Bring It On, Monday!

Sleepy man going to work on his pajamas

Well here we are again … another Monday and the year has gotten yet a week shorter!  Miss Goose reminded me the other day that it will soon be time to drag out the fall & Hallowe’en decorations.  I shook my fist at her!  I am not ready, nor in any mood for thoughts of holidays!  Bah, humbug, I say! But that’s no reason not to start the week out on the right foot, with a few sweet treats, some fresh coffee, and a bit of humour!  So grab a plate, a cup, and let’s see what fun we can find.  And please leave the juice box for Benjamin …

A $20,000 snack?CheetosWho knew that a single Cheeto could be worth more than $20,000?  Yes, folks, one teeny tiny cheeto, shaped just right, can earn you a few years’ worth of groceries!cheeto-shapesDwight and Leverna Parsons decided one evening to stay in, watch a movie, and have a few snacks. As Dwight was getting ready to pop a Cheeto into his mouth, he commented on its odd shape, and Leverna screeched, “Oh god, don’t eat it, don’t eat it!”  It was shaped like a man running, carrying an American football, and she thought it would be cool to show it to her friends. So, she placed it in a zippy bag and started showing it to people.  It was a week later when her daughter told her about the contest.

Turns out, the contest, which was sponsored by Cheetos-maker Frito-Lay, was asking customers to send in photos of bizarrely-shaped Cheetos worthy of being in the “Cheeto Museum”.  The weekly winners were eligible for a $2,000 prize (Canadian dollars), and at the end, there would be a grand prize of $25,000 (C). CheetoWho knew?  My preference, not that it matters, are the White Cheddar Cheetos.

white cheddar cheetos.png

The crows get a job …crowI don’t know what they are being paid … probably chicken scratch … but at least six crows have been able to leave the unemployment lines, for they now have jobs!

puy du fou.jpgThe French theme park, Puy du Fou, has hired rooks, a member of the crow family, to pick up the trash around the park.  The rooks will fly around collecting cigarette butts and small pieces of garbage in exchange for food.  It’s rather neat, actually … they deposit the small pieces of trash into a box that then dispenses a bit of bird food.  Rather Pavlovian, but hey … whatever works, and these guys obviously do!  Hmmm … I wonder if they could be trained to … ???

Let’s talk ice cream …

This month, BBC Travel is exploring different ice cream traditions around the globe.  On Thursday, BBC’s Christopher Baker reviewed Parque Coppelia, the world’s largest ice cream parlour that occupies an entire city block in downtown Havana, Cuba.  It is an interesting building and some people claim to have gone there only for the architecture, and not the ice cream. Yeah, sure.parque coppeliaIt is a Cuban Revolution modernist building from 1966, featuring five white granite discs annexed to one great helicoidal staircase, with wood and tinted glass division panels, all under one big round roof supported by twelve reinforced concrete arachnid columns. (Don’t ask me what any of that means, okay?  After all, I thought an arachnid was a spidey.)  It is also a state-run institution, employing more than 400 workers and serving 4,250 US gallons of ice cream to 35,000 customers each day!  That’s a lot of ice cream, my friends!

Coppelia was originally built in a project led by Fidel Castro to introduce his love of dairy products to the Cuban population, creating the Coppelia enterprise to produce those products. The original aim was to produce more ice cream flavors than the big American brands by buying the best machines from the Netherlands and Sweden. Fidel’s longtime secretary, Celia Sánchez, named Coppelia after her favorite ballet Coppé cream

coppelia-lines.jpgThe most popular dish is the ensalada (salad in Spanish, though there are no veggies in this salad) that consists of 5 scoops, each a different flavour.  Most people, it is said, order at least two of these ensaladas!  That’s ten scoops of ice cream … blech  🤢ice cream 2She’s not gonna keep her figure eating all that!

The article is fairly lengthy, but fun, so if you have time, check it out!

Koalas have nine lives???koalaAwwww … look at this poor little guy … he’s stuck in the fence outside a South Australia power station.  But don’t worry … he was rescued by Fauna Rescue volunteer Sally Selwood.

[It looked] like he’s crawled under the fence to go somewhere, as they do, and then sat up as he was under the fence and got his head caught. But he didn’t have the brains to bob back down again to get out.”

koala-2.jpgHe was rescued promptly and after being observed for a brief period of time, released back into the wild. But this wasn’t his first experience with Sally and the crew at Fauna Rescue … in fact, it was his third!  That’s right … three times now, this little guy has gotten into trouble and required rescuing.  The first time was in January 2016 when he was found unresponsive at the bottom of a tree.  The gang at Fauna Rescue nursed him back to health over the course of a week, and probably never expected to see him again.

But then came November 2016, when he was hit by a car!  Once again, they nursed him back to health, and wished him a fond farewell.  Now, if you want my opinion, I think this little guy was just lonesome and remembered all the TLC he received, so manufactured a reason for them to rescue him yet again!  I’m glad that this time it wasn’t quite as serious as the last time, at least.  Wouldn’t you think that they would have given him a name by now?  I rather think ‘Willie’ suits him well.

Okay, folks … you hear that annoying buzzing sound coming from the kitchen?  That is my dryer, telling me that the towels are ready to be folded, and it will continue its intermittent buzzing until I go fold the bloomin’ towels. So, take yourselves off to work now and leave me to my laundry … sigh.  I’d really rather just sit here and chat with you guys, but … you know how it is.  Please share those lovely smiles with others this week.  I had the most surly cashier when I went to the grocery yesterday, but after I smiled and asked her how she was doing, I finally coaxed a smile from her.  So, go spread some joy amongst your co-workers, friends, strangers and spouses!  Keep safe and have a happy week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!toon-Maxine

Jolly Monday — Dummies and Balloons

♫ Raindrops on roses … And whiskers on kittens … Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ … Brown paper packages tied up with strings … ♫ These are a few of my favorite OH! … heh heh … Hi!  Don’t mind me … just singing a bit of a tune while I whip up some goodies.  You’re early!

