For Decades ALEC Has Kept Workers’ Wages Stagnant While They Inserted A Leader Like Trump

Gronda is baaaaack! Want to know how the current occupant of the Oval Office is getting by with murder? The answer is in this post. Thank you, Gronda!

Gronda Morin

Syndicated cartoon: Negative campaign ads; secret donors; dark money | Columnists |

It’s my contention that the current Trumpian GOP political candidates have become so addicted to the easy monies provided by GOP dark money conservative ALEC type donors to where they fear the money spigot being turned off  more than any backlash from even their own voters.

My question is, Why isn’t there more recent media coverage to out these “dark money (Alec/ Federalist Society) rich donors who have been using their power to pull the strings of President Trump, the Supreme Court and to cut off the legs of legislators who don’t kowtow to their demands?

Try this experiment. Whenever President Trump acts in a way that seems politically clueless, ponder as to how his actions benefit conservative GOP ALEC type corporate leaders and then, you’ll figure out what’s really happening.

Note: This blog is based on a previously published post on 12/29/2018.

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