Jolly Monday … Widout Gwammie!

It’s funny how Monday sort of creeps up on you, isn’t it?  I mean, just yesterday it was Friday, the start of the weekend, and now the weekend is gone?  Where did it go?  I don’t remember it!  I had big plans to clean out my closet over the weekend, but … only thing I did was open the door and throw yet another package into it!  I had plans to wrap some presents I need to send across the pond for Christmas … they are somewhere in my clos … oh no, wait, they are in a stack at the foot of my bed … still not wrapped!  Sigh.  Can I get a do-over on the weekend, please?  I must get these cards addressed tonight so Chris can mail them on her way to work in the morning.  Sigh.  I’m tired.  Can I just go to bed and start over on January 20th, please?

jollyGwammie … GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!  Okay fwiends … enuf of her whining … Joyful made some yummy things for you an’ I went over to Phil’s Phun and found some funnies, so Imma send Gwammie to her room until she can be nice, okay?  GO GWAMMIE … you’re spoilin’ da fun for our fwiends!  Me ‘n Joyful will finish Jolly Monday an’ you can go pout ‘n whine.

Okay, fwiends … Joyful worked weally hard on da snacks, so we hope you likes ‘em.  Gwab a snack an’ we’ve got lots o’ toons ‘n other stuff to make you laugh!

First, some ‘toons from Unca Phil … he lives in a pwace called Oz, ‘cept it’s weally called Oztralia.


Wasn’t dey fun?  Gwammie found some funny (weally, weally bad 🙄 ) jokes before she got all pouty …



Isn’t dis picture neat?  It’s somewhere in Japan an’ dey had a LOT of s-n-o-w!!!!


An’ Joyful found us a cute animal video ‘bout a kitty who makes a doggie feel better.

We hopes you liked Jolly Monday an’ we’re sowwy ‘bout Gwammie … she don’t usually get like dis, but she’s tired and don’ feel so good, ’cause she’s weally upset dese days, we think it’s about da ‘lection an’ dat weird guy dey call da Donald, or summat like dat.  Until next Monday, we all send you our love ‘n hugs!

Jolly Monday — Snacks ‘n Laughs

Monday-sleepy-2{yawn} Good Monday morning, my friends, and {yawn} welcome to … um … where are we again?  Oh yeah, welcome to Filosofa’s {yawn} castle for a Jolly Monday morn.  Sorry I’m not quite on my game this morning … shots fired here in da ‘hood late last night kept me awake … four shots in rapid succession, raised voices, a person running very fast, and then silence. And no, I’m not kidding – I wish I were.  Sigh.  Forgive the clutter, but I haven’t done much in the way of housework over the long weekend.  You know what I’ll be doing today and tomorrow!  Speaking of which … did you all have a good Thanksgiving?  I know for most of you it was a bit sad not getting together with friends and family, but I hope your day was good and that you now have a freezer stuffed with leftover emu … er, turkey.  Before I went to bed last night, I carefully instructed Joyful not to put turkey in any of the treats today, for we are likely all getting somewhat tired of it.  So, let’s go see what she has cooked up for us, and then we’ll find something to start the week out with a smile …

Who knew???

Now here’s a sign you don’t see every day …


The signs were put up by officials of Jasper National Park, in the western province of Alberta, to try to stop moose from licking road salt off idling cars — a serious problem that can present dangers to the vehicles, the drivers and the moose.


According to Jasper National Park spokesman Steve Young …

“They’re obsessed with salt, it’s one of the things they need for the minerals in their body. They usually get it from salt lakes in the park, but now they realized they can also get road salt that splashes onto cars.”

Who knew?  The fear is that the moose will lose their fear of cars and there will be more moose-auto collisions …

“Moose and cars are not a good mix. If you hit the moose with your car, you take the legs out from under it and it’s going through your windshield. The more space between you and the wildlife, the healthier it is for them and you.”

Poetic justice …

A hunter in the Czech Republic was charged by a deer that snagged the man’s gun on its antlers and fled into the woods with the weapon.  The unnamed hunter called police … my first question was to ask if he wanted the deer arrested, or what?

The man said one of the hunting dogs in his group startled a stag in a wooded area, causing the panicked deer to run directly toward him. The deer’s antlers ripped the man’s sleeve and ended up snagged on his .22 Hornet rifle, which had been slung over his left hand at the time. The animal ran off into the woods with the hunter’s unloaded gun still attached to its antlers, the man told police.

Now, the hunter got what he deserved, but I do worry what mischief that deer might get into with his first ever gun, especially when I read the next headline …

Deer runs wild through assisted living facility

Are you guys ready for some ‘toons?  I found some good ones this week over at Phil’s Phun!