So … did you guys have a great weekend?  Mine?  Oh, you know … quiet.  I found time to do a bit of reading, a bit of writing, and Miss Goose and I dined on fish sticks and leftover crudités, and then had popcorn … the old-fashioned kind that you pop in a pan atop the stove, not the stuff you put in a machine and press a button.  So, we’re back to the beginning of a new week, are we?  If it’s anything like the last two, just shoot me now!  But anyway, we will start it out with a smile and maybe even a laugh or two.  I cannot guarantee what happens with the rest of the week, but for a short while we will forget the world outside and have fun.  So grab a cuppa and a bit of something sweet and let’s go in search of fun!

A sand castle where???

From the annals of ‘Okay, but WHY???’ comes news that a 16-foot sand castle has been built in the middle of New York’s Rockefeller Center.  The sand sculptor Ted Siebert and his team designed and assembled the structure between July 29th and August 3rd, and it is expected to be on display through September 7th.  The name of the exhibit is, predictably, Sand and Surf.  Perhaps Mother Nature has other plans, though, for I cannot imagine the castle surviving a major rainstorm!sand-castle-1sand-castle-2sand-castle-3

A dummy has been arrested!

Police in Lone Peak, Utah, have arrested a dummy named Fred.  No, not a Trump supporter … well, come to think of it, I don’t know if he is or isn’t … but a Charlie McCarthy sort of dummy.  See for yourself …FredTurns out a group of juveniles dressed the dummy, placed it in the middle of Alpine road, then hid in some nearby bushes waiting to have a bit of fun watching the expressions of motorists who came across the ‘body’.  One officer posted on Facebook …dummyI was surprised by how many readers commented that they had done the same or similar pranks when they were teens.  And I thought I was bad as a teen!

Another slow-speed chase …

You remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you of the slow-speed chase of a turtle by a sheriff’s deputy in Florida?  Well today I have another for you!

An unidentified man was trying to abscond with a motorized shopping cart from a Wal-Mart in Summerville, South Carolina.  Unfortunately for the man, the battery began going dead on the shopping cart, so he was using his feet to push it as the police car followed behind.  Take a look …

Police returned the scooter to the Wal-Mart store, where management declined to press charges.

A shocking encounter …

Imagine Jake Collier’s surprise when he was visiting his in-laws in Melbourne Beach, Florida, last week and out of the clear blue, a snake dropped from a banana tree onto his arm!  Now, I don’t mind snakes, but to have one drop out of the blue onto any part of my body would likely result in permenant heart failure for me, and maybe for the snake too!

Ol’ Jake is fine, though he says he didn’t know whether the snake had bitten him, so he called paramedics just to be sure.  Um … hello, Jake?  You would have known if it had bitten you, for there would have been puncture marks?  Wimp.  It’s sad, though, that the property owners, Jake’s in-laws, decided to cut down the banana tree.

“If it’s going to become a hazard where a snake can jump out at you, I think it’s a good idea to take it down. My arm hasn’t turned black or blue or fallen off yet, so it’s OK.”  Sheesh.

They stole a what???

Last week, it was some damn fools trying to steal an aquarium and get away with it on the back of a motorcycle.  This week it’s two men trying to steal a shark from an aquarium!  I wonder if there’s a connection?

It happened in San Antonio, Texas, when two not-very-bright men were captured on surveillance video stealing a shark and hiding it in a baby stroller. The footage shows one of the men standing over an open-top aquarium and grabbing the 1.5-foot-long horn shark out of the water with his hands. He then appears to nod to the other, who’s holding a bag, and the two leave.

Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said the pair put the shark into the bag and then a bucket hidden inside a baby stroller.  An employee of the aquarium saw what was happening and immediately reported to management, who followed the men to their truck and asked to search the vehicle, but the men refused and left.  Still not too bright, they didn’t realize that their license plate would lead police to them almost immediately, fortunately for the shark.sharkThe shark was recovered in good health, as police said the suspects had experience with marine animals and placed the shark in a proper environment.  The shark was returned to the aquarium. The suspects face felony charges for theft.

We really, really need to work on upgrading our education system, for people seem to be getting dumber by the day!

Full of hot air …

On Saturday, 28 July, was the 36th annual QuickChek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning in association with PNC Bank at Solberg Airport in Readington, N.J.  The event is the largest summertime hot air balloon and music festival in North America, and I thought you might like to see just a few pictures of the more interesting entries.

And on that note, I hope you are leaving with a smile that you can share with co-workers, friends, or just a stranger you pass by who looks like they need one.  Have a safe and wonderful week, my dear friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


Sorry — couldn’t resist

It’s Monday, So It Must Be … Jolly!!!

Good Monday morning, my friends!  Come on in and make yourselves at home!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  The temperatures here were much more bearable than they have been so far this summer, so that was nice.  I even slept a whole 8 hours for the first time in a long time, so perhaps I won’t have so much trouble staying focused this week.  Help yourself to a bit of a morning snack, and let’s go in search of a bit of humour, shall we?

A donkey or a zebra?

Mahmoud Sarhan snapped photos at the International Garden Municipal Park in Cairo after he noticed the two zebras on display appeared to be donkeys painted to look like zebras.zebra-1zebra-2The photos, which went viral, show the animals’ stripes appear to be smudging.  A veterinarian who analyzed the photos said the coloring of the faces do not align with a normal zebra’s appearance, and their stripes do not appear to be consistent.  The zoo, however, denies that any of the animals in the facility are fraudulent.  I’m no expert, so I will withhold judgment.

dog-lionA Chinese zoo came under fire in 2013 when sharp-eyed visitors noticed an animal labeled as a “lion” was in fact just an especially fluffy dog. The People’s Park of Luohe said the Tibetan mastiff was a temporary replacement for the zoo’s real lion, which was away at a breeding facility.

Sheesh … can’t trust anything anymore.

Tooth all gone …

I am always amazed, and more than a little puzzled by the variety of inventive means parents use to remove their children’s ‘baby teeth’.  I mean … leave them alone – they will come out all by them selves, and if you cannot pull it out with only your fingers, then it isn’t ready yet anyway.  But parents seem to enjoy torturing their children.  Remember the one I mentioned a while back with the dad who pulled his son’s tooth by means of a crossbow?

This mom turned the job over to her son, Gibson, who fired off a Nerf dart that was tied to a loose tooth in the mouth of his sister, SaBella.  Nerf darts have been clocked at speeds as high as 35 mph!

