Jolly Monday — Autumn Leaves

falling leafGood Monday morning, my friends!  Come in … come in out of the cold!  Can you believe this?  A week ago, the temps were in the 90s and this past weekend the highs were in the 50s.  No fall again this year, straight from summer to winter!  So, tell me, did you have a great weekend?  Are you rested and ready to face the week ahead with gusto?  Nah, me neither.  But, I have found some fun things for us to start the week … I think you’ll find something to smile about here this morning!  So grab a snack and a cuppa whatever you prefer and come have a seat by the imaginary fire 🔥. 

treatscoffeejuice boxcoffee-teasprinkled donuts

Prank Caller?

Dr. Claire Simeone, director of the Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center, a monk seal hospital in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, began receiving disturbing mysterious phone calls when she was away from the hospital on October 3rd.  She received 9 calls within a 15-minute period, all from a phone located in the hospital.  Concerned, she immediately returned to the hospital.  When she arrived, she found many confused employees, for several had gotten calls similar to Dr. Simeone’s.

Simeone said she contacted Hawaiian Telecom, which confirmed there had been “a bazillion calls” originating from the hospital but could not explain them or tell her from which line they originated.  Simeone put on her detective hat 🕵🏼 and went in search of the prank caller.  And she finally found him …gecko on phoneThat’s right … a gecko had somehow gotten into the facility and, using his tiny little paws, made hundreds of calls to people on the hospital’s contact list.  I do not know the gecko’s name, but I really, really like geckos and so I shall name him Ralph.  Ralph was safely relocated to an outdoor plant where he will no longer be able to call his friends … guess the party’s off, fellas!gecko-1

Who’s Da Fattest Bear?

Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska was asking Facebook fans to use their likes to vote on which of their bears, which have been putting on weight to prepare for their upcoming hibernation, is the fattest, in a contest that ended last Tuesday.fat bear weekFacebook users were asked to choose between “Round-Rumped 32 Chunk” and “The Jelly-Bellied Jumbo Jet, 747 (Bear 747 for short)”. The winner of the showdown would then go on to the finals and face down a bear known as “409 Beadnose”fat bear week-2Turns out that Bear747 was the one who went to the finals …Bear 747.jpgBut 409 Beadnose was able to hold on to his title … albeit bearly … 🤣 🤣 🤣

bear finalists

Dr. Seuss Runs Late …

It was 1998 when Vera Walker of Orlando, Florida, ordered a set of Dr. Seuss books for her four-year-old granddaughter.  The books finally arrived just last month … Vera’s granddaughter is now 24 with a 4-year-old son, Cameron, of her own!  The postal service claims the package was found in an old, abandoned mailbox.  The nice thing about Dr. Seuss books is they never go out of style and Cameron will get every bit as much pleasure as his mom from them.Dr Seuss books-2.png

Rewind twenty years to an ad for books in the mail.

And a grandmother, with a smile, and an eye for a sale.

“I ordered some Dr. Seuss books for my granddaughter, and they never came,” Vera Walker, a great-grandmother described.

A box that would not, could not get here.

Not in a car, not in a year!

Twenty times over it failed to show.

Until one day it was ready to go!

“And when I opened it up and saw the date – it was October 1998,” said Walker.

How and why is certainly weird.

Inside an old mailbox is where it appeared.

A mystery that just goes to show, there’s truth in “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”

Timeless at twenty, the books have survived.

Bought for a girl at four, with a son now almost five.

Perhaps he’ll start with just a little bit.

Little words like “if” and “it.”

So one day he’ll be able to read big words, too.

Like Constantinople and Timbuktu.

That is a story no one can beat.

And to think that it all happened on Mulberry Street.

(No, I did not write that, and I’m not sure who did, but I’m guessing David Belleville, the writer of the article.)

The Greatest Skater – Benny!!!

Meet Benny, a 5-year-old yellow field lab who was rescued from a shelter in Utah where he was on the schedule to be euthanized.  A Las Vegas rescue group saved him, and days later, a woman named Cheryl DelSangro adopted him.  Now, Benny leads a full life, thanks to Cheryl, and he has a new talent … just watch (Gronda, get your tissues!)

Thnif.  Didn’t that just make you want to get out there on the ice and give Benny a big ol’ hug?

falling leafAnd that’s all I’ve got for today, my dear friends!  Please remember to share those gorgeous smiles with others who didn’t get to see Benny!  I’ll leave a few extras by the door for you to share.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!!!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!jolly



I can sooooooo relate!!! 😼 😺 😾 😿 🙀 😹

Shhhhhh … Don’t Tell, But It’s Jolly Monday!


Hmpgpf … OH … Hi!  Heh heh … forgive me if I look a bit disheveled … I’m so sleepy this morning!  But … don’t worry … I’ve got it all together …

It is Monday, right?  Come in, come in … don’t be shy … grab a seat … oh … let me just get those dirty socks out of your way …dirty socks-3


Okay, so maybe I don’t quite have it all together, but I’m trying … gimme just a minute here …


Alright … I think I can do this now.  So, how was your weekend?  Ready to tackle an all new week with a smile and a positive attitude?  But of course you are … wait … why all the long faces this morning?  Yeah, I know, me too, but we have to rise above the detritus and make our own happiness, right?  Tell you what … let’s see if we can find something to laugh about this morning, shall we?  Grab some coffee and a donut … sorry I don’t have anything more to offer this morning … and lets go find humour!


The Gold Standard in Chicken?Popeyes Do you guys have a Popeye’s chicken place where you live?  We have one just down the street and we pick it up every now and then.  I like it … just the right amount of kick in their Cajun spiced chicken.  But I’m not sad to have missed their one-day promo last Thursday.  It was in honour of their 3,000th store that opened in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  The ‘treat’ was called 24 Karat Champagne Wings and features wings dipped in champagne and then tossed in ‘edible’ 24-carat gold flakes.

