Jolly Monday … IT’S AUGUST ALREADY!!!

dino-3Good Monday morn, friends!  Yes, it’s Monday again already, but even worse … do you realize it’s already AUGUST???  The year is 58% over and Hallowe’en 🎃 is just around the corner!  Where … just where did the first seven months of this year go???  The only upside to this is that autumn and cooler temperatures will soon be here.  Normally, I’m sad to see summer go, but this one hasn’t been particularly pleasurable between the pandemic, the heat, and the political angst, so I’m happy enough to say ‘goodbye’ to it.  But enough of that … it’s Monday, the start of a new week, so let’s try to find some humour, something to put a smile on our faces as we brave the new week, shall we?  Grab a snack and a cuppa, and let’s see what awaits us …


If you live in Rhode Island and were expecting a tax refund check, you might be in for a surprise.  Some of the refund checks, mailed last week, bore the signature of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney, instead of the usual Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth Magaziner and State Controller Peter Keenan!  No, you cannot cash them if you receive one of these … I’d hang onto it, though … it might be worth something someday!


According to Jade Borgeson, chief of staff for the Rhode Island Department of Revenue …

“As a result of a technical error in the Division of Taxation’s automated refund check printing system, approximately 176 checks with invalid signature lines were printed and mailed to taxpayers on Monday. The invalid signature lines were incorrectly sourced from the Division’s test print files. Corrected checks will be reissued to impacted taxpayers within one week.”

Just bein’ helpful …

Brett Longo of Mary Esther, Florida, had taken his trash container to the curb for pickup a few days ago.  A bit later, he got an activity alert from his home security camera telling him the camera had picked up movement.  When he checked the camera, this is what he saw …

dino-1On first glance, it appears one of the two black bears was being nice, bringing his trash container back up to the top of the drive, but then the bear tipped it over and … turns out it hadn’t been emptied by the binmen yet, ‘cause the bear spilled the trash all over the drive!  Longo was forgiving, though …

“He was just bringing it up to the house. He was polite enough to move it out of the driveway.”

Barred from da bar …

A pair of emus were once a staple in the pub in the Yaraka Hotel in Yaraka, Queensland, Australia, but today they are no longer welcome.  Turns out the emus, named Kevin and Carol, have been a bit naughty within the confines of the pub, stealing food from patrons and leaving little ‘gifts’ behind on the floor!

Yaraka-hotelGerry Gimblett, who owns the Yaraka Hotel with her husband Chris, said they were left with no other option after the birds’ recent “bad behaviour”.

“They’ve been stealing things from the guests, especially their food. They’d stick their heads in and pinch toast out of the toaster. But the main reason we’ve banned them is their droppings.”

emudino-4The emus had become a tourist attraction after several eggs were hatched at the end of 2018, and while at one point there were nine emus in town, most had wandered away, leaving only Kevin & Carol.

“We love them as part of the Yaraka community, but they’re not welcome inside anymore.”


Now, I’m not sure how many customers the pub can have in a day, for the entire human population of Yaraka is only 18!

Okay, folks … it’s cartoon time!!!



And two cute critter videos, because the first one is super-short, but ohhhhh so cute!


jollyI see those gorgeous smiles on your faces … be sure to remember to share them today and throughout the week, for times are tough and we all need someone to just smile at us every now and then!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly (Joyful is taking an interior decorating class … she became inspired after re-decorating Roger’s dark tower!)

Oh, and just for you, Hugh …

Jolly Monday — Jolly Is AWOL Again!!!

Good morning friends, and welcome to …monday-1Jolly has gone AWOL yet again, not surprisingly, so I’m on my own here today.  Be patient, for it’s Jolly who adds the zest to Jolly Monday and I only do the technical part as a rule, so I’m a bit rusty on the humour end of it.  I do, however, remember how to make bacon!  That is a big requisite here for a few of you!  So, with that thought, let’s grab a bit of a snack and see if I can manage to rustle up just a bit of humour for us to start this week out on the right foot, okay?


Robert Berger, age 25 of Long Island, New York, was on bail, awaiting sentencing on a pair of vehicle-theft charges.  Berger came up with a perfect plan … roll over and play dead!  He decided to fake his own death certificate, and he might have gotten away with it … if only he could spell!death-certificate

“Upon inspection of the certificate by the NCDA, it was noted that font type and size changed in the document. Additionally, prosecutors observed that the word ‘Registry’ in the department name was misspelled as ‘Regsitry’ in the ‘ISSUED BY’ section,” the Nassau Country District Attorney’s office said.

Now, in addition to his previous legal woes, Berger faces the prospect of up to four years in prison on the felony charge of offering a false instrument for filing. He pleaded not guilty.  Just goes to show … it pays to check and double check your work!

Green Onions in your morning cereal?

Back in 2004, Kellogg’s launched a light-hearted marketing campaign for Chex, a five-grain cereal, asking South Koreans to vote on a new flavour.  The two choices were Chex Choco Empire – chocolate-flavoured Cheki and green onion-flavoured Chaka.

