“Journalistic Malpractice” by The New York Times?

It would be a mistake to ignore the group No Labels, that our friend Annie has written about before. The group claims to be one thing, but in truth their motives are far less altruistic and far more dangerous than what they imply. We the People rely on a free press to keep us informed of facts … I’m not talking about Fox, NewsMax or the like, but about the established media such as The Washington Post and New York Times. Understandably, the “mainstream media” has shifted, since the popularity of the internet has veered people away from print media, and the media corporations do have to find a way to profit, however they still have a responsibility to the people. As The Washington Post’s motto reads: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Annie has once again written an excellent post on both the topic of No Labels and of the media’s responsibility (and sometimes failure) to We the People. Thank you for sharing your insights, Annie!


My status as a determined optimist—albeit a worrying optimist—is being sorely tested by that deceitful gang at No Labels who call themselves “centrist/moderates.” They are, in my opinion, as much a threat to democracy as Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or both.

And, not for the first time, the media is not doing its job.

I wrote about this faux-democratic campaign recently: “No Labels Is Up to No Good.” A quick recap: this organization–which refuses to disclose its donors–is launching a well-funded effort to get on the ballot in all fifty states, and focusing on the states Biden won in 2020.

Regardless of your feelings about Biden, the most likely result of this campaign will be the election of Donald J. Trump.

When I first wrote about No Labels last month, they were flirting with the idea of running what will essentially be a spoiler campaign, as they have no…

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That Pesky First Amendment Scores Again!

Our friend Annie airs some of her frustrations with the “mainstream” media today, and I share her views. Ever since Chris Licht took over at CNN, the network has swapped truth-telling for leaning to the right of center, as is evidenced by their upcoming ‘town hall’ with the ignoble Donald Trump. But Annie also talks of the White House Correspondents Association dinner that was held last Sunday. She shares two great clips that are a must-see, and shares her views, again views with which I fully concur! Thank you, Annie, for this excellent post reminding us of just how crucial true freedom of the press is to our democracy … or what remains of it.


I am often critical of the mainstream media, whom I find too insensitive to the fragility of our democracy in their determination to present “both sides” of issues that often don’t have two sides.

For example, I’m more than frustrated with much of the coverage of the House Republicans’ willingness to throw our economy over the cliff if Biden doesn’t accept the demands of their most radical, irresponsible members.

Instead of focusing on the dangerous Republican behavior, reporters are asking: “Why doesn’t Biden just sit down with Kevin McCarthy and reach a deal?”

By a vote of 217-215, the House Republicans passed a dreadful bill, which McCarthy promised his most far right members would be the floor to any negotiations, leaving no room for a deal they knew would be unacceptable to the President and the Senate.

Oh, and another example of media irresponsibility is the incomprehensible CNN Town Hall…

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“No Labels” Is Up to No Good!

Things are not always what they seem, are they? When the magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat or a quarter out of his ear at a magic show, we laugh … it’s all in good fun. But when a candidate for office or a political organization start playing shell games, the humour is gone, for it is our very lives at stake. Our friend Annie has a cautionary warning about a political organization that on the surface, seems to support centrist, bi-partisan policies and politics, but when you pull back the curtain, there is much more to it than first thought. It rather reminds me of what was behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz. Thank you, Annie, for this very timely warning … forewarned is forearmed.


Photo by Leeloo Thefirst on Pexels.com

NOTE: I have determined to focus my blog posts on positive developments whenever possible. But frankly, the story I’m writing about here worries me a great deal.

It also infuriates me. There may be many folks with good intentions involved, but at the heart of this effort appear to be greed, deception, and a flamboyant disinterest/carelessness about the fate of America.

If you’re asked to participate in any efforts with the “No Labels” name attached—such as signing a petition to get their organization, which they refer to as a nonprofit, on the ballot in your state—please consider carefully before agreeing.

The “No Labels” rhetoric is designed to appeal to patriotic Americans who feel themselves without a political home. No Labels claims to be a “moderate, centrist” group. I realize that’s an attractive stance for many people these days.