Popeyes gold chickenNow … I thought, in all my ignorance, that gold would be toxic to the human body if ingested, so of course I had to go in search of how gold can be made ‘edible’.  Turns out that pure gold isn’t toxic and will pass harmlessly through the human digestive system in its natural state.  It only becomes toxic when copper or other metals are added to it to make gold leaf, etc.  Still …

The wings were six for a mere $10 … or $1.67 per wing … oh, and you get a warm biscuit to go with them.  Um … no thanks.  If the promo was a hit, and I have no idea if it was or not, Popeye’s is considering offering them at some locations as a regular menu item.  Blech.

You Couldn’t Even Drink It!!!

I have come to the conclusion that some people have a whole lot more money than sense.  I am not a whiskey drinker … I like an occasional glass of wine, or a cold Sam Adams on a hot summer day, but whiskey I don’t care for.  But, even if I were a lover of whiskey, and even if I had lots of money to burn, I would not pay $1.1 million for a lousy bottle of booze!

Yep, you heard right.  An unnamed private collector placed the winning bid via telephone when a bottle of Macallan whiskey was auctioned in Edinburgh, Scotland last week.  The whiskey was distilled in 1926 and bottled in 1986 … now what the Sam Heck was it doing for those 60 years that included the Great Depression (when people really could have used a drink) and World War II, to name a couple?  Any of my savvy friends have a clue what all this means?  And … if it’s over 90-years-old … I for sure don’t want to put it in my mouth!  Hey … I’ve got some leftover something unrecognizeable in my fridge … I wonder if I let it hang around for 90 years if it will be worth a mil?

Anyway, I hate to tell the dude in Asia this, but I found this bottle …macallan… online for only $59.99 … and they will deliver it to your home!  I still think that’s too much to pay, but a heck of a lot more reasonable than $1.1 million.  But what’s the guy going to do with it, anyway?  You couldn’t possibly drink something you paid that bloomin’ much for, so does he put it in a safe and pull it out when he has company so that he can brag?  I’m sorry, but I would have to laugh if, as he was bringing it out for show some night, he dropped the bottle!  Yes, I am mean, but … think of how many hungry people could have eaten for a year for what one man paid for one bottle of booze.  I have no empathy there.

From The Book of WHY???

Mona Lisa rice-crackersTake a good look at the picture.  Yes, yes, I know it’s the Mona Lisa, albeit not the original.  What do you think it’s made of?  No … nope, not that either.  Rice crackers!!!  And just to add to your knowledge, in case you weren’t aware, according to Wikipedia, a rice cracker is a cracker made from rice.  Sigh.rice crackers.pngAccording to Guinness World Records …

Around 200 people gathered in Soka, a city just north of Tokyo in Japan, to create the replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece using the surprising ingredient.  A total of 23,360 of the neatly-layered round objects covered 116.02 square metres to help Soka-Senbei Promotion Conference set a new record for Largest rice cracker mosaic.

Mona Lisa rice-crackers-2

12 local producers of rice crackers provided seven different flavours and colours to create the palette for the Mona Lisa mosaic, including soy sauce (brown), sesame (black), and matcha (green).

Once the record was set the rice crackers were distributed (as part of the requirement for food-related records) to the participants as well as children of Soka.

All that work … and they ate it???

Kool Kars …

In pursuit of another story yesterday, I came across something so cool that I just had to share these pictures with you.  The biennial Paris Motor Show in Paris, France, which first started in 1898, is taking place from October 4th thru the 14th.  Here are a few of the entries …

Bugatti ChironBelieve it or not, folks, this Bugatti Chiron is made from … Lego blocks!!!  Yep … one million pieces and no glue!  Take a quick look at this video and see this car actually run!

Smart Forease

I just thought this one was cute … has a personality, y’know?  It’s called the Smart Forease … no idea why.

1st Renault

The very first Renault, dating back to 1898!

And, of course, there were the usual collection of BMWs, Porsches and Mercedes, but I liked these more interesting ones better … the others … meh … status symbols.

That about wraps up Monday morning for me … I do hope I was able to help you find a smile … at least a grin, to start the week.  And please, please share those smiles, try to make somebody else’s day just a little bit happier if you can.  Keep safe and have a great week, my friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!toon-Maxine

Jolly 1st of October Monday!!!

Good morning, folks!  Stopped by for a bit of humour to start your week out, did you?  Or did you smell the fresh-baked goodies?  Either way, come on in and make yourselves at home!  I got up extra early today so I could do a bit of extra baking before you got here, and I even squoze the juice myself!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  Mine?  Meh.  Daughter Chris had a band performance Saturday morning in Indiana, then afterward went to a Reds ballgame and out to dinner with friends.  Miss Goose took the neighbor boys, Ibraheem and Yousif, to a fall festival, so I had the house to myself for several hours and thought I could get a few posts written, get ahead of the game.  But no … instead I read some other people’s posts, tinkered about on Facebook for a while, read a bit, did some laundry and washed some dishes.  And so, I’m still behind as always.  Not having slept well the past two nights left me tired, so I was grumpy and out of sorts yesterday.  But now, it’s a new week and the first day of October … where has this year gone???

I found some things to bring us all a chuckle to start the week, so grab a cup of something and a plate with some treats, and let’s dig out those smiles, eh?


Candy Canes Galore!