The PR stunt was meant to end in an easy victory for sweet Cheki. But the people of South Korea did not agree.  Votes for Chaka surged past those for Cheki, catching Kellogg’s unawares. Citing multiple votes by individuals, the company halted online voting, threw out duplicate votes and declared Cheki the winner.

Over the past 16 years, Chaka fans have referred to Kellogg’s as an ‘illegitimate tyrant’, and even started a hashtag, #PrayForChex.  Said a spokesperson for Kellogg’s …

“We never expected consumers would be interested in this product for over 16 years. Every time we launched new cereals or had promotional events, online communities would repeatedly ask for the flavour.”

And so, at long last, in June Kellogg’s announced a limited edition to be on the shelves soon!green-onion-cereal

When the company put out a call for taste testers, they received more than 14,200 applications.  One of the testers was Lee Soo-jeong, 24, who voted for Chaka as a child.  When asked her impression, she said …

“The green onion flavour is too mild.”

Now, some of you are probably making a face 🤢 about now, but personally I would try it!  Maybe not with milk and mini-marshmallows, but as a late-night snack, it holds appeal.

NOT politics as usual … but maybe it should be!

Pam Iovino is a state senator in the state of Pennsylvania … a democrat, by the way.  Recently, Ms. Iovino lost her wallet, much to her dismay.  Luckily, her wallet was found, and by probably the last person on earth she would expect … her republican challenger in the upcoming election, Devlin Robinson, a republican!  Robinson posted on Facebook …

“I was happy to return this item, a bit battered by passing traffic, to Pam Iovino. She was thrilled to have it back and I was delighted to help out a fellow veteran. Sometimes, it’s great to put the politics aside. Now, on with the campaign to become the next state senator for the 37th District.”

And Iovino thanked him in her own Facebook post …

“Lost my wallet. Ugh! Luckily my cell phone number was in it. Look who found my wallet. Thanks, Devlin!”

robinson-iovinoNow THAT’S how it should be, folks!  But what a coincidence, eh?

Are you ready for some ‘toons?



And what would Jolly Monday be without a cute critter video?


And that’s a wrap for this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful week, and please do remember to share those smiles as you work your way through the rest of the week.  Things are tough all around these days, and you’d be amazed at how much just a simple smile can help.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and the AWOL Jolly!


Jolly Monday — ICE CREAM!!!

I was feeling too sleepy to get out of bed this morning, but then Jolly began jumping … yes jumping on my bed!  Just as I was about to throw something at him, he reminded me that today is a special Jolly Monday and that I must get up.  And so, I dragged my tired old body out of bed … though I think I may have left my brain asleep … and here we are.  What, you ask, makes this a special Jolly Monday?  Well … today we will be celebrating National Ice Cream Day!!!  The day was actually yesterday, but since the entire month of July is National Ice Cream Month, and we don’t do a Jolly Sunday post, we will celebrate belatedly, but with just as much fun!  So, there isn’t any bacon per se, guys, but there is bacon ice cream!!!  Grab a bowl or a cone, whichever you prefer, and come see what cool treats we have in store for you to start this week!

Do you prefer yours in a dish …

Or a cone?

And here’s enough bacon ice cream for Larry, David, rawgod, Larry, and Emily … play nice!


Would you like a burger with that?

With lockdowns and stay-at-home orders throughout the spring, some have put their creative genius to work, it would seem.  The R&D guys at Heinz Foods have been hard at work developing new … flavours … of ice cream.  Yes, you heard me right!  The people who make ketchup have developed their sauces into ice cream flavours.  According to an article in the UK publication, The Mirror

As July is National Ice Cream Month and taking trips to your local ice cream parlour may look a little different, Heinz has launched a selection of DIY ice cream kits. Using a range of Heinz Sauces, you can now make your very own ‘Heinz Creamz’ at home and enjoy a soft serve in the comfort of your own home.

Heinz-ice-creamThe DIY Heinz Creamz kits are £15 each and available now. The kits include the accessories you need to make the no-churn saucy deliciousness, including the sauce of your choice, your chosen recipe, a limited edition keystone-engraved golden scoop and golden spoon plus branded Heinz Creamz reusable tub to serve with extra pizzazz.

Um … somehow … I’m not all that enthused, though I would try a bite of one, perhaps the BBQ Creamz?

Ice Cream graveyard …

Ben & Jerry’s has been the creator of some of the most unique (not to mention yummy) ice cream flavours through the years.  Every now and then, though, they miscalculate and produce one that isn’t all that beloved, so it is retired.  A few of these actually don’t sound bad to me …

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly – Proving that peanut butter and jelly is better suited for a sandwich, Ben & Jerry’s retired this flavour after selling it for just a year – from 1989 to 1990. Heck, it sounded good to me!
  • Wavy Gravy – A flavour made from caramel and cashew brazil nut ice cream, chocolate hazelnut fudge swirl and roasted almonds, Wavy Gravy was sold from 1993 to 2001. Years later, the flavour is still remembered on social media – as one person attempted to start a campaign to bring back the ice cream in 2011.
  • Late Night Snack – An ice cream flavour dedicated to Jimmy Fallon, Late Night Snack was a combination of vanilla ice cream, salted caramel swirls and fudge-covered potato chips and was available from 2010 to 2014.
  • Schweddy Balls – This uniquely-named ice cream was sold in 2011 as a holiday season limited edition flavour. The ice cream, which was made from vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and completed with fudge-covered rum and malt balls, was inspired by SNL’s recurring character Pete Schweddy.
  • Vermonty Python – Vermonty Python was a coffee-liqueur flavoured ice cream made with chocolate cookie crumb swirl and fudge cows.