And just two funny signs caught my eye this week …


And how could we possibly have a Jolly Monday without a cute critter video?  You may remember last month when I featured squirrel photography by Geert Weggen in a Saturday Surprise post?  Well, I just happened to stumble across this video by Geert, who says …

“This movie is about 4 wild squirrels I made without cutting and it is my first direct movie on youtube, the quality is not so good.”

He’s right … the quality isn’t great, but judging by his photography, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more squirrel videos from him and that the quality will improve with each one, for he is a perfectionist!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, or at least a peaceful one.  Keep safe, my friends, and share those lovely smiles with all that you see, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly Monday — Toons ‘n More

Last week was one heck of a roller coaster ride!  I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that it is now 1:00 a.m. on Monday morning and I haven’t given more than a passing thought to Jolly Monday.  I owe Phil Cointreau over at Phil’s Phun a debt of gratitude for coming to my rescue with ‘toons, ‘memes and more! 

Since I did promise my disappointed bacon lovers that I would make it up to them this week, me ‘ Joyful have been in the kitchen all morning long cooking up bacon … and other stuff, too.  So, grab a snack, a cuppa your choice, and hopefully we can start the week out with a smile … or at least with a full belly!

And now for some fun ‘toons …


I’ve got just a few fun memes …



This is ME!!! I swear somebody was inside my mind when they wrote this one!


And now folks, I might skimp on the funny stories or even {gasp} the bacon on Jolly Monday, but no way am I leaving Jolly Monday without a cute or funny animal video!

And now, my friends, Jolly, Joyful and I wish you the happiest of weeks … and please share your smiles this week, for it makes you feel happier, and it makes the person your smiling with feel happier, too.  A win-win!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!



Jolly Joyful Monday!

Good Monday morning and welcome to Jolly Monday!  I trust you all had a good weekend?  I did a bit of traveling over the weekend!  I went to Switzerland, then to Lakeway, Texas, northwest of Austin!  I saw beautiful snow-capped mountains and happy little villages in Switzerland, and lots of deer in Lakeway!  And the best part?  It didn’t cost me a penny!  Gary took me on the Swiss tour,   and John Howell took me around Lakeway to see the many deer out and about this weekend!     Thanks guys!  I enjoyed it!

Joyful has been hard at work in the kitchen this morning, so let’s see what she has whipped up for us, then we’ll find some fun things to start the week out with a smile, yes?

Check out the mystery section …

Libraries are treasure troves … I could spend all day in a library and never get bored, for you just never know what you will find.  Even so, I can only imagine the surprise when employees at the Walla Walla Public Library in Washington came across a disintegrated paper bag containing five unopened cans of Hamm’s beer and an opened pack of Godzilla Heads gum behind a shelf in the mystery section!

beer-gumThe library is currently closed due to the pandemic, so employees were doing a bit of cleaning and renovating when they came across the stash.  Library officials said their research determined Godzilla Heads gum dates from the 1980s and the Hamm’s beer cans don’t include health warnings that were required from 1988 on, leading staff to believe the snack stash is more than 30 years old.

The City of Walla Walla said the “artifacts” were transferred “to another city facility.”

“The abandoned relics now reside in the Sudbury Landfill.”

Old, used, stinky & damaged …

Once again, I have proof positive that some people have a lot more money than good sense!  WHO in their right mind would pay $615,000 for a pair of worn, stinky tennis shoes???

Yes, you heard right!  The shoes belonged to Michael Jordan and were worn during a 1985 exhibition game.  So, not only are they used and stinky, but they are 35 years old!!!  Out of style!  I can buy a brand-new pair of tennis shoes … good ones … for about $50!jordan-shoesAuction house Christie’s said the Nike Air Jordan 1 High sneakers, worn by the basketball legend during an exhibition game in Trieste, Italy, were autographed by Jordan and described by the auctioneer as “a one-of-a-kind Michael Jordan artifact.”

The shoes were billed as especially unique due to a shard of glass embedded in the sole of the left shoe as a result of Jordan shattering a glass backboard with a forceful slam dunk.  So now they are not only worn, stinky, and old, but also damaged by a shard of glass!  Sheesh, people … I can think of MUCH better ways to spend $615,000!!!  Why is it that the stupidest people are the ones with the most money???

I happened across just a few funny signs last week that I thought you might enjoy …


Bicycle Bob – an inspiration!

