Jolly Monday … Again Already!

Ahhhhh … so it’s Monday yet again, is it?  Didn’t we just have a Monday a few days ago?  They fly back ’round too darned fast!  But, if it’s Monday, then at least I get to spend some time this morning with my dear friends, so that makes it all worthwhile!  C’mon in where it’s cool and I hope you’ll enjoy what Joyful and I have been cooking up this morning to fill your bellies and start the week off right!  David … please stay away from the lobster and the shrimp, but feel free to feast on the lamb chops, steak, potatoes, and of course the BFG!!!

And now that you’ve got some munchies, let’s start out with a few puns …

Hi … it’s me, Jolly!  I found some cool ‘toons over at Phil’s Phun today … I hope you like ’em!

And Gwammie put me in charge of findin’ some funny memes …

We found a bit of new ‘toilet humour’ over at Phil’s this week …

My friend Cheryl sent me this funny animal video a few days ago …

Well, my friends … I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together as much as I have!  Jolly Mondays always go by so fast, don’t they?  We hope you have a great week ahead and that you will share those gorgeous smiles with friends, co-workers, and strangers … we all need lots of smiles these days!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

It’s A Jolly ‘N Joyful Sort Of Monday

Good Monday morning dear friends and welcome to another episode of … JOLLY MONDAY, featuring yours truly, and Jolly who is the cartoon/sign/meme-finder, and Joyful, the best cook in the world!  It is our mission to bring smiles to your faces and laughter to your hearts to start the week out on the right foot!  We cannot take responsibility for the rest of the week, but we do our best to start it out with happiness and smiles.  So, grab a snack and a cuppa something and let’s see what sort of fun we have in stock for you today, ‘k?

Help yourselves, folks … I hope there’s enough bacon to go ’round

Hi, it’s me, Jolly!  I thought you might like dese cute pictures I been findin’ … Gwammie fell in love wid da sloths an’ now she wants one!  I’m not sure how da kitties would like dat …

And we’ve got all sorts of ‘toons ‘n memes to make you smile …

Dese signs is funny, don’t you think?

Well, it IS Fox after all …

Today’s cute critter video is sure to bring a smile to your face.  After last week, I think we could all use a dose of love, and these guys’ hearts are filled with love … take a look …

Well, friends, we’re so sad that our time is over, for we always look forward to having you visit us on Monday mornings and the time we have together seems far too short, but alas … we all have things we must do.  Have a safe and happy week out there, my friends, and stop back by if you find yourself needing a hug or an extra slice of bacon!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Jolly Monday Is Baaaaaaaaaacccccckkkk!

Good Monday morning (is that an oxymoron, or what?) my friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to do something fun.  Since last Thursday was el Cinco de Mayo, Joyful cooked up a whole bunch of yummy Mexican dishes and she made sure to cook enough for our Jolly Monday snack table, too!  So, dig in and then we’ll see if we can find something to start this week with a smile!

  I’ll take some chips with guacamole and some churros please, Joyful!

We apologize for skipping out on Jolly Monday last week … Jolly had found some great ‘toons, but Joyful and I just didn’t feel quite up to par, couldn’t seem to get our game on.  So, this week lets jump straight into some ‘toons, shall we?


Since you all love the Pickles comic strip, we culled a few of the best from the past week or two …

And a few fun memes …

Just for laughs, we found a few funny signs …

WHOA!!! Rather a mixed bag, don’t you think?

And naturally, we must finish Jolly Monday with a cute critter video!  I first thought this one was about a baby kangaroo, but turns out it’s a puppy born with no front legs.  You will fall in love with this resilient little guy, aptly named Joey!

Well, friends, it’s time to plunge into yet another week of … who-knows-what!  I hope you can carry the smiles I see on your gorgeous faces with you for the entire week!  But, in case you can’t, there will be a basket of smiles at the door for you to replenish your own and take a few extras to share with people who seem to need one this week!  Have a safe and happy week ahead, dear friends.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

Jolly-less and Joyful-less Monday!

Good Monday morning, my friends!  It seems that Jolly and Joyful are MIA (that stands for Missing In Action) this morning, so it falls on me to try to dig humour out of thin air … just wait ‘til I get my hands on those two for abandoning me!  So, if the food and the humour are not quite up to par this morning, it is all my fault, but I’ll give it my best and see what I can scrounge up in the kitchen!