Actually, none of those sound half bad!  Perhaps they sound better than they tasted.


Political Ice Cream???

Ben & Jerry’s is making a statement about the need for criminal justice reform with the launch of its newest flavour, “Justice ReMix’d”.

ben-jerrysThe company announced in September that it had created the cinnamon and chocolate ice cream, flavoured with gobs of cinnamon bun dough and spicy fudge brownies, to “spotlight structural racism in a broken criminal legal system”. According to the company, the limited-edition flavour is the latest in its commitment to “creating social change” since its inception more than 40 years ago.

“Our approach to creating social change is to raise up the work non-profits are doing on the ground. We bring every resource we have to support them—our business voice, our connection with fans, our Scoop Shop community and of course, ice cream. Somehow, it’s easier to talk about difficult issues over a scoop or two.”

While I’m not sure how much of a difference the ice cream will make, I admire and support any company who is trying to raise awareness for social justice issues.

I’ve got a few fun facts for National Ice Cream Day, too, courtesy of the National Day Calendar folks …

  • Thousands of years ago, people in the Persian Empire put snow in a bowl, poured concentrated grape-juice over it, and ate it as a treat. Even when the weather was hot, they would savor this sweet treat. Their trick? They placed snow in underground chambers known as yakchal where the temperatures kept the snow from melting. The Persians also hiked to the mountain tops by their summer capital to gather snowfall.
  • The Chinese, under the Tang Dynasty around 697 AD, took to freezing dairy with salt and ice. However, the results aren’t exactly the ice cream we enjoy today. Frozen treats and beverages later, culinary folks point to Naples, Italy as the birthplace of the first ice cream. They give credit to Antonio Latini. He was born in 1642 and created a milk-based sorbet.
  • In the United States, the Quaker colonists earn the nod for bringing their ice recipes over with them. They opened the first ice cream shops, including shops in New York and other cities during the colonial era.

Annnnnd … believe it or not, Jolly ‘n Joyful even found some ice cream cartoons!!!

'I'll be back tomorrow for the other twelve flavors.'

'Give me your hand... I ran out of cones.'

It was almost called 'Jerry  Bens' until the famous eat-off of '78,


toon-6toon-7                                           toon-8



And we even found a Maxine ‘toon for Hugh …


And while they were finding the toons, I found not one, but TWO videos of cute animals eating ice cream!

We hope you’ve enjoyed National Ice Cream Day here at Filosofa’s Word.  Remember to share your smiles … and your ice cream too!!!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

A Jolly & Joyful Monday!

Good Monday morning, friends!  Come in out of the cold heat!  So, how was your weekend?  In most parts of the U.S., it’s been putrid hot with little rain, and in most parts of the UK it’s been rainy and chilly.  If only we could blend the two, then we’d all have perfect weather!  Well, it’s the start of a new week, so let’s get this show on the road and start the week with some fun things, shall we?  But first, Joyful is back in the kitchen today, whipping up a few treats, so grab a snack and the beverage of your choice! (Sorry, guys … only one plate of bacon … you’ll have to share this week!  Larry … I’m watching you!  You too, David!)

bacon               food-devilled eggs


Every now and then, I like to take a look at the ‘Amazing Fact Generator’ on the Mental Floss website, so let’s start with a few fun facts:

  • The annual number of worldwide shark bites is 10 times less than the number of people bitten by other people in New York. Seriously???  I’ve lived in New York and never once been bitten by either a shark or another person!
  • Ironically, the only member of ZZ Top without a beard has the last name Beard.
  • The 1967 Outer Space Treaty forbids any nation from trying to own the Moon. I’m biting my tongue here …
  • Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone in 1876, suggested answering calls with “ahoy.” A wanna-be pirate, perhaps?
  • The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships are held in Finland. A recent winner said he prepared for the event by “mainly drinking.” Who knew?

See, now you’ve learned some new things!  Jolly Monday can be educational, as well as fun!

Define “emergency” please …

I’ve written before about people calling the emergency number (911 in the US, 999 in the UK) for things that … well, just weren’t real emergencies.  Here’s another one …

The West Yorkshire Police Contact Management Center said a call came in recently to the 999 emergency number to report their new appliance had been delivered to the wrong address!  Now what thinking person calls the police for this?  Why not call the store, or the delivery service?  And just what did they suppose the police could do?  I can picture it now … a bobby is putting the handcuffs on a man he just caught robbing a woman in a convenience store when the call comes through …

“Officer Holmes … do you read?  Drop everything and get to 11420 Sycamore Street … we have a missing freezer case!”

My favourite, though, was the one I wrote about back in April, of the  person, again in the UK, who called 999 to report her neighbor was snoring too loudly!

Now here’s a new one that I bet is a first! 