Bob Mettauer has earned himself quite a reputation in his hometown of Santa Maria, California.  You see, Bob is 95 … soon to be 96 years old and last Tuesday he hit quite a milestone!  He pedalled his 100,000th mile since he took up cycling in the 1990s after his retirement.  Think about that one, folks … 100,000 miles!  That is equivalent of crossing the U.S. from coast-to-coast 33 times! Bicycle-BobHis neighbors have dubbed him “Bicycle Bob”, and on Tuesday they threw a little celebration for him.  Bicycle Bob’s friend Meg Porter describes his bike riding routine …

“He rides 9 miles a day, rain or shine. The only time he stopped is when he had a shoulder injury for a little bit but every day he rides 9 miles. What an inspiration he is.”

Triathlete Damien Porter says he hopes to accomplish half of what Bob has done.

“I’ve ridden my bike my whole life I do triathlons and all this and I’ve never met anybody who’s done 100,000 miles so he’s the first person I’ve ever met he’s ridden 100,000 miles. I think he’s awesome. He’s twice my age so I got something to live up to.”

bicycle-bob-2And what does Bob think about all the attention?

“I am astonished at the fact that all these people have come.  The reason I’m doing that is I can do the things that I do because I do what I do. And I’m going to keep going.  On September 18 I’ll be 96 years old, and I’m going to keep on going.”

Thumbs up to this man … he makes me feel like a decapitated turtle!

Are you ready for some cartoons?  I sent Jolly ‘n Joyful over to Phil’s Phun to scavenge a few ‘toons for us …


And we can’t close Jolly Monday without a fun critter video, now can we?

Well, folks, it’s that time again … I hope you are leaving with a smile on your face and that you’ll keep that smile and share it with others all week long!  Much love and many hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly Monday — Jolly Is AWOL Again!!!

Good morning friends, and welcome to …monday-1Jolly has gone AWOL yet again, not surprisingly, so I’m on my own here today.  Be patient, for it’s Jolly who adds the zest to Jolly Monday and I only do the technical part as a rule, so I’m a bit rusty on the humour end of it.  I do, however, remember how to make bacon!  That is a big requisite here for a few of you!  So, with that thought, let’s grab a bit of a snack and see if I can manage to rustle up just a bit of humour for us to start this week out on the right foot, okay?


Robert Berger, age 25 of Long Island, New York, was on bail, awaiting sentencing on a pair of vehicle-theft charges.  Berger came up with a perfect plan … roll over and play dead!  He decided to fake his own death certificate, and he might have gotten away with it … if only he could spell!death-certificate

“Upon inspection of the certificate by the NCDA, it was noted that font type and size changed in the document. Additionally, prosecutors observed that the word ‘Registry’ in the department name was misspelled as ‘Regsitry’ in the ‘ISSUED BY’ section,” the Nassau Country District Attorney’s office said.

Now, in addition to his previous legal woes, Berger faces the prospect of up to four years in prison on the felony charge of offering a false instrument for filing. He pleaded not guilty.  Just goes to show … it pays to check and double check your work!

Green Onions in your morning cereal?

Back in 2004, Kellogg’s launched a light-hearted marketing campaign for Chex, a five-grain cereal, asking South Koreans to vote on a new flavour.  The two choices were Chex Choco Empire – chocolate-flavoured Cheki and green onion-flavoured Chaka.

The PR stunt was meant to end in an easy victory for sweet Cheki. But the people of South Korea did not agree.  Votes for Chaka surged past those for Cheki, catching Kellogg’s unawares. Citing multiple votes by individuals, the company halted online voting, threw out duplicate votes and declared Cheki the winner.

Over the past 16 years, Chaka fans have referred to Kellogg’s as an ‘illegitimate tyrant’, and even started a hashtag, #PrayForChex.  Said a spokesperson for Kellogg’s …

“We never expected consumers would be interested in this product for over 16 years. Every time we launched new cereals or had promotional events, online communities would repeatedly ask for the flavour.”

And so, at long last, in June Kellogg’s announced a limited edition to be on the shelves soon!green-onion-cereal

When the company put out a call for taste testers, they received more than 14,200 applications.  One of the testers was Lee Soo-jeong, 24, who voted for Chaka as a child.  When asked her impression, she said …

“The green onion flavour is too mild.”

Now, some of you are probably making a face 🤢 about now, but personally I would try it!  Maybe not with milk and mini-marshmallows, but as a late-night snack, it holds appeal.

NOT politics as usual … but maybe it should be!

Pam Iovino is a state senator in the state of Pennsylvania … a democrat, by the way.  Recently, Ms. Iovino lost her wallet, much to her dismay.  Luckily, her wallet was found, and by probably the last person on earth she would expect … her republican challenger in the upcoming election, Devlin Robinson, a republican!  Robinson posted on Facebook …

“I was happy to return this item, a bit battered by passing traffic, to Pam Iovino. She was thrilled to have it back and I was delighted to help out a fellow veteran. Sometimes, it’s great to put the politics aside. Now, on with the campaign to become the next state senator for the 37th District.”