Stupidity to the nth degree …

Mitchell Adkins, age 52, and Christopher Binion, age 46, were both old enough to know better.  It happened in Niles, Ohio, where the two men went into a local PetSmart store and somehow managed to walk out with an aquarium for which they did not pay.  But that isn’t the worst!  Their getaway vehicle?  A bloomin’ motorcycle!!!stealing aquariumPetSmart called the police, and as the officer was on his way to the store to take a report, he spotted the men fleeing the scene, so he turned and followed. Mitchell sat on the back, holding the stolen goods, and at some point, for reasons undisclosed, decided to jump off, breaking the aquarium and getting himself arrested.

And the stupidity continues, for while the officer lost track of the motorcycle rider, the vehicle was soon found abandoned behind the Chef Peng restaurant. Officers searched the area and spotted a “nervous-looking” man behind a home.  Besides looking nervous, Christopher began to furiously prune a small tree with his bare hands telling officers he was there to do yard work.  He told police he saw the suspects flee east on a nearby road, but investigators did not believe his story and he, too, was arrested.

And they didn’t even wear helmets!!!stupid is as stupid does

But mom – I thought you liked it!

You know how puppies are … always so eager to please their humans that they bring us an array of things that … well, end up maybe not pleasing us so much.

Such was the case when Baloo, the 5-month-old border collie decided to please his human, Carol Wohr, by bringing in the lawn sprinkler from outside … while it was still sprinkling!dog-sprinkler

“I was in a panic on what to do. My lamp and TV were getting soaked. Good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara.”

Wohr said playing in the sprinkler is one of Baloo’s favorite activities. She said she plans to keep a close watch while watering the lawn in the future to make sure the puppy’s water antics remain outside.

Three cheers for the new mayor …

I have written before about towns that had a dog as mayor, but this is a first … a cat!  The Village of Omena in Michigan, has had non-human mayors for more than a decade.  The feline’s name is Sweet Tart, and she will serve until the next mayoral election in 2021.  Her opponents this round included 13 dogs, a peacock, a goat, a chicken and another cat, all of whom were awarded positions on the village council.Sweet TartNow, I am willing to bet that this village is run in a much more humane and efficient manner than those run by humans, for in the past two years I have concluded that humans are not, after all, a superior breed!

And now, folks, while I wish I could invite you to hang out here all day, I really do have work to do … and so do you!  I hope you found something to chuckle about here today, and if you did … go share a smile or two with somebody who isn’t chuckling!  You could probably even part with a hug or two this week, eh?  Keep safe and have a great week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


Jolly Monday … Yes, Again …

Hello friends … and welcome to Jolly Monday!!!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  Anybody go swimming?  Miss Goose and I had such a quiet weekend that we had to remind ourselves to talk to each other!  It rained all weekend, and we had a tornado watch all day on Friday, until 9:00 p.m.  Chris got back from Canada yesterday evening … tired, but happy to be home.

I got up extra early this morning to make a special strawberry shortcake!  We had 3 quarts of strawberries in the fridge (they were on sale) and I didn’t want them to go bad.  A few other treats, too, and I even remembered Benjamin’s juice box!  So, grab a plate and a cuppa and lets find some humour to start out our week, shall we?


You remember that old show from the 1940s-1950s called ‘Queen for a Day’?  I remember my grandmother used to watch that religiously.  Well, Ellen Fleming may not have been queen for a day, but she was a millionaire for 10 minutes!

When Ellen Fleming checked her TD Ameritrade account balance last week, this is what she saw:Ellen-Fleming-tweetOnly problem was that she had opened the account with $50 and had deposited little or nothing since.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh, wow, how neat would this be?’ I could quit my job, do whatever I wanted to do, pay off my student loans. You need to take every opportunity that’s handed to you. But that seemed like an opportunity that could lead me to federal prison, so it didn’t seem worth it.”

So, Ellen called her financial advisor (who has a financial advisor to manage $50???) The mistake was very quickly rectified and the money placed in the account of the other Ellen Fleming!

“I was rich for 10 mins and I can tell you, life was in fact better. Being a millionaire really was a dream come true for 10 minutes. I am very humbled that I lost my money and my family stood by me.”

At least she didn’t lose her sense of humour!

I want one!!!

I want one of these.  Yes, I know, I’m afraid of heights, but I wouldn’t be afraid of this … I would be in control and no way would I go plummeting from the sky to the ground … I want one!  What is it?  It is a jet-powered suit developed by British inventor Richard Browning.  Last week he demonstrated the suit outside of Selfridges in London … here, take a look for yourself …

Can’t you just picture me flitting to the grocery in that?  And wouldn’t it make my 4-mile walks quicker?  Now listen, friends, I have only one teeny tiny problem, and I might need just a wee little bit of help here, for this contraption costs $442,711.  I checked all our bank balances, and counted the change in the jar atop the fridge, and I’m just a smidge short.  How much is a smidge?  Well, um … about $441,120?  Sigh, okay … I hear you.  Tax time is coming up … maybe I can earn it then.

The Tortoise and the … Cop?

OJ SimpsonRemember the low-speed chase in Los Angeles in June 1994, where OJ Simpson was ‘chased’ at some 10-15 miles per hour down the Los Angeles freeway?  An interesting tidbit on that – Dominoes Pizza had record sales on that day, as people sat home glued to their televisions and ordered pizza.  Sheesh.  Anyway, this one tops even that!

Deputy Bryan Bowman of the Marion Country (Florida) Sheriff’s Office was engaged last Monday in a slow-speed chase … of a pedestrian going 1 mph in a 30 mph zone.  I’ll let him tell you the story …

I’m rooting for the ‘Tuga!!!

A House … or A Town???

Remember the Brady Bunch show?  Remember the exterior of the house the Brady’s purportedly lived in?Brady-houseWell, it is up for sale.  I suppose perhaps the asking price of $1,885,000 may be considered reasonable in Los Angeles where the house is located, but it’s way out of my price range!  If I had nearly $2 million, I would rather spend it on that jet-powered suit!  But here’s something else …

Recently, an entire town in Owens Valley, California, was sold for only $1.4 million!  An entire town for nearly a half-million less than the 1970s Brady house!  Now which, I ask, would you rather have?  I’ll take the town any day!  The town, Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill), is an abandoned mining town where silver was discovered in 1865.  But the town has been abandoned for decades.