Wynn Hall, a farmer in Exeter, Nebraska, started the process of draining a pond on his property, which is used for pumping waters off his fields.  When he checked on it the following morning, he noticed a rather large object stuck in the mud.  He assumed it to be a some sort household appliance.

“I thought who would throw a refrigerator or a stove and put it in the pond, in fact, the deepest part of the pond in fact…why would that be down there? I took a picture and zoomed in on it and thought, ‘That looks like an ATM!'”

And indeed, it was.  The farmer said he doesn’t know how long the ATM was in his pond, since he didn’t drain it last year, but it didn’t appear to have been in the water for more than a few weeks. Hall contacted the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office, which sent a team to haul the ATM away. He said deputies told him an ATM had recently been stolen in the area.

Are you in the mood for some ‘toons?


Now, I’ve got two animal videos for you today, ‘cause one is super-short, but this ticklish chicken is guaranteed to make you laugh!

And here are some of the most adorable polar bear cubs you’ll ever see!

Well, folks, I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you this morning, but sadly … my laundry awaits, as do your daily duties, so I leave you with one last thought … share those smiles, spread them around for others to enjoy.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa ‘n Jolly ‘n Joyful!

jollyJollys girlfriend JoyfulMonday-basket-smiles

Jolly 🥵 Monday!

Welcome to …


Yep, it’s Monday all over again, folks!  Did you guys have a great weekend?  Mine?  Rather low-key, mediocre.  With temps in the 90s, I can’t very well get out, so I mostly worked on stuff around the house, the blog, and read a bit.  I gather it’s gonna stay that hot for the foreseeable future … very unusual for this area, for we usually only see a couple of days in the 90s, and some years we haven’t even reached 90.  I’ll be ready for fall by the time it gets here!

Joyful is out this week doing some interior decorating.  She remodeled Roger’s dark tower, added a skylight, flowers, and piped in music, and he liked it so well that she decided to take on a few more projects.  But, she’ll be back next week.  I’ve been busy in the kitchen this morning, so help yourself to a snack and let’s find some humour this Monday morning!  Oh, by the way … no bacon this morning!  A certain person who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are Larry, decided to be piggy with the bacon last week, and since I am concerned about his cholesterol, today the bacon has been replaced with … healthier treats.


Some people have entirely too much time on their hands.  Mohammed Muqbel, age 20, originally from Yemen but now living in Kuala Lumpur, likes to make things balance.  Muqbel started stacking eggs at the ripe old age of six!  Last month, he was awarded a Guinness World Record for his unusual accomplishment: stacking three eggs vertically.  Take a look …

The rules stipulated that the eggs had to remain stacked for at least five seconds and all three eggs had to be fresh and free from cracks in their shells.  Pretty impressive, but really … who’s got time?

A couple, whose names I do not know, were doing a wedding photo shoot on the rocky shore of Laguna Beach, California.  The couple was posing, dressed in their wedding garb … a bystander happened to be filming from well above the couple, when all of a sudden …

Hmmm … a turbulent start to the marriage I would say!  Lifeguards were able to rescue the couple, who were uninjured, but methinks that was the end of the photo shoot for that day!

Anybody have $7.5 million they don’t need at the moment?  Some people spend that much on a house, but … if you’ve got the cash, you can buy an entire town in New Zealand for that!  The town is called Mellonsfolly Ranch, and is situated within a 900-acre lot in the North Island of New Zealand.  It is on sale for $7.5 million and comes complete with 10 period themed buildings and a Manuka honey business.  Can’t beat that!




The tribute town was built in 2006 by cowboy enthusiast John Bedogni as an homage to an 1860s Wyoming frontier town.  It features an “authentic and licensed saloon,” a courthouse that doubles as a cinema, a sheriff’s office, and a billiards lounge, according to the listing from New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty. There are also three homes — the main residence plus two rental houses — that accommodate up to 22 people.

Sounds like a real deal to me!  I wouldn’t mind living in New Zealand.  Only thing is … I’m a little short of the needed cash … anybody want to partner with me on this deal?

Are you guys up for some ‘toons?


And what better way to close Jolly Monday than with a cute puppy video?

Now, go forth and have a productive and happy week, my friends!  And Hugh … this one’s for you, my friend!

jollyLove ‘n hugs from Filosofa ‘n Jolly!

Jolly Monday With Bacon, Benjamin, And Smiles!

Welcome, my friends!  Once again it is … Monday.  Do you realize that we are halfway through 2020 already?  Halfway back to Christmas?  🎄


Where does time go???  At any rate, I hope you are all well, that you had a wonderful weekend, and that you’re ready to hit the ground running this Monday morning!  To get you started on the right foot (or the left one, whichever you prefer), Jolly and I have found some fun things that we hope you’ll enjoy!  First, though, let’s see what we have to munch on.  Last week I forgot the bacon and was promptly reminded, so this week I made sure there is plenty of bacon.  OH!  And my favourite youngest reader is back with us this morning after a three-month hiatus, so there will be donuts and juice boxes for Benjamin!  Welcome back, Benjamin!  Good to see you again!

Never too old!