I wasn’t kidding when I asked where the year has gone … it seems like only  yesterday I was putting away Christmas decorations … oh wait, that was yesterday … and now there’s less than three months until that costly joyous holiday rolls around again.  Sigh.  I have one Christmas present purchased and it is residing on my night table, for if I put it away, I will forget where I put it!  Anyway … back to the point.  Novelty company Archie McPhee out of Seattle, Washington, has already begun preparing for Christmas with some new candy cane flavours for this holiday season.  How about these …Mac-_-Cheese-candy-canes_2000x.pngYep, you got it … macaroni & cheese flavoured candy canes!  They also have ‘pickle-flavoured candy’ and … look, I’ve found the perfect stocking-stuffer for Chris!squirrel_in_underpants_air_freshener_2000xHeh heh heh … I think I’m getting into the spirit of this thing now!  Among the other flavours of candy canes on their website are:  Clam, Bacon, Pickle, Rotisserie chicken, and coal.  Be sure and check it out … they have some really fun stuff!


A Lego Wheelchair?

The Maryland Zoo said an employee found the eastern box turtle while walking in Druid Hill Park in July and brought the reptile to the zoo to receive treatment for multiple fractures to the bottom part of its shell.  Now, the bottom part of the shell is the part that drags the ground as the turtle walks … or, rather, crawls.

“Because of the unique placement of the fractures, we faced a difficult challenge with maintaining the turtle’s mobility while allowing him to heal properly,” said Dr. Ellen Bronson, senior director of animal health, conservation and research at the Maryland Zoo.

One of the externs at the zoo, Garrett Fraess, had a friend who was a Lego enthusiast, so together they came up with the perfect solution … a Lego Wheelchair!!!  According to Fraess …

“He never even hesitated. He took off and has been doing great. Turtles are really good at healing as long as the shell remains stable.”

Watch the little ‘tuga go …

Eating … Puppies???

Take a look at this little guy …puppy-ice-cream-1Isn’t he just adorable?  Wouldn’t you just love to eat him?  Well, grab your spoon, ‘cause this little guy is made of … ice cream!  That’s right, folks … J. C. Co Art Kitchen in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, serves up ice cream, or more aptly, gelato, in the shape of labrador, pug and shar pei puppies.  The gelato is available in chocolate, peanut and milk tea flavors, and it takes them around five hours to make 100 servings!

Some customers have said that the puppies are so realistic that they couldn’t bear to eat them!  Each puppy ice cream costs between $110 and $188 Taiwanese dollars, which equates to $3.50 and $6 in the U.S.  (Talk about inflation!!!)

What to do with those empty chip bags?

Nothing I love better than a good protest … well, maybe chocolate … I might opt for a small square of chocolate over a protest.  Anyway … what better sort of protest than an environmental protest, yes?  Apparently, Britain’s Royal Mail isn’t all that thrilled with the latest protest on that side of the pond.  People seem to be sending empty potato chip … er, potato crisp bags (over there, what we call ‘french fries’ are chips, and what we call ‘chips’ are ‘crisps’ across the pond.) and they are causing headaches for the royal mail crew.chips-mailThe protest, started by activist group 38 Degrees, is to protest Walker brand’s packaging, which takes 75-80 years to decompose.  Seems a worthy cause to protest, doesn’t it now?  The company announced during the summer that it was aiming to make the packaging recyclable by 2025, but protesters say the goal isn’t fast enough.  And so, they are mailing their empty crisp bags back to Walkers … as is, not placed in an envelope with postage affixed.chips-mail-instructionsThe problem is, when items are placed in post boxes without an envelope, they cannot be processed by machines, and therefore have to be sorted by hand, per the BBC. This means that the packets could cause delays to normal postal processing.

“We strongly encourage customers not to post anything into the postal system which is not properly packaged. And if they are taking part in this campaign we would urge them to put crisp packets in an envelope before posting.”


And that, folks, is all the chuckles you get for today!  Now take thee off and go be useful, for I have laundry to do, dishes to break wash, and a nap walk to take.  Please, folks, share those smiles you are wearing right now, and have a kind word for someone who looks a bit down today.  Have a wonderful week and keep safe out there!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

By the way folks … did you know that Maxine has her own Facebook page?  Check it out!



Jolly Autumn Monday!!!

yawnGood morning, friends, and welcome!  Take your coats off … oh … you say you’re not wearing coats?  That’s good … that’s good … it’s 64°, so no need for shoes … er, um … coats.  Sorry if I’m a bit addled this morning … sleepy  💤💤💤

jollyWell, it’s officially spring fall now, and for the first time I can remember, the weather turned fall-like on the exact date fall began, Saturday.  Of course, it rained all day, but what the heck … into each life a little rain must fall, right?  Did you all have a wonderful autumnal weekend?  And now, here we are back ‘round to Monday again.  It’s gonna be a roller-coaster week, so let’s try to start out with a smile, or maybe even a chuckle, shall we?

I let Jolly help with the treats today, so grab a plate and a cup of coffee or tea …

For the love of sushi …

You know those ‘all-you-can-eat’ places, usually buffet restaurants?  I used to date a guy who said it was a waste to take me to one, for I can eat only limited amounts at a time, and he claimed he never got his money’s worth if he took me to an all-you-can-eatery. But German triathlete Jaroslav Bobrowski knows how to get his money’s worth. bobrowski.jpgA week or so ago, Mr. Bobrowski went to eat at Running Sushi, a restaurant in Landshut, Bavaria.  Now, I don’t eat sushi, but this must have been some awesome sushi, for Mr. Bobrowski ate … and ate … and then he ate some more.  In just a few minutes, it is said, Jarolslav Bobrowski had put away 100 plates of sushi!  Now, according to what I have read, the average sushi plate has only 3 pieces of sushi, and the owner of the Running Sushi says that the average patron consumes 20 plates … well, they don’t consume the actual plate, but rather the sushi that is on the plate.  Even with only 3 pieces per plate, 20 plates sounds like an awful lot to me, but what do I know?  Most people eat more than I, but still … 60 pieces for the average diner and 300 pieces for Mr. Bobrowski?  Blech. 🤢

Since during all that munching, he drank only one glass of ice tea, the restaurant lost a good bit on his visit, and thus he is now banned from the Running Sushi, according to owner Tan Le.