Think of all the privacy you could have there … room to roam, room for a few animals, a storage building, and of course a house.  Much more valuable, in my book, than the stupid house in Los Angeles!

Okay, folks … time to straighten that tie, spit on your shoes, and head to the office … or construction site … or classroom … wherever you’re heading today!  I’ve really enjoyed our time together and hope you found something to smile about this morning.  Please, share those smiles today … don’t we all feel better if somebody just smiles at us, or says, “Hey, how ya doin’?”  I know I do.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!



not worthless

happiness is

Hot ‘n Jolly Monday!

Hey folks!!!  Yep, it’s Monday again and this time I’m prepared!  I have treats for all, even naked cinnamon rolls for rawgod, donuts for Steve, scones (not burnt this time) for David, and Ellen … your coffee is just the way you like it!

So, did you all have a great weekend?  It was 95° here on Saturday with about 70% humidity, and the air quality so poor that there was a haze everywhere you looked.  Needless to say, that is not air out there … I don’t know what it is, but it is not air and whatever it is, I cannot breathe it.  I am grounded until further notice and nobody better tell me there’s no such thing as climate change!

Well, let’s forget that and find some fun to start our week off, shall we?

The world’s largest …

There used to be a saying here in the U.S.: “They grow everything big in Texas”  I’m not sure where the saying originated, but the only thing I’ve seen that is bigger in Texas (other than the size of the state itself) are the egos.  No, not you Steve. But to the point, I think Texas may be taking a back seat to Australia, if avocados are any indication.

It is called the Avozilla …avocadoThey look like an avocado and taste like an avocado. The only difference from the avocados you know is that these ones are about the size of your head.  Well, most people’s head, anyway — some Texans have bigger heads.  No, not you Steve.  They weigh an average of just over 2.5 pounds, or 1.2 kg.  (Why can’t the U.S. convert to the metric system like everybody else???)  They are expected to sell for about $12 each!

The fruit (yes, folks, avocados are a fruit, not a veggie) actually originated in South Africa and emigrated to the UK in 2013, but the Groves family of Queensland just brought them to Oz this year.  Now I learned something new here … I didn’t realize a country could ‘copyright’ a variety of tree, but any farmer that plants this giant avocado tree must seek permission and pay royalties to the South African company that owns the rights.

The problem I foresee here is that avocados go bad very quickly once exposed to air.  By quickly, I mean a matter of minutes, although one can keep them fresh and green for a few hours with a bit of lemon juice and the avocado pit.  I don’t see a huge individual market for them, though they might be popular in Mexican restaurants where large quantities of guacamole are served up.



Rob Morin and Paula Habib from Montreal, Canada, noticed in June that produce was going missing from their tomato and strawberry plants.

“We had a full set of tomatoes and then all of a sudden the tomatoes started going down. We didn’t take any ourselves; we thought it was the squirrels.”

But still, they found it odd that the squirrels weren’t leaving a mess, as squirrels typically do.  OCD squirrels, perhaps?

“We first thought it was the squirrels, but normally the squirrels leave a mess and there was not a mess on the ground where the plants were.”

I don’t know what took them so long, but finally the couple got the brilliant idea to check the footage from their outdoor security camera, and guess what?  It wasn’t a squirrel at all …mailmanYes, friends, it was the trusty mail carrier that was helping himself to the fruit each day.  Seems a fair trade … a box full of junk mail for a handful of tomatoes and strawberries!

“It’s rude,” said Ms. Habib. “He never told us. He never came to the door and said, ‘I took one of your tomatoes and it was really good’ or made joke about it. He just did it and he couldn’t care less.”

Canada Post is aware of the case and has spoken with the family, but so far isn’t commenting on the matter.  Habib said she does not want the postman to lose his job, but he could also offer some restitution – if he replaces the plants or offers the family a strawberry pie or some tomato sauce, all will be forgiven.

Dream job?

Mattress Firm, a mattress company based in Houston, Texas, has a job opening that I think would be just perfect for my daughter, who can fall asleep anywhere in under 15 seconds!  The ad on the company’s website reads:

Pursuing a degree in catching Z’s? Would you rather carry a pillowcase instead of a briefcase? This Fall, you can snag the internship of your dreams as Mattress Firm’s first “Snoozetern.”


We are searching for someone who can put their rest to the test. If you think you’re a slumber star, apply to sleep on the job as our in-house bed tester, testing the best of the best mattresses. The back of your eyelids won’t be your only view. You’ll test the optimal head and foot positions on our selection of adjustable bases for Netflix binging, Instagram stalking *ahem* posting, reading, typing, eating…really anything that would be better in bed.

Of course, you’ll want your friends to know that you’re ‘sleeping your best life’ so regular appearances on Mattress Firm’s social channels will make the job of your dreams official. Feed your inquisitive nature by interviewing our sleep experts, finding out what the social sphere wants to know and determining the perfect amount of pillows needed for the ‘I’m-sleeping-but-still-taking-a-picture-of-myself’ selfie.

Help us help the sleep deprived by applying to join our team. Comfort and curiosity are calling, will you answer?

Among the required qualifications are:

– 18 years of age or older

– Proficient in napping, regardless of time of day

– Interested in exposure to different surfaces, textures and sleep positions

– Passionate about sleep and comfort

– Available to start snoozing in the Houston-area beginning August 15

The only one that could be a problem for Chris is that last one, but the rest … she’s got this!

The $67,000 squirrel …

In Almaty, a city in Kazakhstan, resides a sculpture of a giant squirrel … sculpted from straw!  The squirrel, which stands 40 feet tall, is made from straw and wood attached to a steel frame, is part of an art project for a festival commissioned by city authorities.  But Rocky is causing some problems for the city.  First, some say he is a fire hazard … I suppose that is true, especially in a lightning storm.  But the main argument is the cost … it cost the city some $67,000 (£51,000), about $44,000 of which was paid for from public funds.  The people are, understandably, concerned that the money might have been better spent helping the struggling people of the city with medical or other costs.  I can’t argue against that point.giant-squirrelThe artists, South African sculptor Marius Jansen van Vuuren and British artist Alex Rinsler, have said that the squirrel will change appearance during the nine months it is expected to be on display, but I have a feeling that Rocky may not outlast the first hard rain or windstorm.  Still, he is pretty cute …giant squirrel-3

I just wanna be on da teevee too, dad …

Polish historian/political scientist Jerzy Targalski was giving a taped interview regarding the U.S. Supreme Court when his cat decided to get in on the act.

