Jolly Holiday Monday!!!

Okay, folks, here we are at Monday morning once again.  But this one feels a little different, doesn’t it?  I wonder why … ???  Oh YES!  There is no work today for most of you, since in the U.S. it is Memorial Day, and across the pond it is a banking holiday, I am told.  But still, it is Monday and so we will make it jolly, and then you can go to your picnics, fireworks, grill-outs, or whatever your plans for the day are.  Just don’t be expecting a ‘Jolly Tuesday’ post tomorrow as you head back to work!  I can only manage to be jolly once in the course of a week.

My friend, rawgod, took me to task a few days ago for not providing tea, as he had requested some time ago.  I explained that I had tried offering tea, but nobody drank it and it was wasteful, but then had to promise him tea and a naked cinnamon roll for today (I put some icing in a separate bowl for any who want it).  So, pull up a chair, friends, and we shall have a Monday chuckle or two.

Have you ever been driving down the highway and saw something airborne just before it hit your car?  Sure, all of us have.  Usually it’s just some small piece of debris the car in front of you ran over, sending it airborne to hit your car, hopefully not in the windshield.  Well, this very thing happened to a man driving on Interstate-5 near Lakewood, Washington.  The man saw something black go airborne, then felt a thud on the front bumper.  Thinking it was just a piece of road debris, the man drove on until about 18 miles later he decided to stop for fuel, and this is what he found!car-with-gunThe man called the police, who are checking to see if the gun might have been used in a shooting earlier that morning.  I had to laugh at some of the comments on the officers tweet, including these:

Oh dang the liberals were right. Guns are now attacking on their own.

Ban bumper stocks!

Imagine it had gone trough [sic] the windshield and injured the driver. That would have been a whole new level of gun violence😖

The Fulshear, Texas, Police Department received a ‘thank-you’ letter of a different sort last week.  The letter was from an apparently disgruntled child whose mother had been pulled over by the police …

“Dear Fulshear Police Officer,

Thank you for pulling my mom over because she deserved it because she took my phone away and I did not like it. And how she always brags about how good of a driver she is. And it just annoys me. And how that one time she got pulled over because she did not have a ezsticker on her window and when she came home and told me that I just laughed. And I also remember that time when one of my mom’s back lights weren’t working and she got pulled over.”

I feel a bit sorry for this child’s mother!

collieA farmer wants to know how many sheep he has in his field, so he asks his border collie to count them. The dog runs into the field, counts them and runs back to the farmer. The farmer says, “How many?” The dog says, “40.” The farmer is surprised and says, “How can there be 40 – I only bought 38!” The dog says, “I rounded them up.”

The State of Maine and its people are known for being somewhat laconic.  This holiday weekend, some interesting safety warning signs began popping up around the state on the electronic billboards:

What would you do if you decided to get tattoos of your children’s names, but the tattoo artist couldn’t spell too well and misspelled one of the names?  That’s just what happened to a woman in Sweden who had the names of her two children, Nova and Kevin, tattooed on her arm.  But … the tattoo artist was either not a great speller, or mis-heard the woman and Kevin’s name came out ‘Kelvin’.

Rather than spend the money to have the tat surgically removed, she had little Kevin’s name legally changed.  Fortunately he is only two-years-old, so won’t likely be too traumatized by the name change.

Kelvin brought back memories of the refrigerator we had when I was a child … a Kelvinator!


Okay, folks, it’s time for you to get out there and enjoy your holiday, your extra day off!  Spread some good cheer today, share those beautiful smiles, and have a wonderful day!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


This is sooooooo ME!!!


A Squirrelly-Jolly Monday …

Good Monday morning friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to head back to the salt mines!  Do any of you actually work in salt mines?  No?  That’s what I thought.  Where did that expression come from anyway … I’ve never in my life known anybody who worked in salt mines.  Sigh … now you know my curiosity is stoked and I have to know … hold on a sec …

According to one site,  “This term alludes to the Russian practice of punishing prisoners by sending them to work in the salt mines of Siberia. Today the term is only used ironically.” So now you know … you’ve already learned something this week, and it’s only Monday morning!

Since I was lazy last Monday and didn’t provide coffee & donuts, I got up extra early this morning to bake some special treats.  So, grab a cup and a snack, pull up a chair, and let’s see what fun things we can find to start out the week!

Squirrels, squirrels, squirrels!!!

squirrel clipartEverywhere I looked for fun stories, it seems I came across … squirrels!  The first one involves six baby squirrels who had the most unique problem … their tails were all tangled together!!!squirrels-1squirrels-2Luckily, some good Samaritan noticed that something was not quite right, as the squirrels were all moving together as a single unit.  Closer inspection showed their tails all tangled together.  Animal control was called, and the babies were taken to the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab center where Laura Stastny gave them a mild sedative, covered them with a towel to comfort them, and went to work untangling.  It turns out that tree sap was the culprit, making their tails sticky.  After snipping off as much as she could of the sap-covered fur, Laura gently untangled them.  They are doing fine, according to Laura, although several of them will need surgery to remove parts of their tails that were damaged while tangled.

One day last week, Kellen Moore of Gaylord, Michigan, started his car, but noticed a really strange noise that seemed to be coming from the air-conditioning.  So, he turned the car off, got out and popped the hood, to find …pinecones under hoodThat’s right, folks … pinecones!  About 50 pounds worth of pine cones, in fact.  Turns out squirrels had been stashing the pinecones there … and it took Kellen and his co-worker Gabe Awrey nearly an hour to remove them all.  Now … I’m a little puzzled and wondering just how long the car had been parked in the same spot, because it seems to me that it would take quite a long time for squirrels to carry that many pine cones and stash them under the hood. squirrel with pinecone

A resident in the Southwark neighborhood of London last week called the RSPCA to report there was a squirrel stuck in their toilet! squirrel in toiletAnimal Collection Officer Kirstie Gillard was able to put the handle of a mop into the toilet, the squirrel climbed onto the mop handle, and she was able to pull him out to safety.  He was uninjured, and was released back into the wild.

Karamel is the squirrel’s name, and she lives in Turkey.  No, not the bird, Joe, the country!  Karamel was caught in a hunter’s trap 😠 and both her front legs had to be amputated.  But now for the good news.  In Istanbul, about 700 miles from Batman, Turkey, where Karamel was rescued, there is a man named Tayfun Demir, who is a rescuer of squirrels.  Karamel was taken to Mr. Demir, who saw to her recovery and adopted her into his family of squirrels.