And Iovino thanked him in her own Facebook post …

“Lost my wallet. Ugh! Luckily my cell phone number was in it. Look who found my wallet. Thanks, Devlin!”

robinson-iovinoNow THAT’S how it should be, folks!  But what a coincidence, eh?

Are you ready for some ‘toons?



And what would Jolly Monday be without a cute critter video?


And that’s a wrap for this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful week, and please do remember to share those smiles as you work your way through the rest of the week.  Things are tough all around these days, and you’d be amazed at how much just a simple smile can help.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and the AWOL Jolly!


Jolly Monday With Bacon, Benjamin, And Smiles!

Welcome, my friends!  Once again it is … Monday.  Do you realize that we are halfway through 2020 already?  Halfway back to Christmas?  🎄


Where does time go???  At any rate, I hope you are all well, that you had a wonderful weekend, and that you’re ready to hit the ground running this Monday morning!  To get you started on the right foot (or the left one, whichever you prefer), Jolly and I have found some fun things that we hope you’ll enjoy!  First, though, let’s see what we have to munch on.  Last week I forgot the bacon and was promptly reminded, so this week I made sure there is plenty of bacon.  OH!  And my favourite youngest reader is back with us this morning after a three-month hiatus, so there will be donuts and juice boxes for Benjamin!  Welcome back, Benjamin!  Good to see you again!

Never too old!

Gordon Precious was just 59 days shy of his 95th birthday when he decided to go heli-skiing.  Now, in my book this sport is misnamed, for I was picturing a skier attached to a helicopter and the helicopter dragging him up or down the slopes, but in fact it only means that the skier is delivered to a remote mountain top via helicopter, then skis down the slope on his own power.  Nonetheless, Mr. Precious is far more courageous and athletic than I, and I’m only about 2/3 his age!

Says Gordon of his adventure …

“It was my first run by helicopter in five years. When the helicopter takes off, you think oh my goodness how am I going to get down from way up here. Then you recall that you have a very experienced guide with you, and you know that its within your scope.”

Take a look …

Stinky …

In the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt, Germany, the municipal post office was evacuated recently after a dozen people because ill from the smell emanating from a package.  Police, firefighters, and emergency services were called to the post office to investigate.

After some 60 people who were working in the building evacuated, officials went in to check the contents of the package, and found …


Yes, fruit!!!  Specifically, durian, a Thai fruit famous for its strong odor, which has been compared to rotten food, dirty socks and vomit.  🤢

Turns out that a 50-year-old resident of the town had the fruit sent home from his friend in Nuremburg.  Six people were hospitalized, six ambulances, five first-responder cars and two emergency vehicles attended the incident. Three different fire departments were also involved.  All for 4 little fruits.

The spiky fruit’s flavor and creamy texture has made it popular throughout Southeast Asia, but its infamous odor has gained it many detractors. Singapore has prohibited the fruit in its subway system, and many hotels ban durians because of the smell.  Poor fruits!  Such a bad rep they have.  And this isn’t the first time …

Last year, staff at the University of Canberra library were forced to evacuate the building due to a suspected gas leak, but a search revealed the stench was in fact caused by the fruit.

And in November 2018, a cargo of durian caused an Indonesian plane to be temporarily grounded after passengers complained about the fruit’s room-clearing stench in the cabin.

The fruit was eventually successfully delivered to its intended recipient, who I hope enjoyed every last morsel!

Squirrely sounds …

Dani Connor, a zoologist and wildlife photographer from London, UK, currently lives in Sweden where she recently became a temporary foster mom to four baby red squirrels after their mother was unfortunately hit by a car. The little critters have already learned to trust her and even recognize Dani’s voice.

As they remain in the wild, Dani visits them every day and not only makes sure they have plenty to eat and drink but captures them growing up as well. During one of the photoshoots, Dani came up with the idea to record one of the babies munching. She put her microphone right next to it and … well, listen for yourself …

Says Dani …

“I was very lucky to find where the baby squirrels were! I spoke to several wildlife sanctuaries and the advice I was given was that the baby squirrels are too small to survive on their own and if their mother had been killed by a car, they need to be captured and raised in captivity. I watched over the baby squirrels and I was so happy to see them eating the food I had left them, I decided that if they have teeth and that they can eat, they should be able to survive in the wild.”

Dani-squirrelShe spends 4-6 hours every day in the forest, photographing wildlife and looking after the baby squirrels.