Since everybody, myself included, seems to love the Pickles cartoons, I thought I’d start off with a few of those …

And a few other cartoons …

Last week … or was it the week before … I came across a few short video clips I thought might give you a laugh or two …

A few humorous little memes …

And of course there must be a funny or cute animal video, yes?  This one’s short, but oh-so-cute …

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and that despite the abandonment of Jolly and Joyful, you’ve found something that made you smile!  Please share those smiles … I think we could all use a few of them these days.  Hopefully J&J will be back before next Monday!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa … and the two miscreants, wherever they may be!

Jolly (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Monday!!!

Good Monday morning, friends!  I almost skipped Jolly Monday because I was so exhausted last night, but Jolly offered to help out more than usual, saying, “Gwammie … EVEWYBODY needs to have somethin’ to laugh ‘bout to start da week!”  Realizing he’s right, Joyful fixed me another cuppa coffee and Jolly went in search of ‘toons while I dug up a funny critter video!  Meanwhile, Joyful has been a busy beaver in the kitchen this morning, so let’s go see what she’s got for us, shall we?

Breakfast Feast – Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

Mmmmm … that was delectable!  Thank you, Joyful!

I had to laugh at this story, as I can so well relate to it!

On Black Friday, Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves bought a blender. It was a Vitamix blender, a professional-grade splurge, and the couple was looking forward to a winter of smoothies and soups.

It arrived on Dec. 16 at their home on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Jessica put the hefty box down on the floor in the kitchen, just for a second. Her 4-year-old tuxedo cat, Max, otherwise known as the “sentient soccer ball,” jumped up on the box. Jessica thought it was funny and snapped a photo.

Then Max’s 13-year-old feline siblings, George: Destroyer of Worlds (“sentient potato”) and Lando Calrissian (“the questionably sentient dust bunny,”), demanded their turn on the knee-high box.

That was three weeks ago. Since then, the cats have refused to leave the box, fighting over who gets to perch upon it and taking turns standing guard while the others eat or are busy elsewhere. The blender remains ensconced inside.

And now, let’s go see what fun ‘toons Jolly found over at Phil’s Phun …

Wait, Gwammie … I found some funny memes, too!

And last, it just wouldn’t be Jolly Monday without a cute animal video, now would it?  If you ask me, the Pandas won this round, but then the human was outnumbered by 5-to-1 …

Well, friends, it’s c-c-cold out there today, so be sure to bundle up warm if you must be outside.  Don’t forget to share those smiles, and maybe throw in a few kind words if somebody looks like they need them.  Have a wonderful week ahead … Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!


Jolly Monday — We’re BAAAAAACCCCKKKK!

Hi Everybody!  Me ‘n Joyful talked to Gwammie yesterday and we tol’ her it’s been too long since we saw our fwiends, too long since we did a Jolly Monday post.  Gwammie agweed and said if we’d do the cooking and find the ‘toons, she’d help us put it all together.  So … HERE WE ARE!!!

First, though, we want you all to know how much Gwammie has appreciated your love and support during these past nearly three months that she’s been sick.  She’s getting’ just a little bit of her strength back now, but it’s slow an’ she gets tired weally easily. 

An’ now … let’s see what Joyful has cooked up for us!  We need to feed Gwammie lots, ’cause she’s lost over 30 pounds and looks like a scarecrow! 

Me ‘n Joyful dropped in over at Phil’s Phun and found some fun ‘toons and memes to share with our fwiends …


Gwammie found this cute critter video that we think will make you smile!

We hope you found somethin’ to smile about this Monday morning!  Have a wunnerful week an’ remember to share your smiles with others this week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

Jolly {HOT} Monday!!!

Good Monday  morning, my friends!  I know you’re all thankful to see the weekend gone and return to the routine of the work week, yes?  Not that it much matters these days, for with temps hovering at around 100° and air quality at an all-time low, I cannot leave the house anyway, so … Monday, Friday, Saturday … all about the same!  This is one year that I will be happy to see summer end and a return to breathable air, though we must all be aware that this is our new norm.  Anyway, did you guys do anything fun and exciting this weekend?

Jolly ‘n Joyful scouted out a new International Market this weekend, and I think you’ll find some interesting things on the treat table today.  So, grab a bite and a cuppa, and let’s find something to turn our lips upward and start the week with a smile.