But Tayfun wanted more for Karamel … he wanted to help her regain her mobility, so he enlisted the help of professionals from Istanbul Aydın University who had experience in building prostheses and other mobility devices.  It took a while for Karamel to recover, and a few tries before the mobility device was just right for her, but … well, see for yourself …

A squirrel-less tale …

Dushaun Henderson-Spruce submitted a U.S. Postal Service change of address form on Oct. 26, 2017 requesting a change of address from an address in Atlanta to the address of his apartment on Chicago’s North Side.  The post office duly updated the address, and Henderson-Spruce began receiving mail at his new address.  Only problem was, it wasn’t his mail he had diverted, but that of the United Parcel Service, commonly known as UPS!

UPS truckNo, he wasn’t receiving packages, but the address in Atlanta that he had changed to his own was the business office of UPS, and he began receiving mail addressed to UPS. The scam went on for three months, and prosecutors say that he deposited ten checks totaling $58,000 to his account during that time.  The mail contained personal identifying information of employees, as well as business checks and invoices, according to the affadavit. He was also sent American Express corporate credit cards.

Finally, on 16 January, UPS realized something was not right and contacted the Postal Service.  It took another 12 days, but finally on 25 January, postal inspectors searched Henderson-Spruce’s apartment in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood and found about 3,000 pieces of mail addressed to the company in Atlanta.

Now, Dushaun wasn’t too bright, for he tried briefly to claim that it was just a mix-up that wasn’t his fault, and that his identity had been stolen.  Obviously that didn’t fly, and he now faces federal charges of mail theft, which carries a maximum sentence of five years, and mail fraud, which can be up to twenty years.  I will refrain from any snarky comments about the efficiency of the USPS.

And last, but not least … take a look at these pictures.

Great photography, yes?  No! These are not photographs, but paintings by Kei Mieno, a 33-year-old Japanese artist born in Hiroshima who has been painting professionally for more than 10 years.  Kei specializes in hyperrealism, and the details and texture of his paintings are so precise that it‘s not difficult to confuse them with a photo.

Okay, my friends … let’s get this week started, shall we?  It might help if I remind you that next Monday is a holiday in the U.S., Memorial Day, so you’ll be getting an extra day with your weekend, followed by a short work week!  I hope you all have a wonderful and maybe even productive week this week.  Please do remember to share those gorgeous smiles I see on your faces … they are too precious not to share!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa.

An’ from me, Boo!  ‘Member me?
Boo  pawprint


A Dust-in-the-Wind Monday

Today is the 21st Monday of the year 2018.  Do you realize what this means???  This means that we are more than halfway back to Hallowe’en!!!  And I still haven’t gotten all the Hallowe’en decorations put away!  Yes, they are taken down and boxed, but the boxes are still sitting in my bedroom floor, which is definitely not where they belong.  Don’t ask.  Anyway, welcome once again to … Monday … the day where all good things are possible, but most likely won’t show up until Friday.  Yes, I’m a little bit gloomy today.  Don’t ask.  So … let’s try to find something fun to smile about before plunging head-first into the work-week, shall we?  Pull up a chair and grab a … grab a … oops … I forgot the coffee and donuts.  😞  I’m so sorry … I promise to make it up next Monday.

All for the love of ice cream …

On the surface, it seemed like one of those “awwwww” moments – cute and harmless.  Meet Berkeley the bearberkeley-bear-1.pngBerkeley was born in the U.S. in January 2017, and had to be separated from her mother when she was only a month old for her own safety (cub abuse by the father).  Berkeley was cared for there until April 2017, when she was transferred to Discovery Wildlife Park, a private zoo in the town of Innisfail, Canada.  When Berkeley arrived, she weighed only 8.6 pounds, and Serena Bos, Discovery’s head zookeeper and animal trainer, immediately took her under her protective, nurturing wing.

And Berkeley is a happy bear and much loved by all.  Maybe … a bit too much loved?  Last week, Berkeley must have been craving ice cream, so owners Doug Bos and Debbie Rowland decided to take her to … where else?  Dairy Queen!

Berkeley obviously enjoyed her treat!!!  And so did Doug and Debbie … so much so that they posted the video on their Facebook page.  Oops … big mistake.  Alberta Fish and Wildlife were not so much amused, for under the terms of the zoos operating permit, they are to notify the provincial government prior to taking any of the animals out of the zoo.Berkeley-bear-2The owners are now facing charges, to which they say they plan to plead guilty as charged, and additional restrictions have been attached to their permit.  The facility will now be required to provide more details when requesting permission to transport animals and will have to keep the animals in a cage, crate or kennel during transport.  But still … Berkeley enjoyed her ice cream!

Some tasty gossip …

Guess who asked who to the prom this year?  Burger King asked Wendy’s!!!  Isn’t it exciting?  Could this lead to something … bigger?  Do we hear … wedding bells?bk-1Well, Wendy’s, naturally, was a bit more discreet and she tweeted her response …bk-2And Burger King was beside himself …bk-3Awwwwwww …

And with just a few little plastic blocks …

Iouri Petoukhov likes Lego blocks … a lot.  Living in Canada, Iouri is an inventor or sorts. He has designed some amazing creations that are showcased on his YouTube channel, The Brick Wall  He has even built a working lawnmower from Legos … you can see it on his site.  But his latest invention tops everything.  Recently, he and his son built, as a gift to his father, a machine that … wait for it … cooks breakfast!!!  I cannot describe it … you simply have to watch the video!

“My son Michael and me are the two people behind The Brick Wall YouTube channel. We have designed and built a Lego machine that can assist in cooking a real egg and bacon breakfast. The idea was to build a remotely controlled machine that will automate breakfast cooking process and pick the egg off the frying pan. We also wanted it to be able to make several different variations, ‘sunny-side-up’, scrambled, and ‘sunny-side-down.’ We are extremely happy with the result.”

And to think how I used to struggle just to build a simple square building when playing Lego with my children all those years (decades) ago.

And once again, dear friends, it is time for us to take a nap get to our work.  My poor daughter Chris is short-staffed by 4 people and has been having to work 12-14 hour days, so I wish her a better week than the last!  And I hope you all have a wonderful week.   You know how to make it even more wonderful, right?  By sharing those smiles, spreading a little happiness and some hugs.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

Dust in the Wind
I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment’s gone
All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind
Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see
Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind
Oh, ho, ho
Now, don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away
And all your money won’t another minute buy
Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind
Dust in the wind
Everything is dust in the wind
Everything is dust in the wind
The wind

It’s Monday — Be Jolly — Or Else …

Welcome to yet another Jolly Monday, friends! A number of you don’t have to go back to work today, for it is a bank holiday in some parts of the world.  But for the rest of us, it is business as usual, and so we will try to start the week with something to smile, chuckle, or maybe even laugh about, yes?  Did you have a great weekend?  It was warm-ish here, although for me, still sweatshirt weather, but when we went out on Saturday, at least 75% of the people I saw had on shorts.  We went to the mall on Saturday.  Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of malls?  I did what I needed to, which was get the battery in my watch replaced, then found a comfortable chair and sat down to read Madeleine Albright’s new book, using the kindle app on my phone.  Somewhere around page 25, I fell asleep.  So that was my big mall experience.  Now, grab a cup of coffee and let’s have some laughs, shall we?