But “No Labels” doesn’t mean…

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Channeling FDR, Rep. Jamie Raskin Corrects Those Across the Aisle: “Just Call Us the Democracy”

I think Jamie Raskin first crossed my radar in 2021 when he served as the impeachment manager for Trump’s second impeachment. He spoke intelligently and with passion and I was impressed. Then he played a large role on the January 6th Committee and again, I was impressed. He is intelligent, but also understands the value of Our friend Annie has a couple of clips of Mr. Raskin’s recent comments to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee that I thoroughly enjoyed … this man has much potential and is living up to it! Thank you, Annie, for sharing his clips and the wit, wisdom, and passion of Representative Raskin!


In these two brief clips, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), in his inimitable way, is trying to get his colleagues across the aisle on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee to refrain from an oft-used slur against Democrats: referring to the Democratic Party as the “Democrat Party.” (This slur has a time-dishonored history; see the PS* below.) Raskin states that the Republicans’ frequent use of it is “an act of incivility.”

This man is now more than half way through chemotherapy for a very serious, but treatable, lymphoma–which does not seem to have sapped his energy and vigor. The cap he is wearing in these videos was given to him by musician Stevie Van Zandt (of Bruce Springstein’s E Street Band) to cover his treatment-balded pate in style.

In the first video, he is responding to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who has apparently persisted in using the grammatical error. He also…

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Why We Gotta Talk About Court Reform–Now!

We worry about a Ron DeSantis or a Donald Trump being elected and turning this nation into a dictatorship, but perhaps we should be more immediately concerned by the rate at which the courts are taking over our lives! Our friend Annie over at annieasksyou has the lowdown …


Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

Something is really out of kilter in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

You’ve probably heard about an imminent decision on abortion. The reason I’m writing about it now is that no matter what I’ve read or heard, I still haven’t come across a sensible explanation concerning how this situation evolved—let alone how it can stand in 21st Century America.

There’s a single judge in Texas, a guy named Matthew Kacsmaryk, who’s pretty definitely about to tell women and the medical professionals who care for them—throughout the US, regardless of where they live or what their state laws say—that the abortion pill the FDA approved twenty-three years ago is—well, verboten.

How does one man (a D Trump appointee, part of the wondrous lasting legacy) get to make this far-reaching decision? The medication in question—mifepristone—is currently used in a…

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“The High Cost of Underestimating Joe Biden”

President Joe Biden is the subject of criticism from within and without his party. He’s called boring, too old, incompetent. But the reality is that he is working behind the scenes and getting things done. Our friend Annie shares with us today the words of David Rothkopf who fully understands the greatness that is the Biden presidency and the accomplishments he’s made, but received very little credit for. Thank you, Annie! Wonderful piece!



By David Rothkopf

November 13, 2022

In 2020,@JoeBidenwas second guessed by many (me included). He wasn’t exciting. Too old school. Talked about healing. Talked about a clear agenda when the other side had little to offer but hate and good TV ratings. And he won decisively despite the skepticism of the “smart money.”

For two years, he was derided for reaching out to the other side, for his compromises with the left or with the centrists in his own party, for not be exciting enough. He ignored the Beltway buzz. He did the dullest thing imaginable: he governed.

The American Rescue Plan lifted millions out of poverty and helped stimulate a job boom that now has produced 10 million jobs, a record, more than the last three GOP administrations added up. Record number of quality judges were appointed. Executive orders undid Trump’s damage.

He made the bold decision…

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Joe Biden As Visionary: A Fairer, More Prosperous, Healthier America IS INDEED ON THE BALLOT!

Our friend Annie gives us an in-depth view of what the Biden administration has accomplished and plans to accomplish in the future but can only do so with a little bit of help from us – our vote! Thank you, Annie, for this well-researched and comprehensive post!


Image courtesy of hsb wikimedia.org.