Well, friends, once again it is time for us to each get busy.  I’ve really enjoyed our visit this morning … this is absolutely my favourite part of most Mondays!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Oh WAIT … before you go … please share those gorgeous smiles today and every day.  A lot of people are pretty miserable these days, and a smile seems to just work wonders when somebody is feeling down.  Hugs ‘n love from Filosofa & the Significant Seven!

toon-1'I'm MELTING!!!' - 'Oh knock it off, we're ALL hot!'toon-3

Hey Wait … It’s Not Monday Yet???

Hi … um … what are you guys doing here?  It’s not Monday yet.  It … what???  It is Monday?  Already?  Are you sure you’re not pulling my leg …?  Keith … I know you wouldn’t fib to me … what day is it?  OH!  Ooopsie … I … I am a bit behind, I fear.  I haven’t baked this morning … let me run into the kitchen right quick and see what I can scrounge up … make yourselves at home … be right back!


Fruit, cheese, brioche & popcorn — what more could you ask for?


This was actually my breakfast a few days ago … oops … burnt the brioche, again.  I still ate it … nice and crunchy.


Not much of a selection, but while I was digging around in the fridge and the pantry, I did make a pot of coffee and boiled water for tea.  I’m really sorry, guys … I promise to do better next time.  😔  Still, since it is Monday, let’s see if we can make it a jolly one with a few laughs, okay?

An honest man …

We’ve all had parking tickets, right?  Some of you maybe even paid your parking tickets!  Me?  I crumple them up and toss them in the nearest trash can, or stick them in my pocket ‘til I come to a trash can.  I don’t recall ever paying one in my life.  See, the thing is that our tax dollars paid for the street and the sidewalk that parking meter is on.  I always feed the meter a couple of quarters, and if it runs out before I get back to my car … oh well … I paid my fair share already, for sometimes there is time left on the meter and I figure it all balances out somehow.  Not that I worry much about it these days, for I have no car to park!  Anyway …

A man known only as ‘Dave’ sent his ticket and payment of $5 to the police department in Minersville, Pennsylvania last week.  The ticket dated back to 1974 and was for $2 … I guess the extra three dollars was for accrued interest?parking ticket.jpg

Aged beef?

Now, if you thought the food I put out for you this morning was less than stellar, get a load of this!  The man’s name is Dave Alexander (another Dave!) and this one is selling something truly unique on Ebay.  Dave has for sale a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries!  What … you’re not excited?  Well, Dave, who lives in Ontario, Canada, might well have this market cornered, for the food he is selling at auction is six years old and has been sitting on a shelf that entire time!  blech.  🤢Old burger and friesAlexander said he had his daughter buy him the burger and fries on June 6, 2012, so he could put them on a shelf in his home and determine whether rumors that McDonald’s food doesn’t decompose were mere urban legend.  A year later, he placed a homemade burger and fries next to the McDonald’s food for comparison purposes.  The results?

“The fries are stunningly good looking. The fries look like they were purchased this morning. The burger itself has darkened a little bit. The bun is about as hard as a hockey puck, but it looks just like it’s brand new cosmetically. The cheese on the homemade one, especially the french fries, the potatoes, just look like little bits of charcoal right now.”

The McDonald’s burger and fries started at $22.91 and bids reached $62.65 on Friday with six days remaining in the auction.  Pretty reasonable for such a find, eh?  I’m a little suspicious … I almost never eat McDonald’s cardboard food anyway, but if it has so many preservatives that it hasn’t decayed after six years … well, it reminds me of a woman who used Botox … what you see is not necessarily what you get!

Drunken what???

I have, back in the day, spent a lot of time on the shores of both East and West coasts and have seen many a seagull.  I like them, as long as they only steal my food and don’t pluck my hair out of my head, as they have been known to do.  But in all my days, I have never seen a drunken seagull!  I’m not sure what the Brits are doing to their seagulls, but of late they seem to have had a rash of drunkenness among their gull population.

From The Guardian, 06 July 2018 …

“RSPCA staff have been left scratching their heads after a string of callouts to collect ‘drunk’ gulls. The animal welfare charity is concerned the birds have been gaining access to waste products from a local brewery or alcohol producer, making them disoriented and confused. Jo Daniel, an RSPCA officer, said ‘the birds absolutely stink of alcohol’ when they collect them.”

Those of you who are of my own generation probably remember the old Art Linkletter show and the segment he had called, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”?  I was reminded of that today when I came across these two things written by kids …kids-1.jpg



Hmph … I bet I know this kid’s father …

And last, let us wrap up our Jolly Monday with a short video clip of a squirrel evicting an owl from his home … I think the little guys will even enjoy this one …

BooWell, friends, our respective jobs and duties are calling … I have a pile of laundry, and you guys have jobs and other chores to attend to.  I hope you found something today to laugh about.  I apologize for the meager offerings this morning and promise to remember next week and make better treats!  Stay cool, keep safe, and have a really great week, my friends!  And please remember to share those wonderful smiles you have … cheer somebody up today!  Hugs ‘n love from Filosofa!  Oh … Boo says “hi”, too!

Jolly … Sweltering … Monday …

Welcome to Jolly Monday, friends!  I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve already had enough of this ‘heat wave’, and there is no end in sight through at least July 15th, according to The Weather Channel.  The picture above is from January 4th.  The last two days have seen heat-indexed temps over 100° with humidity between 96% – 99%. meltingDespite the heat, humidity, and my inability to breathe in this weather, I got up early just to bake special treats for your visit this morning.  Now, I have one very young reader (4 years old, in fact) who has been a bit critical of my baking skills,  calling the results “burnt”, so I did my best this morning in hopes that young Benjamin can find something to his liking … and the rest of you too, and David — I hope the rhubarb crumble is to your  liking! Grab a bite and a cup of something and let’s share a special moment or two and a smile, okay?