Gordon Precious was just 59 days shy of his 95th birthday when he decided to go heli-skiing.  Now, in my book this sport is misnamed, for I was picturing a skier attached to a helicopter and the helicopter dragging him up or down the slopes, but in fact it only means that the skier is delivered to a remote mountain top via helicopter, then skis down the slope on his own power.  Nonetheless, Mr. Precious is far more courageous and athletic than I, and I’m only about 2/3 his age!

Says Gordon of his adventure …

“It was my first run by helicopter in five years. When the helicopter takes off, you think oh my goodness how am I going to get down from way up here. Then you recall that you have a very experienced guide with you, and you know that its within your scope.”

Take a look …

Stinky …

In the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt, Germany, the municipal post office was evacuated recently after a dozen people because ill from the smell emanating from a package.  Police, firefighters, and emergency services were called to the post office to investigate.

After some 60 people who were working in the building evacuated, officials went in to check the contents of the package, and found …


Yes, fruit!!!  Specifically, durian, a Thai fruit famous for its strong odor, which has been compared to rotten food, dirty socks and vomit.  🤢

Turns out that a 50-year-old resident of the town had the fruit sent home from his friend in Nuremburg.  Six people were hospitalized, six ambulances, five first-responder cars and two emergency vehicles attended the incident. Three different fire departments were also involved.  All for 4 little fruits.

The spiky fruit’s flavor and creamy texture has made it popular throughout Southeast Asia, but its infamous odor has gained it many detractors. Singapore has prohibited the fruit in its subway system, and many hotels ban durians because of the smell.  Poor fruits!  Such a bad rep they have.  And this isn’t the first time …

Last year, staff at the University of Canberra library were forced to evacuate the building due to a suspected gas leak, but a search revealed the stench was in fact caused by the fruit.

And in November 2018, a cargo of durian caused an Indonesian plane to be temporarily grounded after passengers complained about the fruit’s room-clearing stench in the cabin.

The fruit was eventually successfully delivered to its intended recipient, who I hope enjoyed every last morsel!

Squirrely sounds …

Dani Connor, a zoologist and wildlife photographer from London, UK, currently lives in Sweden where she recently became a temporary foster mom to four baby red squirrels after their mother was unfortunately hit by a car. The little critters have already learned to trust her and even recognize Dani’s voice.

As they remain in the wild, Dani visits them every day and not only makes sure they have plenty to eat and drink but captures them growing up as well. During one of the photoshoots, Dani came up with the idea to record one of the babies munching. She put her microphone right next to it and … well, listen for yourself …

Says Dani …

“I was very lucky to find where the baby squirrels were! I spoke to several wildlife sanctuaries and the advice I was given was that the baby squirrels are too small to survive on their own and if their mother had been killed by a car, they need to be captured and raised in captivity. I watched over the baby squirrels and I was so happy to see them eating the food I had left them, I decided that if they have teeth and that they can eat, they should be able to survive in the wild.”

Dani-squirrelShe spends 4-6 hours every day in the forest, photographing wildlife and looking after the baby squirrels.

And now for a few toons, memes & signs to bring forth a chuckle …





And last, but never least, a cute critter video … actually I have two today … both are short and both featuring emus!  Who knew emus were so darn cute?


And now, my friends, it’s time for us all to be productive.  I hope you’ve found your smile to start out the week and that you will share that beautiful smile with others as you work your way back to the weekend!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly (Joyful is visiting her grandmother this week).


Jolly Joyful Monday …

Welcome!  And good Monday morn’ to you, our friends!  I hope your weekend was awesome  lovely  decent not too bad.  Ours was same ol’ same ol’.  We did find out the hard way that our favourite fish ‘n chips restaurant is now open for take-out, but they aren’t serving … fish ‘n chips!  ‘Splain that one!  Oh well.  Joyful and I did a bit of baking this morning … nothing much, just a few things.  Jolly wanted to help, so we sent him out to count the clover in the back yard … I don’t think he’s back in yet … guess I better go find him.  Meanwhile, help yourself to a treat and a cuppa and as soon as I find Jolly, we’ll find something to start our week out with a smile.

Not quite what they expected …

Two stories crossed my radar this week about people receiving packages that were … not quite what they expected.

A woman in Glendale, California, returned home one afternoon to find an Amazon box waiting on her front porch.  Since she was expecting a shipment of printer ink, she thought little about it until she took the box inside and cut it open to find …drugs-1The box was filled with bottles of oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine and other narcotics and it was accompanied by an invoice from the Drug Enforcement Administration!  The woman contacted law enforcement and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) was brought in to investigate.  Their explanation sounds a bit fishy to me …

Bill Bodner, DEA special agent in charge in Los Angeles, said a preliminary investigation found the package had originated at a New York pharmacy that enlisted the services of a Texas pharmaceutical company to dispose of the drugs, and that the reason for the invoice is that the disposal process has to be approved by the federal government.  He claims there was likely an error in the shipping process …

“Likely, they used a third-party shipper to ship this package and somehow the shipping labels were switched at this third-party shipper.  Let me be clear, this package was not sent by DEA and these drugs were never in DEA custody.”

Mmmm hmmm … but then ‘splain why the drugs were in an Amazon box???  Amazon has opened its own investigation to try to figure that one out!

