A-A-April F-F-Fool!!!

Sometimes one can find humour in the headlines, such as in this one from The Guardian

Swedish court dishes out justice after judge steals meatballs

Turns out, the judge had been on the bench for more than two decades, but last Christmas she was caught re-handed stealing ham and meatballs, sausages and cheese.  She resigned in February when word of the police investigation got out.  She was fined 50,000 Swedish kronor or about $5,354.

No real point here, I just found the headline humorous and thought I’d share a chuckle before moving on to the more serious stuff …

And now on to the serious stuff …

Give yourselves a break … I know I need one!  More serious stuff later today, but for now, enjoy the holiday, ‘k?  Think of some fun, harmless mischievous prank to play on friends ‘n family.  Or just go have a nice lunch somewhere!