Jolly and I took turns seeking this week’s ‘toons ‘n memes, so we hope they’ll bring a chuckle …

And the memes …

And finally, the moment you’ve all waited for … this adorable beaver loves kayaking!

We hope you’ve all found something to bring a smile to your faces this Monday morning, and that you’ll share those smiles with family, friends, and strangers!  If you run out, pop back in, for there’s a basket by the back door!  We hope you have a beautiful week ahead … love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

Jolly Monday — Spring Is HERE!

Monday-sleepy-2Good Monday {yawn} morning, my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready {yawn} to face the world this week.  But, just in case you aren’t Jolly, Joyful and I will try our best to help you get off on the right foot, anyway.  I can’t promise anything for the rest of the week, but we’ll try to start you on your way with a full belly and a smile.  So, grab a bite and a cuppa and let’s see what we’ve got … OH … and please be sure to leave a piece of the Strawberry Pie for Larry … he missed out last week and was not even comforted by an extra serving of b-a-c-o-n.

My island!

For the last several years, I’ve thought how wonderful it would be to live on a deserted island … just me, perhaps a few people who are near and dear to me, and nature.  Well … for the price of a small house, I could own that island!  That’s right … according to United Press International …

An auction house announced an entire 11-acre island in the Scottish Highlands will be auctioned online with a starting bid of $111,700.

Auctioneers Future Property said Deer Island, on Scotland’s west coast, is a space that can be “enjoyed with zero chance of intrusion.”

Property manager Stephen McCluskey said the island is being sold for the first time after being owned by the same family for the past 500 years.

Deer Island is completely undeveloped, according to McCluskey …

“It’s rock and trees really at the moment — there’s nothing on it — and never been anything built on it, or any application to have anything on it. There’s nothing at all. It’s been completely uninhabited for 500 years.”

deer-islandMy DREAM!!!  I must have this island!  Deer Island is expected to sell for $209,000 to $279,00 in the March 26 online auction.  Here in the U.S., that’s about the price of an average house … I wonder if I can get financing?  I have an idea … I have about 5,000 followers here on Filosofa’s Word … if each kicked in just $56, I could buy that island!  What would you get out of it?  Well … I’d invite you for a visit after I got a guesthouse built!  And while visiting, you’d have access to Joyful’s wonderful cooking, you could lounge on the beach all day, fish to your heart’s content … no news, no politics, just … peace.

Greetings, Mr. Salmon

In Taiwan, nearly 100 people have registered to change their name to ‘Salmon’.  Why?  A restaurant chain called Sushiro’s has promised free sushi for customers whose names include the Chinese characters used to spell the name of the fish. The restaurant requires customers taking advantage of the promotion to provide official ID, inspiring some to change their names legally.

The Taiwanese Ministry of the Interior urged residents not to change their names for the promotion, pointing out that the Name Act only allows a person to change their name three times — meaning some of those who change their names for the promotion could be stuck with the name for the rest of their lives.

sushiI guess it would depend on how much free sushi they’re promising … if it’s for a lifetime, then heck, it might be worth it!  Oh wait … sushi is raw fish … I don’t eat sushi.  Never mind.

So, now are you ready for some ‘toons?


I found a few funny signs over at Phil’s Phun …


And last, but not least, a cute animal video is a must for a Monday morn … I bet you can’t watch these baby stoats without smiling … maybe even laughing!

I wish you all a beautiful week and I’ve left a few extra smiles by the door, so feel free to take a few and share them with those who seem to need one, ‘k?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful.


Jolly Monday … Smile 😊

Monday-sleepy-2Good Monday morning, friends … {yawn}.  Did you all have a lovely weekend?  Mine was terribly exciting!  I got up, did laundry, cleaned, researched, read, wrote, ate, did more laundry, read some more, went to bed, repeat from step 1.  Lots of variety!  I notice the trees are starting to turn, so I guess autumn really is upon us.

Well, since it’s Monday, there must be some snacks out, and we must seek something to help us start the week with a smile, so help yourself to a treat and let’s see what we can find.

OOPS!!!  We almost forgot the most important part …

Do something nice!