Cool bees … cooler beekeeper

Wally Leatherwood is a beekeeper in Waynesville, North Carolina.  Last Tuesday, Wally picked up about 18,000 bees, in three boxes, from a local farm, and put them in the back of his pick-up truck to transport home.  Then Wally decided he was hungry, it was ‘bout lunch time, and so he stopped at a local barbeque joint.  Now, Wally is a beekeeper, meaning that:  a) bees are his livelihood, and b) he understands and likes bees.  So, out of consideration for the bees, he put them into the cab of his truck and left the air-conditioning running so they wouldn’t roast.

bee-1You can probably already see where I am going with this story, yes?

By the time Wally came back from his lunch … somehow the bees had escaped from one of the boxes and were having a field day inside the truck cab.  Now, I like bees just fine … there are a few that I go nose-to-nose with and we have some deep, meaningful conversations.  But to sit in the cab of a pick-up truck with some 6,000 bees swarming all around me … um, no … just no.  But Wally thought about it a minute, figured he didn’t have much choice, and got in the truck and drove ‘er home.  But not before his friends caught 30 seconds or so on video and made it all the more entertaining with their (not) helpful commentary.  Take a look …

Wally made the drive home sting-free, but got 5 or 6, he says, transferring the bees from the truck to their new hives.  Guess they liked that air-conditioning and wanted to stay in the truck.

Throwin’ away money …

Remember buying that skillet or pair of shoes that fell apart within a week or two, and you said, “Well that was like throwing away money”?  But in Seoul, South Korea at the Inchon Airport, somebody threw away money in the form of gold bars.  Seven of them, to be exact.  Worth … wait for it … more than $350 million!!!  And guess who found them?  An airport janitor!gold barsInvestigators said the gold bars, found wrapped in newspaper in a trash can, are believed to have been ditched by two men who were transporting the bullion from Hong Kong to Japan. The men are believed to have abandoned the gold because they were worried about being searched by customs.

Now here’s the real kicker … if the gold is not claimed within six months, the janitor becomes the rightful, lawful owner of it all!  If the rightful owner does claim it during that time, the janitor will still be allowed to keep between 5% – 20% as a finder’s fee under South Korean law.  Even a measly 5% comes to $17.5 million!

There’s only one teensy-weensy catch:  if it turns out that the gold is linked to any criminal activities, then the janitor will get nothing.

One comment on the story was interesting:

“Someone somewhere will want that gold back. and they know where he works and what he does…. won’t be hard to track down.”

Um … seriously, I doubt that if he gets that money he will continue being an airport janitor.

Designer … what???

Take a look at the jeans in the picture …cutout-jeans

If you can even call them ‘jeans’, that is.  Personally, I prefer a bit more denim in my jeans.  According to the retailer, Carmar, “Extreme Cut Out Pant is a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back.”  I would more likely define it as a few strips of denim, not even big enough to make a good dust rag.  But now … guess, just guess what the price for a pair of these air-conditioned pants is?


Yep, you heard right … One-hundred-sixty-eight dollars.  And … guess what else???  They are currently sold out!  I’ve been telling you there are many fools out there!  Friends … we could make a killing!  Think about it … we buy some cheapo jeans on clearance for, say $15 a pair.  Sharpen our scissors and have at it.  We could even let our kids/grandkids have a go at it.  Slap some designer label on ‘em, sell them for $159.99, thereby undercutting Carmar, and we’re rolling in dough!!!rolling in dough-2

A cruel eviction …

They have lived in the neighborhood since 2009, nearly ten years, ever since the farm where they used to live closed down.  They are happy here in Sullivan Heights, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada, but at least one of their neighbors doesn’t want them here and he … chopped down their home!!!Peacock“They” are peacocks … one of nature’s most gorgeous species … if you are a male peacock, that is.  Anyway, the peacocks moved into this suburb and most of the neighbors seem to like them …

“The majority of us love them. They add value to the neighbourhood. We haven’t seen any aggression from the peacocks. You can feed them from your hands.” – Katie Taylor, resident of Sullivan Heights for 12 years

But, just as with anywhere, you always have a few people who only like nature if it is convenient for them, if it fits their lifestyle, and apparently the peacocks can get a bit noisy at night.  Based on the complaints, the city did try on several occasions to round up and relocate the peacocks, but they liked Sullivan Heights so much that they just kept returning!  Finally, the city gave up and basically told the people to ‘deal with it’.

And then, last year, Parminder Brar’s father slipped and fell … he slipped on peacock … um … poop.  And that was the final straw for Parminder.  He formally requested that the city take down the tree where the peacocks were nesting, but the city said “nope”.  So last week, Parminder chopped down the tree himself.  Uh-oh.

The neighbors were incensed, and the city was none too happy either, especially considering they aren’t quite sure what to do about it all.  According to Jaspreet Rehal, the city’s public safety manager …

“It’s a legal grey area. They don’t fall squarely into any animal control rules, regulations and bylaws. Cutting down the tree was not an option. It was a very healthy tree, it was important to the environment around it and we take tree removal very seriously.”

Brar could face a fine of up to $10,000 … or the peacocks could be relocated.  Right now, it’s anybody’s guess.  For what it’s worth … I’m on the side of the peacocks.  Surprised, aren’t you?  Oh … and guess where the peacocks are currently nesting?  On Mr. Brar’s roof!!!  🤣 🤣 🤣

Okay, folks … much as I hate to see you leave, leave you must, for you have important work to do out there in the world, and I have a post to write for my blog, not to mention laundry and cleaning stuff.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you keep a smile on your face all week long – a smile that you share with others you come across who don’t have one of their own.  Keep safe & happy!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

One of my very favourites …



Jolly Monday … It’s Here Again!!!