And now for a few toons, memes & signs to bring forth a chuckle …





And last, but never least, a cute critter video … actually I have two today … both are short and both featuring emus!  Who knew emus were so darn cute?


And now, my friends, it’s time for us all to be productive.  I hope you’ve found your smile to start out the week and that you will share that beautiful smile with others as you work your way back to the weekend!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly (Joyful is visiting her grandmother this week).


Jolly Monday … We Hope

Good Monday morning, my friends!  Come in, come in … isn’t it grand that we haven’t had to curtail our Monday morning get-togethers, despite the restrictions due to the coronavirus?  We are still having just as much fun on Monday mornings as ever!  I shan’t ask how your weekend was, nor need you ask about mine.  Suffice it to say that I am now a week older than when you last saw me … but then, so are most of you.  So, grab a bit of a snack and let’s see what Jolly and I have found to bring a smile to your gorgeous mugs today, shall we?

Lamborghini follow-up

Last Monday, as you may recall, I told you about a 5-year-old boy in Utah who, angry that his mother refused to buy him a Lamborghini sports car (they retail for between $265,000 and $382,000, by the way), ‘borrowed’ the family car and went out planning to buy his own … with all of $3 in his pocket.  An observant state trooper pulled him over and that was the end of that story.  Except, there is a follow up …

Jeremy Neves, a local businessman, heard of the young man’s disappointment and, as Jeremy happens to own a Lamborghini (apparently a quite successful businessman), decided to treat the boy to a ride.

“I’m absolutely inspired by the principles that he displayed of success ― knowing what he wants, going after it. I thought it would be really cool to say, ‘Your dreams aren’t as far away as you think they are.’”

Now, I thought it was a pretty cool thing for Mr. Neves to do, but apparently the general consensus is that it wasn’t.  He was trounced on Twitter and elsewhere by people saying he had just given the lad the wrong lesson, rewarding him for bad behaviour.  And, on re-thinking it, he was rewarding him for all the wrong things, and encouraging that uber-capitalistic spirit that I so often complain about.  I was only thinking of the joy the young boy must have experienced.  Ah well … I’m rarely right, but still … that’s ‘the rest of the story’ as I know it.

Reclaiming their turf!

Ever since March, when a number of countries put into place strict lockdown orders, and others a lesser version, a stay-at-home order, or recommendation, businesses closed, and nations ground to a halt, there have been stories of animals turning up where you wouldn’t normally expect to find them.  The first, and most well-known, was the story of a herd of goats running through the streets of the town of Llandudno, Wales …

Since then, there have been many such stories from all over the world, including the U.S.  I find them heartwarming … after all, the critters were all here long before humans evolved from the great apes, and we took over, driving them into selected areas, in some cases driving their entire species off the earth.  The latest one, though, I found great humour in.

In an area of Brandon, Florida, residents are complaining about a group of … peacocks!  They say they have taken over the neighborhood and are messy, noisy, and are keeping them up at nights!  County officials said the peacocks aren’t regulated as pets because no one has claimed ownership of them, but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the birds also aren’t considered wildlife, so the agency doesn’t have jurisdiction over them.  In other words … get over it, people!  I imagine that soon, now that states are allowing businesses to re-open, people will be out and about more, cars polluting the air and airwaves, and the peacocks will find their way to greener pastures, but for now … it’s funny.  (Especially since I don’t live there!)

Da bull had an itch!

In the Scottish town of Chapelton, Hazel Laughton’s 4-year-old bull, Ron, had an itch.  When my cats get an itch, they use the corner of my laptop, or whatever is handy, to rub the area, usually the side of their face, until the itch is gone.  Ron decided to scratch his itch against a utility pole, and that must have been some powerful itch, for in the process he knocked the transformer completely off the pole, knocking out electricity to some 700 homes!Ron-bullFortunately, the transformer went straight to the ground, missing Ron, else this might not have been a humorous story after all.  Hazel posted an apology to all her neighbors on Facebook …

“Our bull Ron would like to apologize to everyone in Chapelton and Strathaven for causing last night’s power cut to over 700 homes. He had  itchy bum so  scratched it on the electricity pole and knocked the transformer box off.”

Not something you hear every day!

Time for a few cartoons, don’t you think?  Let’s see what Phil has in store for us over at Phil’s Phun


I don’t know about you, but I sense that my humour is a bit tired tonight, but I hope something brought a bit of a smile to your face.  Jolly informs me that we forgot the cute animal video last week, and I almost forgot it this week!  Thanks for reminding me, Jolly!

jollyWell, folks, I hope you have a good week ahead, and please keep safe out there!  Love ‘n big hugs from Filosofa & Jolly!