“I want to win customers and not offend any guests. But … we only earn money on the drinks and he only consumed one tea the whole evening.”sushi.jpgThe meal cost Bobrowski €15.90, or $18.70 USD.  He has since found another sushi restaurant nearby, China City.  Perhaps somebody should warn them?

From the journals of … WHY?

Here’s one I’ve never seen before … a horse-drawn SUV (sport utility vehicle).  It happened last week in the Ballyfermot area of Dublin, Ireland, when people were stunned to see this …

The quality of the video is poor, but you’ll still get a kick out of it.  Again, though, I must ask:  Why?

Drat!  I missed the chance …

A month or so ago, a dear friend insisted that I buy a new pair of shoes.  For the record, I own precisely two pair:  one pair of hiking boots, and one pair of tennis shoes.  It is all I need.  I prefer barefoot anyway.  But when I let slip that my tennis shoes were holey and held together with duct tape, this friend nagged until I bought a new pair.  Okay, I’m glad I did, for my feet seem to stay dryer on days that I go puddle-jumping.  But I should never have thrown the old ones away!!!  Just look what Nordstrom is selling …duct-tape-sneakers.pngYes, folks, this is what they are selling on their website  and get this … the price … $530!!!  Yes, you heard me right.  If I still had my old ones, I could make enough to pay for the new ones and feed my family for a whole month!!!  Obviously, since it says “sold out”, people bought these shoes.  For $530!!!  One can only conclude that there must be a heck of a lot of people out there with more money than brains!

The company came into a bit of criticism, but managed to answer it with a b.s. answer …nordstrom.pngI’m not sure whether to laugh, growl or cry!

Look what the cat dragged in …

Given the neighborhood I live in, I could very well see this happening, but fortunately after an accident years ago involving our cat Tofu and a car and the loss of a leg, ours are all indoor cats.

It happened in Bristol, England, last Monday when a family’s cat came home carrying a bag.  On further inspection, it was found that the bag contained several smaller wrapped parcels of drugs!bag-of-drugsPolice were called and came to take the drugs away, commending the cat for a job well done.  “Forget police dogs, we should start training up cats,” one officer joked.

Okay, folks, Jolly and I are tired, so it’s time for us all to get up and do whatever it is we do on Mondays.  I hope you enjoyed this humorous start to the week, for I think it’s destined to be another whirlwind news week and we needed to at least start out on the right foot.  Remember to share those lovely smiles you’re wearing, for we all feel better if somebody smiles at us.  Unless we’re doing something we shouldn’t be, then we feel guilty.  Keep safe and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa & Jolly!


Jolly Lunes!!!

Hey friends!  Welcome!  It is that time of the week again, isn’t it?  How was your weekend?  We actually had sunshine and blue skies, after a 10-day stretch of rain, but I almost feel guilty, for poor Keith has been besieged by wind and rain from Hurricane Florence.  If any of you guys have some extra sunshine to send him, I’m sure he would appreciate it.  I sent him some earlier. 🌞

Well, since it’s the start of a new week … oh, and by the way, autumn begins on Saturday, so don’t forget to mark your calendars for this all-important festive event!  Anyway, as I was saying, since it’s the start of a new week, let’s start off on the right foot … or in my case, the left one, since I am left-footed … and have a bit of a chuckle, shall we?  Grab a snack and a cup of your choice!  And yes, Benjamin … I remembered the donuts with sprinkles and the juice box — do I get another gold star?  ⭐

I’ve heard it said that there is nothing wrong with the education system in the U.S., despite the fact that our world-wide literacy rankings have dropped.  I beg to differ:

spell-Cincinnati-signspell-disney-epcotspell-Hard-Rock-guitarspell-metrospell-parking-signspell-schoolspell-school-entrancespell-SyracuseI’m sorry, but there is no excuse … simply NO EXCUSE!!!  Surely more than one person looks at these signs during the manufacturing process, and then somebody puts them up.  Now, granted I am not the best speller in the world, but every program I use has some form of spellcheck. If that fails, there is Grammarly.  And if all else fails, my friend Herb edits all my blog posts, post-facto, and catches my errors.  Shouldn’t people being paid for producing signs take at least as much care with their work?  Sheesh.

Sergio Odeith is a Portuguese street artist, and his work will knock your socks off!  Sergio started creating graffiti in the 90s when it was first gaining prominence in his country. He started with simple sketches on street walls and train tracks but then advanced into large-scale murals. He continued to evolve and adopted the obscure signature style, which he refers to as “sombre 3D.” This technique combines angles, lines, and shadows to create an extraordinarily life-like effect. In 2005 he gained international recognition for his anamorphic art series, which looked like something out of a science horror fiction flick, with giant spiders appearing to climb off the walls at helpless passers-by.

Not surprisingly, the Lisbon-based muralist has since been asked to design pieces in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Charleston and Lexington and has even received business contracts with major corporations like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Shell.  Take a look for yourself …


You all know I love knock-knock jokes, and I haven’t done any for several months, so … humour me:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Amish who?

You’re not a shoe!

Knock, knock.

Who’s there


Amish Who?

Aw How sweet. I miss you too.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Cows go.

Cow’s go who?

No, silly. Cows go Moo!  (Yes, I know I’ve used this one before, but it’s one of my favourites, rather like the next one …)

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Dwayne who?

Dwayne the tub, I’m dwowning!

Okay, okay … I quit with the knock-knock jokes!  I shall end with a funny animal video, ‘cause one of my readers is always disappointed if there isn’t a cute animal video …

Well, folks, I have a ton of work to do today.  The apartment complex is giving me incredible excuses as to why it may be several months before they can fix my dishwasher, but I’m to continue paying my rent, so I will be doing some legwork today with BBB and an attorney.  And, Miss Goose keeps mentioning something about decorating for Hallowe’en, so that means digging through my closet to see if I can find Hallowe’en decorations, dusting furniture, packing away some everyday what-nots, etc.  Please remember to share your smiles with people you see today … and every day.  No use keeping them to yourself, for they are one of those unique things that multiply when shared.  Keep safe and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa jolly(and Jolly!)