Most years contain 52 Mondays.  That is a little over seven weeks’ worth of Mondays.  Until recently, Mondays were evenly spaced, precisely seven days — 168 hours — apart.  All of a sudden, someone flipped a switch and Monday seems to come after only four days.  Would somebody please … note that I did say ‘please’ … put things back the way they were?  I am not nearly finished with the weekend yet!!!  Sigh.  Well, okay, since it is Monday and since many of you are heading out for the salt mines this morning, I will try to put my smile back on and we will see what we can find to laugh about!  I find that I may be in need of a ‘jolly consultant’, for my daughter informed me that the story I was planning to lead with is not ‘jolly’.  I thought it was.  I’ll compromise and not lead with it, but put it somewhere in the middle and you can let me know if it qualifies as ‘jolly’ or not.  So, grab a cuppa Joe, something to munch on, and let’s be jolly!!!

I’ll start with a personal story … a failure in the kitchen, as it were.  Now, I’m usually a pretty decent cook, though I never follow a recipe.  I read recipes, but then I use the ideas, expound on them, change things in my mind, and what comes out rarely resembles the original recipe.  But, most of my efforts go over well enough.

Yesterday afternoon, as some of you know from yesterday’s post, I was planning a nice brunch for the girls and I.  I started with frittatas, which are nothing more than crustless quiche.  I used fresh mushrooms, green peppers, bacon, scallions and White Vermont cheddar cheese, eggs & milk, of course.  Those turned out fine.  Then I was going to also make chocolate-chip pancakes, so I went to the pantry for some mini-chips.  But as I was searching for the chips, I discovered an open bag of mini M&m’s, and … “why not?”, right?  So, I dumped a handful of the brightly-coloured candies into the pancake batter … and … immediately the moisture from the batter made the candies’ hard shell dissipate, and as I stirred, it became a rainbow-coloured mucky mess.

20180429_152403.jpgThat might not have been so bad, but of course the higher sugar content in the batter caused them to stick to the skillet.  But even so, I heard no complaints, and since this was the result …



It was a routine traffic stop in Seville, Spain last week.  That is, until …Yes, folks … oranges.  8,000 pounds of oranges, to be specific!  Three vehicles were traveling convoy-style late at night, which was enough to pique the curiosity of the Seville patrolmen.  Turns out the five people in the vehicles had robbed a warehouse in Carmona just hours before.  One of the drivers actually claimed they had been traveling and stopping to pick up oranges along the way.  8,000 pounds??? Now, I don’t have a clue what these people – a couple, their adult son and two brothers — planned to do with the oranges, but the five, who were promptly arrested, will have plenty of time to think about it while they sit in jail.

Orange ya glad you don’t have to help clean up this mess?  Tee hee hee … sorry, I just couldn’t resist!

Sorry I … ???

This one happened about 10 miles down the road from me.  The fire department was responding to an EMS call and had brought a patient to the local hospital, when the patient became unruly, so police were called in to assist.  Somehow in the struggle, Officer Darcy Workman’s taser discharged and hit, not the patient they were trying to subdue, bur firefighter Rickey Wagoner!  I can only imagine his surprise!  Anyway, Officer Workman felt badly and is shown here presenting a peace offering to Wagoner …I bet Mr. Wagoner thinks twice before he calls the cops for help again!

How to pull a tooth …

Remember when your kids were somewhere around 4-6 years old and they started losing their ‘baby teeth’?  Most kids are pretty independent and pull them out themselves when they get wiggly enough to be annoying.  But some kids prefer mom or dad to do it.  The few times this task fell to me, I just used my fingers, perhaps a tissue to keep my fingers from slipping.  But I’ve heard a number of innovative ideas, using a variety of tools, for getting those tiny teeth out.  I’ve always thought the one where the parent ties a string to the tooth, then the other end to a doorknob and slams the door seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. Never, though, would I have considered using a Crossbow!!!

In Vietnam, a father tied his son’s tooth to the string of a crossbow, then let the boy pull the trigger, causing the string to snap forward and pull the tooth out of the son’s mouth.  It worked, but seriously … was all that necessary?

And now, because I am somewhat tired tonight, and because I came across a bunch of these pictures of people’s epic, but funny failures, I am going to let the pictures regale you for a few minutes while I take a little break.



He Was Told That We Are Getting Our First Snow Fall… He Laughed And Said No We Are Not


Parking on the ice


I wonder if they thought the trunk would grow if they waited a while?


Oops-a-dee … someone’s gonna have a MESS to clean up!



And this is why I do my own home repairs.

Okey Dokie, folkies … WOW … and I thought I couldn’t write poetry!  Did you see that?  Did you see how I made a rhyme???  Why, soon I shall be Poet Laureate of the Year, yes?  Shhhhh … hush, David!  Alright, friends, you’re going to be late for work if you don’t get a move on, so grab a donut to go and take yourselves to work.  Leave me to my laundry and poetry writing!  Have a great week, my dear friends, and keep safe.  Don’t forget to share your lovely warm smiles with those who might really need one today!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa! 💕

Monday … So Smile for a While and Let’s Be Jolly!


Good Monday morning, once again.  It sure does seem to roll around fast these days, doesn’t it?  I still think it’s a government conspiracy to take all our free time away from us!  Hey … think I could be a guest on Sean’s or Alex’ shows and promote my conspiracy theories?  I mean heck, mine make every bit as much sense as theirs do!  And I can practice, and probably get that red-in-the-face-rant thing down pat … I shall have to ponder upon this.  But first, let’s enjoy our Monday morning together and find some happy, fun things to start the week out, shall we?

Contributing to the delinquency of … a raccoon???

marijuanaThe folks in the Wayne Township, Indiana, fire department were having a slow night last Monday.  A slow day or night in a firehouse is a good thing … it means nobody has set their kitchen afire like some people who shall remain nameless!  But then … the doorbell started frantically buzzing at 2:00 a.m.

“As many times as the doorbell on the firehouse was pushed, the firefighters were quite certain that something bad was going on outside.”

raccoonWhen Fire Captain Mike Pruitt raced to answer the door, he found a woman holding … a raccoon!  The raccoon was lethargic, and there was no mystery about it, for the woman plainly told the firemen that the raccoon had smoked too much marijuana!  Yes, folks, you heard me right … wacky weed, pot, Maryjane … whatever you call it, the raccoon was high as a kite!  I don’t think he voluntarily smoked the weed, as the woman said he had been exposed to too much of ‘someone else’s’ marijuana smoke.  Ahem … a likely story.

The raccoon will likely be fine, as the firemen told the woman, there was nothing to be done but to wait a few hours for the effects to wear off.  I wonder if he had the munchies?

$500 reward offered for … a teddy bear?