Jolly … Monday Aleady???

sleepyheadWh-wha-WHAT???  It’s … Monday?  Again?  Already?  Are you sure?  I’m not ready to start another week yet.  Sigh.  Well, the upside of it being Monday is that … I get to spend a bit of time with you guys, my friends!  Even though I was caught off guard, I see that Jolly has laid out a spread fit for a king, so help yourself to a cuppa and a bite to eat, and let’s go find some fun stuff, shall we?

Jolly!!!  Where’s Benjamin’s milk???

jolly milk

Why?  Just … why?

golden-arches  I suppose it was inevitable … only a matter of time.  I like scented candles … we have probably 20 Yankee Candles from seasonal to holiday, floral to pine.  But, I’m not likely to run right out to get this latest in “aromatherapy”.  McDonald’s of Big Mac fame has introduced a line of scented candles:  100% Fresh Beef, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, and Sesame Seed Bun. “Burn together for maximum deliciousness,” reads a description of the candle pack on the fan club website.McDonalds-candleFrankly, I never thought a McDonald’s burger smelled all that appealing to begin with.  But wait … that’s not all.  The candles are a part of a new line of … McDonald’s merchandise that includes matching Quarter Pounder mittens for couples, a calendar, a Quarter Pounder with Love locket, a fan club T-shirt and pin, and an “I’d rather be eating a Quarter Pounder” bumper sticker.

I cannot even begin to guess what prompted all this, but … seriously???  But, even more surreal is the fact that people are actually buying this stuff!  I went to their website to snag some pictures, and except for the calendar, everything is “Sold Out”!  No longer need I wonder about the sort of people who support Trump (oops, sorry, I let a bit of political snark sneak in there … it won’t happen again).  McDonalds-merch$25 for a bloomin’ calendar???  I don’t think so!  But, take heart!  They do have McDonald’s clothing still available!McDonalds-clothes

* Credit for this story goes to my special granddaughter Natasha, aka Miss Goose!

Your daily “Awwww” moment

A man named Brett was having a drink with his mates at The Amble Inn in Corindi Beach, in New South Wales, Australia the other night.  By the time the night was done, Brett had saved a life.  He noticed a gecko in his beer, but at first assumed the staff was playing a prank on him.  The staff, however, denied it and said the gecko must have fallen into his beer.  Well, Brett did what any of us would do … he fished the little fellow out and … gave him CPR!  Watch …

Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart?  Some say the gecko was likely only playing dead, one of the defense mechanisms used by such critters to trick predators, but I like to think ol’ Brett saved his little life!

Meet the “Wag Brigade”

I came across this in my virtual travels, and thought it was a pretty cool idea!  According to the article in Bored Panda …

Feeling down? Stressed out about flying? Is Life giving you lots of lemons and you can’t make lemonade fast enough? Well, if you’re passing through San Francisco International Airport, you might just run into the Wag Brigade: a group of 22 fluffy and adorable dogs (+ 1 precious airport therapy pig named LiLou) who are at your service and ready to melt all your worries away.wag-brigadeThe airport partnered up with the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to introduce passengers to dogs that are certified by the Animal Assisted Therapy Program. The animals roam around and help improve everyone’s mood.

The Wag Brigade program started in December 2013 and ever since then, the doggos have been meeting and greeting everyone who’s feeling a bit down or in need of a pick-me-up.

And LiLou the pig joined the team not too long ago. She’s hypoallergenic (instantly a 10/10 for me), she knows how to do lots of tricks: she can greet you with a wave, stand on her back hooves, and perform with her toy piano! (Obviously, not all at once, though that would be impressive.)


LiLou is the one on the left

According to Jennifer Kazarian, the manager of the Wag Brigade program, back in 2013 they …

“Had noticed a trend with a few other Airports that had started similar programs and I was asked to take a look at those programs to see if I could create something fun and unique to SFO. The idea for therapy dogs in Airports got started the day after 9/11 when an airport employee at SJC brought his therapy dog into work to ease passenger jitters and anxieties.”

wag-brigade-2We were curious to find out where the animals go and what they do when they’re off duty.

“All of the Wag Brigade animals are personal pets and when the animals are off-duty they accompany their human handlers as they go about their day-to-day routines. Most of the animals live in San Francisco and they enjoy fun dog activities like playing fetch at the beach or the park! Some even pick-up additional volunteer shifts at local hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, and Puppy Dog Tales Reading (PDT) Programs.”


For more information and pictures, check it out on Bored Panda!

How about some funny memes to bring a chuckle?


Oops … I did it again, didn’t I?



🤦  Anybody care to recalc?



Isn’t that Sarah Huckabee Sanders?  (Oops — again!)