Monday-famous-grouse  This one’s for you, Hugh, but shhhhh …

dumb crookIt didn’t take a rocket scientist or a team of police detectives to catch this thief!  It happened in Pine Bluff, Arkansas last Tuesday, when 21-year-old Shamon West tried to pay for his meal at Shannon’s Restaurant with a credit card.  A stolen credit card.  A credit card stolen from … his waitress, Flora Lunsford!  She promptly contacted the police and indicated that she did not wish to pay for his meal, so they arrested him and took him to a place where he will be fed 3 squares a day for the foreseeable future.   Ms. Lunsford’s purse had been snatched from her car at a local gas station two days prior while she was inside paying for her fuel.  Mr. West is young yet … I hope he either learns a lesson or perfects his technique, else he is going to spend a lot of time in orange.

Who knew there is a ‘wife-carrying’ contest in the UK?  But wait!  It isn’t only in the UK, but also in the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong and other parts of the world.  It originated in Finland, where even today the World Championships are held.  The UK event took place in April and the winner there was one Chris Hepworth and his partner Tanisha Prince.chris hepworthThe couple beat around 40 pairs over the 380 meter (quarter-mile) course on Sunday, in a race that was marred by the injury of one wife when her husband slipped in the copious mud and landed on her!  The sport is open to any adult couple, married or not, with the wife – of any gender – required to weigh at least 50 kg (110 pounds). On the British course, runners have to tackle hay bale obstacles and are showered with water by spectators.

Most of the competitors adopt the “the Estonian carry”, with the wife upside-down, their legs over their partner’s shoulders and gripping them around the waist from behind.  I don’t think I could do that without my breakfast ending up on the track somewhere! Some participants take the race less seriously than others. One wore a wedding dress, a blond wig and make-up as he carried his wife, piggy-back style, dressed as a jockey.

The International competition in Finland has some interesting rules:

  • The wife to be carried may be your own, or the neighbor’s, or you may have found her further afield; she must, however, be over 17 years of age.
  • The minimum weight of the wife to be carried is 49 kilograms. If she weighs less than 49 kg, she will be burdened with a rucksack containing additional weight to bring the total load to be carried up to 49 kg.
  • All participants must enjoy themselves.
  • The only equipment allowed is a belt worn by the carrier and a helmet worn by the carried.

Every year since 2009, the championship has been won by a Fin, except in 2016 when it was won by a Russian, Dimitriy Sagal.  Taisto Miettinen of Finland and his partner Kristiina Haapanen took the trophy from 2009-2013, and again in 2017.Taisto

I hope you guys will forgive me for being a bit lazy today, but the weather has thoroughly wiped me out and I cannot do much more.  But I do have some funny pictures to share with you!

duct tape car

I’ve always said that duct tape can fix anything!!!

cop cars


And I’m sorry but our time has come to an end for this Monday!  I shall miss you all, but please stay cool, keep safe, and have a great week.  Remember to share a smile and a hug with somebody whose mouth is turned upside down like this 😒 so that it will turn upright like this 😊.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


Jolly Monday … Already? Again?

Good Monday morning, friends!  It’s the beginning of yet another week … I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to dread the start of a week, for each one seems to bring with it more bloomin’ chaos than the last.  But, alas, the weeks just keep coming, so the best we can do, I think, is to face them with courage and humour, for if we lose our sense of humour then all the fun goes out of it.  The good news is that they say laughter is contagious – let’s find out …

Are you laughing yet?

I was in the mood for something different this morning, so I made a breakfast pizza!  I hope you like it, but there are also donuts in case your sweet tooth is calling out.  So, grab a bite of something and a cuppa somethin’, and let’s make some fun here, okay?

The rat did it …

It happened in Tinsukia, India.  A State Bank of India ATM machine was not working … actually hadn’t been working for several weeks.  The machine was first reported to be broken on May 20th, but it was not until June 11th that somebody was sent to look into the problem.  I can only imagine the surprise of the repairman when he opened the ATM to find … shredded money!  Lots of shredded money!  ₹1,357,298 Indian rupees, or about $20,000 USD.  Now what the heck?rat-shred-moneyPolice were called, and upon further investigation, they discovered a rat carcass.  Apparently the rat got into the machine through a small hole, couldn’t find his way back out, so he entertained himself by shredding the pretty paper.  Sadly, since the repairman took 22 days to go check out the situation, the poor rat ultimately died. rupeeThe moral of the story is … _______________________________________________ (fill in the blank)

For the lack of good sense …

It looked rather like one of those scary movies where somebody has pins sticking out from their head at all odd angles …overloaded pickupMassachusetts State Trooper Joel Daoust was travelling on I-91 in Springfield, when he spotted the contraption. overloaded pickup-rear.jpgThe driver was cited for violating Mass General Law, chapter 85 section 36, “Unsecured/Uncovered Load.”  And Trooper Daoust posted on the department’s Facebook page  “Please remember, when traveling with a load in a vehicle, take a look at it and before taking to the roads, ask yourself, “What could go wrong?”

It’s a french fry … no, it’s a stylus … no it’s a FRYLUS!!!

Last Thursday, 21 June, was National Selfie Day.  Who knew?  Who cared?  Apparently McDonald’s did (I did not).  You know how when you’re eating a greasy Big Mac your hands get all slimy and gooey?  And then, if you remember it’s National Selfie Day and feel compelled to snap a pic … you’re gonna get the touch screen of your phone all greasy!  So, McDonald’s spent lots of money to design this wonderfully unique device … a stylus that looks like a french fry (well, if you’re a bit drunk and have really poor vision)!FrylusAnd … on Thursday customers could get one for free with the purchase of a tasteless Quarter Pounder!  But the fun doesn’t stop there!  They even spent the money to create a very dramatic, 1-minute video that you simply must watch …

“Another frivolous, fry-based innovation from the makers of the Frork (a.k.a. us). Literally the only solution for keeping your phone 100 percent fresh while enjoying our new 100 percent fresh beef Quarter Pounder burgers and taking a 100 percent fresh selfie. And it really works! Most of the time.”