The Earley family of New York vacationed at Disney World in Florida this year, with their three-year-old daughter, Morgan.  On the way home, as they passed through North Carolina, the little girl apparently stuffed her beloved teddy bear out the window.  Nothing too unusual there … some kids actually try to force their younger siblings through the window of a moving car!  But little Morgan was bereft at the loss of her bear.Morgan and bearNow, personally, I would have stopped at the closest Toys ‘R Us, bought the kid another bear, and been done with it.  But Morgan’s parent a) are nicer than I am, and b) have more money than I do.  They are offering a $500 reward for the safe return of the bear, named only Baby Bear.  There is even a Facebook page  with a few thousand sappy, empathetic comments from people around the country trying to be helpful.

Talk about ‘draining the swamp’ …

There is a lesson to be had in this story.  If you’re going to run from the cops, know where you are running to, else just let them put the pretty bracelets on you and go quietly.

Paul Andrew Smith swamp 2Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputies pulled over … or rather, tried to pull over … Paul Andrew Smith last Tuesday after he nearly hit their cruiser.  Only Paul had other ideas and jumped from his car, running as fast as he could run … right into the swamp … where he promptly sunk in up to his neck.

A K-9 named Knox is credited with finding Smith, and it took several deputies and some time to free Smith from the muck.  Knox, it is said, kept licking him.  After being freed from the swamp, do you think Mr. Smith was grateful?  No sir … he cursed the police up one end and down the other, though he did seem to enjoy Knox’ licks, nearly laughing at the dog’s antics.

Turns out Smith was wanted by authorities in neighboring Hernando County, too.  The guy gets around.

It’s just a cat, man!

I came across these adorable pics on Bored Panda last week and I couldn’t resist sharing them today.  This is known as a Sphynx Cat and his name is Loki.  Loki lives with his human family members, Sara and Brent, in Brooklyn, New York and they say he is nowhere near as grumpy as he looks!

“This cat has more personality and sass than any animal I have ever met. We are inseparable. We are best friends. Loki is incredibly affectionate, cuddly and chatty. He loves napping on our bellies, eating chicken and scrambled eggs and receiving hearty head scratches.”

It could be that he isn’t too keen on all the strange outfits his humans keep putting on him.  For more fun pictures of Loki, check him out on Bored Panda

And now, dear friends, it is time for us all to get this week rolling.  You go earn the bacon, I’ll wash the laundry, and the rest of you will go write wonderful books for us all to read!  Please share your smiles, give hugs freely, and remember to be kind.  Keep safe and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and the Significant Seven!Mother Theresa quote

employee memo


Jolly Monday … WHAT??? Already???

I’m not quite sure how it came to be Monday again already, but according to all my calendars, the one on my phone, on my laptop and the wolf calendar on the kitchen wall, it is once again Monday.  I can account for only 5 days since the last Monday, so perhaps Congress passed legislation making the weeks shorter, and nobody thought to tell me.  But alas, it is my duty … and pleasure … to start your week out with a chuckle, a smile, a hug and some love, so that is what I will do today.  Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair, and let me show you what I’ve found for us to smile, chuckle, and ‘awwwwwww’ about this morning!

You all remember Necco candies from your childhood, right?  It was never my favourite, rather a ‘meh’ sort of candy, but they seemed to always be popular.  It seems that New England Confectionery Company, the makers of Necco candy, are seeking a buyer.  The company, which has been around since 1847, has said that if a buyer is not found by early May, it will begin the process of shutting down as early as May 6th.  Now here’s what’s interesting … the candy is not popular, is often referred to as America’s least favourite candy, and yet people are going wild over the news that the candy may soon be no more.  I don’t get it!  The candies have been described as “tropical drywall” and “plaster surprise,” according to The Wall Street, a Los Angeles-based bulk-candy retailer, reported that people began “panic-buying” the wafers on March 12, the day the Boston Globe reported Necco chief executive Michael McGee’s announcement that the candy company could shut down if it did not find a buyer.

Floridian Katie Samuels made an offer to …

“I offered to trade my 2003 Honda Accord for all of their stock. I knew it was kind of a silly thing to say, but I’m serious. I don’t have much right now, so I was like, ‘I’ve got this car, and I want all that candy, so maybe they would consider it.'”  They didn’t.

Another online retailer, sold more Necco Wafers on Wednesday than it would normally sell in six months, depleting 90 percent of its Necco Wafer inventory, said owner Jon Prince.

“We’ve had people offer to purchase our entire inventory. I had an older lady who offered to send me chocolate chip cookies for the entire year if I were willing to sell her beyond our limit. I was tempted because I love baked goods. But I didn’t do it.”

While a box of 24 rolls of Necco typically sells for between $21 – $35, they are now going on ebay for as much as $300!  People are apparently thinking to get rich off these undesirable little sweets!

And for your daily dose of cuteness …It was windy in upstate New York last week.  So windy that it blew a little baby girl squirrel right out of a tree.  The squirrel broke the bone in her tiny left-front leg.  But take heart!  She was rescued by the Orphaned Wildlife Center, who took her straight to the Catskill Veterinary Services in Rock Hill.  They are taking good care of the little girl squirrel, and put a bright green cast on her little arm.  Awwwwwww ….

I bet you cannot watch this short clip without saying “awwwwwwww” at least once!  You can check her out on Facebook.

I have long bemoaned the state of higher (and lower) education in the U.S., the fact that we seem to be ‘dummying down’, the standards are not as high, and the focus seems more on job and techno skills than on the humanities, social sciences, literature, and teaching young people how to actually think.  A professor at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has driven my point home.

The class project was to compare a social norm between the U.S. and another country.  Student Ashley Arnold chose ‘social media use’ for her norm, and for her country she chose Australia. But when Arnold got her grade back on Feb. 1, she was shocked to see her professor had failed her. Why? Because, according to the teacher, “Australia is a continent; not a country.” The professor, who has a PhD in philosophy, had given Arnold zero points in multiple sections of the assignment because she believed that Australia wasn’t a real country.This led to a bit of back-and-forth via email:

Ashley: I believe I got zero or partial credit because the instructor said, ‘Australia is a continent; not a country. However, I believe that Australia is a country. The research starter on the SNHU’s Shapiro library written by John Pearson (2013) states, that Australia is the ‘sixth-largest country in the world’ (n.p.). The full name of the country is the Commonwealth of Australia, meaning Australia is both a continent and a country. Therefore, these sections of the rubric should be amended.

Prof: I will gladly re-examine your week 2 milestone project report. But before I do I want you to understand that any error in a project can invalidate the entire research project. Research is like dominoes, if you accidentally knock over one piece the entire set will also fall. Australia is a continent; it is not a country. That error made it nearly impossible for you to accurately complete your week 2 research outline correctly. As I mentioned above I will look over your week two paper once again and see if you earned more credits than I gave you.