This one’s for you, Hugh!  I knew you’d appreciate the reminder!


A Jolly, Soggy Monday …

Good Monday morning, friends!!!  I trust you all had an excellent weekend?  Ours was a bit on the soggy side, but otherwise fine.  Did I tell you about my dishwasher?  No?  Well … pull  up a chair … hmph … the damn thing has been acting oddly for a few weeks, and we have had to wedge a broom handle against the lever to get it to stay on.  No biggie, right?  And then came Friday, and broom or no broom, that piece of #$%& was not about to run.  Naturally, it was full of dirty dishes, so I ended up taking them all out and washing them the old-fashioned way, in da sink with soap and hot water.

Now, you are saying to yourselves, “well, she rents, so why doesn’t she just call for maintenance?”  HAH!!!  First, after my last appearance at the rental office, where I had just a few choice words … and … maybe … threatened to rip somebody’s head from its moorings, I am not allowed to go over there anymore.  Nor am I allowed to call them.  And so, I have to rely on Miss Goose, with her charming, dimpled grin, to go play on their sympathy.  On average, if you report a problem, it takes anywhere between 3 weeks and 6 months before maintenance will respond, and then they may … or may not … fix the issue.  But, for only $1,056 per month in rent, what can I expect, right?  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, enough about my problems.  I am keeping the treats simple this morning, for I’m just a tad under the weather and didn’t much feel like doing a lot of baking.  Now grab a cup of coffee or tea … leave the juice for the kids, please … and let’s find something to make us smile, shall we?

A villager in the Nanning City area of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (China) was cleaning plastic bottles one day last week, but he must have used just a bit too much soap, for next thing he knew … well, take a look

Apparently the rains came and stirred up the suds to create a foamy mess!soapy mess

How would you like to come home after a hard day’s work and find … THIS?broken house

broken house-2It happened in Baldwin Park, Florida, where a crane (the machine, not the bird) suddenly turned over, splitting the house literally in two!  Ivan Fogarty, corporate safety director for crane owner Beyel Brothers Crane & Rigging, said the machinery likely fell over because the ground under it was wet.  Well, um … shouldn’t they maybe have thought of that before setting up there?

The homeowner and his family were not home at the time, thankfully, but the house is currently uninhabitable, and the damage is being assessed to determine if it is reparable.  Methinks that either way, ol’ Beyel Brothers are going to have one hefty lawsuit on their hands if they don’t voluntarily make this right.

Clean Soles shoe store in Roanoke, Virginia, was burglarized on August 25th.  The really odd thing about the burglary was the thief took only right-foot shoes, leaving the left … left behind!  Get it … left behind?  Okay, never mind … 🙄

Now, my first thought was that the guy probably had only one leg … the right one.  But the footage from security cameras shot that notion in the foot … get it … foot … shoes … 🙄

This was obviously not a well-planned heist, else he would have at least brought a bag to carry it all in.  I would have loved to see his expression when he arrived back home, only to find that he had all right shoes!  At least we know he doesn’t have two left feet … get it … left feet … right shoes … sigh 🙄

Now you see why I don’t write comedy for a living.

Sumiko IwamuraSumiko Iwamura is a DJ in Tokyo, Japan, and she recently set a Guinness World Record.  The record?  Oldest Professional Club DJ.  Just how old is Sumiko-san?  She is, as she says, 83 years and six months.  She was a spry 77 years of age when she decided to take up something new, so when her friend Adrien suggested DJ school, she was gung-ho for the idea.

By day, Sumiko-san works as a cook at the Chinese restaurant she owns, but two nights a week she transforms into DJ Sumirock where she plays at the DecaBarZ nightclub in Shinjuku.  She is so good that she has been invited as a guest DJ in places like Paris and New Zealand.

Despite all this fame, she hasn’t lost her humility …

“You get feedback from your customers quickly in both cases.  If you’re playing tracks and they don’t like it, they’ll leave the floor and start drinking at the bar. If the tracks are danceable, then they’ll stay on and dance their heart out. Restaurant customers are the same — if it tastes good, then they look happy, and they’ll tell me that they like it. For me, it’s easy to work out how people are feeling in both cases.”

Remember back in January when as a part of a Saturday Surprise, I posted a tidbit about some people actually eating Tide Pods?    Well, it didn’t take long for a New York pizzeria to capitalize on the idea, offering mini pizzas created to resemble the laundry detergent pods.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria announced on Twitter that customers looking for an edible alternative to laundry detergent should order the eatery’s “PIEd Pods.”Tide pod pizza

“Listen, we’re concerned about the youths. They’re eating laundry detergent pods. Our Pied Pods (filled w/cheese and roni) have that bright, alluring colors that youths crave BUT are 100 percent edible and 100 percent not soap. Plus they’re delicious.”

Okay, then … I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to Vinnie’s anytime soon.

And that’s all I’ve got for today … oops, wait … I caught some flak last week for not including a cute animal video … and so, I present to you, a short clip about a baby hedgehog … and I guarantee you will laugh, for it made me laugh for the first time in at least 4 days!

And on that note, I think it is time for you guys to head on out to the salt mines, the office, or the chores your wife has on the ‘honey-do’ list on the fridge, and I will … sigh … wash laundry.  And now, dishes.  On a serious note, my friends … I am usually pretty much an optimist, but this past week has me wondering why I bother to get up in the mornings, and I know from chatting with some of you that I am not alone.  Please take just a minute sometime today to share your gorgeous smile with somebody who hasn’t one of their own.  Believe me, it will lift their spirits a bit, and it will lift yours, also.  And remember … I love you all!!!  Keep safe and have a great week!toon-1


Jolly Monday … And Happy Labour Day!