There is even … scoff … an ‘Official Frylus website’.

A condo with a bonus …apt-viewFor those of you who just happen to have an extra $85 million lying around collecting dust, here’s a real deal!  It is a condo – a 15,000-square-foot duplex in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan (that’s more than 10 times the size of my house!).  The condo is on the 45th floor of the Atelier Condo Building with a gorgeous view of the Hudson River.  Now listen to what it includes …

  • 10 bedrooms
  • 11 bathrooms
  • 12 alt rooms (whatever the heck that is)
  • Fully equipped kitchenapt-bathapt-bedroom

And apart from all that, your $85 million also gets you …

  • $2 million construction credit (in case you want to build bookshelves or something)
  • $1 million yacht with docking fees for five years
  • Two Rolls Royce Phantoms (1 convertible,1 hardtop)
  • Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
  • Dinner for 2 weekly at Daniel Bolud’s Resteraunt Daniel for 1 year
  • A Hamptons mansion rental for a Summer
  • Live in butler services for 1 year as well as private chef

apt-kitchenBut I still haven’t told you the best part!  It includes … wait for it … two $250,000 seats on a Virgin Galactic flight to space!!!  And all this for only $85,000,000!!!

Don’t have $85 million?  Well, if you can put $17 million down, your monthly payments will only be $351,408!  For the next 30 years.  Pre-approval is required, of course.  (I will contact my bank right after I decide whether I can pay $35 for a new pair of tennis shoes!)  Personally, though, it is a little too … white for me.  I like some colour, some warmth in my home.  So, perhaps I’ll look flight

A child is born …

Most people go to a hospital to have their baby, but there may be some fringe benefits from having one elsewhere.  Around 11:00 a.m. last Monday, a woman gave birth to a son on France’s RER A line, holding up trains for around an hour before mother and son were dispatched to a nearby hospital.RER AThe upside?  The baby will receive free unlimited travel until he is age 25!  Hmmmm … if I were of a notion to have a baby (I’M NOT!), I might consider having one at … Pizza Hut?  P.F. Chang’s?  A hotel in Hawaii?

Okay, folks … a glance at the clock tells me that I’ve kept you long enough and you’re going to need to hustle to get to work on time!  I hope you are leaving with a smile, but I left a basket of extras by the door just in case … take a few and spread them around this week, okay?  Keep safe and have a wonderful week, my friends.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!Monday-basket-smiles

This one is so much fun … if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, at least catch the first few minutes … guaranteed to make you smile!



Knock Knock … Who’s There … Jolly Monday!

bunny knocks

Knock  knock

Who’s there?

Car go

Car go who?

No, car go ‘beep beep’toy car

And now you see my mood this morning.  I’m sleepy and {yawn} cannot be held accountable for serious thoughts or actions {yawwwwwwnnn}.  But it is that day again … already … isn’t it?  What happened to the rest of the weekend?  Well, come on in … make yourselves {yawnnnn} comfortable and let me go put the coffee on … be right back.foot-tapping

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Cows go

Cows go who?

No, silly … cows go beep beep MOO

Okay … I managed to scrounge up some coffee and leftover scones … sorry rawgod, no tea today.  Now where {yawwwwwnnnnn} was I?  Oh yes … you want humour to start your week work, right?  Okay … one or two doses of humour coming right up!


Flying Potties …

Daughter Chris was at band competition last weekend, and after they set up their band tent, it stormed during the night on Friday and demolished their tent!  Pretty windy, but not, I think, as windy as it was in Commerce City, Colorado where port-a-potties could be seen flying through the air! At first, the skies were blue, the sun shining, people enjoying a day in the park with their children, then all of a sudden … along came the wind!  Take a look …

Congratulations, by the way, to Chris’ band, the Cincinnati Caledonian Pipes and Drums, for taking 1st place in their grade!!!  Proud of you guys!!!

Cheesy Dad …

It’s too late now, for Father’s Day is over, but keep it in mind for next year.  Kraft (yeah, the cheese people) held an auction on eBay.  The auction gave the top five bidders the opportunity to submit photos of their dads to be transformed into cheese sculptures “by bona fide cheese artists, who just so happen to be at the top of their game in the high-stakes world of professional cheese sculpting.”cheese-headThe auction’s description explains the traditional correlation between fatherhood and cheese:

“Odds are, at one point or another, your dad has exhibited cheesy behavior, i.e., cheesy jokes/cheesy shirts/cheesy music/any combination thereof. Your old man’s cheesy greatness should be celebrated. Which is why we’re offering to commemorate your dad with a big ol’ block of Kraft cheese sculpted into his likeness.”

Darn!  I wish I had known about this ahead of time, for I would have contacted a certain friend of mine and gone halves with her on the bidding 😉 😉.

All proceeds from the auction are being donated to Feeding America, “the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization.”

The company included some disclaimers in the auction description:

“* Sculptures may vary by artist and their muse. (Your dad’s a muse!)

* Some men are chiseled from marble, but your dad will be sculpted from cheese – cheese that, like your dad, is not meant to be consumed.


* Seriously, don’t eat it.”

No word yet on who the winners were.

And Speaking of Red Pandas …

Yes, yes, I know we weren’t speaking of red pandas, but I came across this most adorable video of red pandas playing in the snow, and I just had to share it!

On Pizza and Potholes …

For some time now, there has been debate in our government about infrastructure projects, and meanwhile, while the debate continues, nothing is getting done.  I have a pothole right in front of my home that could swallow a small person.  Anyway, one company decided to take matters into its own hands.  Domino’s Pizza claimed that those potholes were causing the ruination of their delivery pizzas, so last week the company announced that they are partnering with U.S. cities to fill potholes and stamp them with the company’s logo to avoid letting “bad potholes ruin good pizza.”  I might debate the use of the words “good pizza” and Domino’s in the same sentence, but … Dominos potholes“Potholes, cracks and bumps in the road can cause irreversible damage to your pizza during the drive home from Domino’s.”Dominos potholes-2.jpg

Salad Emergency …

Last Tuesday, a 12-year-old child in Nova Scotia, Canada, called 911 … not once, but twice!  The emergency?  Salad.  The child contacted police via the emergency number to report that his parent had served him salad that he did not care for.   Then he called back a few minutes later to ask how much longer before help would arrive!  Now, I’m laughing, but the Halifax District Royal Canadian Mounted Police were less amused.  The RCMP did, however, go to the home and used the visit for an opportunity to have a discussion with the child regarding the proper use of 911.