Ashley: Australia is both a country and a continent. It’s the only country that is both. I provided a resource in the first email that clarifies that for you. If you need further clarification google or the SNHU Shapiro Library has that information you. Again I mean no disrespect but my grade is affected by your assumption that Australia is not a country when it in fact is. Thank you and let me know if I need to provide further resources proving Australia is a country.

Prof:  Thank you for this web-address. After I do some independent research on the continent/country issue I will review your paper.

No, folks, sadly this is not a joke … it really happened.  Ashley was ultimately given a grade of B+, refunded her money for the course and received an apology from the university.  The professor is no longer employed at SNHU.

And finally, in Austria (which is also a country, by the way), a man posted a snarky warning about speed checks on his Facebook page, whereby he referred to police as ‘Smurfs’. Authorities in Tyrol province imposed the fine of €160, or nearly $200 USD, for violating “public decency” by “defaming two police officers.”  As I’ve said before … you want to be careful what you post on Facebook!

And that, my friends, depletes my supply of ‘jolly’ for the week.  Time for me to tackle the never-ending pile of laundry and start a bit of spring cleaning, on this snowy Monday in April!!!  Today I will tackle the baseboards, walls & trim in the downstairs bathroom.  Wish me luck!  Have an awesome week … and friends … please make sure to share those smiles I am seeing … they are far too gorgeous to keep to yourselves!  Keep safe, my friends.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

Jolly You-Know-What Day …

Good Monday morning, friends!  Welcome … please overlook the mess … I was lazy this weekend and the house is a bit shaggy around the edges.  I do have a special treat for you though, so grab a cuppa and since it is Monday morning, the lead-in to a brand new week, let’s find something to make us laugh, shall we?

Apparently Allison Barron’s father was not too keen on the idea of her marrying her boyfriend, Levi Bliss.  Poor Bliss had gone to a lot of trouble to set the scene for his bended-knee proposal, having conspired with relatives to set up letters spelling “Marry Me?” on the side of a large hill alongside a highway.  As he and Allison drove down the highway, the lettering came into view, and Levi pulled over to ‘pop the question’.  He was on bended knee in front of his beloved when on top of the hill, out popped her father holding a sign that read: SAY NOTurns out it was all in good fun.

“We immediately both started laughing. My sister was behind us so we turned to her and was like, ‘Is this real?’ He was like laughing and smiling — he was proud of his sign. It was very my dad, in like a great way — he’s awesome. Always with the dad jokes and he finds them hilarious. We love it.”

Levi’s mum was none too happy about it, though, and was said to be a bit angry.  I suspect, with her son marrying into the Barron family of jokesters, she better learn to lighten up a bit.

Do you guys remember last year in July when I wrote a Jolly Monday post that featured ‘avocado art’?  I was just amazed at the intricacy with which the artist, Jan Campbell, was able to carve the delicate avocados.  And it was just a little sad to know that her artwork had a shelf-life measured in hours, for avocados begin to go bad the minute their insides are exposed to air … just like … bananas!  Well now I have found yet another artiste, one whose medium is … yep, you guessed it … bananas!Meet Stephan Brusche, an artist in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who has been drawing on and carving bananas for nearly 7 years now.  I’ll let Stephan tell you a bit about how he got his start in banana art …

“I wanted to test out Instagram filters when I was at the office. There wasn’t nice scenery or anything fun to draw or take a picture of, but I did have a banana from lunch. So I figured, what if I drew a little happy face on it? I discovered it’s actually pretty pleasant to draw on a banana with a ballpoint pen. The texture of the peel and the pen is really smooth. The next day I thought, let’s do another face. And then I thought, let’s see what else I can come up with to draw on the banana. From that point on I started experimenting and I never stopped.”

And here are just a few of my favourites …

Chiquita featured Stephan on its website last year.  Check it out for some cool links!

The Detroit Zoo is trying out a new promotion, but somehow … I just don’t really think it’s going to go over too well.  According to NBC News …

Free buckets of 5 pounds of animal manure, dubbed Detroit Zoo Poo, will be handed out on April 14 as part of the zoo’s GreenFest celebration. The event precedes Earth Day and will showcase how the zoo recycles waste.

Buckets will be available to the first 1,000 visitors to the zoo’s anaerobic digester educational display.

The digester converts 500 tons of animal manure and other organic waste each year into methane-rich gas to help power the zoo’s animal hospital. Nutrient-rich fertilizer is a byproduct. The zoo notes the compost “is great for putting in your garden.”

Um … thanks, guys, but maybe not this year …

Imagine waking up one morning, only to find out that you’re dead. Such was the fate of poor Constantin Reliu who learned in January that he is dead – at least officially, though Mr. Reliu continues to breathe, eat, and all the other things we think of as being consistent with life.

In 1992, unable to find work in his native Romania, Mr. Reliu went to Turkey where he found work as a cook.  His wife opted to remain in Romania, and when he returned for a visit in 1995, he found she had been unfaithful to him.  Still, he hung around for a few years, but in 1999 decided to return to Turkey.  Last December, Turkish authorities discovered that his visa was long expired and deported him back to Romania.  And that is when his troubles really began.

Upon landing at Bucharest airport, he was informed by border officials that he had been officially declared dead and underwent six hours of questioning and tests. They measured the distance between his eyes to see if it corresponded to an old passport photograph; they asked him questions about his home town, such as where the town hall was; they checked his fingerprints.  Finally, he managed to convince the immigration authorities and he was allowed to leave.  But now to obtain new papers … not so fast, Mr. Reliu!

It turns out that his wife had him declared dead in 2016, and it is much easier to have a death certificate issued than to have it overturned!  After months of trying to get the death certificate declared null and void, last week Mr. Reliu exhausted his last avenue and was told in no uncertain terms that he must remain dead. A court in the northeastern city of Vaslui refused to overturn his death certificate because his request was filed “too late”, and the court said the decision is final.

“I am a living ghost. I am officially dead, although I’m alive. I have no income and because I am listed as dead, I can’t do anything. I think I am going to cry.”

His wife is now living in Italy, but no word from her on this mess.

Wait a minute!!!  Isn’t Jolly Monday supposed to be … well … JOLLY?  That was a sad, sad story!  Try again, Filosofa, and this time make us laugh, or at least smile!!!

Since the late 19th century, canines, aka dogs, have figured prominently in police work.  They have served in a protective capacity, but also as drug-sniffing dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, and let us not forget the most noble, Search & Rescue dogs.  Man’s best friend.  But felines … cats, aka moggies … have been ignored by police and military.