And then in Houston, Texas …

Another family received an unexpected package containing 32 bags of marijuana!  The Harris County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and are attempting to solve the mystery.  They put out an Instagram post saying …

“If it is yours please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to claim it.”

Um … yeah, sure they will.  It’s funny, I had trouble getting my insulin delivered last week, but other people can get all sorts of drugs in the mail!  What am I doing wrong???

Teddy Bears just wanna have fun!

In light of many businesses and recreation areas being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have been coming up with unique ways to entertain themselves.  I ignore most of them, but this one caught my eyes … I love teddy bears, and anything involving them will always get my attention!

The Dutch theme park Walibi Holland put 22 oversized teddy bears onto a roller coaster and filmed the ride ― and it almost looks like they’re coming to life out of sheer happiness.

The coaster is named “Untamed” and true to its name, Untamed has five inversions and a 116-foot drop with maximum speeds of 57 mph.  Where I would have had my eyes closed tightly and been hanging on for dear life, the bears really seemed to be enjoying it … eyes wide open!

And speaking of bears …

With fewer people out and about due to coronavirus restrictions, in many places animals have felt free to explore areas they would otherwise avoid.  Last month in Fort Myers, Florida, a black bear decided to do some exploring, much to the dismay of the were called and debated the best way to lure the bear away from populated areas.  Tranquilizing wasn’t an option, for it takes some time to work and they weren’t sure what the bear would do in the interim.  Well … these are police, remember … they came up with a solution:  Donuts!!!

bear-donutThey bought donuts from Krispy Kreme (probably already had a dozen or so in their cruiser) and set a trap with donuts as the bait, and for extra measure sprayed some blueberry pie-scented air freshener.  It worked, the bear was quickly and painlessly captured and returned to a state-managed wildlife area.

I dunno, though … now that he’s had a taste of Krispy Kreme, he might be back for seconds!

Before we get to the cartoons, I found this picture over at Phil’s Phun and thought it was so fascinating I just had to share it.  I don’t know what or where this is, for though I did a reverse photo search, I was not able to get any reliable information on

And now for some fun cartoons!


And this one’s for you, Hugh!


Well, I guess it’s time … what’s that, Jolly?  OH!!!  Thanks for reminding me!  Time, that is, for a cute animal video to wrap things up.

Jollys girlfriend JoyfulJolly

Now, go forth and try to have a wonderful week.  Remember, folks … everybody needs a smile these days … now more than ever!  So share those lovely smiles, let people know that there is hope for tomorrow, that you care.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!


Jolly ‘n Joyful Monday

Monday-sleepy-2Good morning … yawn … and welcome to Monday, the day of budding dreams and vast swathes of … disappointment, angst, and exhaustion.  Weekends can be so draining …

jolly Don’t mind her, fwiends … she hasn’t been sleeping so good and she’s not quite at herself.  But, we got some fun stuff fo’ you today an’ a bunch of ‘toons ‘n stuff, too, an’ the cutest animal video … me ‘n Joyful picked it out!  So, you can get a snack an’ somethin’ to dwink and we’ll all have a chuckle, ‘k?  An’ Joyful made the snacks, since Gwammie kept fallin’ asleep.

bananas                   Jollys girlfriend Joyful

Sanitized martini?

The Apollo Bay Distillery in Victoria, Australia, made a bit of an ‘Oops’.  They filled gin bottles with … hand sanitizer!  Their recall notice speaks for itself …ApolloIn an update, they say that all nine bottles have been successfully recovered …

“We are very sorry this occurred. Rest assured we will be following up our procedures to ensure this does not occur again. We’d like to thank those who were affected for being so understanding. We are in the process of fully refunding and providing a replacement product to those impacted.”

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’d be willing to bet that somebody no longer works for Apollo Bay!

A house for $1???

You can buy a house for €1, or a little over a dollar!  I want one!  Yes, there are some catches, the first one being that the houses are in Italy and I’m not.  Now, mind you I wouldn’t mind at all living in Italy, but a) my passport expired years ago and right now, the State Department isn’t processing passports, or so I’m told; b) it would cost money that I don’t have to get to Italy; c) daughter Chris doesn’t have a job in Italy, d) None of us speak Italian; and e) the kitties.  But it is a tempting offer, if I could work through those roadblocks.Cinque-1The houses are in the village of Cinquefrondi that bills itself as “COVID-free” and is desperately attempting to attract new residents by selling homes for almost nothing — but the new owners must promise to renovate the houses.  The aim is to reverse a depopulation trend caused by younger folk heading off in search of work. In Cinquefrondi, Mayor Michele Conia considers the task so serious he’s given it a code name: “Operation Beauty.”Cinque-2

Cinque-3Despite being surrounded by the natural beauty of the rugged Aspromonte National Park and overlooking both the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts, Cinquefrondi’s urban scenery is scarred by ramshackle, abandoned dwellings.  Cinquefrondi merely requests an annual €250 policy insurance fee until works are completed.  New owners are only liable to a fine of €20,000 in the unlikely event they do not complete the restyling within three years.