Hello dear friends, and welcome to Jolly Monday, once again sans Jolly.  You’ll remember that last Monday I thought Jolly had run off again.  Choosing in the Netherlands thought he might turn up there, but as it turns out, Jolly did not run off at all, but was Jolly-napped!!! In the Monday afternoon mail, I received a ransom note!  The amount of money demanded was simply ridiculous!  But still, Jolly is special to me and cannot be replaced, so I paid it … the whole, bloomin’ $5.  For some reason they wouldn’t take a credit card or check, and demanded it be paid in small, unmarked bills, so I had to wait until I could borrow a car to get to the bank.  But the ransom has been paid and …

Jolly should be back next Monday, unless I fail in my mission, so for today I shall carry on and do my best to be humorous, even though it is not my strong suit.  Last week, young reader Benjamin suggested that since I burnt the toast, put out black bananas, spilt the coffee and mistook milk for juice, I “should not cook alone anymore!”  So, I debated just buying some treats, but no … I am determined to prove young Benjamin wrong and have outdone myself with my baking this morning, I think.  So, grab a treat and a cuppa and let us start the week out right … with a few chuckles!

Today is the celebration of Labour Day, so it seems appropriate to make this a post about Labour Day.

My wife came home from work yesterday and was raging about her boss. She said to me, “I’m never going to work for that man again!”.

I asked her, “Why, what did he say to you?”

She said, “You’re fired.”


In the week before Labor Day, Eli, a dirt-poor country farmer won the Lottery – half a million dollars.  So to celebrate, he treated his wife and their four kids to a trip to see the Labor Day parade in New York.

He booked them rooms in the Sheraton International at the corner of Park Circle and Central Park North.  They’d never been to anywhere like New York before, in fact they’d never traveled further afield than their local town, so when they got there they were completely bowled over by all the glitz, glamor and excitement of the “Big Apple”.

Eli and his son Clem were particularly mesmerized by a shiny box with silver walls in the hotel reception. They’d never before come across doors that could move apart, and then automatically close again, as neither had seen an elevator before.  So they were totally amazed when a little old lady entered the shiny box and the doors closed on her. The lights on the wall by the doors flashed for a minute or so, then the doors opened and out stepped a beautiful young woman.

Eli turned to Clem and said, “Son, go get your mother.”


labour day toon-1My boss made me go into the office on Labor Day. Halfway through the day, he came in to check up on me and caught me having a beer.

He said to me, “You can’t drink while you’re working.”

I said, “Oh, don’t worry – I’m not working.”


As a young man …

  • My first job was in an orange juice factory, but I couldn’t concentrate on the same old boring rind, so I got canned.
  • Then I worked in the woods as a lumberjack, but I just couldn’t hack it, so they gave me the axe.
  • After that, I tried working in a donut shop, but I soon got tired of the hole business.
  • I manufactured calendars, but my days were numbered.
  • I tried to be a tailor, but I just wasn’t suited for it. Mainly because it was a sew-sew job, de-pleating and de-pressing.
  • I took a job as an upholsterer, but I never recovered.

In my prime …

  • Next I tried working in a car muffler factory, but that was exhausting.
  • I wanted to be a barber, but I just couldn’t cut it.
  • Then I was a pilot, but tended to wing it, and I didn’t have the right altitude.
  • I studied to become a doctor, but I didn’t have enough patients for the job.
  • I became a Velcro salesman, but I couldn’t stick with it.
  • I tried my hand at a professional career in tennis, but it wasn’t my racket. I was too high strung.
  • I became a baker, but it wasn’t a cakewalk, and I couldn’t make enough dough. They fired me after I left a cake out in the rain.
  • I was a masseur for a while, but I rubbed people the wrong way.
  • I managed to get a good job working for a pool maintenance company, but the work was just too draining.

Later in life …

  • Then I became a personal trainer in a gym, but they said I wasn’t fit for the job.
  • I thought about being a historian, but I couldn’t see a future in it.
  • Next I was an electrician, but I found the work shocking and revolting, so they discharged me.
  • I tried being a teacher, but I soon lost my principal, my faculties, and my class.
  • I turned to farming, but I wasn’t outstanding in my field.
  • I took a job as an elevator operator. The job had its ups and downs, and I got the shaft.
  • I sold origami, but the business folded.

Finally …

  • I took a job at UPS, but I couldn’t express myself.
  • I tried being a fireman, but I suffered burnout.
  • I became a banker, but I lacked interest and maturity, and finally withdrew from the job.
  • I was a professional fisherman, but I couldn’t live on my net income.
  • I next worked in a shoe factory, but I just didn’t fit in. They thought I was a loafer, and I got the boot.
  • I worked at Starbucks, but I had to quit because it was always the same old grind.
  • So I’ve retired, and I find I’m a perfect fit for this job!


Have a safe & happy Labour Day, my dear friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

labour day cat meme.jpeg

labour day toon-2

labour day toon-Maxine

Jolly Has Gone Astray Again!!!


Missing:  Jolly

Hey guys!!!  Good to see you on this fine Monday morning!  I’m really afraid you’re going to be disappointed, though … I struggled to do this Jolly Monday post all by myself last night, as Jolly has once again run away.  I don’t think he’ll be gone too long this time … I think he just needed to get away from me for a little bit, for I’ve not been in good spirits of late.  Without Jolly by my side, none of the stories I came across from my usual sources seemed at all funny.  I did find a couple that made me laugh, but they were … um … not appropriate for this blog.  ‘Nuff said.  So, I did find some humorous pictures of really dumb things people have done while driving, and I hope you’ll forgive me for an abbreviated and perhaps not very jolly Monday.  I’m pretty sure Jolly will return by next week, though.  So, pull up a chair, grab a treat (?) and a cuppa whatever appeals to you, and … maybe you’ll at least get a chuckle, eh?  Oh … and if you see Jolly anywhere, please tell him I’m sorry and that I need him to come home now!