Last week, the Troy, Michigan, police department hired their first ever cat!  They interviewed 5 kittens from the Michigan Humane Society, and finally made their selection, though it will be a few weeks before the cat is able to begin her new position.  The kitty remains, as yet, nameless, and the department plans to hold a contest among the schoolchildren in Troy, with the child who submits the winning entry being rewarded with a pizza party!  Isn’t this a great way to promote police-community relations?And now down to the nitty gritty … what is the job description?  Well, I believe there will be some undercover work, for the police department spokesperson seemed a bit reluctant to provide too many details.  But what she did say was that the kitty would be involved with community outreach, helping bring attention to the needs of the Michigan Humane Society, and will also be in charge of the department’s Twitter feed.  Hmmmm … the Significant Seven always give me that old excuse about not having opposable thumbs whenever I try to get them to do something useful, like write this blog!

And now, folks, since I seem to be having a problem with my sense of humour this morning, I think it’s time for Jolly Monday to wind down with a few cartoons, then ♫ Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off To Work You Go … ♫  Please, dear friends, share those lovely smiles with others today … make somebody feel just a little bit more loved.  Have a great week and keep safe!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!



Jolly Post-Easter Monday!!!

Good Monday morning {yawn} and welcome, friends {yawn}.  You may notice I’m a little {yawn} sleepy this morning because the weekend was busy, what with Easter and trying to finish up on several tax returns that will be due in just a short two weeks.  Even though Miss Goose will be 24 later this year, we still dye & hide eggs, do Easter baskets, and the works.  So, once again a holiday has passed and now we can get back to our normal routine.  I am a creature of routine and always feel just a little out of sync when it is disrupted, even for fun things like holidays.  So, how was your holiday?  Did you get enough chocolate bunny ears to last you for a while?

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee … sorry, Steve, no donuts today, but help yourself to some Easter candy … and let’s share a few chuckles to start out this week, shall we?

Grumpy Goose …

When I worked at Standard Publishing, one spring a goose wandered onto our property, built a nest, and laid goose eggs.  It might have gone unnoticed, except that she began attacking people.  Clients and sales reps would park in front of our building, get out of their cars, and seemingly from nowhere here came this goose, spitting, hissing, flapping her wings, and given the chance, pecking.  The client would run back to their car and call us, whereby we would contact one of the maintenance guys to take a broom for protection and escort the client in.  One day she attacked one of the maintenance men, Chester, so viciously that he gave his resignation the very next day!  This video of a goose attacking soldiers at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, brought back memories of those days …

Distracted Drivers …

There are a lot of distracted drivers out there these days … I mostly blame cell phones.  I was talking to my friend Herb while he was driving home in a snowstorm not long ago, and all of a sudden he let loose a rhyming expletive and said, “I’m stuck!!!”  Sometimes it’s better not to talk and drive, I think.  Herb, by the way, was able to extricate his car without too much trouble.  Two stories caught my eye this week about people who weren’t quite ‘with it’ and the results, while humorous, might have ended in catastrophe.

The first is this Okaloosa County, Florida, mom who was getting ready to go somewhere with her husband and young daughter.  Just as she was preparing to pull out of her parking spot, she remembered something she had forgotten in the apartment, so she ran back in.  When she came back out, this is what she found …


Dad and daughter were able to exit the car safely, so all is well except … well, the car.  The Sheriff’s office had some fun with it, joking that it gave a whole new meaning to the word “carpool”.

And then this one …

An Uber driver in San Francisco was on his way to pick up a third passenger, and surely he must have been distracted, for he made a wrong turn onto a pedestrian walkway and …There were no injuries, and the driver is blaming his GPS.  But the troubles didn’t end there!  As a tow truck was attempting to pull the car off the steps, the cable snapped and the car plunged into a city trash dumpster and a fire hydrant!  One should really use common sense when following the directions of a GPS, don’t you think?

Circus Clown

Now, when I first started this Jolly Monday feature more than two years ago, I promised that it would be entirely non-political.  And I’m keeping that promise, even today, but I could not resist this story.  There is a real, true-to-life clown running for South Carolina’s 5th District seat in the U.S. Congress.  His name is Steve Lough, and he is a former Ringling Bros. circus clown!  He even calls his website Clown for Congress.

He has a sense of humour, saying that if his opponents aren’t afraid of clowns yet, they soon will be.  I almost like this guy!

Darling Donkeys (aka Adorable Asses)

It wouldn’t do for me to fail to give you your weekly fix of cute animals.  Now, I think all animals are cute and can even find cuteness in such critters as armadillos and hyenas. Even so, I never gave much thought to ranking donkeys high on the scale of cuteness, until …Sparky is a week-old miniature donkey at Ashington Park Stud In Melbourne, Australia. He has a surrogate mum and companion in the form of a teddy bear called Ted.

A donkey introduces her 5-hour-old baby to her friend, the horse

Rock-a-bye Donkey

Feline Friend …

Sometimes kids can be cruel under the best of circumstances, and 7-year-old Madden Humphries doesn’t exactly have the best of circumstances.   Madden was born with a cleft palate and heterochromia iridum — a rare condition that causes the iris to be multicolored and occurs in only about 1% of the world’s population.  So, young Madden was a prime target for the school bullies.

Madden’s mum is a wise woman, and she encouraged him to create a video to explain his unique qualities and remind friends to be kind. The June 2017 video was popular, garnering more than 220,000 views and 3,500 shares.

Then guess what happened?  I’ll let Madden’s mum, Christina tell you …

“Last week, a friend posted an image of the cat in our cleft moms group. This kitty was taken in by a rescue group in Minnesota. We knew immediately that this kitty was meant to be part of our family. Not only does he have a cleft lip like our 7-year-old son Madden, he also has complete heterochromia iridum, like Madden. They were destined to be best friends. Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone. We have friends that kindly helped fund a road trip so that we could travel from Oklahoma to Minnesota to adopt this sweet kitty and bring him home.

We’re usually not spontaneous people, but we knew that we were meant to love this kitty. Moon, the kitty, and Madden are the perfect companions for each other.  In a world full of bullies and hateful words, we will choose to chase love. I think it’s safe to say that this kitty is love, and was certainly meant to be part of our journey and Madden’s journey.” A picture is worth a thousand words, so take another look …

And just as all good things must come to an end, so must our time together this morning.  I have … laundry, house chores, a post to write and about a ton of email to catch up on, for I’ve been lax lately.  And you have jobs or naps to attend to.  If there is one thing in my life that I don’t get (or give, I fear) enough of these days, it’s smiles.  So, I’ve left a basket full of ‘em by the door … please take a few as you leave, to share with others today, for we all need them … they help chase away the tears and the ugly scowls like the one I find myself wearing most of the time.  Have a happy week and keep safe!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

All too true … sigh.