“We’re just asking for some kind of certainty once a new buyer commits to the project. The policy fee is very low and the cost of a restyle here is within €10,000 to €20,000, given the dwellings are cozy and tiny.”

Heck, for the price, I could afford to buy two houses side-by-side, knock out a few walls, and have a house big enough for us!  Take a look … what do you think?


Two stories caught my eye this week, both about cows in trouble in the UK.  Makes me wonder what they feed them over there.  The first may have been a case of the cow needed to go on a diet.

Name unknown, this 13-year-old British white cow apparently attempted to pass between two trees near its owner’s farm and became wedged.


¡¡¡Pobre Vaca!!!

The Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said an Animal Rescue advisor was sent to the wooded area in Hightown to assist with the rescue.  The specialist restrained the cow and kept it calm while its owner, whose farm is nearby, used an ax to cut through one of the trees. The cow was freed after about 10 minutes. It was given food and water before being loaded onto a trailer and taken back to the farm.

I just love a happy ending!

The other cow was happily grazing when somehow she managed to fall into the River Avon on Friday morning.  The water rescue team ventured out in a boat and used specialist safety equipment to guide the cow back to the shoreline and haul the animal back onto dry land.cow-2The cow was not injured, so another happy ending … but I think you guys ‘cross the pond might better stop giving the cows so much beer!

Let’s head over to Phil’s Phun  and see if he’s got any ‘phunny’ cartoons for us today, shall we?  By the way, Phil has tons of phun things on his weekly posts, beautiful photography, memes, jokes, ‘toons, and more … you should pop over and take a look!


Skunks 🦨  get a bad rep, and I’m pretty sure that once you watch this video, you’ll think differently about the little critters.  They are, after all, not much different than kittens!  And notice the one playing with the orange cat … think maybe humans could take a lesson here?

Well, folks, I’m sad to say that our Monday morning has come to its conclusion.  I’m really happy that you dropped by, though, and just seeing you all here has improved my mood a lot!  Please, friends, remember to share those smiles.  Everyone is so stressed, so on edge, so angry these days … you’d be surprised how much good a smile can do.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

jolly    Jollys girlfriend Joyful

Jolly Monday Full Of Smiles …

Yes, friends, it’s Monday … again … already.  I don’t know why it seems to always come back so quickly, when it takes Saturday forever to come back ‘round.  Still, there is always one bright spot to Mondays and that is getting to see all of you!  Did you have a fun weekend?  Jolly has returned home after his three-day absence, and with a rather sheepish grin on his face … best not to ask him where he was or what he was doing, methinks.  Well, grab a snack and a cuppa and let’s find something to put a Monday morning smile on our face, okay? 


Shoe size WHAT???

A cobbler in Romania has crafted a unique sort of shoe … the social distancing shoe!  That’s right … he was concerned that people weren’t following social distancing rules, so he created a shoe to try to solve the problem …shoesA pair takes around two days to make with 10 square feet of leather and will set you back around $115, or £101.

Now, he claims the shoes are each two-and-a-half feet long, but … looking at them, I don’t think so.  Either way, though, I would trip over them, fall and break my bloomin’ neck, thus catching the coronavirus would be the least of my worries!  I’m not, shall we say, the most graceful creature!  In fact, yesterday I had to wear socks just to wash pillows!

Opportunity of a lifetime …

A Virginia brewery, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co., announced it is seeking a “Chief Hiking Officer” who would be paid $20,000 to spend five to seven months hiking the Appalachian Trail and drinking beer.  The Lexington, Virginia company is accepting applications from people who “love hiking and beer” to take on the unique job.

The winning applicant will be granted the “Chief Hiking Officer” title and be flown out to the trail head in 2021 for a 2,200-mile hike.  The hiker, who would tackle the trail between May and September 2021, would be outfitted with equipment by the brewery, as well as being treated to “some big ol’ beer parties along the way.”

The application on the company’s website consists of some personal information, proof of social media or blogging savvy, and a video explaining why the applicant should receive the position.

Now, my friend Herb, aka Beekeeper, is a hiking enthusiast and an Appalachian Trail section hiker, so I was sure this would really appeal to him … new hiking gear, a chance to thru-hike his favourite trail, beer, and $20,000!  But no, ‘twould seem he’s lost his sense of adventure, for he merely laughed and informed me that beer and hiking don’t mix!

Not the brightest moment …

The headline read …

Woman, dog rescued from Massachusetts sewer

Well, naturally I had to check it out to find out just why a woman was languishing in a sewer!

Roberta Ingham said she was outside her home in Nashua on Thursday when she heard someone screaming for assistance …

“I’m laying on my chaise lounge, and I hear what I think is someone yelling, ‘help’, but also wonder if it’s an animal. I look around and, I said, ‘Something’s wrong.’ So I got up to make sure I wasn’t crazy.”

Ingham and her next-door neighbor investigated the shouting and determined they were coming from underground.

“She was at the manhole, and the culvert is in the back of my house. So she must have been yelling down the pipe and we could hear her, but she couldn’t hear us. We called 911, and we’re trying to explain there’s a woman underground.”