And, a few toons?





And as always, if it’s Jolly Monday, then there just must be a funny or cute animal video!  I loved this one … it brought both smiles and a tear.

jollyOkay, folks … I do hope you found something to get your week started with a smile.  Now, go forth and share that beautiful smile … show the world how it’s done!  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

J-J-Jolly M-M-Monday

Good morning, friends!  Once again it is that day of the week, the dreaded … Monday.  But, at least you gained an hour over the weekend, so you should all be happy and rested, yes?  Then why the glum looks on your faces?  Looks like Jolly and I have our work cut out for us this morning, turning those scowls into smiles before you leave here.  Well … grab a snack from the table, and let’s see what we can find!

World’s oldest ‘Happy Meal’?

It has probably been 15 years since I have eaten a McDonald’s hamburger.  Never my favourite fast food, when Miss Goose was little, she liked McDonald’s, so like any grandparent worth their salt, I took her there about once a week after picking her up from the sitters after work.  But those days are long in the past.

monday-mcdonalsdsMcDonald’s closed its last restaurant in Iceland in 2009, the year after the financial crisis devastated the nation’s economy, and one of the last meals sold at the location in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, was bought on Oct. 31, 2009, by marketing consultant Hjörtur Smárason.  He had read about online rumors of never-rotting McDonald’s burgers and wanted to put the myth to the test. He bought a cheeseburger with fries, drove home and left the box on a shelf in his garage.

Three years went by, in which Smárason forgot about the souvenir of a bygone era. He had other problems to worry about.  The financial crisis had hit him hard.

“I lost all my savings. My clients were going bankrupt. I was trying to hang on to my house.”

Three years on, as he was preparing to move to Copenhagen, he came across the McDonald’s meal in his garage.  When he opened the box, he was shocked — but not for the reason he expected. Contrary to the rotten remnants he was prepared for, he found what appeared to be a fully intact meal.McDonalds-burgerLast week marked the burger’s 10th birthday, and it still looks as fresh as it did the day Mr. Smárason purchased it!  For a while, it resided in Iceland’s National Museum, but it is now on display at a small hotel, the Snotra House in Þykkvibær, South Iceland.  AND … there is a livestream video of the burger and fries if anybody feels inclined to watch it!

McDonald’s apparently felt this was not the best publicity for their product and has attempted to debunk the myth that its burgers do not decompose, arguing there is a scientific explanation for Iceland’s never-rotting burger …

“Without sufficient moisture — either in the food itself or the environment — bacteria and mold may not grow and therefore, decomposition is unlikely.”

Think about this next time you consider taking the kids to Mickey D’s!

Astronauts like cookies too …ISS-1At any given time, there are between three to ten people on the International Space Station (ISS).  The three ‘permanent’ crew members rotate periodically, generally every six months, though some have stayed as long as a year.  No doubt, spending six months confined in small quarters with two other people, can be trying.  Think about it … no walks in the park, trips to the mall, dinners in restaurants, no family.  Most of us wouldn’t last six days, let alone six months.  And then, add to that, the fact that there are no chocolate chip cookies!!!  This is trauma beyond belief!

But never fear, for help is on the way to the brave crew of the ISS!  An oven has been launched to the International Space Station (ISS) for astronauts to bake chocolate chip cookies in.  A cargo craft containing the specially-designed “space oven” and baking ingredients took off from the US state of Virginia on Saturday.

cookiesNever let it be said that NASA doesn’t have a heart!

Actually, this is all part of an experiment to test what impact high heat and zero gravity have on the shape and consistency of the cookies.  The experiment is being dubbed the first instance of baking in space.  Hilton’s DoubleTree hotel chain, which provided the dough, said the “landmark microgravity experiment” was aimed at making long-duration space travel “more hospitable”.

Hedgehog cakes???

I have mentioned a few times that I have no artistic talent.  Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. And that extends to cake decorating.  I can make an awesome tasting cake, but it will not look like a work of art.  Recently, for some reason unbeknownst to me, people attempted to bake cakes resembling a hedgehog.

hedgehogShouldn’t be a big deal, right?  Well, the results … I didn’t know whether to shake my head and roll my eyes, or laugh out loud!  Take a look for yourself …

Funny hedgehog cake fail.

Funny hedgehog cake fail.

Funny hedgehog cake fail.

Funny hedgehog cake fail.

Funny hedgehog cake fail.

Funny hedgehog cake fail.

Funny hedgehog cake fail.

Some of those were downright creepy looking!!!  At least I don’t feel quite so bad about my own lack of decorating talent now!

For Larry, rawgod, and Emily …

I came across these, and couldn’t help thinking about my bacon-loving friends …


We need a few ‘toons, don’t we?