♫ Another Jolly Monday ♫

Good Monday morning, friends!!!  I hope you all had a great weekend … you look a bit tired this morning, though.  It was the first weekend of official spring, though you could have fooled me.  We were predicted to get a big snowstorm … they were issuing warnings and predicting gloom and doom all the way to Wednesday.  And we got … nuthin’.  Well, it did snow all Saturday, but not a bit of it stuck to the ground.  I am grateful, I suppose, though frankly I was looking forward to playing in the big fluffy snow and ended up feeling just a bit cheated.  Now, if we could move onto some warmer temperatures?

Well, since it is Monday, I suggest you grab some coffee and a donut (yes, Steve, donuts are back on the menu) and let’s have a laugh or a few chuckles before starting our week, shall we?  You’ll be happy to know I will be working hard this week, too, as I am behind on taxes and the deadline looms …

He tawt he taw a … puppy dog?

One day Mr. Yang was scavenging for mushrooms in the mountains near his home in Yongsheng county, Yunnan province, China, when he came across an adorable puppy!  Who could resist, right?  I couldn’t have resisted it (does this explain to you why we have the Significant Seven?).  So, he did what most of us would have done and took the puppy home.

He loved it, fed it well, played with it, and the puppy grew and thrived.  And it grew … and grew … until by last week, it weighed 176 pounds (80kg)!  I once had a Rottweiler-border collie mix that grew to about 120 pounds, and he was a BIG dog.  Funny, he always thought he was still a lap-puppy.  Anyway, it turns out Mr. Yang’s puppy was no puppy, but an Asian Black Bear! Now, by this time, surely Yang had realized that this was no canine, but … well, you know how it is … you live with an animal for a while, say an hour or so, and you’ve fallen head over heels in love with it.  So, Yang and the bear, whose name I cannot find, lived happily until one day a nosy neighbor saw Yang’s post on Facebook with a picture of his pet, and Ms. Nosy Neighbor called the police.  Turns out that the Asian Black Bear is a protected species, and Mr. Yang was forced to give up his special pet.  He was not charged, however, for the bear was found to be in excellent health (all that love will do that!) and Mr. Yang cooperated fully with the authorities.  The bear has since been relocated to an animal welfare center.And the moral of that story is:  Beware of Nosy Neighbors!

A kidney for Stanley …

Stanley is the 17-year-old feline companion of Betsy Boyd, a part-time professor at the University of Baltimore.  Unfortunately, Stanley was not well, and not going to live more than a few months longer unless he received a kidney transplant.  The problem?  The transplant carried a high price tag:  $19,000!  While we have, from time to time, spent thousands to save one of our moggies, a kidney transplant would definitely be out of our range, and we would have no choice but to say, “bye-bye, Stanley”. But luckily for Stanley, Betsy and her husband had been saving for a new car, and had just about enough for Stanley’s kidney transplant.  They decided Stanley’s life trumped a ton of steel, and Stanley had his operation.  Betsy is one of the few who I have ever heard echo my own sentiments …

“He’s seen me through the worst moments of my life. He’s an old cat. He doesn’t run around as much as he used to. He seems almost human to me. He’s a friend, and I believe that this friend wanted to live, so I paid for the surgery.”Stanley is on the mend and has almost returned to his days of youth, according to Betsy …

“He purrs all the time. He begs for poultry. He wakes me up at 4 a.m. for a snack. He’s happy, and we’re still very good friends.”And more good news … as a condition of the surgery, Betsy was asked to adopt the kidney donor, 2-year-old Jay, which brings the feline population of her household up to six!  (She’s catching up!) Here’s hoping that Stanley lives to a ripe old age!

Where’s Waldo … er … Wally?

You all remember ‘Where’s Waldo?’, right?  The nerdy looking guy in the red-and-white striped shirt with the big glasses who was always trying to hide in a crowd? Turns out the Brits call him Wally.  Whichever.  Last Sunday, 18 March, was the annual Where’s Waldo Fun Run, where people dress up in the iconic striped shirts, don nerdy glasses, and run 5k and 10k events in London’s Clapham Common.It’s all for a good cause, as it is to raise money for the National Literacy Trust, which helps promote literacy in the UK.  They said it was a bit colder this year than in previous years, but that didn’t appear to put a damper on the fun.

And while I was looking into that story, yet another about Waldo crossed my path.  It seems that in January of 2017, a man wanted by police in North Yorkshire, UK, led the police on a merry chase while dressed as Waldo.  Reportedly, J.J. McMenamin missed a court date for traffic violations.  Now here, that is not such a big deal and the police wouldn’t do more than send you a letter, most likely, but in the UK, it must be a bigger deal, for police spent the better part of the weekend looking for J.J. and even resorted to sniffer dogs and a police helicopter, according the BBC.

Ol’ J.J. had quite a sense of humour and a bit of bravery thrown into the mix, also.  He dressed up as Waldo and taunted police via his Facebook account, posting pictures of himself and writing such things as,  “Dude … I’m right here.”  And in another, “Buddy if they really new [sic] how close they are too me, not a scooby do where I am. Even got sniffer dogs out and I’m still sat giggling.”

Eventually, J.J. decided to stop kidding around and turned himself into police, but not before posting a Facebook Live video showing himself being driven to the police station dressed as Waldo. No word on how much jail time, if any, he served, but there is an update.  In June of 2017, police were once again looking for Waldo … er … J.J. … this time on a bit more serious charge of “possessing drugs with intent to supply”, and they are once again unable to find him.

For want of … Sesame Seeds?

And this one happened by as I was digging into J.J.’s escapades … who could resist digging a bit deeper into this headline:

Naked man accused of home break-in just wanted “sesame seeds for his hamburger”

It happened in Largo, Florida, where a resident awakened on the morning of 05 January 2017 to find a naked man in his kitchen!  He managed to force the man outside, then called police.  Martin R. Henderson, 48, of Largo, told officers he had been smoking “spice,” or synthetic marijuana, and used a butter knife to pry open the door of the mobile home about 2:30 a.m.  Poor Mr. Henderson … all he wanted, he claimed, was to “get sesame seeds for his hamburger.”  Stay away from that synthetic wacky weed, folks!

Okay, my dear friends … I see by the clock … oh wait, that one hasn’t been changed yet.  Yes, I know it’s been two weeks, but you see … I have to move all the kitties toy boxes, a very heavy solid wood table and a television set just to get to the bloomin’ clock!  Anyway, it is time for us to all disperse to our various jobs.  I leave you with this thought … times are tough everywhere, and people aren’t always feeling very “up”, but a smile or even a hug sure can help bring the sun out, even if only for a little while.  So go out there and share your radiant smiles, give a friend or coworker a hug, “just ‘coz”.  Keep safe and have a great week!