Imagine the look on the dispatcher’s face, listening to this call!  Turns out that the unnamed woman was out walking with her dog, apparently not on a leash, when the dog got away from her and went down a culvert and into an underground pipe.  The woman followed the dog, and next thing she knew, they were both stranded about 150 feet into the pipe.

Both dog and woman were brought to safety by Nashua Fire Rescue firefighters and neither were injured, though I imagine both needed long, hot baths afterward.

I stumbled across something kind of cool the other day called an “Amazing fact generator”, and I thought I’d share just a few of the ‘amazing facts’ it generated with you:

  • In the late 1800s, residents of Corinne, Utah could buy divorce papers from a vending machine for $2.50.  (They had vending machines back then???)
  • Andrew Jackson’s parrot was kicked out of his funeral for swearing.
  • In 1939, Hitler’s nephew wrote an article called “Why I Hate My Uncle.” He came to the U.S., served in the Navy, and settled on Long Island.
  • Viking men wore makeup.
  • Like casinos, shopping malls are intentionally designed to disorient visitors. The feeling of losing track of time and geography inside a mall is called the Gruen Transfer.  (The longer you stay inside, the more money you throw away!)
  • People didn’t always say “hello” when they answered the phone. When the first regular phone service was established in 1878, Alexander Graham Bell suggested answering the phone with “ahoy.”  (I never say ‘hello’ … it’s either “Hey” or “Yo”)
  • Honey hunters in Mozambique use special calls to recruit the services of birds known as honeyguides. The birds lead the humans to bees’ nests and in return, they get the leftover beeswax.

And now, what would Jolly Monday be without some cartoons!










And, as always, I must end with a cute animal video, yes?

If only my furry babes would act that way!  Well, Oliver does, but the rest are just strange!


Okay, friends, let’s get out there and make this week something special, shall we?  Remember, we’re not getting any younger and it’s time we took the reins and left our mark on the world!  Me?  Well, today I plan to change the sheets on my bed, clean off the kitchen table, clean the front of the refrigerator, and vacuum the downstairs.  And write a no-doubt scathing post for the afternoon.  Remember to share those smiles … I just love seeing them, and I know others will too!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

A Jolly-less Jolly Monday

Good Monday morning, my friends!  I’ll give you a warning up front … Jolly has taken a temporary (at least it darn well better be temporary) break and I don’t know if I can pull a rabbit out of a hat by myself.rabbit-hatSo, how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Nah, me neither.  I’m sorry there are fewer snacks on the table this morning, but hopefully you can find something to your liking, so grab a cuppa something and a bite, and let’s try to get this week off on the right foot … with a smile.  😊

Jack Rico graduated last Wednesday from Fullerton College in California.  Now, most of us graduated from college with a degree, but Jack earned four associate’s degrees in history, human expression, social behavior and social science, all the while maintaining a 4.0 GPA!  Jack, needless to say, is what we used to call a braniac.  But, there’s something else for you to know about Jack … he is 13-years-old!Jack-Rico-1Jack’s mother, Ru Andrade, said she knew her son was special ever since he was a young boy. When Rico was about to turn four, she asked him what he wanted for his birthday. While other boys his age might have asked for toys or a trip to Disneyland, Rico said he wanted to see the White House.Jack-Rico-WH

“I told him that was a really big trip for a three-year-old. Just kidding around, I said, ‘If you can memorize all the presidents, I’ll take you.'”

A week later, Rico came up to his mom and surprised her with his response.

“He said, ‘I already knew the presidents, but I memorized all the vice presidents so that we could go.’ So that’s when I knew, ‘Oh, you’re already smarter than me.'”

The next step for Rico is to continue studying history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he received a full ride.  Says Rico …

“I just love learning new stuff. I love knowing more about the world and all the different things we could study. I’m 13 right now so I don’t really have the whole life thing figured out. I’m still trying to explore my interests and learn what I want to do in life.”

Heck, I’m 68 and I still don’t have the whole life thing figured out!  What a kid, eh?

Take a look at this critter …cat-1Any idea what it is?  Turns out it is a cat with a heck of a lot of matted fur!  Two pounds of matted fur, as it turned out.  The Arizona Humane Society (AHS) received a call that the cat’s owner had died and the cat had nobody to care for her.  Her name, appropriately enough, is team at the Humane Society removed some 2 pounds of matted fur, while Fluffer patiently cooperated.  Says Bretta Nelson of the AHS …

“She is an absolute sweetheart, so much so that she required no sedation during her procedure which is extremely unusual when caring for cats who are likely in pain.”

cat-3This story has a happy ending, though.  After Fluffer’s grooming, Fluffer was adopted and now lives with her new owners in her forever

I’ve concluded that while they are nice stories, neither of the above stories are particularly funny.  Therefore, I think I would do better with … oh, how about a few funny signs?


And of course we must have some cartoons, yes?


This one’s for you, Roger!!!


Okay, folks … I told you, I’m just not funny without Jolly, but I promise he’ll be back next week!  Meanwhile, how about a cute animal video … now THAT I can do!

I wish you all a great week ahead, and remember to share your beautiful smiles … we could all use an extra these days, so I’ll leave a basket of them by the door … take as many as you need.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and the not-present Jolly!