Oops … I almost forgot Benjamin’s juice box …milk

They walk … er, um … drive amongst us

When I worked at Honda, I had a 30-mile drive each morning north on U.S. 33 from where I lived in Dublin, to the Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio.  The Japanese associates were all about efficiency and hated wasting that half-hour or so just sitting behind the wheel, so they managed to multi-task.  It wasn’t at all unusual to see them shaving or reading the newspaper on their way to work (this was before the day of cell phones).  But there are even bigger fools out there, folks …


Hay now!!!!


Such a good book she just couldn’t put it down!


Hello?  Children’s Protective Services???


At least the pooch has a helmet!




Cop texts while driving?   Hmmmm … do I smell a hypocrisy?


What better place to practice the trumpet, eh?


What, no helmet???  Foolish.


Couldn’t afford a tow truck?


‘Snow laughing matter!


Gotta look nice for da ER doc, eh?

And of course I cannot sign off without a Maxine cartoon for Hugh!  Please share your gorgeous smiles today … we could all use one, so if you have a spare, perhaps you could even send me one?  Keep safe, please, and have a wonderful week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


Jolly Monday to You!

Yahoo, it’s Monday again!!!  What a joy!  What a treat!  I just love Mondays, don’t you?  Okay … in truth I’m a bit tired, but I do love Mondays, because it means I get to spend time with you all!  Did you all have a great weekend?  Me?  Oh, a bit of this and a bit of that.  I’ve been trying to get some spring cleaning done … yes, Jerry, I know that spring has come and gone, but I didn’t have the energy to do it in the spring … so on Saturday, I decided to clean the rack above my washer and dryer.  I only bonked my head 4 times in the process, and then when I decided to use the hand vac to get the year’s accumulation of dryer lint from the wall, rack, corners, etc., the hand vac no longer works.  That was when I lost my cool and … well, you’d have thought I was a truck driver with the language that was coming from me!  Anyway, I pitched the hand vac, along with some empty dryer sheet boxes and a box of recipes from the 1990s that I haven’t look at since … well, the 1990s!

So anyway, let’s see if we can start this week out with a few laughs, shall we?  Oh … there’s coffee and donuts on the table over there … sorry, I didn’t bake this morning … I’m a lazy ol’ biddy!


juice box

Do you guys ever look to see what search terms have led people to your posts?  I rarely do, but every now and then one will catch my eye.  Roger Stone and Ann Stone are regulars, for the post I did about them two years ago is a big hit every time Stone’s name is in the news, and the post has had over four thousand views to date.  But this week, two caught my eye that had me scratching my head.  “snoopy eating eggs” and “roger stone sexuality”.  And I wonder why Google sometimes sends me on a wild goose chase!  If anybody hopes to learn about either of those things, they’ve come to the wrong place!

Price for annoying the neighbors …

We’ve all likely had those annoying neighbors … you know, the ones who play loud music, or have knock-down-drag-out fights late at night.  But a woman in Slovakia annoyed her neighbors just a bit too long, and now she faces a possible six months in jail if convicted of her crime.  Her crime?  Opera.  No, she wasn’t singing it, but playing it.  All day.  Every day.  For the past 16 years!

Yep … seems that 16 years ago, the woman’s neighbor had a dog that wouldn’t stop barking, so the woman, known only as ‘Eva’, decided to play a Verdi opera, La Traviata.  Over and over … and over.  She only stopped when finally, the neighbors said, “Dosť!” (“enough” in Slovak) and called the police.  Eva was arrested and charged with harassment and malicious persecution. If convicted, she could face up to 6 months in jail.

There a few things that puzzle me about this.  First, didn’t it get on Eva’s own nerves?  I love music, but the same song, over and over, loud enough to bug the neighbors, would drive me crazy within an hour or two.  And second, why did it take the neighbors 16 years to finally decide they had enough?


Kaitlin is six-years-old and lives in Ogden, Utah.  Kaitlin is one very smart girl … perhaps a bit too smart.  Kaitlin’s mother is not quite so smart.  Kaitlin’s mom had ordered a Barbie doll from Amazon for Kaitlin’s birthday, and since it hadn’t arrived yet, and Kaitlin was anxious to know when it would arrive, her mom showed her how to get onto her Amazon account and check the shipping status.  Bad idea.  The next day, the Amazon courier van pulled up in front of their house and unloaded …Kaitlin toysYep, Kaitlin didn’t stop at just checking on her Barbie, but ordered some $350 worth of toys!  NEVER give your kid access to your Amazon account!  Miss Goose is 23 and she doesn’t have access to my account!  For that matter, Chris is 47 and even she doesn’t have access, although she has her own account … to which I do have access.  😉

There is an upside to this story, though, whereby young Kaitlin redeems herself.  When her mother said she was going to send the toys back, Kaitlin came up with an even better idea … to donate them to the local children’s hospital so that sick kids could have a bit of pleasure from them.  So, Kaitlin’s heart is in the right place.  Mom is still out $350, but she has the glow of knowing that she and her daughter did something good.


A new interactive exhibit opened in New York City last Wednesday, called Candytopia.  There are works of ‘art’ and sculptures made out of … you guessed it … candy!  All sorts of candy …

“This four-month interactive art installation celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of our favorite sugary delights across over a dozen environments, from flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow tsunami,” the exhibit’s website states.Candytopia

you figure it out

YOU figure it out …

Statue of Libertygummy dragongummy bear unicorn

Candy Sinatra

Sweet Sinatra

candy shark

Candied whale anyone?

candy portrait

How about a bit of fun watching a sheep enjoying swinging in a tire swing?

toon-MaxineWell folks, I know this is a bit shorter than the usual Jolly Monday, but I’m really tired and just can’t do much more.  I love those beautiful smiles I see on your faces … please go out and share them with somebody whose smile is upside down today.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa.