Today is ‘National Do Something Nice Day’.  Now, I don’t need to tell you how to observe this one, but the folks over at the National Day Calendar place had a few simple suggestions that I thought I’d share:

  • Noticing someone’s signal in traffic and allowing them into your lane
  • Picking up the neighbor’s newspaper on your daily walk and placing it within easy reach
  • Opening a door for another person
  • Giving your place in line to the person with only three items
  • Tipping your service staff an extra dollar or two more than you usually would
  • Give a compliment
  • Encourage a student with an idea for a solution
  • Read to a child
  • Listen to someone who is lonely

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be anything big … little things mean a lot!

Costly review!

Wesley Barnes is a teacher from the U.S. who was working in Thailand.  Back in June, Mr. Barnes and a friend stayed at the Sea View Resort in Koh Chang, Thailand.  Turns out, he wasn’t very pleased with the service.  He says the staff tried to charge him a ‘corkage fee’ for alcohol he and his friend had brought on to the premises, and when he complained to the manager, the manager became aggressive and rude.  So, Barnes did what a lot of people would have done … he wrote a negative review of the hotel and published it on Tripadvisor, an online travel company.

End of story, right?  Not quite …

Last month, much to his surprise, Mr. Barnes was arrested and spent two days in jail until he was able to make bail, and he now faces a possible two-year prison sentence!  Why?  For writing a negative review!  The Sea View Resort accused Wesley Barnes of “a slanderous campaign” over the reviews, and filed a police complaint under the country’s harsh defamation laws.  Defamation is a criminal offense in Thailand, carrying a maximum sentence of two years in prison, along with a 200,000 baht (£4,915 or $6,363) fine.

The latest news this month is that the hotel has reached out to Mr. Barnes hoping to mediate a settlement and they are scheduled to meet this week.  Best guess is that if Mr. Barnes offers them enough cash, they will drop the case.

Let this be a lesson if you travel to Thailand … don’t complain!!!

I found these cool pics over at Phil’s place when I went in search of some ‘toons … yes, photoshopped, but still cool …


jollyHi, it’s me, Jolly!  Gwammie let me pick out some cute animal pictures … I hope you likes dem …


And now … the moment you’ve all been waiting for … ‘TOONS!!!!


And a few fun memes …


And of course, since we now know the health benefits of watching cute animal videos … we must have one to make this Monday really jolly!

Well, folks, that’s all we’ve got for this Monday morning … I hope we’ve managed to start your week off with a smile and … well, I wish we could make sure those smiles stay with you throughout the week, but since we can’t, there’s a big basket of smiles by the door … take a few extras as you leave, and feel free to pop back in for more if you need them!


Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

It’s … A … Monday … SO SMILE!!!

Welcome to Monday once again!  Some of you in the U.S. are probably on holiday from work, due to the Independence Day holiday tomorrow.  Others, like my daughter, had to drag yourselves out of bed bright and early to go to work.  Either way, though, never fear for Filosofa is HERE … working away at the task of bringing a few smiles and a chuckle into your Monday morning!  So sit down here for a few minutes and give yourself a break, lighten up and think of happy things, then take a smile on your way out to share with others!

I have written a few posts about self-driving cars:

Well, it looks as if I wrote about this several times! Those who have read my posts are aware that I am not a big fan of this concept, thinking of them as a disaster-looking-for-a-place-to-happen.  That said, I am also not a big fan of ‘driving humans’, as they are prone to distractions, carelessness, and just plain ol’ stupidity.  Like the lady who broadsided me in a parking lot a few years ago.  “Oh … I’m so sorry … I was talking to my husband on the phone and forgot to look left!”  Or the one who rear-ended me a few years before that because we were stopped at a red light, she was putting on her mascara, and just hit the gas before the light turned green.  Sigh.  Self-driving cars may ultimately be the solution, much as I hate to admit it.  But I do not think the technology is good enough just yet, and I for one am not ready.  This is especially true in light of this headline in the Guardian:

Volvo Admits Its Self-Driving Cars Are Confused By Kangaroos 

Monday-kangaroo.jpgUm … okay … well, I cannot remember the last time a kangaroo crossed my path on a street or highway.  But wait!  Perhaps in Australia???  According to the article:

“Volvo’s self-driving car is unable to detect kangaroos because hopping confounds its systems, the Swedish carmaker says.

The company’s “Large Animal Detection system” can identify and avoid deer, elk and caribou, but early testing in Australia shows it cannot adjust to the kangaroo’s unique method of movement.