I’ve been saying for some time that I believe history will be kinder to our maligned President than the voters seem to be. While Biden’s poll numbers are rising, they’re nowhere near where they should be based on his accomplishments to date. And those accomplishments are just a down payment on the more equitable, firmly democratic, healthier country he envisions.

It is deeply regrettable that the worldwide inflation and looming recession—due largely to the pandemic and Putin’s war—enable the trickle-down Republicans to attack Biden on the economy, while too many voters don’t realize that the economy always does better under Democratic administrations.

And yet, in contrast to the indifference or public criticism that Biden’s been receiving, I’ve noticed some recent essays/articles pointing out how well he’s doing.

Note the titles of the pieces I quote from below.

A big part of the upheaval in our…

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LET’S ALL MAKE SURE WE PROTECT DEMOCRACY ON NOVEMBER 8TH (My attempt to create a helpful candidates guide)

Our friend Annie over at AnnieAsksYou has gone way above and beyond in her latest post that summarizes the mid-term election candidates for the most relevant and/or contentious races. Bookmark this post, for you may want to refer to it more than once in the next 51 days! Annie — I cannot imagine how many hours you put into the research for this post … I applaud your efforts and THANK YOU for all this valuable information!


Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

With the completion of the primaries on September 13 and the midterm elections less than two months away, it’s time to zero in on particular candidates who have been targeted by the Republicans, and/or those I feel are especially worthy of your votes, active support, and any dollars you can spare. My goal has been to cover as many of the key races as I can.

Wherever possible, I’ve linked to substantive information about the candidates. If you want to donate–and even a few dollars are helpful–many of them are linked to ActBlue.

This is a companion piece to my previous post, How to Be a Part of the Solution, which contains organizations working to protect democracy that can also use your support.

In view of rising reports of vote suppression campaigns already under way, please check your own situation soon—to make sure…

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“I No Longer Recognize My Country…”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …” depending on your set of (or lack of) values, the colour of your skin, your religious beliefs (or non-beliefs), and your views of what a nation should be. Our friend Annie sums up our times with a clear-eyed view that is both realistic, but also gives us a bit of hope that perhaps we can overcome today’s chaos and come out a better country than before. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read her piece and give it some thought. And do the one thing we can ALL do — VOTE! Thank you, Annie!


I have increasingly come across the sad expression: “I no longer recognize my country.”

I not only understand that expression; I also share it. We are being buffeted by a series of events that are searing to live through. We used to be so proud to be Americans. How did things go so terribly wrong?

Then “I no longer recognize my country” evokes other thoughts. For one, I think of the incredible Ukrainians, who have been fighting an existential battle for their very existence since February and have lived with active war in parts of their country for years–and threats for most of their national life. They’ve also long fought valiantly against internal corruption.

They put their bodies on the line every day—fighting to keep their hard-won democracy and their autonomy against mammoth odds.

Structurally, they can no longer recognize their country because their country as they remember it no…

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The Capitol Police Gave Their All

Our friend Annie penned this beautiful poem that I thought deserved to be shared. It honours the Capitol Police who gave their all on that fateful day, and specifically Officer Caroline Edwards whose moving testimony last Thursday night brought a tear to many an eye. Thank you, Annie, for sharing your talents and this moving poem with us.


Image from Georgia Recorder(*)

In Honor of Caroline Edwards, Witness at the January 6th Committee’s First Public Hearing, and Her Colleagues

T he lovely, nails-tough cop described the
H ell raining down upon them.
E nduring torment, taunts, and trauma, they

C ontributed their very lives to save
A building, institution, lawmakers—all
P rey to a mob of fury-blinded
I nsurrectionists whose Chief insisted
T hat it was they who were in the right.
O nly now do we fully see the brilliant
L ight their heroism shone as trained thugs

P ressed against them,
O verwhelmed them.
L isten to her searing words:
“I t was carnage, it was
C haos…I wasn’t trained for warfare.”
E xcruciatingly, she detailed the horrors,

G raphically told of slipping in her fellows’ blood
A nd wiping clean their spray-pierced eyes til
V eils of spray descended on her own,
E xhausting…

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