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Europe who

No, you’re a poo!

A new world record was broken last week in Ireland.  The Strip and Dip, an annual event at Magheramore beach in County Wicklow, broke a Guinness World Record on Saturday when 2,505 women shed their clothes and spent at least 5 minutes in the chilly water.  Now personally this has no appeal to me.  I don’t like being without clothes, and I darn sure don’t like being cold.  But … well … hats off, I suppose to those brave 2,505 women who did do it!skinnydipSaid one of the participants …

“Myself and my lovely sister did the dip for the first time yesterday. I felt so honoured and proud to be among such beautiful, courageous, inspirational women. I am still buzzing today, the positive energy and vibes as we all walked down to the beach was emotional and fantastic. So proud to have been a part of it. Definitely back next year. Aren’t women just amazing.” ‎– Michelle Neary‎, participant.

What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y. 

Okay, folks, as you can see, I’m not quite at myself today, so I will go dig up some funny cartoons before one of you smacks me upside the head for the bad jokes I cannot seem to stop saying.  Keep safe and have a great week.  Be sure to share  some smiles and hugs this week, okay?  Love and hugs from Filosofa.


Just Another Jolly Monday

Good Monday morning, friends!  Was your weekend wonderful?  Come in … sit down and tell me what fun things you did?  Mine was laid back, just the way I like it.  Daughter Chris plays the drum in a national Pipes & Drums band, and this is their competition season, so she was gone part of this weekend, and will be gone all weekend for the next several, meaning Miss Goose and I will be left to our own devices.  Typically that means she works on her art while I write, and we try to remember to say “hey” to each other every 2-3 hours!

I tried something new this week … baklava … it’s a greek dessert and ever so yummy, but in case you don’t like that, there are also donuts and cinnamon rolls.  So grab a cuppa (both tea and coffee this morning, rawgod) and a bite and let’s share a few laughs before you all have to go out there and mingle with the rest of the world, eh?

A wedding crasher …waddell-weddingNewlyweds Rusty and Auttumn Waddell were enjoying their wedding May 6 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Virginia Beach when the bride’s mother noticed an unfamiliar face.  Since it wasn’t a formal wedding, she thought perhaps it was a guest of a guest, but something seemed a bit off, so she snapped a picture of the woman standing in front of the gift table. crasher.jpgA while later the woman was gone … and so were many of the wedding gifts, including envelopes containing cash for the newlyweds!  Since the couple hadn’t yet opened the gifts and there was no list, they are now faced with the embarrassing task of having to ask each guest what gift they brought so they can give the police an accurate accounting of what was stolen.  Police, meanwhile, are asking anybody who knows this woman to contact them.  What a way to start a marriage, and what nerve to crash a wedding to steal the presents!

A rude awakening …

Imagine waking up early one morning to the sounds of people walking around on your roof, the sounds of hammers and crowbars pulling up your roof tiles.  These were the sounds that Pearl Northrup of Lehigh Acres, Florida awakened to one day last week, but they had not ordered a new roof.  Pearl called her landlady, Sarah Fritchey, to ask if she had scheduled roof repairs without her knowledge, but no, no roof repairs had been ordered.

roof.jpgTurns out the men on the roof were roofers employed by Nastar Roofing, and when they set out for their daily duties, they put the wrong address into their GPS!  The owner of the roofing company, L.B. Skaggs, had the men repair the damage and he will be meeting with Misses Northrup and Fritchey in a few days.  The irony, though is that the advertisement for Nastar Roofing claims they are “the roofing company you can trust”, and that “we thrive on integrity, professionalism and attention to the details that matter most to you.” 

It’s the little things …

In March 2017, I wrote a post about the World Happiness Report  that ranks 155 nations by the happiness of their citizens.  The #1 ranking country in 2017 turned out to be Norway.norway.jpgWell, one Norwegian pet supply company, Musti Group, may help explain part of what makes Norway a happy place.  Their new policy is to offer their 1,500 employees three days of paid leave when a new furry critter joins their family.  They call it “pawternity leave”.  Musti Group CEO David Rönnberg says the first few days a puppy is in a new home are vital to getting used to its new owner and environment.pawternity leave

“Depending on the needs of each pet, the first days spent together can be rather intense, and sleepless nights are more than familiar to recent pet parents. A baby animal requires constant attention and unconditional love. Paying attention to a pet’s needs and spending time with them supports their learning, builds trust and helps prevent behavioral disorders in the future.”

Now that, friends, is a company with heart!  A small thing?  Sure, but it’s the little things that make the difference between feeling like you’re important rather than merely a cog in the wheel.

What are the odds?

On Friday, June 1, Trooper Michael Patterson stopped Matthew Bailly for a minor motor vehicle violation in Kingwood Township, New Jersey.  As sometimes happens, the two men began talking, and Bailly revealed that he is a retired police officer from Patterson’s hometown of Piscataway.  One thing led to another, and Bailly eventually related a story about delivering a baby at a home way back when he was a rookie cop in 1991.  As he gave more details and recalled that the parents had named the baby ‘Michael’, a stunned Patterson extended his hand and told Bailly he was the baby the retired officer delivered on Oct. 5, 1991. bailly-patterson

Possession is nine-tenths of the law

There is a line in the movie Homeward Bound where the cat, Sassy, says “Cats rule, dogs drool”.  This short video seems to prove that maxim.

And now, dear friends, while I really love having you here, and wish you could stay all day, you cannot.  You have work to do, I have work to do, and this isn’t getting any of it done.  I hope you found something here to bring a smile to your face … a smile that you can share with others you run into today.  Y’know … a smile is contagious and so is a scowl, so let’s all see if we can spread more smiles than scowls this week, shall we?  Keep safe and have a wonderful week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

Last week, I had complaints about my choice of Jambalaya by The Carpenters, and David requested Fats Domino for this week … here you go, my friend …