Kangaroos cause more accidents than any other animal in Australia – the marsupials are responsible for about 90% of collisions between vehicles and animals – although most are not serious.”

Volvo plans to unleash … errrr … make available it’s self-driving cars in 2020.  Hold on to your hats, folks … and watch out for the bloomin’ kangaroos!

The Cereal Wars

Meanwhile, in neighboring New Zealand, there is a cereal war brewing.  Yes, you heard right … nooooo, not a ‘serial’ war, but a ‘cereal’ war.  Cereal … the stuff some of you eat for breakfast, or if you’re like H, breakfast AND dinner!  Here’s what happened …

Customs officers in New Zealand have seized and impounded hundreds of boxes of the breakfast cereal Weetabix after complaints by rival cereal giant Weet-Bix that it could confuse customers. The pallet of Weetabix – about 300 boxes – arrived in a container load of British goods last week, destined for the shelves of A Little Bit of Britain grocery store in Christchurch, which largely caters to British expats. But New Zealand customs officials detained the pallet at the request of Sanitarium, which claimed the cereal infringed its trademark cereal Weet-Bix, which is a staple in many New Zealand homes.

Sanitarium sent a letter to Lisa Wilson, the co-owner of A Little Bit of Britain, saying it would release her cereal shipment if she placed a sticker over the offending Weetabix label once the item was on her shelves, and blanked out the name Weetabix when she sold the cereal on line. Other British stores in the North Island have complied with Sanitarium’s demands, but Wilson has decided to fight the company, which she accuses of “bullying” her small, family-run business.

Monday-Lisa Wilson“They [Sanitarium] walk in and slap an agreement down and it is quite daunting for a very small business … they are trying to bully the small guys. They are trying to force us to do what they want because they are a multi million-dollar company, but we are not willing to bow to Sanitarium’s demands as we don’t believe there is a case of trademark infringement here and we are standing up for that principle.”

And soooo … Ms. Wilson must sell a lot of Weetabix in order to put up such a fight, eh?  Oh yes … about seven (7) boxes per week!  Sometimes you just have to stand firm on principle. And though I do understand this, and I stand firm on principle often, I also adhere to the motto “pick your battles”.  ‘Nuff said.

Run, potty, run … 

In Moscow, you just never know what will happen next!  Last Friday, heavy rains and strong winds combined to send port-a-potties sliding down the street, chasing pedestrians.  People were scurrying to get out of the way of the toilets!  See video clip here!

I debated about using this next one, so I consulted the family … they both agreed that it was funny, even though as a rule we would not find much humour in a man getting run over by a bus!  But what made this particular video so funny is that the man, Simon Smith of Reading, England, was apparently heading for the local pub.  The bus comes around the corner and … well, just watch the clip …


The man was unhurt and simply proceeded to enter the pub … I hope the bartender gave him one on the house!

Monday-cop-carIn Hialeah, Florida, 46-year-old Milton Morales-Perez, in what appeared to be a routine traffic stop, pulled up next to a black Ford Taurus, flashed his badge, and motioned the driver to pull over.  Kenia Fallat did just that, but continued talking on her cell phone, even after Perez instructed her to hang up the phone and turn off the motor.

Ms. Fallat, you see, is an actual Miami Police Department official and was in full uniform at the time.  Apparently Perez wasn’t quite bright enough to put 2 + 2 together in time, Fallat called for backup, and Morales-Perez was arrested.  Turns out his was a security guard, hence the badge.  When asked why he thought it was a good idea to impersonate a police officer, he said only, “she was on the phone, and it is very dangerous to be on the phone while driving.”

'Yes, I know we're hyenas - but sometimes I just don't feel like laughing, Kate.'Alright folks … I sense that my attempts at humour may have fallen a bit flat today … that has been happening a lot lately … and I apologize, but I hope you at least grinned once or twice.  If not, I shall just have to double up on the funny-quotient next week, eh?  How about a few cartoons to send you on your way … and take a smile from the basket … I got them just for you to take and to share!  Have a safe and fun holiday tomorrow, and a great week!  Hugs ‘n love from Filosofa!Monday-basket-smiles


'When I said getting more sleep would help reduce stress I meant AT HOME!''The chicks can't sleep...have you been telling them Colonel Sanders horror stories again?'


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