump is gone?  As she always does, TokyoSand scoured the ‘Net looking for the best of the best, cream of the crop, and she did a fine job!  Thank you, TS, for finding these and for permission to share.


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Jolly Monday — Toons ‘n More

Last week was one heck of a roller coaster ride!  I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that it is now 1:00 a.m. on Monday morning and I haven’t given more than a passing thought to Jolly Monday.  I owe Phil Cointreau over at Phil’s Phun a debt of gratitude for coming to my rescue with ‘toons, ‘memes and more! 

Since I did promise my disappointed bacon lovers that I would make it up to them this week, me ‘ Joyful have been in the kitchen all morning long cooking up bacon … and other stuff, too.  So, grab a snack, a cuppa your choice, and hopefully we can start the week out with a smile … or at least with a full belly!

And now for some fun ‘toons …


I’ve got just a few fun memes …



This is ME!!! I swear somebody was inside my mind when they wrote this one!


And now folks, I might skimp on the funny stories or even {gasp} the bacon on Jolly Monday, but no way am I leaving Jolly Monday without a cute or funny animal video!

And now, my friends, Jolly, Joyful and I wish you the happiest of weeks … and please share your smiles this week, for it makes you feel happier, and it makes the person your smiling with feel happier, too.  A win-win!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!



A Few Filosofian Thoughts …

Just a few thoughts bouncing around in my mind today …

In case you haven’t seen any news outside of the ongoing U.S. election, a new strain of the coronavirus has broken out in Denmark.  Kåre Mølbak, head of the State Serum Institute, the national authority for the control of infectious diseases, said the strain posed a potential threat to the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines.  Additionally, he said …

“The worst-case scenario is that we would start off a new pandemic in Denmark. There’s a risk that this mutated virus is so different from the others that we’d have to put new things in a vaccine and therefore would slam us all in the whole world back to the start.”

Denmark has taken strict measures to attempt to isolate the virus, imposing tighter lockdown measures and closing restaurants and bars.  I’m not suggesting it’s time to worry, but we definitely need to be aware of this, and it’s very doubtful you’ll hear much about it with the election sucking all the air out of the room.  In fact, I strongly suspect news of this may be suppressed or downplayed by the White House.

And speaking of the pandemic …

The U.S. set yet another new record yesterday with 108,389 new cases, 1,201 deaths.  No, my friends, we have not ’rounded a corner’ and it is not ‘going away’.

I’m thoroughly puzzled over the calls by Trump and by Trump supporters in certain states demanding “Stop the counting!”  WTF???  Every vote is to be counted … that’s the only way to ensure a fair and honest election – or as close as we can come to one, given that the electoral college effectively diminishes some of our voices.  So … if I’m understanding this, they want to stop the counting of the absentee votes because Donald Trump realizes that the majority of those votes may be for his opponent, Joe Biden?  How utterly ridiculous is this?  In Arizona, armed Trump supporters presented at a vote-counting center, even trying to push their way into the building, until being told to leave by law enforcement.  🙄

Yesterday, the U.S. officially exited the Paris Climate Accords, becoming the first nation to exit the agreement, to fail to honour its commitment.  The news, like most other, was barely noted in the shadow of the election coverage, but in truth it was only a legality, for the U.S. has failed to honour that commitment for nearly four years now.  This is only one of the many reasons the U.S. has lost stature in the eyes of the world, but it is arguably the single most important one, for the future of every living thing on the planet relies on all nations doing their part to reduce carbon emissions, to clean up the environment, reduce the use of plastics, and preserve wildlife.  The U.S. under Trump scoffs at all of the above, taking on a “live for today and to hell with tomorrow” attitude.

And as for the election … while I’m more optimistic about Joe Biden’s chances to win than I was 36 hours ago, I’m disappointed in the Senate and House results.  The failure of democrats to win a majority in the Senate mean that if Biden is president, he will be constantly fighting an uphill battle for everything from his cabinet choices to court appointments to any legislation he might ask for.  This can only serve to further divide this nation if that’s even possible.  I am also disappointed in the behaviour of some of the people in this country who apparently believe that “might equals right”, and are waving their guns threatening violence.  And as for the incumbent who is panicking and doing all sorts of asinine things such as filing lawsuits to try to stop vote-counting in certain states, well … what did you expect, folks?  I’ll have more to say on it all later, but for now, suffice it to say that his behaviour is exactly what I expected and frankly, I’m finding it boring. 🥱  I hope that when all the votes are tallied, this nation elects a responsible man instead of a sadistic clown.

And on that note, I leave you with a bit of election humour …


The Week’s Best Cartoons 10/31

Every Saturday, our friend TokyoSand scours the ‘Net for the best political cartoons of the week.  Yes, I do know that it’s Tuesday — often I don’t get around to re-blogging her post until a few days later.  Since this is likely to be a long and stress-filled day for us all, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start the day with a bit of humour, for I think humour will be hard to come by as the day progresses.

This is the last cartoon post before the election, and not surprisingly, many of the cartoons are about the election.  I just found out from her post that one of my favourite cartoonists, Tom Toles, is retiring — his final cartoon is at the end of this post.  Thank you, TS, for the wonderful work you do with your blog and with these cartoon posts.