Bring It On, Monday!

Sleepy man going to work on his pajamas

Well here we are again … another Monday and the year has gotten yet a week shorter!  Miss Goose reminded me the other day that it will soon be time to drag out the fall & Hallowe’en decorations.  I shook my fist at her!  I am not ready, nor in any mood for thoughts of holidays!  Bah, humbug, I say! But that’s no reason not to start the week out on the right foot, with a few sweet treats, some fresh coffee, and a bit of humour!  So grab a plate, a cup, and let’s see what fun we can find.  And please leave the juice box for Benjamin …

A $20,000 snack?CheetosWho knew that a single Cheeto could be worth more than $20,000?  Yes, folks, one teeny tiny cheeto, shaped just right, can earn you a few years’ worth of groceries!cheeto-shapesDwight and Leverna Parsons decided one evening to stay in, watch a movie, and have a few snacks. As Dwight was getting ready to pop a Cheeto into his mouth, he commented on its odd shape, and Leverna screeched, “Oh god, don’t eat it, don’t eat it!”  It was shaped like a man running, carrying an American football, and she thought it would be cool to show it to her friends. So, she placed it in a zippy bag and started showing it to people.  It was a week later when her daughter told her about the contest.

Turns out, the contest, which was sponsored by Cheetos-maker Frito-Lay, was asking customers to send in photos of bizarrely-shaped Cheetos worthy of being in the “Cheeto Museum”.  The weekly winners were eligible for a $2,000 prize (Canadian dollars), and at the end, there would be a grand prize of $25,000 (C). CheetoWho knew?  My preference, not that it matters, are the White Cheddar Cheetos.

white cheddar cheetos.png

The crows get a job …crowI don’t know what they are being paid … probably chicken scratch … but at least six crows have been able to leave the unemployment lines, for they now have jobs!

puy du fou.jpgThe French theme park, Puy du Fou, has hired rooks, a member of the crow family, to pick up the trash around the park.  The rooks will fly around collecting cigarette butts and small pieces of garbage in exchange for food.  It’s rather neat, actually … they deposit the small pieces of trash into a box that then dispenses a bit of bird food.  Rather Pavlovian, but hey … whatever works, and these guys obviously do!  Hmmm … I wonder if they could be trained to … ???

Let’s talk ice cream …

This month, BBC Travel is exploring different ice cream traditions around the globe.  On Thursday, BBC’s Christopher Baker reviewed Parque Coppelia, the world’s largest ice cream parlour that occupies an entire city block in downtown Havana, Cuba.  It is an interesting building and some people claim to have gone there only for the architecture, and not the ice cream. Yeah, sure.parque coppeliaIt is a Cuban Revolution modernist building from 1966, featuring five white granite discs annexed to one great helicoidal staircase, with wood and tinted glass division panels, all under one big round roof supported by twelve reinforced concrete arachnid columns. (Don’t ask me what any of that means, okay?  After all, I thought an arachnid was a spidey.)  It is also a state-run institution, employing more than 400 workers and serving 4,250 US gallons of ice cream to 35,000 customers each day!  That’s a lot of ice cream, my friends!

Coppelia was originally built in a project led by Fidel Castro to introduce his love of dairy products to the Cuban population, creating the Coppelia enterprise to produce those products. The original aim was to produce more ice cream flavors than the big American brands by buying the best machines from the Netherlands and Sweden. Fidel’s longtime secretary, Celia Sánchez, named Coppelia after her favorite ballet Coppé cream

coppelia-lines.jpgThe most popular dish is the ensalada (salad in Spanish, though there are no veggies in this salad) that consists of 5 scoops, each a different flavour.  Most people, it is said, order at least two of these ensaladas!  That’s ten scoops of ice cream … blech  🤢ice cream 2She’s not gonna keep her figure eating all that!

The article is fairly lengthy, but fun, so if you have time, check it out!

Koalas have nine lives???koalaAwwww … look at this poor little guy … he’s stuck in the fence outside a South Australia power station.  But don’t worry … he was rescued by Fauna Rescue volunteer Sally Selwood.

[It looked] like he’s crawled under the fence to go somewhere, as they do, and then sat up as he was under the fence and got his head caught. But he didn’t have the brains to bob back down again to get out.”

koala-2.jpgHe was rescued promptly and after being observed for a brief period of time, released back into the wild. But this wasn’t his first experience with Sally and the crew at Fauna Rescue … in fact, it was his third!  That’s right … three times now, this little guy has gotten into trouble and required rescuing.  The first time was in January 2016 when he was found unresponsive at the bottom of a tree.  The gang at Fauna Rescue nursed him back to health over the course of a week, and probably never expected to see him again.

But then came November 2016, when he was hit by a car!  Once again, they nursed him back to health, and wished him a fond farewell.  Now, if you want my opinion, I think this little guy was just lonesome and remembered all the TLC he received, so manufactured a reason for them to rescue him yet again!  I’m glad that this time it wasn’t quite as serious as the last time, at least.  Wouldn’t you think that they would have given him a name by now?  I rather think ‘Willie’ suits him well.

Okay, folks … you hear that annoying buzzing sound coming from the kitchen?  That is my dryer, telling me that the towels are ready to be folded, and it will continue its intermittent buzzing until I go fold the bloomin’ towels. So, take yourselves off to work now and leave me to my laundry … sigh.  I’d really rather just sit here and chat with you guys, but … you know how it is.  Please share those lovely smiles with others this week.  I had the most surly cashier when I went to the grocery yesterday, but after I smiled and asked her how she was doing, I finally coaxed a smile from her.  So, go spread some joy amongst your co-workers, friends, strangers and spouses!  Keep safe and have a happy week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!toon-Maxine