And a few fun pics …


And last, but not least … a cute animal video!!!

jollyWell, folks, that’s all I’ve got … you’re looking a little happier than when you first got here.  Keep those smiles in place today, but share them, okay?  A smile is one of the few things in life that actually grows the more you give it away!  Have a safe and wonderful week, dear friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

Jolly Sleepy Monday!!!

Monday-sleepy-2Good … {yawn} … Monday mor {yawn} ning, friends.  Sorry ‘bout that … I’m super {yawn} sleepy this morning for some reason.  Maybe it’s the season change, for it was definitely autumn here this weekend.  Hugh tells me they even had a bit of snow out there in Minnesota!  So, did you all have a good weekend?  Anybody do anything exceptionally fun?

And now, it’s back to the grind … er, um … the joy of the work week!  But first … there are treats over there on the table, and then let’s see what fun adventures we can find to get into today, okay?

Bacon — the one on the left is Larry’s, the one in the middle is rg’s, the one on the right is Emily’s.  Now guys — she’s younger and doesn’t have to worry so much about her cholesterol.  I’m just looking out for you guys.


Coffee or tea?


Benjamin’s donuts ‘n juice


A few holiday treats!

halloween-cake        halloween-cupcake

A night in a blimp?

blimp-3You all know the Goodyear blimp that flies over football games and such, right?  Well, guess what?  Now, you can spend a night in the famous dirigible!  Goodyear listed one of its blimps on Airbnb for three separate one-night stays October 22 through 24.

Somehow, Goodyear squeezed a bed, a couch, two chairs, several tables, a potted plant and plenty of football knicknacks into the tiny blimp gondola, and it looks surprisingly cozy.  And imagine the views you’ll have … why, I would stay awake all night just looking at th … what???  It won’t be leaving the ground? blimp-1Bummer.  The blimp will remain grounded in an air hangar minutes from Goodyear’s headquarters in Akron, Ohio.  Guests can step outside the blimp into an open entertainment center complete with a TV and open bar.  Heck, I can stay home and have television and a glass of wine.  I wanted stunning views!

Anyway, if you’re interested, it’s only $150 for a one-night stay.  Goodyear advises those interested to monitor its Airbnb listing on October 15 for a chance to make a reservation.

Tough luck …

A Japanese businessman traveling on business in Paris had his watch stolen last Monday.  Now, normally I would have empathy … I mean, it’s rather an invasion of person to have your watch snatched right off your wrist, yes?

The man had stepped out of the Hôtel Napoléon, near the Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysées, around 9 p.m. on Monday evening to smoke a cigarette, when he was approached by a man who asked him for a cigarette, but when he put his hand out, the thief seized the timepiece and ran away.

But, there’s a reason I’m not terribly empathetic here … the watch was valued at $830,000.  Obviously, if he could spend that much on a watch, when one that costs $30 would keep time just as well, then he isn’t in need of my compassion.  Perhaps at least the thief will find a way to do good, to help others, with the money he gets for the watch.

What, you may ask, does a nearly million-dollar watch look like (for nobody reading this post has likely ever seen one!)?  Well, it was a Richard Mille Tourbillon Diamond Twister, and it looks like this …


Seriously???  And people pay almost a million dollars for THAT???

Pumpkin carving … glub blub

jack-o-lantern‘Tis that time of year, when people are carving pumpkins into scary faces and other things.  Where do you carve your pumpkin?  Chris is the pumpkin carver in our house.  She used to do it in the kitchen, but now she usually just sits on the floor out here in the living room and carves away.  But there is a group of people who have a unique pumpkin-carving place this year … underwater!

Nearly two dozen artists of all ages, working in teams of two, used dive knives and fine carving tools to transform their orange gourds into sea creatures Saturday. The divers also were challenged to keep the hollow, naturally buoyant pumpkins from floating off while they carved their critters.  Take a look …

Josephine Walker and Stephanie McClary from Detroit, Michigan, placed first with their representation of two moray eels encircling a heart.  Their prize?  A dive trip for two at Key Largo’s Amoray Dive Resort, the contest’s organizer.

And now for a few ‘toons ‘n pictures …



I had to think a few minutes to get this one, but once I did, I chuckled


This is soooooo me!


And this one is for Hugh, with a little something extra, since I forgot Maxine last week!


jollyWell, friends, I’ve really enjoyed spending a bit of time with you this morning, but I know you have things to do, places to go, people to see.  Please remember to share those gorgeous smiles you’re wearing … remember that some people didn’t make it over for Jolly Monday and they might need a smile.  Have a wonderful week all!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!