Here’s the final cartoon roundup prior to Election 2020!


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Jolly Monday — Cliff Notes Version

Good Monday morning, my friends.  Jolly, Joyful and I are … a) recuperating from Hallowe’en, and b) preparing for tomorrow night.  I was in favour of skipping Jolly Monday this week, but I was outnumbered by the other two, so agreed to a compromise … no humorous stories, only a few treats, but plenty of ‘toons, memes, funny signs, and a cute animal video!  We hope to be back in full swing next week … depending, I suppose, on what happens between now and then.  So, grab a cookie or something and come see the cartoons!

Lots o’ TOONS!!!


A few funny signs …


Some humorous memes …


The other day, I was looking out the front window wondering why there were sunflower seeds all over our tiny front yard, when Miss Goose noticed a squirrel sitting atop the tallest sunflower (now drooping) eating the seeds and spitting out the shells on the ground!  It was just the cutest thing … we stood at the window watching for a good half-hour … most fun I had all week!  Here are a few of the pictures …

So, when I started looking for a cute animal video for Jolly Monday, of course I thought of squirrels.  I think this one fit the bill perfectly!

Well, folks, I hope you found something to smile about, and we apologize for the rather abbreviated version of Jolly Monday.  My wish for my U.S. friends is that you are able to hang on to some of your sanity in the week ahead.  And please, whatever you do, remember to share those smiles with all you encounter.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

Voting Rights — CHAOS!

This is our only chance for the next four years to decide who will be the president of this nation, and the Republican Party and its representatives are attempting to curtail our constitutional right to cast our vote.  This year, because of a pandemic that is once again raging out of control, many of us cannot or will not spend an hour or more in line inside a building waiting to vote, nor should we need to.  A large number of us, myself included, requested mail-in ballots and will be voting by mail, or by dropping our ballots off in person at a designated drop box.

However, the United States Postal Service, now run by a man, Louis DeJoy, who has no experience, whose only qualification for the job was the large sums of money he has donated to Donald Trump, is so inefficient that it took ten days for me to receive a letter that was mailed from 15 miles away!  That could be a problem if someone mailed a ballot on, say, October 30th, or even today!  The girls and I took our ballots to the drop box at the Board of Elections, but some people, especially senior citizens, may not have that luxury.

There are numerous lawsuits in many states to expand voting rights, to allow ballots received after November 3rd as long as they were postmarked on or before that date.  Republicans are, naturally, opposed to anything that expands voting rights.  The good news is that people have been voting, despite the obstacles thrown in their way by the not-so-grand old party, and this morning I read that 51% of the number of people who voted in 2016 have already cast their votes this year!  That is truly inspiring … I think it quite possible that in spite of the GOP’s best efforts, we will have record turnout this year.

Here are some of the latest legal developments related to voting rights cases per the New York Times – some positive, others not so much:

Pennsylvania: The state’s highest court has ruled that election officials should count mailed ballots that arrive up to three days after Election Day. Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to get the Supreme Court to reverse the order, so that only ballots received by Election Day will count.

North Carolina: Republicans and the Trump campaign have asked the Supreme Court to block the state’s board of elections from extending the deadline to receive mail ballots. The board has said ballots can arrive until Nov. 12, as long as they were mailed by Election Day.

Wisconsin: The five Republican-appointed justices on the Supreme Court sided on Monday with Republican officials in Wisconsin, ruling that ballots must arrive by 8 p.m. on Election Day to count. (A lower-court ruling would have allowed state officials to count any mailed ballots postmarked by Election Day and received up to six days later.) In response, the state’s Democratic Party is urging voters to return mail ballots in person — to a drop box or clerk’s office — rather than mailing them.

Nevada: The Trump campaign has sued to stop the counting of absentee ballots in the Las Vegas area, evidently hoping to challenge the signatures on many ballots. Last night, the campaign and Nevada Republican Party filed a separate lawsuit, seeking detailed information on the vote-counting process.

Texas: The state’s top court yesterday upheld a policy announced by Greg Abbott, the Republican governor, which limits each county to a single drop-off box for mailed ballots. The state’s largest county — Harris, which includes Houston — is home to 4.7 million people.

Michigan: A conservative judge yesterday overturned an order by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, and ruled that people could carry unconcealed guns at polling places on Election Day.

In many of these cases, Republicans have argued that changing voting rules because of the pandemic could lead to fraud (a claim that’s largely baseless) and that allowing ballots to be counted after Election Day leads to confusion and chaos.

Democrats have argued that protecting people’s right to vote, during a national crisis, should be top priority. Democrats have also pointed out that some Republicans have changed their position on the counting of mailed ballots: When late-arriving ballots seemed likely to help George W. Bush in Florida in 2000, Republicans argued that the state should count them.

The Michigan decision is appalling.  Why the hell does anybody need to take a gun with them to vote???  This is possibly the most ridiculous judicial decision I have ever heard and can only lead to trouble.  In my book, anybody being allowed to take a gun into the polling place constitutes potential voter intimidation.  Now, given that the majority of gun-nuts in this country are republicans … does anybody else see a problem here?

If at all possible, my friends, take your ballots to an official drop box, or don your masks and hand sanitizer and vote in person, for I simply do not trust the USPS to get the ballots delivered on time.